Event title:

Get Loud.


Curtin University's Bentley campus




11:30AM – 1:30PM


Atkinson Forum, Curtin University, Kent Street, Bentley, Western


Ian Callaghan, Representatives from Telethon Speech and Hearing.

Number of

Approx: 1,000

Event Description
Get Loud is an annual Telethon Speech and Hearing fundraising event that Curtin University
hosts to help raise funds to support children with hearing, speech and language impairments.
Event Purpose and Objectives
The main purpose of Get Loud Is to raise awareness for the need of Telethon Speech and
Hearing in the wider community (Price 2016).
The major objective of the event itself is to raise funds to help support Telethon Speech and
Hearing in achieving its mission to enable all children with hearing, speech and language
impairments to communicate (Telethon Speech and Hearing 2016).
The Public Relations objectives of the event are to:
•To Reach all ages to promote speech and hearing health through fun activities.
•To Raise funds for Telethon Speech & Hearing
•To Create an active and fun day for staff, students and visitors to Curtin University.
•To establish Get Loud Day as an integral part of Curtin’s annual calendar; and
•To encourage staff and students to raise funds by creating their own satellite fund-raising
events such as morning teas.
The achievement of these public relations objectives are the crucial stepping stones that will
allow Curtin University achieve the event objectives of Get Loud.
Event Venue, Date & Time
The Get Loud fund raising event will be held on Wednesday the 12 th of October
between 11:30AM and 1:30PM, in Atkinson Forum at Curtin University's Bentley campus
situated at Kent St, Bentley WA.
Event theme
The theme of the event is to Get Loud. To help enable children with hearing, speech and
language impairments to communicate.

Budget Estimate

• Ian Callaghan Curtin University's Chief Operating Officer to present Opening Speech
for Get Loud 2016 at 12:30PM in Atkinson Forum on October 12 2016.
Alternative Speakers
• Telethon Speech and Hearing Representatives
• Aboriginal Elder to perform Welcome to Country Ceremony before Opening Speech –
alternatively Ian Callaghan to present Acknowledgment of country in place if no Elder is
available for the event.
• Curtin University's Place Activation Officer Talei Howell-Price may present a speech
about Place Activation and the event activities.
VIP Guests
• Ian Callaghan Curtin University's Chief Operating Officer
• Curtin University's CEO (possible guest.)
• Curtin University Staff and Head of faculties.
• Children from Telethon Speech and Hearing.
• Aboriginal Elder (if performing Welcome to Country)
• Executives from Telethon Speech and Hearing or Representatives from Telethon
Speech and Hearing.
Target Audience
• Staff, students, visitors, families
• Telethon Speech and Hearing representatives.
• The local and wider community.
• Families and children who attend Telethon Speech and Hearing.
• Children and adults with hearing, speech and/or language impairments.
Publicity and Promotional Plan
In order to promote the Get Loud fund raising event we will promote the event in a number of
different manners.
These include:
• The issuing of a media alert followed by a media release.

Promoting the event in paid media such as radio and newspaper.

The issuing of event brochures, formal invitations and brochures. We can distribute our
fliers and brochures to local schools and could even upload them to social media for
further event promotion across the platforms of Twitter, Facebook and instagram.

Issuing an online media release for across social media platforms to promote the event
to a broader audience.

Event catering
On the day of the event food and beverages will be available from the Place Activation
Departments food trucks and our sausage sizzle. Some of the campus Cafe's may also be
operating on the day of the event.
Parking and Transport
While there will be parking available on the day of the event, parking spaces will be limited.
For this reason we will be promoting public transport as an alternative means of travel to the
We will encourage the public to travel to the event by public transport through our social
media pages where we will share an infographic on the benefits of traveling to the event by
public transport alongside sharing links to Curtin University's parking maps and public
transport travel guides.
“The WAPC and Department of Transport encourages all of us to think carefully about how we
plan our journey and if possible consider alternative modes of getting to and from Curtin. The
most generally acceptable way of getting us to think differently about driving is to set the cost
of all day parking to be no less than a two-zone return public transport fare. That way it will, in
most instances, be cheaper to come to Curtin by public transport than by private vehicle.”
(Curtin University 2016).
We will provide further information on getting to the Get Loud event in our event brochures,
fliers and media release.
For Further information on traveling to the event please see the links below:
• http://about.curtin.edu.au/directions/getting-here/
• https://properties.curtin.edu.au/gettingaround/transport.cfm
• https://properties.curtin.edu.au/gettingaround/bikes.cfm
• https://properties.curtin.edu.au/gettingaround/campusbus.cfm
• https://properties.curtin.edu.au/gettingaround/campuscars.cfm
• https://properties.curtin.edu.au/maps/
• https://properties.curtin.edu.au/gettingaround/carparks.cfm
• https://properties.curtin.edu.au/gettingaround/parkingzones.cfm#summary
Permits and Insurances
Permits and Insurances we will need to acquire for the event include:
- Temporary Food premises permit
- Noise Permit (for music and Loud noise)
-Public Liability Insurances
Contingency plan
• Under the circumstances of Wet Weather, we will move all event activities under the
covered area of building 103 (Price 2016).