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2153807 - Improvements in Tax code update programs for
Purchase Order/Scheduling Agreement
(J_1I_TAXUPDATE_PO) and Contracts



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Correction with medium priority


Correction of legal function

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XX-CSC-IN-MM (Materials Management)

Please find the original document at https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/2153807

When you execute report J_1I_TAXUPDATE_PO and J_1I_TAXUPDATE_CNTRCT to update new tax code
to the purchase order/Scheduling Agreement/Contract line item, following symptoms are noticed.
A 'Test Run' option is not available in this program
An error log was not available
Entering multiple Orders, tax codes and plants options are not available
A few selection screen fields are mandatory (plant, tax codes..)
Date and time of update are not available in migration status table 'J_1ITCJCUPDATE'
Causing performance issues due to huge number of open documents
When you execute transaction J1IME2W you get a runtime error with message " COMMON PART
'FM06LCS4' in program 'SAPFM06L' is different from the corresponding area in the calling program
'J_1I_RM06EW00'. " This error occurs only if you are on SAP_APPL release 617 (SP04 and above).

Other Terms
J_1I_TAXUPDATE_PO, J_1I_TAXUPDATE_CNTRCT, tax code, Tax code update, BDC, test run, update PO,

Reason and Prerequisites
Reason: This is corrections to legal changes
Prerequisite: SAP Note 2167294

1. Implement SAP Note 2167294 to apply DDIC changes.
2. Apply manual changes present in attachments Manual_Changes_Elog.docx,
Manual_changes_Text_Elements.docx, Manual_Changes_Tax_Code_for_J_1ITCJCMAP.docx,
Manual_changes_view_screen.docx, Change_check_table.pdfand
3. SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved
© 2016

and J_1ITCCNUPD. Enter Object as J1ITAXUPDLOG and Object Text as 'India Localization: Tax Migration Log'. Mark the checkbox TESTRUN.SAPKH60027 | | Release 602 Until SAPKH60217 | | Release 603 Until SAPKH60316 | | Release 604 SAPKH60401 . Manual steps for adding Error log in PO update program. Manual Activities -----------------------------------------------------------------------|Manual Activity | -----------------------------------------------------------------------|VALID FOR | |Software Component SAP_APPL SAP Application | | Release 600 SAPKH60001 . J_1ITCSAUPD. Now enter 'J1ITAXUPDPO' under Object column and 'Tax Migration Log for © 2016 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. if it is filled. iv. Press Enter and select the entered object. 3. line items containing entered tax code and plant will only be picked.' ii. Double click on Sub-objects and again press 'New Entries' tab.SAPKH61709 | -----------------------------------------------------------------------1. respectively. contracts) into SAP tables J_1ITCPOUPD. 4. which will be updated in the normal run. Plant and Document Date are provided as a selection option for selective update of extracted document. All rights reserved . Tax code. Reports J_1I_TAXUPDATE_PO and J_1I_TAXUPDATE_CNTRCT works in two steps When you select radio button "Extract Documents" in 'Processing Option' section at the selection screen.SAPKH60615 | | Release 616 Until SAPKH61609 | | Release 617 SAPKH61701 . To update these extracted documents with new tax code you need to select radio button " Update documents" in 'Processing Option' section at the selection screen and then execute the report. Go to transaction SLG0 and click 'New entry tab. Note: 1. v.2016-11-03 Page 2/5 3.SAPKH60417 | | Release 605 Until SAPKH60514 | | Release 606 SAPKH60601 . iii. Implement the corrections relevant for your release. i. scheduling agreement. report will extract all the Inbound Order documents(Purchase order. If these are kept empty all the lines of Purchase Orders/Scheduling Agreement/Contract will get updated with new tax codes based on entries maintained in table/view J_1ITCJCMAP. 'Test run' option when checked gives you the list of line items of the respective Purchase Orders/Scheduling Agreement/Contract. plant field has been made optional now. to enable preview.

606 SAP_APPL 616 .07.2015 05:12:35 0001553734 SAP_APPL 617 617 4 29.617 Correction Instructions Software Component From To Version Changed on ID SAP_APPL 617 617 10 17.07.2015 06:54:10 0001889075 SAP_APPL 605 605 1 01. Software Components Software Component Release SAP_APPL 600 .07.2015 08:25:30 0001889184 SAP_APPL 600 600 1 01.07.603 SAP_APPL 604 .2015 07:05:51 0001889076 SAP_APPL 604 604 1 01.07. All rights reserved .2015 06:51:48 0001889074 SAP_APPL 606 606 1 01.600 SAP_APPL 602 .07. Press Enter and save.605 SAP_APPL 606 .2015 07:16:15 0001889077 SAP_APPL 603 603 1 01.07.06. vi.2016-11-03 Page 3/5 Purchase Orders' in Sub-Object text.602 SAP_APPL 603 .616 SAP_APPL 617 .2015 05:41:31 0001553735 SAP_APPL 616 616 1 01.604 SAP_APPL 605 .2015 08:51:13 0001889254 © 2016 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company.07.2015 07:56:36 0001889181 SAP_APPL 602 602 1 01.

All rights reserved .J1IMGPO 2014164 TAXINJ to TAXINN Migration © 2016 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company.2016-11-03 Page 4/5 Support Package Software Component Release Support Package SAP_APPL 600 SAPKH60028 SAP_APPL 602 SAPKH60218 SAP_APPL 603 SAPKH60317 SAP_APPL 604 SAPKH60418 SAP_APPL 605 SAPKH60515 SAP_APPL 606 SAPKH60616 SAP_APPL 616 SAPKH61610 SAP_APPL 617 SAPKH61710 This document is causing side effects SAP Note/KBA Title 827268 Update open Orders with new tax codes and recompute taxes This document refers to SAP Note/KBA Title 2167294 Prerequisite Note for SAP Note 2153807 2161911 Purchase order display and Invoice display/cancel issue This document is referenced by SAP Note/KBA Title 2200639 Errors in report J_1I_TAXUPDATE_PO .

docx 98 application/vnd.wordprocessing Manual_Changes_Elog.docx 101 application/vnd. All rights reserved .2016-11-03 2167294 Page 5/5 Prerequisite Note for SAP Note 2153807 Attachments File Name File Size Mime Type Manual_changes_Text_Elements.openxmlformats-officedocument.docx 172 application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessing Manual_Changes_Tax_Code_for_J_1ITCJCMAP.wordprocessing Manual_steps_for_Tcode_creation.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessing Manual_Changes_Table.wordprocessing Change_check_table.wordprocessing Manual_changes_view_screen.pdf 253 application/pdf Terms of use | Copyright | Trademark | Legal Disclosure | Privacy © 2016 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company.docx 213 application/vnd.docx 625 application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.docx 159 application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.