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Medicinal uses of Madar or Arka
 31. May 2014  Anupama (

Madar or Arka is a medicinal plant which is found as weed throughout India in
wastelands, open areas and arid region. Calotropis is also found in most part of
world with warm climate, dry, alkaline and sandy soil. It is commonly available
in two varieties that is Calotropis procera (purple-flowered) and Calotropis
gigantea (white-flowered).

The other common names are Swallow wort. Mudar plant Sanskrit: Alarka. anti-dysentric. Its few drops can produces sudden dimness of vision with photophobia. Shvetarka. The root bark powder is traditionally used for getting relief in diarrhoea and dysentery. Mandaar. anti-rheumatic. Family: Asclepiadaceae English: Madar.For medicinal purpose white flowered variety is preferred. Prabhakar Unani: Madaar. anti-syphilitic. spasmogenic and carminative. Erukku and Aak. Sodom’s milkweed. Although various parts of Aak plant are used for medicinal purpose. Roostertree. The latex or milky discharge of plant has abortifacient (causing abortion). diaphoretic properties and used in treatment of leprosy. antifungal. It is also toxic for eyes. It must not be used during pregnancy. bronchial asthma and skin diseases.Bhasvanmuula. Giant Milk-weed. Giant milkweed. The root of plant is carminative and useful in indigestion. Aak Siddha/Tamil: Erukku Arabic: Oshar . both externally as well as internally but it should be kept in mind that this is a toxic plant. Alarka. Vasuka. Rajaarka. Dinesh.

mumps Tie lukewarm leaves on affected joints. calamus. bite of poisonous insect. Apply this on affected areas. Add 1/4 cup sesame oil. Ear diseases. Deafness Take yellow leaf of the plant and warm it. Extract the juice and put in ear. Also add 1/4 teaspoon of garlic. vitiligo Take 20 ml latex of Aak plant. fungal infection. Skin blemishes Mix latex of plant with haldi (3 gm) and apply on affected facial areas. Cook this at low flame till all moisture is removed. Gomeiner Italian: Calotropo Spanish: Algodon extranjero. Put few drops in ears. dalchini and hing. Infection in ear. pus in ear Take yellow aak leaves and wash well under running water. Wounds . Pain in ears. Squeeze to get juice. Leucoderma. Pomme de Sodome German: Wahre Mudarpflanzer. Boils Extract the latex of plant. Skin diseases.French: Calotrope. Cazuela Turkish: Ipekag Here is given few traditional medicinal uses of Madar plant Rheumatism. mix 5 g bavchi churna and 1/2 g Hartaal churna. Mix with haldi/turmeric and apply on affected skin area. Piles Apply latex topically on piles. painful joints. Store in a bottle after cooling and use this as ear drops. ring worm. ulcers. Apply ghee on the leaves and put on �re for few seconds. Dry them and extract 1/4 cup juice. tumors Apply plant latex on affected areas.

Foot blisters Apply latex of Madar plant. Female infertility Take shade dried roots of white flower variety Madar. Pulverise it to get �ne powder. Take this powder in dose of 1-2 grams with a glass of Gau dugdha. . Take 1 tablet after every 2 hours with 1 teaspoon mint juice.Apply warmed leaves on wounds. Pulverise it to get �ne powder. Take this powder in dose of 1-2 grams with a glass of Gau dugdha. Take shade dried roots of white flower variety Madar. Dry them and pulverise to make powder. Roll into tablets of pea size. Cholera Take clean root bark of plant. Mix ginger juice and black pepper powder. Pain in tooth due to cavity Rub latex on affected tooth.

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