Changing the Future

of Learning


Building human capacity through education & training with optimum use of
technology is the key to economic growth.

To change the face of classroom education & training by working closely with
stakeholders, so that the recipients achieve their full potential and participate
effectively in the process of social change.

To be the global leader in innovating & delivering cost-effective educational
solutions enabled by technology.

M/s. Gumbi Software Private Limited is the flagship company of Gumbi Group
of Companies. This techno-education company was established during 2006
and has received the ISO 9001:2008, ETDC certification. Our areas of expertise
include academic support, e-content development, skill development, application
development and multimedia & broadcasting.
We have in our credit more than 100 months of R&D in distance learning technology.
We have already obtained 2 IPR’s in our credit, and registered as a Vocational Training
Provider under MES (Modular Employability Skills) Courses, Govt. of India. We deploy
innovative technological solutions to develop capacities in various fields.

WSIS Prize 2015, Geneva
“ICT: For E-Learning” 

We have received the prestigious MSME – NATIONAL AWARD
under the Services category from the Government of India in
the presence of the Honorable President of India. We have
received the NSIC–FISME IT Excellence Award for technology
contribution in rural education. We have been bestowed with the
IT – Innovation Award by the State Government of Karnataka.
The latest addition has been the international recognition
through WSIS Prize 2015 for Tele-Education in 1000 rural school
project. WSIS is the World Summit on Information Society and
its annual Forum is co-organized by ITU, UNESCO, UNDP and


( Special Recognition Award)

Accredited Training Sponsors



Tele-Education is Gumbi’s comprehensive offering to solve the challenges
in present-day education. It turns classrooms into multi-way interactive
learning hubs. There are no geographical barriers for Tele-Education.
An affordable solution when taken on a mass scale, Tele-Education has
already impacted more than a million student lives!


Tele-Education is aimed at changing the
way India is educated by overcoming
the obstacles of reach, affordability and
Tele-Education focuses on helping
underprivileged students – rural, urban poor and
socially backward - in their endeavour to improve
their knowledge and achieve clarity on concepts
through quality education.

Co Located

Imagine this: There is a very good
English teacher in Mumbai and there
are needy students in Jharkhand.
Under normal circumstances,
nothing would have come out of this
situation because of the distances
involved. However, through TeleEducation, this teacher can impact
the lives of those students living
far away. The residence of the
teacher or student no longer matters
because Tele-Education can project
a teacher into any remotely located
classroom in the world and enable
excellent learning.

Our satellite model supports both IP and
DVB Transmission. In India, as current
EDUSAT and SATCOM networks are built
on these technologies, no modifications
are required to use the satellite model on
those networks.

Existing studios shall be upgraded if required
and deployed for transmission of lessons;
where studios are unavailable, new facilities
can be setup at State headquarters.

LIVE classes are delivered from a studio at State
HQ/ Education hub.

Key benefits
• Developed content
can be recorded
for deferred use.
• Acts as additional
channel for official



Lessons broadcast from studio are LIVE,
communicative and conversational in
nature. Gumbi has nurtured a network of
highly experienced resource persons across
the country to ensure top-notch content.

Our Tele-Education model includes high-quality
animation woven into every LIVE session, making
learning effective and retention of subjects easy.
Animation and other type of multimedia are prepared
based on the syllabus.
Our content is Platform-independent and scientifically
developed. Promotes reasoning, critical thinking, imaginative
and creative skills.

Key benefits


• High quality education
to the underprivileged at
their own institutions.
• Lessons prepared by
experts with pedagogical
content knowledge.
• Animation based on
simple real-life situations
and is culturally relevant.

Educators are subject matter experts
stationed at educational hubs to answer
students’ questions which couldn’t be
resolved during LIVE classes. Since there
can be tens of thousands of learners at
any point of time, parallel interaction for
clarifying questions is made possible
through this feature.

Educators are connected to the Tele-Education network
over broadband internet. Satellite classrooms are
connected to this system over internet or mobile network.

Key benefits
• No lag in clarifying doubts.
All students get equal
access to great learning
• Classroom coordinators/
Teachers can encourage
active participation from all
• Optical Mark Recognition
(OMR) with scanner for daily
analysis. Clicker system
for quick daily assessment
solutions and immediate
data analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are asked on every
topic and Continuous Comprehensive Assessment
(CCA) will be monitored on a daily basis.

Students do not have
to travel long distances
or shell out a large
sum of money to
access great teaching.

Post-class real time doubt
clarification system.

Tele-Education operations at all levels
conducted by an exclusive team by Gumbi.
Processes are well defined, with distinct
applications connected to the Online
Monitoring System.
A turn-key solution well-suited for education systems
prevalent in India that can be customized to suit local

Key benefits
• Status of any class is
available in the real time.
Student attendance &
performance can be
monitored easily.
• Student attendance &
• Customer-friendly
Complaint Management.

Our Tele-Education program monitors and tracks
every aspect of the project, i.e. people, processes and
technology. Information at different levels (Student,
Classroom, School, Block, Taluk, District, State and
Country) is available in real time.

(CET (Engg/Med), CA-CPT, UPSC, Bank, Civil Services, SSC, Railway - Examinations)

Studio monitoring,
Class delivery
monitoring, Educator
monitoring &

• LIVE learning from top professors and
immediate clarification of doubts.
• Updated study material that compactly
covers all aspects of study.
• Concept-based learning to crack tough
questions during exams.
• Concepts visualized using Multimedia and

• Periodic mock tests to provide a feel for
the actual test and evaluate the mental
• Tips, tricks, shortcut methods and easy
techniques shared by academic experts,
Olympiad winners, CAT toppers & IIT
• Learning optimal time utilization to
maximize performance during exams.

English language plays a key role in one’s ability to catapult one to newer opportunities
and unexplored fields, giving the English speaker an added advantage over the others.
This course is designed to cater to a wide audience at pan-India level.


The objective behind the course is not only to train and teach the learner necessary
English language skills but also to enhance conversational abilities in real life situations.
The project categorises the learners into 3 levels i.e. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.
To determine the proficiency level of the learner and to decide at which level the learner
requires development, a pre-test is designed as a self-assessment tool.

ICT Classroom


1. Administration Block
2. E-Library
3. Counseling Room
4. Examination Center
5. Canteen
6. Video Conferencing

7. Computer Lab
8. Hostel
9. Play Ground
10. Security & Surveillance
11. Parking Area
12. GPS Tracking

Digital Campus allows students and teachers
to always stay connected regardless of
where they are – classroom, cafeteria, library,
restaurant or home. Besides, it automates &
digitizes routine executive activities thereby
saving time and costs.

Our Digital Campus will have wi-fi
and satellite connectivity enabled
in all the classrooms. Wireless
computing facilities will be added in
staff rooms, computer labs, principal’s
chambers,administrative rooms, library
and also canteen.

• Seamless communication between all the stakeholders.
• Institutions can focus more on the holistic development of the students as software
applications ensure optimum productivity and excellence in administration.
• Centralized monitoring systems give real time view of resource utilization.

Easy & accurate attendance management using touch laptops.

Every classroom is equipped with a
computer and audio-visual equipment.
Teachers are provided with e-content to
help in teaching.
Attention of students will be captured through
lessons with storylines, case studies, industry
videos, activities and real life examples.

Key benefits
• Classrooms become livelier
& more interactive with the
introduction of audio-visual
lessons and assessment
• With the introduction of Solar
Hybrid UPS, classes do not
get affected by mains power
• Satellite connectivity
enabled in the classrooms to
facilitate academic & industry
experts to periodically
address & interact with
students about select topics
from broadcasting studios..


Key benefits

We create syllabus-based e-content
with the support of highly resourceful
teachers recognized by the concerned
Education Department or University, as
well as industry experts.

• Equal access to standard
e-content prepared by
multiple experts governed by

E-Content reduces the efforts of lecturers
towards creating a lesson plan and related notes.
It makes learning of concepts easier for students.
It enables lecturers to discuss concepts in depth
and clarify simple doubts.

• This assisted teaching content
balances the strong demand
for highly rated teachers especially from rural and
semi-urban areas - as finding
exceptional teaching staff
for these places is a serious

• Course planning will be
accomplished easily through
Learning Management System.

Gumbi’s Learning Management System
(LMS) facilitates smart learning by
providing for integration & management
of in-campus learning environment with
online or remote learning.

Students learn using their
own devices – computers,
laptops, tablets, mobiles,
etc. in campus or at home.
Our learning modules which
are custom-developed
function even in the
absence of an internet

Our LMS is developed
on an application
based environment
(Web/Mobile Apps)
so that students can
access & download
content through the incampus Wi-Fi.

Key benefits
• Social learning and collaborative
doubt solving through LMS help
students to generate their own
learning and take advantage of
collective knowledge.
• LMS allows LIVE streaming
of satellite feed and has a
provision for online interaction
from even a remote location.
Thus a large number of students
can remotely login and benefit
from special sessions.
• Detailed analytics for teachers
& self evaluation for students
creates an adaptive education
management environment.

1. E-content framework preparation by subject
matter expert (SME) with external resource
person (ERP).
2. Creation of storyboard/outline by SME.
3. Review of storyboard by SME & ERP
recorded for reference.
4. Creation of 3-column script by scriptwriter
for animation team, based on above
5. Finalizing & approving the script by SME &

6. Creation of PPT & guidance video by SME to
help animation team.
7. Sharing information as above with Animation
Team Lead.
8. Animation work is started.
9. Verifying compliance of animation with script
by scriptwriter & animation team.
10. Animation review by ERP, SME & Animation
Team Lead to decide about changes if any.

11. Making changes to the animation file and creating
final version.
12. Translation of content if required.
13. Teacher text review by SME to facilitate trainer.
14. Demo of lesson to ERP for feedback & guidance on
15. Lesson approval for transmission.

Key benefits
Gumbi unifies admissions, student
services, staff management and
office functions and creates a smart
administration ecosystem.

• On schedule, hassle free
cycle from admission to
• Life-long electronic data for
instant retrieval.


• Optimized processes and
real time dashboards for
process control.


Gumbi empowers an institution to offer
the highest level of service possible to
its students. It enables the avoidance of
countless hours of manual tasks and helps
maintain focus on the continual commitment
of improving the student experience.

Online application system for enroling into a
course creates a transparent admissions system.

In India, a large number of young people, especially from semi-urban
and rural areas are not equipped to compete for formal employment as
they have very few opportunities for acquiring new skills.

How it is transformative...
Vocational skills are essential for earning a steady and gainful employment.
However, experts with excellent mentoring skills are located mainly in the cities
hence rural and semi-urban learners are at a great disadvantage. Due to the lack
of instructors and a high coaching fee, very few aspirants can actually access an
ideal vocational training in the countryside.
Our Skill Development program is designed to develop human resource capacities
in India to create a fully employable, responsible and independent workforce in
various sectors.

Blended Learning
Remote teaching provides access to
industry experts, teaching through
e-content, simulations and demos.

Key benefits

Local instructor in the centre helps during
practical learning in the lab.

• Allows teachers to use a combination
of digital instruction and face time to
improve efficiency in the classroom.

Students will be provided with
practice kits, wherever applicable.

• Efficiency increases due to learning
through demonstrations and practical

Comprehensive printed study material
is offered to individual students.

LMS makes learning content available

Learning modules (audio, video,
animations, E-Books) are also
provided in common on the Learning
Management System (LMS).

Remote LIVE Training
Gumbi’s Skill Development program is
independent of geography. It makes
teaching from experts reach the learners
regardless of where they are located.
Real time (LIVE) training is provided by
industry experts from Broadcasting Studios
using multimedia to achieve an interesting
learning experience through field videos,
hands-on experiments and walk-throughs.

It presents a unique opportunity to learn the
best practices, case studies and success
stories of the industry and trade. The blend
of these activities help in sector-specific
concept building and makes the program
effective, easy to learn and evaluate.

Key benefits
• Single expert teaches thousands
of trainees effectively.
• Training content used in LIVE
sessions is designed by multiple
experts and prepared to provide a
comprehensive reference.
• Videos of highly rated
manufacturing facilities are used
to showcase actual industry
• LIVE working processes captured
through mobile studios.

The language of instruction is a blend of local language and
English thereby preparing trainees better for employment.

Assessment &

Key benefits
• Tracking the key elements
of the program easy through
Online Monitoring System.

After every session, trainee’s understanding
is evaluated and module-wise tests are
also uploaded online. This gives a clear
picture of the program’s progress in real
time from the perspectives of students,
center and the program.

Our Partners

• Helps develop evaluation based
strategies to upcoming projects.
• Determine the extent to which
the project is on track and to
make any needed corrections

Tests are conducted for each and every
course as per the industry standards and
program guidelines.

Govt. of karnataka

Indian Ins

e of Management,




All the project processes are connected to an online monitoring system
with the aim of making the program transparent and easily manageable.

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