Community Asset

Transfer Policy

Final V December 2014

1 The aim of this policy and process guidance is to set out a transparent and positive framework that enables and manages the transfer of assets from the Council to local organisations in order to bring about long term social. Asset Transfer is not suitable for all properties or all organisations. tenure. including financial implications to the Council Evidence of benefit to the community A contribution to the Council’s Corporate Strategy The detailed terms of the asset transfer e.2 It is clear that one policy will not fit all circumstances due to the diverse nature of the Council’s assets. 1. 1 . programmes and initiatives are in place to support the development of a strong and sustainable voluntary and community sector in the Wigan Borough. and monuments However a number of common themes will apply and are essential to consider when contemplating the transfer of any asset:        The nature. the national context and how it fits in with other Wigan Council Strategies can be found in Community asset transfer information 1. structure and capacity of the applicant The adoption of robust option appraisals. Introduction 1. maintenance. and the Council will continue to work with local organisations to ensure that a range of tools.3 Asset transfer represents one mechanism by which the Council can support the delivery of its ‘Vision’ for the future of the Borough. repair etc An assessment of risks Production of a sustainable business case These form the principals underpinning this policy and process guidance. This document is intended to be used as a tool by groups and organisations to help them decide if an asset transfer is something they wish to take on and provides details of the process to be followed. These include:      Buildings Land Sports pitches Leisure and other sporting facilities Structures. Further details about what a Community Asset Transfer is. economic and environmental benefits to the community.Community Asset Transfer Policy 1.g.

Wigan Council is committed to using its assets to form long-term partnerships with organisations that meet the Council’s criteria where that will bring benefits to communities and contributes towards the Council’s aims and objectives. 2 .2 The Council recognises that Asset Transfer can be a part of supporting and sustaining local communities and it wishes to ensure Council assets can be operated by the people who regularly use them. 2.1 As part of The Deal. 2. and demonstrates it has the skills and capacity to manage the asset and the associated legal responsibilities. for example Health & Safety.4 While fully supporting the principle of Asset Transfer this policy also recognises that some assets must remain under Council control in order to support delivery of essential services or Strategic Corporate Objectives 2.3 The Council will consider transfer of an asset to any organisation that makes a credible application. supported by an appropriate Business Plan.2 Policy Statement on Community Asset Transfer 2.5 The Council will decide whether or not an asset is to be made available for Asset Transfer. 2.