Assignment: Abraham Lincoln WebQuest

Your task is to answer the following scavenger hunt questions about Abraham
Lincoln and his legacy. You may find the references at the bottom of this document
to be helpful in finding the answers. When you have answered all of the questions,
save this document to the class Google Classroom folder along with your persuasive
letter about how you think Abraham Lincoln’s legacy should be best commemorated
(celebrated). While you are there, open the documents from at least two of your
peers and read them. Finally, go back to the Weebly page and complete the survey
individually and add your critiques to the Abraham Lincoln WebQuest.
WebQuest Scavenger Hunt Questions:
Use the links on the website to find answers to the following questions. Please use
complete sentences whenever possible.
1. When and where was Abraham Lincoln born?
2. Where did Abraham and his family move when he was 21 years old?
3. What was Abraham Lincoln’s nickname? How did he get it?
4. What year did Abraham get married? What was his wife’s name?
5. How many children did he have? What were their names?
6. What job did Abe always want to have?
7. In the year 1844 Abraham and his wife bought a house in Springfield, Illinois.
How much did they pay for their house?
8. What happened on January 17, 1851?
9. How old was Abraham when he became president?
10. What war began when Lincoln was president? Who won this war?
11. Fill in the blank: Abraham Lincoln did not believe in __________.
12. In 1863 Abraham Lincoln issued a famous document, freeing the slaves. What
was this called? What was its immediate and long-term impact?
13. What was Reconstruction?
14. When did Abraham Lincoln die? How did he die?
15. Find a picture of the Lincoln Memorial and print it out. Save this picture to
turn in with your work.
16. How tall was Abraham Lincoln?
17. What is the name of the girl who wrote a famous letter to Abraham Lincoln,
asking him to grow a beard?
18. Write 2 more interesting facts that you learned about Abraham Lincoln while
exploring the websites.
19. Where did the phrase “a house divided” originate from?
20. What was the Gettysburg Address and where did it happen?
21. How has Abraham Lincoln been remembered/commemorated in the past?

 The official White House biography can be found at
 The official White House biography for First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln:
 Disney Educational Youtube Video Series on Abraham Lincoln:
 Informational Text: Fact Monster biography on Abraham Lincoln including an
embedded video developed by the Biography Channel
 Interactive Video: BrainPop: Abraham Lincoln
 Interactive Video on Brain Pop: Civil War
 Informational Text from the Library of Congress on Lincoln’s Assassination
 Informational Text from the Library of Congress on Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address
 YouTube Impersonation/Recitation of the Gettysburg Address
 Informational Text from the Library of Congress on the Emancipation
Proclamation -