Mr B G Patel

2/6 IndustriGorwa Road
Vadodara Gujarat
Mr DavendrChairman &20TH CENT207, CentreDr Ambedka
Mr G K KnarPartner
3A ASSOCI 14, C H Area (N),
Jamshedpu Bihar
Mr Ajit L T Managing D3-D, Maker No 2, 18 New Marine L Mumbai
Mr Anukul Managing DA B Composi
Rama KrishCalcutta
West Benga
Mr E A KshiDirector-i A F FERGU Express To Nariman PoMumbai
Mr J S BopaManaging DA G FOODSSCO 150-152, Sector Chandigarh
Mr. Ashvini President A J STATON 1-E, Hootagalli Industr Maysore
Mr. Anil Jai Managing PA K ENGINEA-8/4, JhilmG. T. Road, Delhi
A K INDUST4/2, Middleton Street Calcutta
W. B.
Mr. A. K. Sr Partner
A K INDUSTC-58, 2nd pAdityapur, Jamshedpu Bihar
Mr. A N SenManaging DA N INSTRU59-B, Chow5th Floor, Calcutta
W. B.
Mr V K AgarDirector
A P COMME21, Vidhan Sabha Mar Lucknow U P
Mr S Sriniv Managing DA P INDUS 8th floor, Basheerba Hyderabad A P
Mr A K Jha Vice Chair A P INDUS Parishram P B No 104 Hyderabad A P
Mr A K Kel President &A P R LTD. 31-A Sarojini Devi RoadSecundera A P
Mr A RaghaChairman A R F ENGI 4C/2, III Ma Ambattur InChennai
Dr S Sriniv Managing DA T KEARNESuite 1001,No 1, Man New Delhi New Delhi
Mr Satish JaManaging DA V VALVE 16, IndustriNunhai
Mr A K PoplProprietor A V ENGIN A-13/4, MayPhase I,
New Delhi New Delhi
Mr Rajan Ja Managing DA. B,Tools Plot # 7 & 8, Sector-3, Parwanoo Himanchal
Mr R Mazu Managing DAAMCOL TOPO Box 162Coal BundeMumbai
Mr Mohamm
Proprietor AASIA RAD P S C Bose Road, Jawa VijayawadaA P
Mr Amit Kri Partner
AASK ENGI S No 35 A Asmita InduPune
Mr Hemal DDirector
AASTHA EN806, "Shilp Navrangap Ahmedaba Gujarat
Mr M A Ab Chairman &ABAN INDU"Sakthi Tow766, Anna SChennai
Mr Alok MooManaging DABB ABL LTD
Durgapur West Benga
Mr J. K. Bh Director & ABB ABL PRllaco houseBraburne RCalcutta
W. B.
Mr V P Sriv President &ABB DAILME3rd Floor, Som Dutt Ch
New Delhi New Delhi
Mr Ashim KChief ExecuABHINAV E 19, HIG Sa Sanari
Jamshedpu Bihar
Mr S L WahiChairman ABHISHEK 380-381, U Phase IV Gurgaon Haryana
Mr B S MalnJoint ManagABHISHEK IRaikot Road
ABHISHEK SCO 20-21 Sector 9-D ChandigarhChandigarh
ABN AMRO DLF Centr Sansad MarNew Delhi New Delhi
Mr R S Agr Managing DABS INDUST51 GIDC
Industrial Vadodara Gujarat
Mr S N Mal President ACC MACHICement Hou
121, M K R Mumbai
Mr Rajiv Se Director
ACCROPOLYC-39 & 46, Industrial Jamshedpu Bihar
Mr Vijay P Managing DACCURATE 36, Main Road, Velach Chennai
Mr Rahul M Managing PACE CARBOA-145, 3rd Cross, Peeny
Bengalore Karnataka
Mr R SukumManaging DACE COMPOPlot No. 11 Industrial Mysore
Mr S G Shir Managing DACE DESIG Plot No 533IV phase, P Bangalore Karnataka
Mr S Kartar Managing DACME FABRIC-2 Phase IIFocal Point,Patiala
Mr. D P JainManaging DACME METAL
S V Road, Goregaon (WMumbai
Mr V R anil Proprietor ACMIC CORPlot No 3, I Perungudi Chennai
Mr GulshanDirector
ACRO PAINTA-115 A, RiiPhase I,
Mr Vijay A Executive DACROW IND10 World TrCrcade, CufMumbai
Mr Rajesh Partner
ACWA AUTO321, Small RajajinagarBangalore Karnataka
Mr M L S R Director & ADDISON &803, Anna Salai, PO B Chennai

Mr M K AgaAuthorised ADHUNIK ST2, Inner Circle, BistupuJamshedpu Bihar
Mr Rajnees Executive DADINATH TEVillage Bho ChandigarhLudhiana Punjab

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