Hard hope: Contribution of Indian society in women’s

education and career
Sweety Patel


Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, ITM University, Vadodara, Gujarat, INDIA

This paper examines the determinants of male as well as women in the progress of
woman for education as well as career. As in Indian culture social responsibilities as
well as home management has been considered as part of woman. As we all are part of
developing country there are lots of opportunities for woman to take participation in the
growth of India. If woman is educated and capable enough to do work then she can
easily be the part of this growth. On the other side that if we look towards economical
condition of average person or family, and it has become necessary to earn for women
to complete all the need of family, especially if she come from middle-class or poor
class. Now to perform all the social responsibilities as well as to the manage home
perfectly is very difficult for any human body. Question arises to where woman should
give priority, what Indian society accepting from woman to do. What male as well as
women think to choose from?
By researching on some Indian male’s as well as female’s of different age group, I
come to know some interesting facts of Indian male thinking and change as per age and
as per education as well as place. Also interesting facts from woman also, when
question comes to support other woman career as well as education support.

Keywords: Career of women, Male and women contributions, Social responsibilities,
Women the basic unit in the family and she is shouldering all most all the
responsibilities in the family. But she has to suffer inequalities and harassment all the
phases of her life, from the womb to tomb. If we go through the history, in Vedic
period the women enjoyed more or less equal status that of men. But in the post Vedic
period and British period we can see the total disintegration of the status of women. In
the independence and pre independence period so many laws and legislations were
implemented for the development of women by the effort of social reformers. The
constitutional provisions and legal measures provide a conductive atmosphere for the
development of women in the society. The educational status of women improved
followed by health status, race, age at marriage, permitted widow remarriage, reduce in


then after if she wish to do work or make career then it will be totally her choice with responsibility. morbidity and improved life expectancy but the career development of women become a dream. it has been found that about 100% are happy to marry with well educated woman. This is the simple proof for the progress of level of thinking in Indian government for gender equality. Also. Indian air force has just opened their door for women recently. While 33% male are ready to allow because they strongly believe that educated woman will help to improve her personality and improve their children future. 2 . What government is doing? Because India is a male domain country from vedic time. it is important to know males contributions in woman education and career. especially the women from Below poverty Line families1. India is the developing country where maximum youth world (between 21_ 4 years) is there. If they are not allowed to work or to be educated. Only to improve their future of child they wish that their women should study and updated.mortality rate. relationships and rearing children. Most probably men are agreed that woman should complete her social responsibility first. Gujarat government has announced 50% reservation for woman participation in Indian. and let’s considers only 40% are females. with a purpose that saving some amount of dowry can be used for her education. And most wnats to have perfection with the roles their mothers played at homemanaging house. Many of these women are the first generation in their families stepping out to work. We can conclude that Government is playing its role to make women well educated and to take participation in the growth of developing India. taking care for their children and parents first. There are lots of other rules has been developed for safety as well as education of women in India like “Rule for dowry”. As well as looking towards what is the reason 27% male will allow their female to work after marriage is to full fill her wish. Some important steps by government like “Beti Padhao”. then Indian would never consider as a young India. For the growth of country it is too necessary that girls give their output too. “Sukanya Yojna” is to make woman youth world educated too. Now question arises why women are not working for life? Or why working women ratio is lesser in India compared to foreign countries? Research Methodology: After reviewing some males from different city and education level of age group between 20-40. Government needs woman empowerment and today’s government is seriously thinking for this important part to develop the country.

If we look towards foreign countries and their culture. covered 6.2 6. The missing social support and the physical infrastructure are building a lot of stress. if she is r earns? 5% No. Let’s come on the difficulties that average women are facing because of dual role like social responsibility as well career focus. there is no special rule of work as per gender. It was conducted online among women (over 18 years of age) and cut across social and income class. I can HELP for some days only Now If male are agree to let her work then definitely that will be dual role for women. It will take 4 hours. the BRICS economies. The latest study done by Nielsen reveals that Indian women are the most stressed in the world today. Scientifically women’s body is weaker compared to men. at all Yes definit ely.If women are allowed to work then it should be due to reason that: For economica l help 10.3 34.500 women from 21 developed and developing countries like Sweden. Now question arises that how much male are agree to let social responsibilities secondary manner and sometimes to play that role that a woman is doing. This is the one of the biggest reason tht why most girls are leaving their career after marriage or after having a child. Those are going to added in working hours of woman. 58% Yes. The survey.9 For improvem ent of next generation For personality developm ent No Are willing to play the same answe role she plays now. Definitely she will not able to give perfection in both the side. If practically counting the hours to complete all daily home management. First to fulfil the need of home that includes cooking. France. especially for the working women2. the US.1 5. and 82% had no time to relax. cleaning and managing home as well as to sometimes continuously taking care for family. conducted early this year. 3 .5 43. It is not easy to completely focus on social responsibility after working hours. And it is the only reason that though all young woman are giving their best to the nation without feeling stress. the UK. An overwhelming 87% of Indian women said they felt stressed most of the time. And second to take care for her career.

Department of Social Work. Sriperumbudur. Sri Sankara University. Kerela. Tamilnadu. INDIA. Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development. Kalady.So answer can be seen the graph that 58% males are agree to do responsibilities like home cleaning or cooking or taking care of home that are actually considered as a women responsibility while 45% are agree to do work like to play that responsibility but only that is needed and if to necessity is there. School of Counselling. Reference: [1] Socio-economic Changes of Women through Kudumbasree – A Study from Puthenvelikkara (Gp) of Kerala State.com/ 4 .2. 20THSeptember 2012 [2] http://articles. While 93% women strongly believe that they these responsibility is of male too. Indian male from urban city are in side to give big support to study as well as career decisions. they do not wish to allow their woman for night just because of safety issues. Coclusion: Results conclude that role of Indian society plays important role for her career as well as education.economictimes.C. India Kenneth Kalyani1and Seena P. If we conclude working woman results they strongly feel they need 50% support from their family to have social responsibilities. but with completion of social responsibilities and after fulfilment of Indian role for woman infrastructure.indiatimes. Men from urban city need to have smart. educated and self dependent wife but with necessity that she completes most of social responsibilites as well as home management activity. MALES' REVIEW:Do you think cooking and cleaning are the RESPONSIBILITY of women only? YES NO 32% 68% FEMALES' REVIEW:Do you think cooking and cleaning are the RESPONSIBILITY of women only? YES NO 7% 93% Also safety is important issue that Indian male are thinking about. INDIA. and if they will help to manage home as well as social responsibility then it will easy to work and make career bright for life.