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Venezuela restricts possession of certain dogs - ...

Panama, January 30, 2010


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Venezuela restricts possession of certain dogs Jingle Telemetro Summer 2010
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By: AP appear
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CARACAS (AP). Venezuelan authorities
Christmas celebration in the world
restricted the ownership and possession of
pit bulls, according to a new law that,
among other things, prohibited from
owning dogs, 2014 of this race.

With the new law on protection of domestic

animals, which took effect Monday upon
publication in the official gazette, was
forbidden to import, reproduce, adopt,
raise and market the pit bull, a name that
usually includes at least two breeds of dogs
: the American Pit Bull Terrier and American
Staffordshire Terrier.

The legislation was approved after several

pit bull attacks against humans and force
the current owners of these animals to
keep them captives and take measures to
prevent their escape. In February 2008 a
child died two years after it was torn by
family dog in a neighborhood northwest of

The law does not specify what actions will

be taken from 31 December 2014, when it The legislation was approved after several pit bull attacks
shall be unlawful ownership of a pit bull. against humans. Photo / AP.

The Act also substantially increased the

amount of fines to punish animal abuse, the organization and conduct of fights with dogs, illegal
trade in pets. The penalties are up $ 2,558 and also on the confiscation or animals.

The new law excluded the ban animal sacrifice for religious purposes, which include advocacy
groups called on the regulations due to the boom that has taken on such practices with the
popularity of religions such as Santeria.

In the U.S. there Dog Breeders Association of America that focuses on dogs who breed American
Pit Bull Terriers and opposes laws that specifically target any breed of dog. Also try to remove the
smear that found that race because of what they consider irresponsible practices of some owners
and breeders.

"Dangerous dogs laws do not take into account the human factor and concentrate solely on the
dog without considering what the dog does his master's responsibility"States the group in a
document published on its website.

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