Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem

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Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem
Also known as

Written by

The Magnificent Century: Kösem

Yılmaz Şahin
Özen Yula (36–)
Nüket Bıçakçı (1–21)
Sevgi Yılmaz (2–3)

Directed by
M. Çağatay Tosun (31–)
Mert Baykal (1–30)
Yağız Alp Akaydın (1–30)
Zeynep Günay Tan (1)
Deniz Koloş (1)
Nurgül Yeşilçay
Beren Saat
Anastasia Tsilimpiou
Ekin Koç
Metin Akdülger
Hülya Avşar

English: The Magnificent Century: Kösem) is a Turkish television sequel to the 2011 Turkish television period drama Muhteşem Yüzyıl. France at the annual international television festival MIPCOM about a month before its . 2015 – present Chronology Preceded by Muhteşem Yüzyıl External links Website Production website Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem (Turkish pronunciation: [muhteˈʃɛm ˈjyzjɯl cøˈsem]. of seasons 2 No. it recounts the life of Mahpeyker Kösem Sultan. of episodes 37 Production Producer(s) Timur Savci Running time 120-155 min. Production company(s) Tims Productions Release Original network Star TV (2015–2016) FOX (2016–) Picture format 1080i (HDTV) 576i (16:9 SDTV) Audio format Stereo Original release November 12.Farah Zeynep Abdullah Composer(s) Aytekin Ataş Country of origin Turkey Original language(s) Turkish No.[1] The first episodes of the series were filmed in Chios.[2] An excerpt of the show was screened in Cannes. Greece. a slave girl who became one of the most powerful women in Ottoman history after she was captured and sent to the harem of Sultan Ahmed I. Written by Yılmaz Şahin.

Anastasia is later taken to the sultan. He laments for the loss of his elder brother Mahmud. she is no longer afraid anymore. and soon Anastasia starts having feelings for Ahmed. Anyhow. The other harem concubines.2Supporting characters  4International broadcasts  5References  6External links Plot[edit] Season 1[edit] Ahmed is an Ottoman prince. Unforeseen. her mother. . clearing the way for Ahmed to ascend to the Ottoman throne. Previously. a young trainee in the Janissary cadet school.1Season 1 o 1. While wandering the palace. she discovers a mysterious passageway leading to a secret garden. is a 13-year old Greek girl who lives an idyllic life with her father Enzo.1Major characters o 3. The intrigues of Safiye Sultan were also a possible reason for Mahmud's death. But as soon as she looks up and discovers who he is. 2015. after a seer predicted his ascension to the throne. she was painted with a lamb in her hands. run by Zülfikar Ağa. Ahmed introduces himself with a different name. Meanwhile. who was executed on the order of Sultan Mehmed. Sultan Mehmed III also dies. envious of Anastasia's beauty. who presents it as a gift to her grandson Sultan Ahmed I. On the road to Istanbul. son of Sultan Mehmed III and Handan Sultan. executed Mahmud.[3][4] It was later transferred to FOX for its second season. and her younger sister. Once they arrive at Topkapi. This portrait is delivered to Safiye Sultan. making her believe the sultan eats young girls' hearts.official premiere on Star TV on November 12. who is bitten in his fist by Anastasia. Due to the impression made on him. as Mahmud's intimacy for his mother Halime Sultan proved a threat to Safiye's status as Valide Sultan. fearing a coup d'état to dethrone him. Cennet Hatun begins lecturing Anastasia on palace etiquette and courtesy. who vows to Anastasia that he will return her to her family and her homeland. Contents [hide]  1Plot o 1. But Anastasia swore she would return to her homeland at all costs.2Season 2  2Series overview  3Characters o 3. and there she first sees Sultan Ahmed. start telling false tales to Anastasia. His father. in Tinos (modern day Greece) Anastasia (also referred as Nasya). Anastasia spots Iskander. Safiye Sultan orderes the girl to be brought to Topkapi Palace.

Kösem. Safiye. The next morning. Enzo. At the same time. Kösem warns Safiye that she has only one day to pack all her belongings and leave for the Eski Saray. Believing Safiye Sultan is behind a conspiracy to replace him with his brother Mustafa as sultan. Handan Sultan orders her guards to execute Sehzade Mustafa. Safiye. otherwise Kösem will inform the sultan about everything. but Kösem refuses. This marks the beginning of Kösem and Safiye's animosity. Ahmed leads the assault against the bandits and saves Rasha. all the harem is alarmed at Safiye Sultan's departure. All Cennet utters is that the secret is about Fahriye Sultan before Bülbül arrives. doing it in order to preserve her affair with Mehmed. As she is on her carriage accompanied by Bülbül and Cennet. gives birth to a son named Osman. Riots take place when the locals discover what is happening. They reply by calling her a witch then shoot her with a rifle. Everything turns normal. As Kösem probes into Safiye's secret. She uses this to blackmail Kösem into telling the Sultan about Handan's crime. with Şahin Giray revealing his intentions of ending the Ottoman line and becoming the sole sultan. demanding her release by Safiye Sultan. who orders her execution. however. Cennet Hatun's love affair with one of the palace guards becomes known to the sultan. willing to stay with Ahmed. Anastasia visits a sorceress. Hope emerges at the face of Ahmed's concubine Rasha. Bülbül Ağa finds out that Sultan Ahmed's malady isn't poison. Rasha. but lands on her locket. Safiye suggests a marriage between Dervish Pasha and Fahriye Sultan to Ahmed. They are caught though and Mustafa is spared at the very last moment. does not keep her promise and kills Enzo. In return. but pox. to save the latter from execution and eventually have him ascending to the throne. renamed Mahfiruze. Fahriye Sultan's relationship with Mehmed Giray is exposed to the audience. Kösem is enraged and vows for revenge. fearing the end of the three century old Ottoman dynasty. meaning . Halime Sultan also applies sorcery to cure Mustafa's malady. Kösem takes advantage of this point to make Cennet tell her Safiye's secret and to change her allegiance. who coincidentally happens to be with the Sehzade. Anastasia. is reluctant. Mehmed is sentenced to death. tell the Sultan about Handan's crime due to Handan's position as Kösem's ally against Safiye. The bullet does not harm her. saying that she should have stood by Sultan Ahmed when he needed them. Later.Meanwhile Halime Sultan runs away with her children. who is found to be pregnant but Halime has the girl attacked by bandits while being sent to safety. Kösem's father is kidnapped and taken hostage by Safiye's guards. After Mehmed Giray and Fahriye's relationship becomes known to the sultan. who gives her a cure to Ahmed's pox. Şahin instructs Fahriye to poison her nephews Ahmed and Mustafa. Not long after. Safiye is shocked that the manuscript is plain and contains no writing. encourages the rest of the family to leave the palace with her. Kösem asks her about Safiye's secret. Cennet hands her the manuscript. and convincing him to keep her in Topkapi. Safiye asks Kösem to convince Ahmed to let her remain in the palace. but the sultan spares him after he hears Sahin Giray's plead. asking only that she get the manuscript proving Fahriye's treason. however. Safiye and Ahmed's relationship eventually starts recovering. Cennet is silent in the hope that Safiye will come and rescue her. vowing to release her if she tells her what it is. Dilruba and Mustafa. Ahmed decides to banish Safiye from the palace. Anastasia is told that she will walk a road filled with blood. prevents them from killing him. Fahriye agrees. Handan blames Anastasia and has her tortured. Sultan Ahmed banishes his mother to the Old Palace (also known as "Eski Saray" or "Palace of Tears"). She doesn't. While Cennet is in her prison cell. and to deprive her off her wealth and authority. she is aided by Halime Sultan who informs Kösem that the people who burnt Cennet's face were loyal to Safiye. Safiye agrees. and Anastasia's name is changed to Kösem which means pioneer. she will see all the people she loves die before her eyes. She stands in front of the rebels and admonishes them for abandoning their sultan in the times when he most needs them. She then converts to Islam.

fearing that her secret has been told to her son. making Handan vulnerable. Safiye then orders that Mustafa be brought to her and he is clothed and tidied in the morning. he decides as a ruler to execute his brother in order to secure his crown. so the guards may take her to the Sultan's justice. including that commanded by the Sultan. due to Kösem Sultan's intrigues. After Handan's death. and vows to take down Sultan Ahmed from the throne. which infuriates him. Ahmed arrives from campaign. arrives from Egypt.Kösem had tricked her and kept the real manuscript for herself. Sultan Ahmed leaves for his military campaign against Safavid Persia. Halime Sultan and Menekse organise the wedding of Dilruba Sultan to the grand vizier Halil Pasha. Kösem finds out that she is pregnant. They succeed in hatching this plan. but she defies them and marries Davud Pasha. and strips her off all her power. whose owner prohibits any forms of violence within its walls. decides to release Mustafa. During this time. Gülbahar. showing his love and respect for her. Kösem is told by Mehmed Giray about the truth of Dervish and his role in the assassination of Sultan Mehmed III. Halime Sultan exposes the truth of Handan Sultan and Dervish Pasha's love relationship. ready for the sword girding ceremony. Hümaşah Sultan. the former is informed by Bülbül that her long lost brother. due to her aid in rescuing Kösem from the bandits. Ahmed. But just before Mustafa is declared sultan. Kösem Sultan then aids Şehzade Mustafa in gaining the crown. Sultan Ahmed learns that his disease is progressing. fearing for her children's fate after her spouse's death. Sultan Ahmed orders the release of Safiye from the Maiden's Tower. Kösem blurts out Safiye's secret to Ahmed. Fahriye dies in Dervish's arms. Then. The secret of Dervish Pasha's involvement in Sultan Mehmed III's death is revealed to Ahmed.who has also sired a son. She succeeds. informs Sultan Ahmed. is eventually told he has less than a fortnight to live. however Halime and Dilruba turn . already suffering from stomach problems. Cennet announces her allegiance to Kösem. Sultan Ahmed hands Kösem the crown of Hürrem Sultan. called Darul Aman (House of Protection). He later exposes his true intentions when he assigns Dervish the task of punishing her. Later. she admits to him that she hates him. Sultan Ahmed dies due to abdominal pain. Mehmed begins working with Kösem Sultan to lure Fahriye out of the religious house. and leaves the carriage feeling satisfied at taking her vengeance. having survived the murder attempt thanks to Dervish. on a third woman. and kill many. however Kösem escapes execution with the help of Zülfikar and Bülbül Ağa. blood begins pouring down Fahriye's nose. Whilst he and Fahriye are enjoying a meal and red wine. is Iskander. Safiye orders Ahmed's assassination and buys the loyalties of the pashas and the janissaries. who orders Iskander's execution. Zülfikar and Hümaşah marry and Iskender assumes the post of Hasodabaşı (chamberlain of the Sultan). When Mehmed Giray visits Fahriye. during which time Kösem consolidates her power and bears seven more children. but later spares Mustafa and instead has him put in confinement. while Safiye plans to poison Sultan Ahmed in order to clear the path for her own prince. and asks that he be legally married to Kösem before his death. After this. Fahriye takes asylum in that house. is blackmailed by his wife into helping her hide in a dargah. Safiye and Hümaşah conceal this truth for over eleven years. As a result. which pleases her very much. who spares her for the sake of the royal family's reputation. Kösem. the lost prince of the Ottoman dynasty. Handan Sultan later commits suicide. Meanwhile. and Sultan Ahmed. including Mahfiruze Sultan. who storm the palace at night. who kills Dervish himself. Sultan Ahmed asks his mother Handan Sultan to return to the palace. and Fahriye is taken to the Sultan. Meanwhile. A few days after Dilruba's wedding. Safiye Sultan's eldest daughter. Hümaşah resignates from her role. and he in return informs Kösem Sultan. Hümaşah informs Zülfikar about Iskander's secret. indicating that the wine must have been poisoned. Months pass and Kösem bears a son named Mehmed. He incarcerates Safiye in the Maiden's Tower. Bayezid. Hümaşah Sultan is given the leadership of the harem. Dervish Pasha. Not long after. Safiye is left heartbroken. who unbeknownst to everyone has become mentally unstable over time. Fahriye's husband. In a moment of haste.

Hümaşah leaves the capital forever. and subsequent incarceration and strangulation. is drawn in conflict too. and powerful sultana in the Ottoman history. Bayezid. as well as in hers with their mother. This event causes Safiye to commit suicide. Gülbahar.all the while the other princes' and infidels' agendas remain unknown and anti-Ottoman sentiments and plans resurface in the immensely anguished by his loss. Their half-brother and Crown Prince. having reconciled with her stepson but failed to save him. Eventually Osman's plans to replace the janissaries with a more loyal army proved to be the primary motive to his abashment. masterminded by Davud and during which Cennet and Zülfikar are killed. and decides to annihilate all her rivals. seeing Kösem's children as a threat to her authority. when she eventually opts for love instead of power games. thus inheriting the position of Valide Sultan. due to the ambitions of his mother. Kösem uses Mustafa's weak mental state in order to justify her actions. After realising her mistake. but he refuses to end Kösem's exile at the Eski Saray. who has been long obscured by Kösem. Destraught. she admits her defeat to Kösem and gifts her with Hürrem Sultan's emerald ring. Osman ascends to the throne as Osman II. though loyal himself to the sultan. and send Halime to the Old Palace. Then. Kösem Sultan plans to dethrone Osman. 2016 November 18. Season 2[edit] Kösem has been the all-powerful Valide Sultan and regent to her son Sultan Murad IV for nearly a decade. Hungarian princess Farya Bethlen seeks refuge at the Ottoman court and the instant attraction between her and the Sultan causes reactions. she orders her allegiants to dispatch Halime. and gaining her prestige as the most formidable. the janissaries saw as a likely heir to the throne. Murad sets his plans of restoring the empire to the times of prosperity and conquest and checking corruption in motion. She then prepares to enthrone her eldest living son Murad to the Ottoman throne. banishing her to the Eski Saray. Dilruba and Davud. Kösem arrives just in time to save her children. 2015 June 9.when the military unrest causes the latter to deprive her of her authority and the two clash. due to her role in Mustafa's ascension and later executes her eldest son Mehmed who he believed. Kösem plans a coup d'état to dethrone Sultan Mustafa and replace him with her stepson Şehzade Osman.The control of the state fully in his hands. At the same time. while at the same time she repays Safiye by collaborating with Zülfikar to apparently kill Iskender. declaring herself the official regent to the crown. 2016 No. of episodes Section range Season's years TV Channel 30 1-30 2015 – 2016 Star TV 31- 2016 – FOX . dying. having been spared by Zülfikar reunites with his mother and they plot to seize power and exact revenge. Thus. orders them to be executed.against her. influential. viewing his psychologically disturbed condition not a threat to her rule. thus enabling Mustafa's second reign to begin. In the meantime. Series overview[edit] Season Timeslot 1 Thursday 20:00 2 Friday Season premiere Season finale November 12. Iskender. Kösem. then imprison Mustafa again. Halime Sultan. A strain is also put on Murad's relationship with his sister Gevherhan after the execution of her husband. because of Safiye and his tutor's intrigues. and then orders the janissaries to throw Mustafa in prison.

in love with Sultan Murad IV Yiğit Uçan 2- 2Şehzade Bayezid Sultan Ahmed's son by Gülbahar Sultan Berk Pamir 1 Aslı Tandoğan 2Gevherhan Sultan Sultan Ahmed and Kösem's thirdborn daughter. Topal Recep Pasha's wife Çağla Naz Kargı Leyla Feray 1 Ayşe Sultan Sultan Murad IV's consort and mother of his children. favourite consort and later legal wife of Sultan Ahmed.20:00 Characters[edit] Major characters[edit] Actor name Role name Explanation Nurgül Yeşilçay Beren Saat Seasons 2- Mahpeyker Kösem Sultan Haseki Sultan. Valide Sultan and regent to two sons and a grandson 1 Anastasia Tsilimpiou 1 Metin Akdülger 2Sultan Murad IV Sultan Ahmed and Kösem's secondborn son and the 17th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire Çağan Efe Ak Farah Zeynep Abdullah 1 Farya Bethlen Daughter of the Transylvanian Prince Gabriel Bethlen. mother of the majority of his children. Haseki Sultan 2- .

mother 1 of Sultan Mehmed III Ekin Koç Sultan Ahmed I The 14th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. later the Crimean Khan. Mehmed Giray's brother 1 Kadir Doğulu Mehmed III Giray A Crimean lord. in love with Silahtar Mustafa Hülya Avşar Safiye Sultan Sultan Murad III's widow. Ahmed's grandmother. mother of Şehzade Mahmud. in love with Mehmed Giray 1 Berk Cankat İskender/Şehzade Yahya The adopted son of an Austrian blacksmith and a trainee at the Janissary cadet school.Ece Çeşmioğlu Atike Sultan Sultan Ahmed and Kösem's fourthborn and youngest daughter. in love with Fahriye Sultan 1 2- . Sultan Murad III and Safiye Sultan's son. Şahin Giray's brother. Ahmed's uncle 1 Caner Cindoruk Silahtar Mustafa Pasha Sultan Murad IV's bodyguard and companion 2- Erkan Kolçak Köstendil Şahin Giray Han A Crimean lord. twin to Ibrahim. Sultan Mehmed III's widow 1 Aslıhan Gürbüz Halime Sultan Sultan Mehmed III's widow. son of Sultan Mehmed III and Handan Sultan 1 Tülin Özen Handan Sultan Valide Sultan and mother of Sultan Ahmed. Dilruba Sultan and Sultan Mustafa I 1 Vildan Atasever Hümaşah Sultan Safiye Sultan and Sultan Murad III's eldest daughter. Ahmed's aunt. Ahmed's aunt 1 Gülcan Arslan Fahriye Sultan Safiye Sultan and Sultan Murad III's daughter.

son of Sultan Mehmed III and Halime Sultan 1 Taner Ölmez Sultan Osman II The 16th sultan of the Ottoman Empire. wife of Kara Davud Pasha 1 Boran Kuzum 1 Sultan Mustafa I Alihan Türkdemir The 15th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.becomes Kösem Sultan's servant 1 Hacı Ağa Chief eunuch of the harem after Reyhan Ağa and Handan Sultan's servant who serves Kösem Sultan after Handan's death 1- Hakan Şahin .and after her death. daughter of Sultan Mehmed III and Halime Sultan.Grand Vizier during Mustafa I's reign 1 Esra Dermancıoğlu Cennet Hatun Safiye Sultan and then Kösem Sultan's servant. later becomes a grand Vizier 1 Öykü Karayel 1 Dilruba Sultan Melisa Ilayda Ozcanik Sister of Ahmed I. raised by Kösem 1 Burak Dakak Şehzade Mehmed Firstborn son of Ahmed I and Kösem Sultan 1 Mustafa Üstündağ Kara Davud Pasha Dilruba Sultan's husband.Mete Horozoğlu[5] Zülfikar Pasha Commander of the Istanbul Cadet Janissary Corps. later a vizier and Hümaşah Sultan's husband 1 Mehmet Kurtuluş Derviş Mehmed Pasha Sultan Ahmed's mentor and first bodyguard. chief treasurer of the harem 1 Nadir Sarıbacak Bülbül Ağa Safiye Sultan's servant. son of Ahmed I and Mahfiruze Sultan.

twin to Atike and later the 18th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire Gülbahar Sultan Sultan Ahmed's consort. mother of his son Şehzade Bayezid Sibel Taşçıoğlu 2- 2- Ayça Kuru 1 Şeyma Burcu Gül 2Meleki Hatun Kösem Sultan's servant Ahsen Eroğlu 1 İsmail Demirci Kemankeş Kara Mustafa Pasha One of the commanders of the Janissary Corps 2- Engin Benli Sinan Pasha One of Sultan Murad's divan members and agent of the Pope 2- Necip Memili Evliya Çelebi 2- Ushan Çakır Hezârfen Ahmed Çelebi 2- . later Cennet Hatun's husband 1 Supporting characters[edit] Actor name Role name Explanation Doğaç Yıldız 2Şehzade Kasım Sultan Ahmed and Kösem's thirdborn son Eymen Kaan Rıdvan Aybars Düzey Seasons 1 Şehzade Ibrahim Sultan Ahmed and Kösem's fourth and youngest son.Şahin Sekman Lala Ömer Efendi Şehzade Osman's tutor.

mother of Şehzade Osman 1 Beste Kökdemir Meleksima Sultan Favourite consort of Sultan Osman and mother of Şehzade Ömer 1 Bahar Selvi Akile Hanım Legal wife of Osman II.Şener Savaş Halil Pasha Two time Grand Vizier. in service of Kösem Sultan 1- Murat Atik Cornelius An agent of Pope Urban VIII 2- Burcu Gül Kazbek Madam Princess Farya's companion 2- İdil Yener Lalezar Kalfa One of the loyal servants of Kösem Sultan 2- Asil Büyüközçelik Ladikli Bayram Pasha Cengiz Okuyucu Tabanıyassı Mehmed Pasha The Grand Vizier after the execution of Topal Recep Pasha 2- Metin Belgin Ahizade Hüseyin Efendi Şeyhülislam efendi 2- Şemsi İnkaya Zekeriyazade Yahya Efendi Mustafa Kırantepe Beynam Ağa Main chef of the palace kitchen 2- Dilara Aksüyek Mahfiruze Sultan Sultan Ahmed's consort. mother of Zeynep Sultan and Şehzade Mustafa 1 2- 2- .

Becomes the Grand Vizier 1 after the execution of Derviş Mehmed Pasha Tolga Tuncer Nasuh Pasha Safiye and then Kösem's chief allegiant. served Handan Sultan 1 International broadcasts[edit] Country Turkey Local title Network Premiere date Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem Star TV (season 1) November 12. Ayşe Sultan's husband 1 Muhammed Uzuner Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi One of the most famous sufi ermiş (Muslim saint) of the Ottoman Empire 1 Ebru Ünlü Eycan Hatun Kösem Sultan's servant 1 Eylem Yıldız Menekşe Hatun Halime Sultan's servant. chief treasurer of the harem 1 Ahmet Varlı Pinhan Ağa Şehzade Mustafa's imaginary adviser 1 Sasha Perera Gölge Hatun Kösem Sultan's confidant and guardian 1 Emre Erçil Reyhan Ağa Chief eunuch of the harem 1 Nurinisa Yıldırım Dudu Hatun Chief treasurer of the harem.Sude Zulal Güner Ayşe Sultan Sultan Ahmed and Kösem's firstborn daughter. Nasuh Pasha's widow 1 Balim Gayebayrak Fatma Sultan Sultan Ahmed and Kösem's secondborn daughter 1 Cihan Ünal Kuyucu Murad Pasha One of the viziers of Ahmed I. 2015 T .

Jos Didenybė Kiosem LNK September 4.‫حريم السلطان‬ Hareem-el Sultan: El Sultana Arab League Koosoom OSN Ya hala (Pay-perview) Dubai TV January 1. 2016 19:50 Tunisia ‫ السلطانة ققسم‬. 2016 Sunday Lebanon ‫ السلطانة ققسم‬. 2016 Georgia დიდებული საუკუნე: ქოსემის რისხვა Didebuli saukune: Kosemis riskhva Rustavi 2 September 12.‫حريم السلطان‬ Hareem-el Sultan: El Sultana Koosoom Nessma TV September 12. 2016 September 4.‫حريم السلطان‬ Hareem-el Sultan: El Sultana Koosoom Al Jadeed September 5. 2016 23:00 Lithuania Didingasis amžius. 2016 20:50 Hungary A szultána TV2 September 13. 2016 Saturda . 2016 (Dubai one) 20:00 Indonesia Abad Kajayaan 2: Kosem SCTV 1 January 2016 20:00[6] Kosovo Shekulli Madhёshtor: Kosem RTV21 April 11. 2016 20:00 Poland Wspaniałe stulecie: Sułtanka Kösem TVP1 April 25. 2016 18:40 Iran ‫ماهپیکر‬ Mah Peykar GEM TV August 14. 2016 Tuesday Estonia Sajandi valitsejanna Kanal 2 September 17.FOX (season 2) ‫ السلطانة ققسم‬.

2017 Chile Kosem. Retrieved 27 October 2016. Variety. Milliyet. Retrieved 29 May 2015.Kazakhstan Ғаламат ғасыр. 2016 21:50 Afghanistan Magnificent Century: Kosem 1TV October 24. Apa Hubungannya dengan "Abad Kejayaan" ANTV?". Jump up^ "Kösem Sultan da Star'da!" (in Turkish). Joshua (30 September 2015)." (in Turkish).com. pressroom. Jump up^ "TURKEY MIPCOM 2015 COUNTRY OF HONOUR LAUNCHES IN ISTANBUL EVENTS TO INCLUDE EXCLUSIVE "KOSEM THE EMPRESS/MAGNIFICENT CENTURY" SCREENING" . 5. 2016 20:00 Pakistan ‫کوسم سلطان‬ (Kosem Sultan) Urdu 1[8][9] October 31. Jump up^ "Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem ne zaman başlıyor?" (in Turkish). 2017[10][11] 22:30 Russia Великолепный век.com. 2017 Saturda References[edit] 1. Kösem Sultan'da. "Mipcom: Turkey's 'Magnificent Century: Kosem' Set to Sell at TV Mart". 7. Empire of Kosem Domashniy January 7. Retrieved 27 October 2016. Retrieved 9 June 2015. 6. 2016 Monday 21:00 Albania Shekulli Madhёshtor: Kosem TV Klan January. 18 May 2016. 4. Star TV. tabloidbintang. 2. Retrieved 14 November 2015. Variety. la sultana (The sultan Kosem) Canal 13 (Chile) January 3. Көсем дәуірі 7 Channel October 17. Империя Кёсем Magnificent Century. 4 June 2015. Jump up^ Carney. Jump up^ "SCTV Hadirkan "Abad Kejayaan 2: Kosem".com. tv2. Retrieved 14 November 2015. Ranini TV. 3. Jump up^ "A SZULTÁNA: ÚJ TÖRTÉNELMI SOROZAT A SZULEJMÁN ALKOTÓITÓL". Jump up^ "Mete Horozoğlu. 26 October 2015. MIPCOM.

"Sucesora de El sultán ya tiene fecha de estreno en las pantallas de Canal 13". Canal 13 (in Spanish). Retrieved 2016-12-28. External link in |website= (help) 11.facebook. Jump up^ "Kosem | (in Spanish).cl". Jump up^ Kosem Sultan OST on Urdu 1 10.8. Jump up^ Drama Serials on Urdu1 9. Retrieved 2016-1228. External links[edit]  Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem at the Internet Movie Database  Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem – Official Website  Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem at FOX  Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem Official Facebook Page  Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem Official Twitter Page  Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem Official YouTube channel  Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem Official Instagram Page  Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem Official Google+ Page Categories:  2015 Turkish television series debuts  Television series about the Ottoman Empire  Television series set in the 17th century  Fox (Turkey) shows  Star TV (Turkey) shows  Turkish drama television series Navigation menu  Not logged in  Talk  Contributions  Create account  Log in   Article Talk . Tele. https://www. Jump up^ 13.

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