1. Inheritance law is primarily a civil law that has been set.

Similarly, in Islam, inheritance
law also set therein. Inheritance law is defined as the governing law of the place of one's
possessions after he died (heir), and ways of transfer of his property to other persons
(heirs). When the Islamic law of inheritance predetermined course it is an absolute must.
As has been stated in the Quran that the inheritance that has some rules. In my opinion,
in Indonesia itself is still relevant to Islamic law to be applied in Islamic societies.
Especially people in predominantly Muslim Indonesia. Muslim communities in
Indonesia believe in what has been in written in the Quran. Many who make the parts
inheritance divider guidelines as stated in the Qur'an. Rules / laws of inheritance makes
it easy to solve the problem. However, there are some cases that are not clearly
displayed in the Al-Quran and Al-Hadits. Therefore it is necessary to other decisions in a
solution that was not there before. So, I think the law of inheritance in Indonesia are
relevant, but not yet completely out of the community understand very well as do it
2. Principle of Muamalah
a. On muamalah origin was allowed until there is proof that shows on
“keharamannya”.This rule submitted by Ulama Shafi'i, Maliki, and Imam
b. Muamalah it must be done on the basis of consensual.
c. Muamalah was done that should bring serious benefits and rejects madarat for
d. Muamalah was spared from injustice, deception, manipulation, speculation and
other things that are not justified by law.
Firstly, let me tell about online shop. Online shopping is one of the kind of shopping,
but in there the buyer and the seller didn’t meet directly. Most online shop does not face
to face with the buyers, although there is an online shop that uses the method to pay on
the spot (Cash On Delivery). Onlineshop possible using the method CoD is still visible
honesty in selling it. However, when the online shop does not use methods of CoD then
it fraud could happen. Especially we as buyers can not see the goods in person, and how
the materials, the quality, and the existence of the onlineshop. As a seller, how to trade
should follow the Messenger as, explained details of goods sold. Otherwise it could be
too honest in describing the state of the goods that the buyer could have forecast. As
buyers we also have to be honest, not to when the goods have arrived, we did not pay

00 . Principles are honest with each other and hold their mandate.000 = 7. He left a wife.000 Ner income per year = 7. and 1 daughter.000 – 5.000. Online shop that there was no banned. f. b.000 (generally) = 45.000 x 12 = 2. Solution how to avoid from usury: a.5 % x 7. Onlineshop transactions has required a fundamental principle.000.000 = 175.(including fraud).000. Qana'ah infuse yourself Recognize the dangers of usury Lawful manner transact Perform transactions allowed Indebted to special institutions Help each other 3. The computation is.000 Zakat per year = 175. c. A property 48.000. 2 sons. so he must pay the zakat. 4. When both sides are honest then arises the benefits of both sides.000. d. the transaction will go smoothly.000 Nishab: 85gr x 535. with honesty in the online shop.000 His salary is reach the Nishab. Zakat per month = 2.000. a father and mother. e. x 12 month = 84. Net income per month = 12.475.