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57 Hitchcock Ave, Barwon Heads 65 The Terrace, Ocean Grove

65 Yarra St, Geelong 1 Gilbert St, Torquay
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TALKING HEADS MAGAZINE is grass roots, community
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Also available in ocean grove, pt.lonsdale, queenscliff,
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TALKING HEADS MAGAZINE takes a light look at local
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community event, join a group, support your local tradies and
services, shop locally, encourage a budding artist or
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The advertising supports your community news and we
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I am fevered with the sunset...

For the wander-thirst is on me...
I must forth again tomorrow!
With the sunset I must be
Hull down on the trail of rapture
In the wonder of the Sea.
Richard Hovey
"The Sea Gypsy,"
More Songs from Vagabondia, 1896


Mon to Fri 8.30am - 6pm
Sat 8.30am - 12.30

63 Golf Links Rd. Barwon Heads

5254 2434

Beautiful feather collage

Custom orders taken
and some in store
Online Store & Wedding Registry available
58 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads
T 03 5254 1811

Spanish Gioseppo sandals



2/53 Hitchcock Avenue

5254 2232

talking heads page 3

Barwon Heads Association JANUARY

HAPPY NEW YEAR: We look forward to a
calm and positive 2017. Enjoy January in
Barwon Heads; respect the beautiful
environment; don't surf the dunes; swim
between the flags; keep your dogs off the
dog free beaches and on leads in town; pick
up your rubbish; take your own shopping
bag to the shops; drive slowly; stop at the
pedestrian crossings; look after your little
people on skateboards and scooters; wear
helmets when riding bikes; walk if you can,
parking is rare; use the community buses
and shop locally. Its Summer make the most
of what Barwon Heads and the beaches
have to offer and have fun!
THINK LOCAL: We hosted Christmas drinks
at the Bowling Club for our December
meeting. We thanked Trish Clayton for her
wonderful support and for this great spot she
gives us in Talking Heads. The Barwon
Heads community is very lucky we have
Trish providing this amazing resource with
such energy and good will. Andrew Maud
the Manager and part owner of the IGA
supermarket spoke about the supermarket
and its plans for development. This is
another wonderful resource in the town and
we look forward to more local produce from
the Bellarine when the development is
SUMMER SHUTTLE BUS: Leave your car at
home and catch the free shuttle bus coordinated by Barwon Coast. Gold sponsors
this year are Barwon Heads Community
Bank and the City of Greater Geelong. The
free bus is operating from 27th December until
26th January: 10am to 6pm with an hourly lap
of Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads and the
beaches starting at the Ocean Grove Post
Office. The Bus tows a trailer for beach gear
and boards.
NIPPERS PROGRAM: Barwon Coast are
sponsoring a dedicated bus to support our
13th Beach SLSC Nippers program. Pick up
Nippers from Lahey Square car park and
Barwon Heads Skate Park; and return after
training. (7:45 to 9:15 then from 12:00 until
1:30). 28th, 29th, 30th December; 3rd ,4th , 6th
final submission numbers were 134, with
around 120 people at the CoGG workshop
and drop in sessions. This is amazing and we
thank everyone for participating. In its latest
update the Council summarized the
community priorities:
maintain the settlement boundary
retain a village coastal character
plan for and manage traffic and
provide safe pedestrian and cycling
value the natural environment
protect the heritage and vegetation
introduce planning controls for
and lots more
We plan to be very positive in 2017, however
as I'm writing this in 2016 I do not hesitate to
say that all of these priorities were identified in
the 2010 Structure Plan. Many have been

ignored and conveniently put in the bottom

drawer by CoGG. We expect the Structure
Plan to be the basis for all decision making in
Barwon Heads and for it to inform all
stakeholders. We look forward to the draft in
early 2017 and expect it to be very similar to
the 2010 one with an emphasis on protecting
the environment and the coastal village.
of us have objected to this over
development. This is an important site in
Barwon Heads and its prime location has
contributed to our sense of place and our
coastal feel since Barwon Heads was
conceived and the house was built in or
before 1895. Its value to the community is
indicated by, 140 objections lodged with
Council against the planning application; the
72 submissions of support for the Heritage
Amendment C354, and the introduction by
the State Government and the Minister for
Planning of an interim heritage control via
Amendment C271 which affects the land
until December 2017.
We were surprised by the amount of
paperwork that was served on objectors in
December requiring further objections to be
lodged with VCAT. This is a complex legal
process as there are two matters being dealt
- The process for permanent heritage
protection - Amendment C354 is listed for
hearing before a panel on the 3rd of March at
the Barwon Heads Senior Citizens Centre,
we encourage interested locals and
objectors to attend.
- The second process is an appeal against
the failure by the City of Greater Geelong to
decide the planning application within the
specified time frame. So depending on the
outcome of the Panel, VCAT will decide on
the development. The matter is listed for the
3rd July.
COGG: We received a neat package from
CoGG, with calendar, newsletter and
summary of annual report. We welcome any
form of communication from the Council;
however the information received
highlighted a very city centric focus.
We look forward to a greater focus on the
Bellarine in the future. We encourage all
locals to participate in the Our Future
Project, and focus on our coastal,
environmental and rural strengths.
VIC ROADS are responsible for the
designated arterial roads, Golf Links Rd and
Bridge Rd, which you will have noticed carry
an increasing traffic load through the town
and that they have implemented the
pedestrian safety trial project. We have been
involved with the Barwon Heads Traders,
Senior Citizens and Sustainability groups
and met with Vic Roads and the Council on
numerous occasions to help make Barwon
Heads safer for pedestrians. The new
pedestrian crossings reflect this
consultation, and we thank Vic Roads for the
time and effort they have put into this
project. We are sorry that motorists are

concerned that their trips will be longer, but

remind all that pedestrian crossings legally
require motorists to stop. We are concerned
that a number of pedestrians are reporting
that this is not happening. Most pedestrians
are pleased with the new crossings. For
those of you who want to make a quicker
trip, avoid driving through our little town and
consider the double lane highways north of
the Barwon River. For those of you who are
visiting, please be patient.
If coastal towns are to preserve their
attractive ambiance there needs to be a
reasonable balance between traffic and
pedestrians and recognition of the right of
pedestrians to safely cross roads.
We welcome news that the Jury is
recommending 4 wards and that the Council
elects its own Mayor. Sorry if we got carried
away in the last TH suggesting that the
Electoral Commission supported a Bellarine
Council, they supported a Bellarine Ward in
the Geelong Council.
GROUP We participate in this important
group established and chaired by our local
MP, Lisa Neville Minister for Police. At the
December meeting Acting Inspector Michael
Cruse presented crime statistics for the
Bellarine and stressed that although there are
seasonal spikes in crime the Bellarine is
comparatively low in crime rates. Where
particular gangs have been operating there
have been dramatic increases, such as shop
burglaries, but successful arrests and new
approaches have had immediate effect. Car
thefts, while up in the first half of 2016 have
fallen markedly in the second half of this year.
Aggravated burglaries have fluctuated with
no net increase.
An initiative of this key community group is
bsafe. This user-friendly website provides
tips and checklists covering emergency
services, police, ambulance, fire, and water
safety. Help Yourself emphasizes a proactive
approach to prevent crime
Call 000 with any concerns and
immediate issues; call Crime Stoppers
for crime information 1800 333 000.
Don't sit on information.
We now have over 200 members. The ongoing support of our community is much
appreciated. Next meeting: Monday
You can reach us via
Sandy Gatehouse - On behalf of the BHA

page 4 talking heads

Safe, Happy Holidays

At this very busy time, we do wish all our readers safe,
happy holidays.
Within our town, big efforts have been made to try to
ensure this. It will be interesting to see how well the
new Pedestrian Crossings work, though we all hope
that there will not be too much disruption to the traffic
At the All Saint's Op Shop we are also most grateful
that the Geelong Council has given us much improved
footpaths in Hitchcock Ave. in front of the shop. Let's
hope this will see the end of distressed people whose
falls on the original uneven paving caused much use
of our First Aid facilities.
At the shop we stock many things which will make
your beach-going happier....beach-chairs, toys for the
kids, etc. Even better are the huge stocks of books for
summer reading. If you have not seen the thousands
of books we have you will be both amazed and

delighted at the quantity and quality of what we have

on offer. We receive so many books that sadly many
are simply culled to take to recycling, so those on our
shelves, or the children's books in the Show-Room are
really excellent and very cheap. The other thing for
which holiday makers flock to us is the quantity and
variety of clothing we are able to offer you. Nobody
would wish our summer visitors to have to endure it,
but occasionally we have sudden cold weather, and
the warm jackets and extra woollens we can offer you
will really help.
Many visitors may not have heard of our special
summer opening times. Thanks to the wonderful help
we receive at this time from those who we call the
"holiday extras" we are able to open five days of the
week. So from Tuesday till Saturday we will happily
serve you from 10 a.m. till 1 p.m. We do have airconditioning in two of the shop areas, but in midsummer we are very glad to close as promptly as we
can, since we will have been busy from 9 a.m. getting
things on display, and readying ourselves for
customers. (Many of us also have visiting grandchildren, and love to get to the beach with them.)

We need the Monday to sort clothing, and goods, but

know that if we can be staffed for five days, Tuesday
till Saturday, that is the best we can do. Naturally, if
you also wish to donate, that can be done at any time,
by leaving goods under the veranda area in front of
the two garages we call the Show-room and the
Sorting-room. In case you are a newcomer, you may
not have heard that we cannot take any electrical
items, or baby equipment such as prams, cots, or carseats. We are not allowed to sell these items, and
sadly, cannot take any large pieces of furniture since
we simply do not have the room to store them. We do
ask our many kind donors to try to ensure that clothing
is clean, and folded, and that you always keep in mind
that any bags or boxes cannot be too heavy, since
many of our willing volunteers are older, and cannot
heave such things inside to secure them. (This
particularly applies to books!)
I seem to have written a rather uninteresting article
this time, but I know from the many visitors who come
to us for the first time that they are often
"gobsmacked" by the range of things we have on
display, and find that they rarely leave without finding
some special purchase.
I do hope the coming holiday period is an especially
great time for all, and do want to welcome you to our
God bless you all,
Helen Edwards - Shop Supervisor

Kiss The Earth

Walk and touch peace every moment.

Walk and touch happiness every moment.
Each step brings a fresh breeze.
Each step makes a flower bloom.
Kiss the Earth with your feet.
Bring the Earth your love and happiness.
The Earth will be safe
when we feel safe in ourselves.

Geelong Community Radio

Thich Nhat Hanh

To Meditate

Tree of Life
Did you know?
Happiness is a butterfly, which, when
pursued, is always just beyond your
grasp, but which, if you will sit down
quietly, may alight upon you.
Nathaniel Hawthorne

E Humans shed about 600,000 particles of

skin every hour - about 1.5 pounds a year. By
70 years of age, an average person will have
lost 105 pounds of skin.
E 40 people are sent to the hospital for dog
bites every minute.

To meditate does not mean to fight

with a problem.
To meditate means to observe.
Your smile proves it.
It proves that you are being
gentle with yourself,
that the sun of awareness is shining in you,
that you have control of your situation.
You are yourself,
and you have acquired some peace.
Thich Nhat Hahn


Don't look at your form,

however ugly or beautiful.
Look at love and at the aim of
your quest. ...
O you whose lips are parched,
keep looking for water.
Those parched lips are proof that eventually
you will reach the source.
Rumi - Sufi Poet

talking heads page 5

Barwon Heads
Primary School
Mitch McCahon lost his brother Leon when
he was in Grade 4 at aged 10.
Leon was 20.
Mitch remembers the day when the police came to
tell them and the ensuing shock & sadness.
When his dad Colin decided to grow a moustache
to raise money for Movember (where men grow a
moustache during November to raise funds for
mens health), Mitch decided to support him and
unable to grow a moustache (yet), would raise
funds by dying his hair blue and having a stall
before and after
school for half an
Armed with
money boxes and
cards from
Beyond Blue,
Mitch took loose
change and
donations from
people as they
came into school
Mitch dyes his hair blue
a n d g a v e
information so
people could donate online.
About 10 of Mitchs friends (boys and girls) also
dyed their hair blue in solidarity with Mitch.
Between them, Mitch and Colin raised over $5,000
and theyll most likely do it again next year and their
community will no doubt rally again.
Mitch likes football and basketball and is off to
Kardinia International College next year and we
wish him all the best for his future.


coastal planning
Planning applications
Panel submissions
VCAT representations
Strategic & general
planning queries

Shelly J. Fanning
Planning Consultant
LL.M/LL.B(Hons)BEnvPlan MPIA

Mitch at his stall outside school

Building Surveying

(If this story has brought up problems you may be

experiencing, call Beyond Blue1300 22 4636 or go to

Your Local Picture Framer

Jeanius Graphics
Your wish is our business
Industry standard equipment and materials

50 Carr St.
Barwon Heads 3227

Building Permits,
Building Inspections, Planning
Compliance, Planning Permits,
ResCode, Owner Builder Reports



Phone: (03) 5254 2101

Mob: 0419 588 069

51b Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads

(upstairs entry in Clifford Pde.)


ph 5254 3216 mob 0417 377 113

Jean Lonsdale
Sole Proprietor

PFG Financial Services Pty Ltd ABN 23 052 977 189 and PFG Global Pty
Ltd ACN 161 691 103 trading as PFG Financial Services (Global) are
Corporate Authorised Representatives and Credit Representatives of AMP
Financial Planning Pty Limited ABN 89 051 208 327 Australian Financial
Services Licence 232706 and Australian Credit Licence 232706

Core Financial Planning has merged with PFG Financial

Services. Our firm continues to deliver strategic financial
planning advice and with an extended team, we can assist you
in achieving your financial goals.
Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm Friday 9am to 4pm
Shop 4, 50 Hitchcock Ave, Barwon Heads 3227
For more information visit our website or contact us on
Ph: 5255 9555
or email

mobile: 0408 734 169

The world is hugged by the faithful

arms of volunteers.
Terri Guillemets

page 6 talking heads

Sponsored by STRUMPET

To win a prize -Colour in then take your January entries into the Post Office


After another extremely enjoyable year of
wonderful performances from many different professionals & some very talented young musicians, our final
concert was a huge success with a very appreciative audience for the launch of a new trio (as yet unnamed).
Old friends Regina Thomae on piano, Brighid Mantelli on flute were joined by Siobhan OShaughnessy on cello making a very professional trio! They began with Haydn (
Austrian, 1732-1809) & performed two movements, Allegro & Minuet, for the piano Trio in F Major which typically was lovely; very bright & cheerful! This was followed by a
little known composer, Phillippe Gaubert (French,1879-1941) with a delightful piece called Autumn Evening, the middle movement from Water Colours.
The third composer was a surprisingly young 15 year old Beethoven who originally composed this trio for piano, flute & bassoon, the latter having been transposed to cello,
blended beautifully. Three movements; Allegro, Adagio & Theme & seven variations. Brighid explained their process of getting to know the work & decided something was
a bit odd! They demonstrated the three short extracts discussing the details, & then played the whole as Regina had slightly adjusted, & it was a huge success! A true
Beethoven style, even in his very early years!
I would like to thank all our loyal supporters, many of whom come whatever is on which is very reassuring for us. We try to present a good range of quality performances
& we are so fortunate to have so much talent available in the Greater Geelong region. Thankyou also for the enjoyable company of our very innovative committee!
We have a break in January, but we are very excited about February 11th as we are launching a new musical play WAGNER IN PARIS which debuted at the
Melbourne Recital Centre in November 2016. Interwoven with Wagners early vocal compositions & French art songs, actors chronicle his triumphs & failures as he
attempts to charm Parisian society with his music in the early 1840s. Featuring Opera Australia singers including local Surf Coast soprano Wendy Grose, this special onenight-only performance at the Barwon Heads Community Hall will mark the beginning of a regional performance before heading to the UK & Europe at the end of 2017. You
can book after January 1st, either on line at or by phoning Russell at 0439061475
Also advanced notice for Sunday,5th March!
We will be presenting the International Moller-Fraticelli Guitar Duo from Argentina & Sweden which will be a most exciting performance!
Hope you have all had a wonderful Festive season & that the weather has been kind in true Summer style!
Best wishes for 2017


Connecting with your Kids

As parents, we naturally want the best for our children.
We want them to have happy, safe and rewarding lives filled with possibilities. However, these days
the statistics regarding adolescents are alarming; increased rates of anxiety, stress and
depression. More than ever, we need to be connected as a family so if your child needs someone
to talk to during tough times, they are able to come and chat whenever they feel the need.
In addition to creating a connected family, businesses are looking for new employees to have a
variety of different life skills, which can also be known as 'soft skills'. These skills are vital for our
children to succeed in the futures they design for themselves. Life skills are often learnt later on in life on the job by trial and error. They require
individuals to be adaptable or to, so to speak, 'read the play'. Life skills are the people skills that enable us human beings to be able to socialise,
communicate and interact with each other in harmony.
There are so many benefits for our children in learning these life skills at an early age. And, more than all that, being connected as a family is one
of the most special things that can be experienced in life.

Sense of Humour
This is a very important and serious life skill. And I mean really serious. What would life be like if you couldn't have a laugh? A little giggle or one of
though laughs you have with a friend that you can't stop laughing with each other and your stomach is in pain. Please stop. No more. But the
laughing continues. Here are some things to try at home with your family. I hope you have lots of fun (and laughs too) .....
-Think about something funny that happened to you a when you were younger. Tell your family about it and why it still makes you laugh.
-Go to the library and get some joke books. Tell jokes to each other.
-Have a staring competition the person who keeps a straight face the longest wins.
-Watch a funny movie together.
-Look through a family photo album and find photos that make you laugh.
-Make up some really bad 'Dad Jokes'. Any joke that gets a laugh gets one point.
-Play 'Mirror Dance' where one person moves and the other mimics their partner as if they were their reflection.
Have fun connecting with your kids. For further information, visit the Facebook page 'Connecting with your Kids'.
Andy McNeilly


Barwon Heads Bowling Club

Into the Christmas period and we enjoy the break from pennant bowls.With a
few missing from last years numbers the going has been solid. Saturday teams
are battling whilst midweek teams are going OK.
The lead up to Christmas saw the Community Bowls run and won over a 5 week
period. Teams are made up from local businesses and organizations, with
nearly all participants brand new to bowls.
Seaside Serenity were the winners with Blue Bottles finishing 12th of the 12
teams. Robbo being the best of late comers.
Some have suggested theyll start training now for next year and have promised to take this years winners down.
Completed during the same period was the Schools Program where approximately 30, year 5 & 6 students
bowled once a week for 5 weeks. Some real potential was exposed.
A big thank you to Jan & Alan Walter and their team of helpers for running both programs.
All are reminded that once again Barefoot Bowls will be on each Friday in January.
All welcome, bowls provided so just turn up, starts at 6pm.
Wishing all a safe and Happy New Year.
Until next time, good bowling.



Local author tells stories

'The Dancing Lady and other stories' by Judith Brooks,
'Mouse in House Publishing'
'I'm not fond of short stories, either there are too many or I'm forced
to go from one world to another but I loved every one of these stories.
I would recommend The Dancing Lady.'
Ann Waite
Available from Barwon Books Barwon Heads or
Bookgrove Ocean Grove

Interested volunteers or participants can email for further info

Sunday 5th February

and Sunday 5th March
Ocean Grove main Beach
from 9am

Majella OConnor

Love Your Glasses!

2 Park Lane, 99 Presidents Ave.
Ocean Grove
ph: 5255 5655
for an appointment

talking life

page 8 talking heads

0416 119240

with Rachael Hely

So, when you have worked in the

public health system for as long as
I have, you become a queen at self
I self-diagnose myself health scares all the
time. It started when I was an under-grad at
17. Back then, my go-to diagnosis of choice
was Guillain-barre. I liked this diagnosis. It
was pretty rare and it sounded french. And
these were two things I most desperately
wanted to be. My self directed health
diagnosis was amplified with age and
Wikipedia. I found more rare and exotic
sounding medical conditions with suggested
symptoms that I always seemed to be able to
feel quite readily. Yet somehow, I always
conquered my self-diagnosis. I could always
fight off my life threatening disease. Affirming
in my own eyes my inherit strength and power.
It made me feel like a miracle.
Or the Great Survivor.
Last week, I drove myself home early from
work. I had dragged my way through end of
year concerts and so much full-on festive
cheer, that my head was kind of gloopy and it
made it hurt to talk. My body was achey, my
memory seemed lost and all I wanted to do
was hunker down and have a cup of tea with
myself and cry. My sleepy eyes blurred the
winding turns of the Great Ocean Road, so I
turned on talkback radio to keep myself
awake. And found myself listening to
Professor Jane Fisher.

must be super smart.

Because her name is Jane so she must be super
sensible. And because her
soothing radio voice
reminds me of my nana. A
woman of grace who even
though we all must have driven her crazy most
of the time, she never seemed to lose herself
and get angry.
Professor Jane was discussing mental health.
She stated that when men have an out of
balance headspace they have a tendency
towards addiction (alcohol, drug, gambling),
whereas when women have an out of balance
headspace they tend to feel depression and /
or anxiety. Then she asked her radio audience
- that being me in my car - about a wide variety
of symptoms. Was I excessively tired but
finding it hard to sleep? Was I doing a whole
gamut of stuff but struggling to remember what
it was for? Was I forgetting to eat, was my fuse
a little short, was I struggling to find pleasure in
things that would usually make me shine?
Yes. Yes. Yes, yes, and yes.
So according to Professor Jane and affirmed
by my insatiable need to self-diagnose, I found
myself telling myself that as a woman whose
headspace was muddled and out of balance clearly I was feeling depressed.

Think restorative forward folds, seated side
openers and savasana.
How many of us get to the end of the year and
reflect back on the craziness of what weve just
worked through? How many of us comment on
how this has been the busiest year weve ever
had? How many simply couldnt have fit
another thing in? Or are hoping for a quieter
year ahead? One with less stuff to do? One
with less places to be? One with more time for
the important things? Those aspects of our
journey that make our souls shine?
We can tell ourselves at this time of year that it
will be different next time around. Goodbye
last year - next time Im not going to sweat on
the small stuff. Im stepping back from the long
hours. Ill choose a slower pace and taking the
scenic road. Yet how many of us find ourselves
saying the same words every time January
folds around? Because we keep repeating the
same themes of running around mindlessly.
Continually letting ourselves be seduced into
being strung out again.
Today, its summer and youre at the beach.
The days are long. The pace is slow. So, our
queue at the IGA makes no sense and the
bridge will be gridlock for the next 30 days.
So slow down with us and make the time to
take in your view. Talk to the punter next to you
instead of snap-chatting a selfie on your
phone. Get some sand between your toes and
take a swim in the sea. Teach yourself to
befriend your Self. Listen to your wisdom
inside. And know that you dont have to claw
your way to this point ever again if you choose
to hear that intuitive voice that will always call
your truth.

With my new self-diagnosis, I took myself off to

bed early. Where I read an article by another
author who asked me similar questions to
Professor Jane. About my mood, about my
sensitivity and about my sleep. And at the end
of my read I found myself with a new selfdiagnosis. One not so heavy. One that
seemed a better fit. Because even though
lately I really do feel that Ive had the life
sucked out me, I didnt have the aching inertia And call your diagnosis and bone-deep sorrow of true clinical Content with where you already are.
I like to believe the words of Professor Jane as
depression. Instead, I had what a lot of us who
gospel. Because she is a professor - so she
lust for life have at this time of year:


Bioresonance Therapy

In principle, MORA can treat all diseases where the body tissues are not damaged irreversibly.
Experience says that this therapy is best suited for:
(Ive had this therapy
& the difference is
Allergies and indigestibility
Functional diseases / psychosomatic diseases
very noticeable.
Metabolic disorders
Acute and chronic pains
Sleeping really well
Rheumatic disorders
Post-operative treatment
Trish C)
As far as diseases with advanced physical defects are concerned, it can provide relief in case of symptomatic

Call Joanna for an appointment 0438 286 448

Remedial, Relaxation, Sport, DeepTissue & Trigger Point Therapy


Seaside Serenity
Daryl Wilkie Ct.M Dip.R.M Dip.H
First in Barwon Heads
Since 1985
Over 16 Years Massage
AAMT Member - Extras

0403 956 900

Artwork courtesy of the Ocean Grove Voice

Ph. 0403
956 900

talking heads page 9

(03) 5255 2585

3/73 The Terrace Ocean Grove


High quality dental care, service and results.

We are transparent about our treatment processes and
the affiliated expenses, and will never proceed to treatment
unless you are fully informed of all aspects.
We accept all health funds and we can claim on the spot with Hicaps.
We also accept VET affairs, VEDS (Victorian Emergency Dental Services)
and VGDS (Victorian General Dental Services) forms.


Braces vs Invisalign

If you are considering getting orthodontics, there are a few options available to you. Firstly,
there are conventional braces using brackets and wires to move the teeth. Alternatively, you
could consider Invisalign, which is series of clear aligners, it looks like clear thin plastic

Advantages of Invisalign
1) They are almost invisible, so are great for adults who don't want to have visible
2) It is easier to clean with Invisalign as you just remove the aligners and clean as
3) They are not as big as traditional braces, so you get less rubbing and scratching of the gums and cheeks.
4) They are less tender on your teeth because they move the teeth a bit slower, so you don't get as much teeth tenderness as you
do with braces

Advantages of conventional braces

1) You don't have to remove them to eat. With Invisalign, you have to remove the aligners to eat. If this isn't an option then maybe
conventional braces are for you.
2) Not so patient reliant- if you have an unmotivated teenager they may not wear their Invisalign aligners for long enough, with
braces this isn't an option.
3) They can fix your bite better. Braces are quicker to fix a poor bite than Invisalign.
We find in our surgery that most of the time teenagers are better suited to fixed braces and adults are happier with Invisalign. We
always go through the different options with you, however.
If you want more information visit
Or you can book an appointment online or ring 03 5255 2584

Bellarine for Refugees final meeting for 2016
Did you know that there are over 65.3 million people around the world who have been forcibly displaced from their homes
because of conflict and persecution and that 21.3 million of them are refugees, half of whom are under the age of 18? Did
you also know that the vast majority are hosted by countries like Turkey (2.5 million), Pakistan (1.6 million), Lebanon (1.3
million) and Iran (over 900 thousand)?
There are also 10 million stateless people who have been denied a nationality and access to basic rights such as education,
healthcare, employment and freedom of movement
These were just some of the more startling facts presented by Maureen O'Keefe, Manager of Community and Settlement
Programs at Diversitat, at a community forum in Barwon Heads hosted by Bellarine for Refugees on the 29th November.
Speaking to over 40 people, Maureen also described the wonderful work done by Diversitat to assist our Geelong refugee
community. Diversitat does everything from running language classes to helping with driving lessons, assisting people to
enrol in schools and helping them to navigate the various organisations involved in the resettlement process. This includes
real estate agents, banks and health care agencies. Overall, it was a wonderfully informative and interesting afternoon!
Our next meeting will be held at 3.45 on Tuesday 21 February
At the Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden
All welcome
At right, Maureen O'Keefe (centre) with Margaret Griffith and Helen Dwyer

talking heads page 10

News from the Beaches and Coastal Environs

Barwon Coast is a Committee of

Management appointed by the
State Government with
responsibility for the management
of 13km of coastal crown land from
7W Collendina to 42W Blue Rocks,
Barwon Heads covering our
beautiful beaches in Ocean Grove,
Barwon Heads and 13 Beach.
Our Committee members are local residents appointed
with consideration of the skills and experience that they
have to offer in the management of this important piece
of coastline.
In December 2016 Barwon Coast began the first phase
of community engagement for a new Coastal
Management Plan (CMP).
Coastal Crown land Committees of Management rely on
a CMP for their primary strategic agenda. A requirement
of the Coastal Management Act 1995, CMP's are
essentially an agreement between the government, the
committee and its stakeholder community on how the
reserves will be managed.
For the Committee of Management, CMP's provide

direction and a business plan for achieving

outcomes and actions identified in the plan.
Essential for developing a strong and responsive
CMP is comprehensive community stakeholder
We want to hear from you, our community about
what you value and cherish about your foreshores
and beaches that are managed by Barwon Coast;
we want to hear about what concerns you, and what
ideas you have.
There is a very easy way to communicate your ideas
online at:
CollabMap is an interactive tool that allows anyone
to place comments on an aerial image of Barwon
Coast's management area; give it a try it is easy and
quick and will provide us with the feedback we need
to make our CMP a truly responsive document.
However time is limited CollabMap opened early
December and closes for this initial phase on
Sunday 8th of January and will reopen later in the
month for comments on the draft CMP that has been
Dogs on Our Beaches:
We all know that dog owners love to take their pets
to the beach; however not all people like to be on the
beach when uncontrolled dogs are present.
Uncontrolled dogs pose a real threat to other beach
users and also importantly our wildlife that has
nowhere else to go.
In off leash areas dog owners must have their pets
under EFFECTIVE CONTROL at all times. This
means they come immediately the first time they are
called and are leashed when other dogs, people and
importantly wildlife are present.

those notices.
Always be alert on the beach when with children and
never swim alone
No diving / jumping from jetty, promenade or bridge
Tragically serious incidents have occurred in recent
summers so it is really important to take personal
responsibility for your safety when near the water, be it at
the ocean or the river beaches.
Dangerous activities such as jumping or diving off the
Barwon Heads jetty, the promenade or the bridge can
lead to serious injury especially back injuries.
This year we have seen massive movement of sands
along the beaches and at low river flows the water depth
can be minimal, especially at low tide near the Jetty, so
don't do it!
Leave your car at home or your caravan park and catch
the free shuttle bus co-ordinated by Barwon Coast with
financial support from valuable community aware
sponsors. Our Gold sponsors this year are Barwon
Heads Community Bank and the City of Greater
The free bus is operating from 27th December until 26th
January commencing at 10am thru to 6pm with an hourly
lap of Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads and the beaches
starting at the Ocean Grove Post Office. The Shuttle Bus
tows a trailer to carry beach gear including surf boards.
Gary McPike
General Manager


As we move into our summer beach season it is
important to always swim between the flags at our
locally patrolled beaches - Ocean Grove Main,
Ocean Grove Spit 18W and 13th Beach Main where
Life Savers & Lifeguards will be on patrol 7 days a
week, for the peak holiday covering week from
Boxing day to Australia day .
At all beach access pathways we have installed
Beach Safety Signs that provide advice on general
water conditions, rocks, tide etc. and where the
nearest patrolled beach is. Please take time to read

Lauras Beach Houses

As featured on ABC TV series Seachange. Accomodates 4 adults plus children
with fully equipped kitchen, living room, A/C, bathroom, laundry, TV, Stereo,CD,DVD,VCR. Plus all bedding & elec.Blankets.
Private decking with a relaxing opportunity to take in the views of Port Phillip Bay, the Bluff & the Bridge.

Also available- Deluxe 2 & 3 br Cabins, 1 & 2 br Cabins, Heritage Boat House, & powered sites
Superbly located at Barwon River Estuary with ocean views.
A/C cabins, fully equipped kitchen, living room, ensuite,
TV, private decking.




Ph: 03 5254 1115

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page 11

Spoil yourself or your loved one with a peaceful treatment for holiday bliss

Sanctuary for the Soul with Lyndal McKechnie
A day seminar to empower and support you to remember your bodys innate gifts
of self-healing. Create wellness everyday yourself with the power of the mind.

Presented by

The Lotus Spa at Barwon Heads

Fertility/Pregnancy Acupuncture & Wellness with Petra Joley a Nurturing & intensive support for women wanting to enhance & achieve
a mindful birth experience, encouraging women with difficulties into a
positive state of wellness for true health during their birthing time.
WALK FOR PEACE Beach Labryinth Walking Meditation

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Barwon Heads Community Arts Garden

The Community Garden's Annual General Meeting held in November highlighted the many
achievements of 2016. Many projects were undertaken throughout the year, with impressive
results. 2017 could prove to be as busy with planning well under way. These plans include a
greater emphasis on growing things, increased plotholder interaction, completing the
maintenance of the Garden Room and continuing to be a organisation that supports the wider
Barwon Heads community in the areas of sustainability, growing one's own vegetables as
well as the arts.
The support of the local community, which was evident at the Garden Open Day and the Arts
Trail weekend, is one major reason for the garden to be there. Bop Bop Karrong Children's
Centre has recently requested a plot at the garden and this will be a wonderful opportunity for
local children to explore a shared community garden setting. Events and workshops held
throughout the year are well advertised and you don't need to be a member to attend.
However it only costs $15 per year to be a member!
The plan to have a greater emphasis on growing fresh produce will be made easier by the
extended use of the polytunnel. We had a wonderful array of fresh plants growing there over
winter and have been trialling growing different varieties of garlic and tomatoes, with great
success. The olive trees are very productive this year and, when the time comes, we plan to
have a day where we share methods of preserving olives. The careful feeding and pruning of
the fruit trees over winter, plus the good rainfall, has resulted in some excellent crops well on

Jason ONeill

the way. Even the cherry tree has produced fruit this year.
Summer is also a great time to grow zucchini. If you have too many you could try making this tasty dip over summer.

Zucchini Dip
1 zucchini; 1/2 avocado, pit and peel removed; 1/4 cup tahin; 1/4 teaspoon ground cumin, preferably toasted
and freshly ground; Small pinch of cayenne pepper; 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice; 1 tablespoons olive oil; 1 clove
Garlic, crushed
Place zucchini on a foil-lined baking sheet, and broil on high until well-charred, turning occasionally (about 30
Minutes). Once cool enough to handle, remove and discard the charred skin. Place zucchini in a strainer over a
small bowl, and let drain for 20 minutes.
Put zucchini, avocado, tahini, cumin, cayenne and garlic to a food processor, pulsing a few times to combine.
Add the lemon juice and olive oil, and blitz until smooth. Season to taste with salt.
To serve, sprinkle with roasted pine nuts and/or lemon juice.
The Community Arts Garden is located at 38 Geelong Road, Barwon Heads
Email: Website:

Community Bowls

After tough competition from all the fierce competitors who took part in the
Barwon Heads Community Bowls Competition, the team from Barwon
Heads Massage / Seaside Serenity came through last night to take out the
Played over the last five weeks everyone involved had a great time and lots of laughs were had
while some serious competition was also shown.
A very big thanks to the team, Kerry and Peter Jacobi, who have never played before and
played some great shots, John Duthie, our secret weapon and Sharon Wilkie, the quiet
achiever, along with myself who managed to take out the win by a very small margin over the
Kanab team.
Also a big thank you to the Barwon Heads Bowls Club for putting the event on.
Cheers Daryl Wilkie - Barwon Heads Massage @ Seaside Serenity



Friday, 17th. March, 4pm.-7pm; Saturday, 18th. March, 10am.- 4pm; Sunday, 19th. March, 10am. - 4pm.
Venue- Barwon Heads Community Hall, cnr. Hitchcock Ave, and Ozone Rd. Barwon Heads.


Entry - $2. Children Free. We will have a raffle quilt, guessing competitions, quality handmade goods for
sale, and refreshments will be available.

If you tell the truth you don't have

to remember anything.
Mark Twain, 1894

1135 Surf Coast Highway Mt.Duneed 9am - 5pm

450 Wallington Rd. Wallington 10am - 4pm

(03) 5264 1771




Shirley & Joe Hornak



Ph. 5255 2432

Fax 5255 2399 Email

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The House of




On behalf of Bernard and all the staff
we wish you a Happy New Year
Natural Fibres for summer at Noble Fibres...
Cottons, linens, cashmere & alpaca combinations
Shop 6, 44 Hobson Street 0448 934 273

55A Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads

ph: 52542312
Your Independent Local Pharmacy

Cattery, Geelong & District



P: 5255 3496
22b Sinclair St. Ocean Grove

Mon - Sat 10.30 - 4.30

At The Cat Cave Boarding we, like you, love cats

so caring for your pet isnt a chore, its a
Variety of care options from day care, short,
long and emergency care.
Prices are all inclusive with food, treats,
medicating (if required), enrichment...
And lots of one on one attention.

Healing from the inside out

Small casual yoga classes
Ph:03 5254 2325 3/86 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads


Deb Prinzi 0421 695 956

It's really splendid to imagine you are a queen.

You have all the fun of it without any of the inconveniences and you
can stop being a queen whenever you want to, which you couldn't in
The Anne of Avonlea, 1909
real life.
Lucy Maud Montgomery,



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caf & cider bar

Seafood platters
no. 1


Summer food
Panzanella salad


Vietnamese Cuisine
from the kitchen of Hong Lee
Made with Love

Gourmet burgers
Pulled pork sliders



Cnr. Hitchcock Avenue & Bridge Road
Barwon Heads
03 5254 2468





Locally blended Tea

Locally roasted specialtycoffee
Tuesday - Saturday 7.30am - late Sunday 8am - 4pm
Closed Monday Open 7 days in School holidays

(03) 420 205 25

Licensed ~ Cnr BridgeRd/HitchcockAve Barwon Heads

Fabulous for flavouring rice, quinoa, sprinking over roast vegetables, adding to
casseroles and many other dishes where you need an intense lemony hit!
10-12 thick skinned ,scrubbed lemons
250gm coarse salt 12 cloves 4 shredded bay leaves 2 cinnamon sticks
juice of 4 lemons
Wash a 1 litre jar in very hot soapy water, rinse with boiling water and turn upside down on a clean teatowel...cut lemons into 1/4s ...using your hand, squeeze a quartered lemon into a bowl to soften the flesh
then sprinkle some salt into the middle of the a bay leaf & some salt in the hot lemon in
jar and pour juice over...add a cinnamon stick & a clove...repeat with remaining quarters, salt, cloves & bay
leaves until jar is lemons down & add more juice...scatter 1 heaped tbs salt over the top add a bay
leave and seal with a lid. Leave in a cupboard in the kitchen for a couple of weeks then refrigerate for a month
before using as needed (skin only). Nice chopped with a couple tbs rosemary and finely chopped garlic over
some home cured olives; add to fried rice; over stir fried broccoli with garlic; on steamed beans....

1 1/4 kgms mixed tomatoes, cut into bite-sized pieces

2 teaspoons sea salt, plus more for seasoning
3/4 pound ciabatta or rustic sourdough bread, cut into 1 1/2-inch cubes (about 6 cups)
10 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, divided
1 small shallot, minced
2 medium cloves garlic, minced
1/2 teaspoon dijon mustard
2 tablespoons white or red wine vinegar
Freshly ground black pepper
1/2 cup packed basil leaves, roughly chopped
Place tomatoes in a colander set over a bowl and season with 2 teaspoons salt...toss to
coat...set aside to drain for at least 15 minutes, tossing occasionally, while you toast the
bread...meanwhile, preheat oven to 180c and adjust rack to center a large bowl,
toss bread cubes with 2 tablespoons olive oil...transfer to a rimmed baking sheet...bake until
crisp and firm but not browned, about 15 minutes...remove from oven and cool...remove
colander with tomatoes from bowl with tomato colander with tomatoes in the
sink...add shallot, garlic, mustard, and vinegar to the bowl with tomato juice...whisking
constantly, drizzle in the remaining 1/2 cup olive oil...season dressing to taste with salt and
pepper...combine toasted bread, tomatoes, and dressing in a large bowl...add basil leaves
then toss everything to coat and season with salt and pepper...let rest for 30 minutes before
serving, tossing occasionally until dressing is completely absorbed by bread.

Two large, beautiful & fat, ripe mangoes; 200gm chopped macadamias; 2 litres of good vanilla ice
cream...leave ice-cream on the bench for half an hour...peel, core and dice mangoes...tip icecream mix into a large bowl and stir macadamias through...add mangoes and gently
combine...pour into one sealable container larger than the original ice-cream tub or two smaller
ones and refreeze...serve with a grin.

78 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads Telephone: 5254 2772

private functions welcome




Closed Tuesdays

Opening hours are

Monday to Friday 9am - late
Saturday and Sunday 8am - late

BeachHouse Barwon Heads

48 Hitchcock Avenue
Barwon Heads
03 5254 3376

Ph: 5254 1090

All day brekkie, lunch & dinner
Open 7 days and 7 nights
gourmet wood oven pizza
Fully licenced
Take away options
veg & gluten free options

Once the old Fire Station,

BeachHouse Barwon Heads
showcases some of the
Bellarine Peninsula's
fine produce, wine, cider & beer

Mango &
macadamia ice cream

60 Hitchcock Ave
Barwon Heads

Gorgeous sandwiches,
daily specials
and soups.
Bread, cakes, biscuits,
& really good coffee

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45 Hitchcock Avenue Barwon Heads
Ph: 5254 3229

Open 7 days

03 5254 2741
2/86 Hitchcock Ave Barwon Heads

page 16 talking heads

Booking information
7pm Saturday 11 Feb.
Barwon Heads
Community Hall,
cnr Ozone Rd
and Hitchcock Avenue
Non-members: $35
Bookings essential at:
or call 0439 061 475

Wagner in Paris

A story of prison, ambition and song

Take a musical journey through the early life of Richard Wagner in a

fascinating story interwoven with Wagner's early vocal compositions
and French art songs; where actors chronicle his triumphs and failures
as Wagner attempted to charm Parisian society with his music and
powerful personality in the early 1840s.
Featuring Opera Australia singers including local Surf Coast soprano
Wendy Grose, this fascinating show debuted in 2016 at the Melbourne
Recital Centre, and Barwon Heads will be the beginning of a regional
tour before heading to the UK and Europe at the end of 2017.
Presented as a salon performance in the round; wine, beer and softs will
be available at bar prices before, during and throughout the
performance; with the audience invited to stay and meet the performers
after the show.
Proudly presented by Barwon Heads Fine Music Society and The

24 DEC 10 JAN

Summer at Seaview is an exciting exhibition of selected artists works from contemporary to traditional
. Seaview is well know for its variety and quality of artists. If you have been looking for that special
piece call into Seaview over Summer you are sure to find something to suit.
Emma Hack Solo Exhibition 14- 31 January.
Opening Saturday 14 2-4 pm
Artist Talk and Champagne Brunch Sunday 15 - $45 10-12am
Booking Essential.
Phone 0352583645
Seaview is excited to welcome Emma Hack back to Queenscliff for her annual Exhibition at the
Gallery. Emma who works in the unique medium of body art will open her show on Saturday 14
January with drinks followed on Sunday with an exciting Artist Talk and Champagne Brunch with
Emma .
Bookings are essential for the Brunch and Artist Talk . Price is $45 includes champagne brunch.
Please ring the gallery for tickets and further information.
Seaview is open 7 days through January. 10.30 until 5.00pm.

Aritist Talk & Brunch
15 January 10-12pm

Phone Gallery
Open 10:30 5:00 daily

Ph. 03 5258 3645

86 Hesse St Queenscliff 3225

Emma Hack ~ BabyOwl in Tropical Garden

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Big Bang Bellarine!

On our doorstep are three of the best venues around,
each unique.
Jack Rabbit continues to blow people away with
amazing vistas, food and wine.
Local favourite, Leura Park Estate offers a relaxed,
rustic chic ambience, premium wines, lovely casual fare
and live music Sundays.

Helen Martin - A Disquieting Beauty

Flying Brick is the go for cider tasting, local wines, beer

and an innovative menu designed to inspire, indulge
and share.
Take your pick and enjoy your doorstep!

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5254 1100


Karen Clarke
Wayne Clarke

Matt Payton

Cosmetic injectables
Scar reduction
Chemical peels
Proudly stocking

Claire Dagley
2/76 Hitchcock Avenue Barwon Heads

OPEN MON - FRI 8.30am - 6pm

NOW OPEN SAT 8.30am - 12 noon

2/76 Hitchcock Avenue Barwon Heads

5254 1100


Suitable FOR SALE On White Elephant Bric a Brac, Toys or Books Stall
We must however emphasise that we cannot accept
electrical goods (white goods, TV, computers, computer games or DVD players)

We will receive pre loved items in good order for sale during the week before the Fete on Wednesday 11th January 2017 and
Thursday 12th January 2017 between the hours of 3pm and 6pm.and from 10 to 1pm on Friday 13th January
If you have any enquiries regarding suitable items for donation
Phone Don 5254273
Ken 52542876 or Geoff 52541358

Ten Thousand Things

1/53 Hitchcock Ave. Barwon Heads 5254 2620

Handcfrated jewellery, fashion, accessories,

antique & sterling beads, design & repair.
Jewellery making classes through the Summer

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IGA Proudly Supporting

your local
CFA Volunteer

5254 2525
8am to 8pm 7 days a week
Free Home Delivery


Enjoy a fire safe summer January 2017
With the holiday season well and truly upon us, it's time to remind ourselves of what we can all do to enjoy a fire safe summer. Fires are not just the domain of
open paddocks and bushland, fires can also start at the home and cause damage to yours and neighbouring properties.
With many holiday makers in our beautiful town, it's a timely reminder of the responsibility we all have to one another. Here's five things we can all do:
1. Monitor fire danger ratings to stay safe. On days where the fire danger rating is severe, extreme or code red it's better to stay in town centres rather
than visit national parks or bush areas. These are likely to be closed.
2. On total fire ban days do not operate machinery likely to cause sparks (eg angle grinders or whipper snippers) and do not light an open fire or solid fuel
3. On total fire ban days you are safe to use fixed gas or electric bbq's built into a permanent structure of brick, stone or concrete. Portable gas or electric
bbq's are also ok to use if they are designed exclusively for meal preparation.
4. Know what your fire plan is, which may mean leaving the area early well before there are any signs of fire. This goes for residents and holiday makers.
5. Download the VicEmergency app to your smart phone. This app provides the latest fire information and warnings. Set the app to notify you of incidents
occurring in a chosen area and use it to stay up to date with local Fire Danger Ratings and Total Fire Bans.
To find out more, visit
The Barwon Heads completed 2016 with 45 call outs (as of 13/12/16). In the past month alone the Brigade was called to five car incidents, two of which were quite
horrific accidents. It is a timely reminder to us all that we should slow down when driving, stick to the speed limit and to be vigilant and focused.
Please remember, if you are driving and hear sirens behind you or ahead, slow down and pull over to let the emergency vehicle pass.
We have a Facebook page informing you of local community safety events and insights to what the Brigade is up to. Make sure you jump on and give us a like to
follow what we are up to!
The Barwon Heads Fire Brigade is seeking new members. If you are interested in learning new skills,
meeting new people and being part of a team that contributes to the safety of our community, please call
Captain Helen Wood on 0438 507 273, or email Secretary Kira Crawford Brooks on


Riversholme Ltd offers professional, prompt and
local help with Home and Business IT systems.

s Repairs, upgrades and new computers

s Expert and qualified tuition
s Data protection & backup
s Internet and web
s Anti-virus
s Intel server specialists
s Network & phone cabling
s IT planning & policy for business

Phone: 5254 2101


Great Ocean Stays

Book the Bellarine

Andrew, Meryll & Rachel Smith
Quality homes wanted in Barwon Heads and
Pt. Lonsdale for Holiday Rentals
We now have waiting lists of guests for summer
requests in these areas.
Barwon Grove Holiday Rentals
1/25 Wallington Road, Ocean Grove3226
03 5255 4676 mobile 0412 102 145

4.5 AAA Rated (Green Star)
Holiday Accommodation

Ph: 03 5254 1066 / 0417 543336

Proud winner of the 2016 award Accessible Business at the

Geelong Business Excellence Awards.
Jump on board! Contact us to discuss
holiday rental & business listings.
0403 515605

Buy Sell Swap & Tell BHCC XMAS RIDE

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Marvelous Music In May

a Huge Success

These hazy, lazy days of summer
Now that the orgy of excess otherwise known as
Christmas is over and the festive haze has cleared
it's time to get on with the task of leisure.
If the idea of entertaining the family is making the
thought of returning to work seem reasonable let me
suggest a quality family outing right here in the
village of Barwon Heads.
I'm not talking about another round of beach cricket it's far too energetic.
An afternoon visit to the Lobster Pot or Barwon
Estuary Heritage Centre is a relaxing, informative
and hands-on experience. I'm talking about the
green building on the riverfront near 'At the Heads'
Right now is the summer opening season from
1.00p.m.-4.00p.m. Daily.
Inside you will find a treasure trove of stories about
the natural and social heritage of our river estuary.
That means 4 tanks for you to come face to face with
our fishy neighbours from the river. It also means a
touch tank with other marine creatures that can be
picked up and perused.
For other interests there is our large collection of
photos from yesteryear. In the backyard plant fans
will find our collection of local species.
All that for a gold coin donation
After an enlightening afternoon visit I'm sure parents
will feel they have earned a good cup of tea. If you
wish to find out more contact the Friends of the
Lobster Pot. Make contact through Barwon Coast.
Drop in at the office or phone Maddie Glynn


Saturday 9am - 1pm

lOcean Grove- Kingston Park l

1st Sunday 9am - 1pm
l Pt. Lonsdale l
at Pt Lonsdale Primary School
2nd Sunday 9am - 2pm
l Drysdale at Recreation Reserve
3rd Sunday 9am - 1pm
l Portarlington at Newcombe St l
(Opp Port Hotel)
1st Saturday 9am - 2pm
l Queenscliff at Princes Park l
Last Sat Sept to May

Remember to take your baskets,

cloth or hession bags or your jeep to
save our communities from curse of
the plastic invasion


President - Sandra Gatehouse
Meet @The Senior Citizens Hall
3rd Monday in Month @ 7pm
All welcome
President-Bernard Napthine
5254 2312
Helen Carruthers 5254 1299
Community Arts Garden
John Burke 5254-1921.
President -John McIntosh
0422 816 766
President - Jon Duthie
5254 2626
Old Interesting Stuff
Antiques, Furniture, Art Deco, Books,
Collectables, Surfboards,
Household MargaretGoods
We buy single items or house lots.
Call Peter Summers at
How Bazaar 5278 5453
Margaret 0419 350 103


Barwon Heads Sailing Association

A new summer season of sailing starts at Barwon
Ever wonder why every day at high tide over summer there seems to be a lot of
yachts sailing on the Barwon River?
One of the best kept secrets in town, the Barwon Heads Sailing Association (BHSA)
runs a race every day from Boxing Day to Australia Day.
Starting at the Ozone Road beach, typically 30 minutes before high tide, the BHSAs
races generally take between one to two hours to complete. Rcaes are timed and
officiated from the little grass park at the north end of Frank Ellis Park. If youre
interested in the activities, have a chat to the timelord who sits in the BHSAs small structure during the races.
The sailing is best described as socially competitive with two classes for each race - monohulls (comprising
mostly Lasers, Mirrors & Puffin Pacers) and catamarans (including Hobie Cats, Windrush Surf Cats & Paper
Tigers) - starting four minutes apart and sailing the course in separate fleets.
The signature event of the year is the
annual Barwon Safari (scheduled for the
14th January 2017), which is a race
upstream to Lake Conneware and back,
that showcases the best the Barwon River
has to offer, with a welcoming BBQ on
completion for the sailors.
New members and interested sailors are
very welcome with the association able to
help with crewing on catamarans to try out
the racing or the purchase of yachts
through the clubs networks.
Visit the club website or
head down at high tide and say hello to
the timelord or the sailors for more details.
John Perry

0416 119240

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Bee with a backpack of the sensor variety


To play all girls footy for Barwon Heads in 2017?

Call 0402300819
Junior team aged 12-15
and youth team 16-19.

ocean grove
blinds & awnings
67 madeley street

Design and Construct

Will Gordon

ph: 5256 3668

fax:5256 2668
55 yarra st geelong

ph: 5229 2880

Legal Services for Barwon Heads
and Ocean Grove

Corporate & Commercial

Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Property & Development
Family Law
Workplace Relations
Wills, Estates & Succession

mobile 0414 354 079

Barwon Heads Office

Shop 4, 50 Hitchcock Avenue
Barwon Heads


Nick Heyward
Ph: 0412 121 906
Fax: 5254 2274

All Aspects of Building & Construction

Architectural New Homes & Additions
P.O.Box 1075 Barwon Heads 3227

Open Thursdays
or by appointment

Tom White

Tel 03 5254 1877

The Directory
page 22 talking heads

0416 119240


Animal Rescue (Jirrahlinga)
Barwon Heads Fire Brigade Secretary/Admin. Enquiries
Ocean Grove Fire Brigade
Barwon Water

5254 2484
5256 2698
0401 231 753
5255 1746
5226 2500


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I will never understand why they

cook on TV. I can't smell it. Can't eat
it. Can't taste it. The end of the
show they hold it up to the camera,
"Well, here it is. You can't have any.
Thanks for watching. Goodbye."

The Swiss have an interesting army.

Five hundred years without a war. Pretty impressive. Also pretty lucky for
them. Ever see that little Swiss Army knife they have to fight with? Not
much of a weapon there. Corkscrews. Bottle openers. "Come on, buddy, let's
go. You get past me, the guy in back of me, he's got a spoon. Back off. I've
got the toe clippers right here."


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To keep young:
be cheerful, keep working,
and love one another.
Fanny J. Crosby

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Pick up and delivery of motor vehicle for service or repair
from Barwon Heads can be arranged ARC AU No: Au36554

page 24 talking heads



river with adjoining beaches and

significant wetlands. There is concern that
increased growth will further reduce
native flora and fauna and threaten the
It is interesting to note that these issues
where very much the focus of the
community response between 2007 2010
and are very much more important to the
Barwon Heads community in 2016.
Save the Wetlands. Save the Boundary.
Save Barwon Heads

Save the Wetlands.


For our summer visitors and holiday maker friends, we

have provided a snapshot summary of our 10 year
history and journey to protect our wetland, boundary
and township. For those who are more familiar with
the consultation process on the review of the Barwon
Heads Structure Plan 2010 to date, we have included
a few highlight points outlining the reason why many
of our community are proudly displaying the Save the
Wetlands. Save the Boundary. Save Barwon Heads
Exciting news, a family of Australian Brolgas (with one
chick) is calling Lake Conneware home (they have
been sighted at the edge Lake closest to the tintersection of Bluestone School Road and Barwon
Heads Road). Special thanks to Ian Smissen for this
photo. Australian Brolgas in the southern part of
Australia are dwindling with an estimated number at
1,000 birds. This species is considered 'vulnerable'in
Victoria, South Australia and NSW (Bush Heritage
Consultation outcomes about the Barwon Heads
Structure Plan
It is standard practice that Structure Plans are
reviewed at a minimum of every ten years; the COGG
is now updating the 2010 Barwon Heads Structure
Plan. The current Barwon Heads Structure Plan is
available at
COGG have produced an engagement report from the
preliminary November 2016 consultation process (on
the Barwon Heads Structure Plan). There where over
250 contributions (this is over five times more than the
final Structure Plan developed for Ocean Grove in mid
2016). As the first of three phases of the consultation
process this is very promising, demonstrating
enthusiasm and interest. It will be another long haul,
with two consultation processes expected in 2017; the
first being comment on the draft Barwon Heads
Structure Plan (around March/April 2017) and the
second focused on submissions to the Planning Panel
hearing (later in 2017). The Barwon Heads Structure
Plan will then be endorsed by Council (or
Administrators) late 2017 or early 2018 pending the
timing of the Planning Panel hearing and the approval
process between Council (or Administrators) and the
Planning Minister.
The key themes as outlined in the engagement report
from COGG (of importance to the SBHA
purpose/vision) include:
The coastal seaside village character is very important
to the community. Retaining the village feel means not
extending the existing town boundary, limiting the
residential growth zone, restricting building height to
two stories and applying the principles of the Barwon
Heads Structure Plan 2010.
Protecting and expanding the natural environment is
important to residents and visitors to Barwon Heads.
One of the village strengths is its location next to the

Barwon Heads is surrounded by
world-heritage wetlands that are listed on
an international register (Ramsar
convention). This has been in place since
1983 as endorsed by the Victorian
Government. There is also an international agreement
to protect migratory birds such as: Greenshank, Eastern
Golden Plover and Red-necked Stints. These vital
wetlands provide a significant habitat for endangered
and migratory birds, animal and plant species including
the Australian Brolga, Orange Bellied Parrot and salt
bush and many more
Residential and Urban development close to
wetlands has been proven to have negative impacts on
habitat (Ecology Australia)

Save the Boundary

Retaining the western boundary will protect
the highly-valued village atmosphere of Barwon Heads
Retaining this boundary will ensure that
current amenities and services are not overstretched

Save Barwon Heads

Barwon Heads is a government-designated,
low-growth coastal town that provides popular
accommodation for home and holiday-makers alike
Help us maintain Barwon Heads' unique
appeal and outstanding amenities, and protect it from
inappropriate and unwanted development
The diagram below outlines the major concern for the
SBHA group. The whiteoutline indicates area of
proposed rezoning from rural to residential (west of
current town boundary). City of Greater Geelong
suggests this area could deliver approximately 7001000 housing lots. If this was to go ahead, it could
double the population of Barwon Heads. SBHA urge you
to support us to protect the adjacent wetland and our
coastal township.
About Save Barwon Heads Alliance
Save Barwon Heads Alliance Inc (SBHA A0050649A) was
formed in July 2007 in response to a proposed development
outside the town boundary adjacent to protected wetlands. This
was one of the issues addressed in the development of the
Barwon Heads Structure Plan 2010. An amendment to the

Structure Plan was proposed but rejected to rezone rural

land to residential. Over three years to 2010, SBHA, with the
support of the community, successfully maintained the
boundary and subsequently the wetland.
Barwon Heads has never been identified for growth unlike
its coastal neighbours of Torquay and Ocean Grove. Since
2010, significant and planned residential development has
progressed at Warralily and Armstrongs Creek; Clifton
Springs/Drysdale and Leopold. All these communities have
long been planned for development/expansion.
SBHA continues to work towards ensuring the existing town
boundary is retained for the long term. By keeping the
boundary where it is, we will ensure the protection of the
sensitive natural environment surrounding Barwon Heads.
SBHA takes its lead and inspiration from a large number of
State and Local Planning documents. The most important
of these is the 2014 Victorian Coastal Strategy (VCS). This
document forms the basis of an understanding of the
importance of all coastal communities in Victoria. The VCS
makes it clear that estuaries, wetlands and salt marshes are
vital elements in the health of the Victorian Coast. Healthy
environments are important for the wellbeing of the
community, and the flora and fauna around these
communities. Barwon Heads is surrounded by an
internationally listed Ramsar Wetland, a State Game
Reserve with expansive salt marshes, a major estuary and
coastal dunes. The valuable wetland habitats are home to
the Orange Bellied Parrot (last sighted in 2014) the
Australian Brolga (Birds Australia) and the coastal dunes are
home to the Hooded Plover. These species are listed as
critically endangered or vulnerable species.
Barwon Heads is physically located at the mouth of the
Barwon Estuary. It is essentially surrounded by water. This
is part of the reason why Barwon Heads is a designated
low-growth town. Because of this, the town has never been
provided with the amenity and infrastructure to allow it to
grow in any significant sense. It is not a designated growth
town. SBHA acknowledges that there is not a single
Planning document that recommends Barwon Heads should
develop its residential land west of the current town
boundary. This has been a recommendation for a number
of decades by both State and Local Planning legislation.
This means that all residential growth should happen within
the current town boundary.
Things you can do to help Save Barwon Heads
SBHA requires community commitment, so we encourage
you to become a SBHA member. It also needs money to pay
for a variety of critical things including marketing and
communication materials, legal fees and assistance and
advice from various field experts. So if you can, make a
Become an SBHA member
Donate to SBHA
Like our Facebook page.
Share, contribute and comment.
Tell your family and friends and visitors.
Invite them to become members.

Put our sticker on your car or your bin!

Contribute your feedback to the COGG

Review of the Structure Plan in 2017
Save Barwon Heads
Keep reading Talking Heads for monthly
0438 866 603 (Stephen)
PO Box 1108, Barwon Heads 3227
For more information about the Structure Plan Update
2016/17, the COGG Website has lots of really useful

talking heads page 25


We're a pretty competitive lot at the
BHCC. We like to win and we
celebrate our wins as well as taking
our losses hard.
That doesn't mean winning is the only form of success
we celebrate though. We pride ourselves on the fact that
we occupy a certain place in our village and that we
welcome everyone who has an interest or a passion for
cricket. We're very intent on providing a place for people
to socialize and connect with their community, either on
the field or just in the bar. It's especially important to
provide a safe and supportive environment for junior
players and their development as young people as well
as as players is equally as important to our club.
It's fair to say that Ezra Valentine-Rawlings AKA The
BIG E has been challenged by the game. It can be
unforgiving to play and the skills required to master it
don't come easily to any of us and Ezra has found them
quite difficult to master. He's persistent though this
young man and he's kept on coming along and joining in
and he's kept on facing the challenges of the game

without losing interest or becoming disheartened.

He's played Under 11s and Under 13s and has now
progressed to the Under 15 team and along the way as
the skill levels have improved, Ezra has continued to be
challenged by the game.
In a recent match against South Barwon Ezra was
called on to bowl. Bowling's a difficult art and some
magnificent cricketers never come close to mastering it,
but junior cricket is about inclusion and having a go so
no matter how tough the art might be we like to give
every player the chance to ply their wares with the ball.
So Ezra sent a couple to the left and a couple to the right
and the umpire called a couple wides and a couple no
balls and the over went on. And then all the bits that
need to move to make the body send down a standard
delivery came together for big Ezz and the batsman
snicked the ball straight to the wicket keeper who
completed the catch. The rest of the team erupted at this
and the excitement levels were way higher than for a
normal dismissal and the reason was soon made clear.
After a couple of seasons of Under 11s and a couple of
seasons of Under 13 this was the very first time that

Ezra had taken a wicket.

Ezra has gone on to take a couple more wickets since
that day, but this is a milestone we'd like to celebrate.
While we're about being competitive and we like to
acknowledge our great players performing great feats, it
is just as important to celebrate the little milestones that
the people who are still learning the game achieve, so
well done Big E.
Now the Christmas season is upon us and the village is
filled with the pitter patter of bare feet in thongs tramping
the pavements. The fat man in red has been down the
chimney and the turkey and pork are almost digested.
The Barwon Heads Cricket Club wants to wish you all
the very best of new years and may 2017 be everything
you hope it will be.
Cricket in the new year will be on at the village green as
usual and everyone is invited to come and have a cold
drink and a chat.
More Next Month
Matt Dunell



Christmas Party
The sixth annual BHCC event was held on Saturday
3rd December. This year the theme was the Eighties,
and some of the costumes were superb and the food
was deliciously eighties themed. Fortunately, the
beverages did not follow the theme so we were not
treated to steel cans of Carlton Draught and Victoria
Starting at the CFA in Sheepwash Road, we all
headed down Saratoga and across the levee bank,
along the boardwalks and down Carr Street before
reaching the first destination at Ozone Jetty. Here we
were treated to a feast of Pigs in Blankets, homemade
sausage rolls, porcupine dip and there were loads of
pickled onions and cheese on toothpicks. This was all
washed down with punch for the kids, Spumante (not
the real deal luckily) and Furphy's Refreshing Ale.
While the adults chatted and ate, the kids were
pushing and wrestling on the jetty. The parents were
all relieved that no children ended up in the water.
Meanwhile, Quizmaster Griffo hosted part one of the
80s quiz which was about movies.
Soon we were back on our bikes and headed across
the bridge to 17W. The kids found a great place to do
stunts and jumps on their bikes while the older folk
gorged with vol-au-vents, cob loaf filled with cheesy
dip, carrots and celery sticks with dips, Furphy's and
champagne. Between breaks, the kids were treated to
little boys, fairy bread and green cordial. Before
heading off, Griffo delivered part two of the quiz about

We jumped back on our bikes and headed across

the bridge to the Pirate Park. On arrival, the kids
scattered while the adults started eating again.
Pulled pork sliders (from the eighties?) were served
up from the sparkling retro Airstream caravan.
Maybe it was the coleslaw that was the 80s
connection? Or, maybe it was Susie who made the
slaw; apparently she was born in the late 80s. That
must be it. This crew were all dressed in their 80s
gear and the service was super-fast with all the kids
inside assembling the food at the speed of lightning.
Once again, Furphy's and champagne. Part 3 of the
quiz was delivered this time it was 80s general
knowledge. When it was time to leave, panic had
set in at venue four. The key had not been delivered
so there was no electricity. It was rumoured that Greg
and Wayne were freaking out and melting faster than
the ice-cream. One bystander was heard to say Meltdown city, but this cannot be verified by anyone else.
Due to the delay, the riders were taken on a detour via
the 'Bogan Drive Comes Alive' party. Revelers were
all over the street in all sorts of undress and one
person was said to be seen naked behind a rather
small bush. Once again, the details remain sketchy
and cannot be substantiated. A certain celebrity was
swilling down cans of Carlton Draught and could not
walk in a straight line he nearly took out a couple of
young kids as they pedaled past.
On arrival at the River Park, the panic had settled as
the electricity was finally switched on. We were all
treated to ice-cream supplied by the local
Scandinavian Ice-Cream shop. Four wonderful
flavours of boysenberry, salted caramel, chocolate
and rainbow (also, Patrick has a special order of
vanilla). Other eighties treats included Pac Man cake,
triple layer mousse, trifle and fruit platter. Mikey
supplied a bottle of Bowmore single malt whiskey for
the adults and the Bailey's was for the kids. Coffee
was on offer, but only three coffees were ordered. And
of course, the quiz was completed with the 'Who Am I'
section with Simon picking the winner immediately
and taking the maximum 10 points for his team.
Thank-you Christopher Skase. But by this stage,
nobody knew who won the quiz overall, and nobody
really cared anyway.

Following are comments from some of the

Zara: I really enjoyed it because cycling is my
favourite exercise. The path we took was beautiful,
two of my friends were there & I got to eat chips, icecream & cake!
Daisy: The pork sliders at the Pirate Park were the
best part.
Monty: I liked the place where you can do a jump on
your bike. I loved the ice-cream and I had two serves;
both salted caramel and rainbow.
Banjo: My chain kept coming off so I left my bike and
got a lift on the back of Dad's bike in Leaf's bike
seat...and ice-cream of course!!!
Rocker: My tyre kept going flat and riding the rest of
the night on the back of Dad's bike in Leaf's bike
seat...and ice-cream of course!!
Leaf: I loved the taste of my first tuna and sweet corn
vol-au-vents...I think I'd have liked the food in the 80s.
Katie: The highlight for me had to be Andy's 80s
themed dress up...great effort from our spiritual leader,
set a great example for the club.
James: Highlight had to be giving both my boys
'croggies (Poms) dinks (for the Aussies) at different
times in the night and special thanks to Jason for
setting up his mobile bike repairs shop in The
Narrows...look out Hendrys. And I loved the
spontaneous rendition of Karma Chameleon as we
rode through the village park and all the music Wayne
provided...hit that perfect beat, Bronski Beat!
Once again, another highly successful event. There
were over 70 adults and kids who rode over 16km in
total. Costume competition.... Bronze medal goes to
Sue, Silver to Abi and Gold (unanimous decision) to
Shane 'Ferret' Blacket (see photos) whose costume
came complete with a dodgy moustache and purple
80s retro Peugeot folding bicycle. Only 11 months to
go until the next BHCC Christmas party. Bring it on!
Andy McNeilly
More photos on page 20

page 26

Barwon Heads Soccer Club are pleased to
announce their recent donation of old season
kits to the Non Profit Organization, KitAid
The club has sent away a variety of kit, both junior and senior to this
wonderful cause located in Canberra.
The organisation collects new and used football (soccer) kits and
donates them to underprivileged communities in South America and
KitAid Australia hopes to pass on the passion and fun that football
provides to some of the poorest communities in the World by collecting
and distributing football gear from their HQ in Canberra. They work in
collaboration with the founders of KitAid in the UK. Check out their
130 items were posted off this week including 50 junior tops and 62
adult kit tops.
We'd also like to thank Sarah Henderson for assisting with the shipping of our donation to Canberra.
Take a look at KitAid Australia on their Facebook page.


With the Summer Holidays in full swing, Barwon

Heads 13th beach SLSC is now patrolling all
public holidays and weekends through the
month of January ( except for Christmas Day).
If you are patrolling, please check the website for the patrol schedule.
On the 7th of Jan we will be holding the annual door knock appeal. This
is a major fundraiser for the club, so when one of our volunteers knocks
on the door, please help us by donating.
The Summer of Surf series will be being held at the Barwon Heads 13th
Beach on Jan 14th. It will be great to watch, so come down and see
some fierce competition.
If you have any questions on anything to do with Barwon Heads 13th
beach Surf Life saving club, please call past the club house, or visit our
website at
Hugh Nairn
Photo - MMcEvoy

Love your Plover



In eastern Australia, the Hooded Plover

inhabits sandy ocean beaches that are
exposed to the constant might of the swell.
There they pick tiny invertebrates from the sand
near the waters edge, and they lay their eggs in
shallow scrapes in the sand, either on the upper
beach or in adjacent backing sand dunes.
To Love your Plover,
- keep dogs on leashes & obey plover protection
- keep kids away from sand dunes (which are
protected) and use the many available stairs to
access the beach.
- dont surf the sand dunes as this is where they
- Enjoy watching their quirky little ways from a safe
To read more go to



Brendon Brice Electrical Pty Ltd

* All electrical Work
* Phone & Internet Points
* Free Quotes
* TV Points
* Split System Air Conditioning * Safety Switches
* Domestic & Commercial
* Stove & Hot Water
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* Computer Network Cabling
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Damien Mason Carpenter

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Experienced & Qualified
Servicing the Bellarine, Geelong & Surf Coast

- Maximum group size of 10

- Australian Tour Leader
- Boutique accommodation

- Leisurely Pace
- Authentic experiences
- Exclusive culinary experiences

Small group tours and tailor-made travel.

Mobile Travel Agent. Ill come to you on the Bellarine, Geelong and the
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To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries ~ Aldous Huxley

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