Children and the Religious and 42-57 Linguistic Minorities.SYLLABUS TOPICS UNIT 1 PAGE NUMBER Meaning of the term “Constitution”-Its importance-making of the Indian Constitution 1946-49-Dr. 4 Enforcing rights through writs: Certiorari. 69-84 . rights created in the constitution for Dalits. Women.Quo Warranto and Habeas Corpus-public interest LitigationDirective Principles of State Policy-The need to balance 58-68 Fundamental Rights with Directive Principles-Constitution and sustainable development. 3 Fundamental Rights and Duties. Panchayat Raj System. Executive and Judicial and their composition and functioning in IndiaFeatures of Indian Federalism-Center State relations. 5 Doctrine of Separation of Powers-Legislative. Mandamus. Backwards. 2 The democratic institutions created by the Constitutionbicameral system of legislature and cabinet form of government at the Center and States-Role and Position of 16-41 President and Prime Minister-Adult Franchise SystemElection Commission. Measures for national Unit-Public Service Commissions.Ambedkar’s contribution-Preamble-Method of amending the constitution and its limitation-An over view of constitutional 1-15 developments.Their content and significance-Special.

. B.Facts about Indian Constitution 1. 2. 1947. Ambedkar was appointed as the Chairman of the committee.R. Jawaharlal Nehru on December 13. The Objectives Resolution served as a roadmap for the constitution and was moved by Pt. India has the longest constitution in the world. 3. It has 448 articles in 22 parts and 12 schedules. On August 29. the committee which would draft India’s constitution was set up. Dr. 1946.

it was raining outside.both in English and in Hindi. There was no typing or print involved. 1950. Many considered it as a good omen. 7. Equality and Fraternity were adapted from the French constitution 9. The Indian constitution has been hailed as one of the best constitutions in the world. On January 26. Some principles of our constitution are influenced from other constitutions. they took two years. and horse as the national emblem of India. 10. Separation of powers among the major branches of government was adopted from the constitution of United States. Two days later. . 5.4. 1950. the Indian Government also adopted the Lion Capital of Ashoka with the wheel. The drafting committee had handwritten and calligraphed the constitution . and principles of Liberty. eleven months and seventeen days to pass it. Directive Principle of State Policy was adapted from Ireland. bull. After the constitution was presented to the Constituent Assembly. The day constitution was signed. there have been 100 amendments to the Constitution of India since it was first enacted in 1950. 6. As many as 284 members of the Constituent Assembly had signed the documents on January 24. As of August 2015. 8. the constitution came into effect. The original copies are now kept in special helium-filled cases in the library of Parliament of India.