Supp. Exam for the Course Business Research Methods
Time Allowed: 2 hrs.
Max. Mark: 100%
1. The research process is best described as
A) A method to select a frame of reference
B) A set of rules the govern the selection of subjects
C) A series of steps completed in a logical order
D) A plan that directs the research design
2. A research proposal is best described as a(an):
A) A frame work for data collection and analysis
B) Description of research process for a research project
C) Description of how the researcher plans to maintain an ethical perspective during
the study
D) Argument for the merit of the study
3. The purpose of literature review is to:
A) Use the literature to identify present knowledge and what is unknown
B) Assist in defining the problem and operational definition
C) Identify strengths and weaknesses of previous studies
D) All of the above
4. The statement ‘’ to identify the relationship between liquidity risk and profitability of
commercial banks” best described as a research:
A) Objective
B) Problem
C) Question
D) Hypothesis
5. An operational definition specifies:
A) The data analysis techniques to be used in the study
B) The levels of measurement to be used in the study
C) How a variables or concept will be defined and measured in the study
D) How the outcome of the research objectives for the study will be measured
6. The research participants are described in detail in which section of the research plan?
A) Introduction
B) Methods
C) Data analysis
D) discussions
7. Which of the following is not the source of research ideas?
A) every day life
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When writing the qualitative results section. A) Problem statement B) Research question C) Objectives of the study D) Hypothesis E) None 9. it is a major challenge to make sense of the large pool of data. A) True B) False 13. ____________ is the issue that leads to the needs of the study. Which of the following is not true about the use of language in the research reports? A) You should choose accurate and clear words that are free from bias B) You should avoid labeling people whenever possible C) You should avoid using the term subjects whenever possible D) All of the above 11. A) True B) False 15. The factors that determine whether you decide to prepare a research report of your study for a conference for publication is: A) Whether the study is free from flaws B) Whether the study is important enough to justify presentation or publication C) Whether others would be increased in the work D) All 10. A) Sample/Population B) Population/Sample C) Statistic/Parameter D) Parameter/Statistic 2 | Page . _________ is numerical characteristics of a sample and a___________ is a numerical characteristics of a population. descriptive words or category names is known as____________ A) concurring B) coding C) coloring D) segments 14. The process of marking segments of data with symbols.B) C) D) E) practical issues past research theory all 8. a challenge of qualitative data analysis is that it often includes data that are unwieldy and complex. an overriding concern should be to provide sufficient and convincing evidence back up your assertion. Which of the following is not one of the major parts to the research reports? A) Results B) Abstracts C) Methods D) Footnotes 12.

Given the following is a raw data for the score of business research method test out of forty for five students in accounting departments: 36 12 38 32 29 Calculate the mean and standard deviation of the students score? 2. Explain and list the seven characteristics of a good research. Which of the following is not true about stratified random sampling A) It involves a random selection process from identified sub groups B) Proportion of groups in the sample must always match their population proportion C) Disproportional stratified sampling is specially help full forgetting large enough subgroup samples when sub group comparisons are to be done D) Proportional stratified sampling yields a representative sample PART II: ESSAY TYPE QUESTION 1. When each member of a population has an equally likely chance of being selected is called A) Non random Sampling technique B) Random sampling technique C) Quota sampling D) Non probability sampling 20.2X1+12X2 where X1 is years of education and X2 is the average income 3 | Page . Define a research proposal and list the major components of research proposal. PART III: WORKOUT QUESTIONS: SHOW THE NECESSARY STEPS FOR THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS NEATLY AND CLEARLY. The good Measures of central tendency is A) Mean B) Median C) Mode D) Range 19. The following is the regression equation for this hypothesis: Y=25+0. The use of the laws of probability to make inferences and draw a statistical conclusion about population based on sample data is referred to as A) Descriptive Statistics B) Inferential Statistics C) Sample Statistics D) Population Statistics 17. Suppose you are predicting the score on training posttest from numbers of years of education and their average income in hundreds birr. 1.16. 2. To judge a given research study as good it must possess some characteristics. Standard deviation is a A) The positive square root of variance B) A measure of variability C) An approximate indicator of how numbers vary from the sample mean D) All 18.

Predict the score for a particular trainer having a 15 years educational training and average income of 5 hundred birr. (Interpret your results) 4 | Page .