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Santosh  Simhan  

  MISSION  &   VALUES   NEED  FOR   CHANGE   KEY  CHANGE   IMPERATIVE    -­‐  Learning     -­‐  Sharing   -­‐  Achievement   -­‐  Collabora?on   “CAPABILITY   BUILDING”   CLIMATE  OF   EXCELLENCE   PEOPLE   INTERVENTIONS   INTERVENTION    PLAN   COMPETITIVE   ADVANTAGES   Align.  Focus.  Grow     2   Talent  and  succession   management   Competency  Framework   Integra?ng  BSC  with   Individual  Performance   Management   Team  Climate  Score  used  to   enhance  the  Culture     .Organisa(onal  Excellence  –  HR  Model   CHANGE  IN   ORIENTATIONS   OUR  VISION.  Defend.   Consolidate.

Center & SBUs Challenges   • Strengthening SBUs while maintaining corporate controls • Movement to 100% SBU structure Responses   • Role definition: Corp Center vs. Talent Management • Infusion of talent • Retention • Creating a bench strength of high talent • Relationship management with key Universities in UAE and abroad • Lateral hiring • Compensation • Talent • Use re-structuring in line with the industry Pool exposure to international organizations the 9box matrix for talent assessment • Validate the talent assessment through an assessment center and job rotations across functions and the Group Companies 3   .HR  Focus Focus  Areas   Strengthening Corp. Reporting structure (Through a professional agency like Booz) • Developing Corporate Center capability as a “think Tank” for the orgnanisation. SBUs vs. Shared Services • Building capabilities within SBUs • Shrinking the Shared Services Pool: reduction in size of the Corp Center • Re-assessment: Designations.

problem solving techniques. spokesperson concept for each function in ADNOC Distribution. transfer and documentation Foreign Language courses for employees Skill training & exposure • Building capability in Sr.HR  Focus Focus  Areas   Global Mindset Challenges   • Bringing about Cross Cultural appreciation through indirect inputs & through providing direct experience Responses   • Relationship with International Business Schools (Providing case studies. • Implement systems like Autonomy for Knowledge Management 4   . Mgmt to inculcate a culture of knowledge sharing • Forums for knowledge sharing function wise.) • Cross Cultural exposure for employees (on secondment basis) • Cross cultural appreciation programmes by foreign Embassies • Sponsoring • Business Knowledge Management • Knowledge Sharing. etc.

town hall meetings etc • Creating mechanisms for Sr. Team to nurture Shadow Business Councils. talent Pools • Forums for Sr. Team participation in SKEA External Assessment • Facilitate 5   Sr. Leadership with the Campuses while hiring . Lateral and Expatriate hiring • Facilitating Sr. building competencies • Sr. Team interactions with benchmark Organizations • Create Leadership Development and sustain a culture of EXCELLENCE create a bench strength of at-least 100 leaders • Shadow • To • Infusion • To equip Senior team with leadership development capabilities leadership councils • Succession plan for key positions (1:1 immediate.HR  Focus Focus  Areas   Managerial Responsiveness to Org. Building Issues Challenges   Improving Managerial Responsive-ness to Org Building Issues Responses   • Creating forums for consistent engagement of senior team on people processes • Increased engagement of Senior team to employees (Forums) – experience sharing in foras like team meeting. 3:1 for medium term) from B-Schools. Team to upgrade their own org.

Management Development. Technical Development etc) • Exposure 6   to HR team in International best practices . policies procedures etc. Leadership Development. • Accreditations & specialization streams for HR team (Assessment Centers.HR  Focus Focus  Areas   HR Capability building Challenges   • Aligning people processes to business processes Responses   • Governance structure for HR vis-à-vis Corp Center & SBUs • Integration of people processes to business through IT enablement of people processes • Creation of Internal Facilitators (with a mix of HR & Line Personnel (line personnel moving into HR so that they contribute to the initiatives like competency framework.