Stage 0-Strategic Definition

“Identify Client’s Business Case and Strategic Brief and other core project requirements” (RIBA PLAN
OF WORK 2013,2015)
Involved Parties-Client interests, Architect
Responsibilities of Involved partiesClient interests
Appoint an Architect.
Consider Client’s requirements
Set up client organization for briefing
Stage 1-Preparation and Brief
“Develop Project Objectives including Quality Objectives and Project Outcomes, Sustainability
Aspirations, Project Outcomes, Sustainability Aspirations, Project Budget, other parameters or constraints
and develop initial Project Breif.Undertake Feasibility Studies and review of Site Information”( (RIBA
PLAN OF WORK 2013,2015).

building service systems. site conditions. Quantity Surveyor and Specialists as required. Architect. including outline proposals for structural design. Engineer. Responsibilities of Involved partiesDevelop the brief further. carry out studies on user requirements technical problem planning. as necessary to reach decisions. specialist subcontractor design and specifications.2015).Involved Parties: Client’s Representatives. as necessary to reach decisions. structural and building services information. cost information and project strategies in accordance with design programme” Involved Parties.Architects. building services systems. design and cost. in accordance with design programme” Involved PartiesResponsibilities of Involved parties- . Agree alterations to brief and issue Final Project brief” ( (RIBA PLAN OF WORK 2013. Engineer. QS engineers and specialists (Contractor if appointed) Responsibilities of Involved partiesFull design of every part and component of the building by collaboration of all concerned complete cost checking of design Stage 4-Technical Design “Prepare technical design in accordance with design responsibility matrix and project strategies to include all architectural. including coordinated and updated proposals for structural design. Quantity Surveyor According to nature of projects. Responsibilities of Involved partiesCarry out studies of user requirement s. Involved Parties-Clients interests. outline specifications and preliminary Cost Information along with relevant Project Strategies in accordance with Design Programme. design and cost techniques. outline specifications. planning. Architect. Stage 3-Developed Design “Prepare developed design. Stage 2-Concept Design “Prepare concept design.

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