Technical Specifications for Fume Hoods
Overall Dimensions with base cabinet:
Fume Hood dimensions:
Base Cabinet dimensions:
Inside Fume Hood working volume:
Bed size:


Model and usage


Design Basis


Design Structure
Airflow Type
Color Combination


Powder coating


Material of Construction of


Front Top Panel


Corner Post


Construction (Interior)

1800 mm W X 900 mm D X 1800 mm H
1800 mm W X 900 mm D X 1600 mm H
1600 mm W X 540 mm D X 700 mm H
1520 mm W X 650 mm D X 1155 mm H
1520 mm W X 650 mm D

Fume hood for Regular usage
American Design Standard: ASHRAE110- 1995 All tests including
“Tracer gas containment test” passed. (Third party test certificates
European Design Standard: EN-14175- 2003 „Inner Plane
Containment test‟ passed. (Third party test certificates required.)
Aerodynamic, Floor mounted
Low Constant Volume (for A.C. environment)
Grey & White
Pre-treated with 8 tank chemical processes and powder coated with
highly chemical resistant epoxy Colors having dry film thickness of 70
to 80 microns. Passes all conformity performance tests as per IS
standards .(Minimum 1000 hours salt spray test report(by third
party) for powder coating quality assurance must be attached)
Galvanized Iron (GI) as per IS 277: 2003 standard of
 1.0 mm thickness for all sheet metal paneling
 1.2 mm for back pillars
 1.2 mm for front corner post
Easily openable hinged Top Panel for easy access to Flow Control
Valve and Electrical Lighting fixtures for maintenance. Flow control
valve should must be built in and not projected outside of main fume
Triangular profiled Corner Post is placed on Left and Right Hand Side
of the Fume hood and it houses the utility line fittings and electrical
Chemical & Heat Resistant, Fire Retardant, Smooth Finish, Easily
Cleanable Panels Made out of durable PRL integral work walls

Horizontal fixed airfoil mounted on the worktop made of SS 304 (1. service valves with SS breaded hose with 6 mm internal dia. SS/Nylon or any other kind of rope is not acceptable. Also the taps are tapered in shape to use with flexible tubing of sizes from ¼” to ½” in dia. 2 Nos.  Oval shaped 100 mm X 200 mm sink Vertical rising sash counter-balanced with pulley and counter-weight system. Sink will have a trap for waste collection. Clear openable height = 750 mm. Intensity approx 400 lux at worktop level. Brass powder coated fittings are staggered in the fume hood to avoid the intermingling of the flexible tubes. Chemical resistant splash & spillage proof dished ‘Jet Black Granite’ worktop (18 +1 mm thick).2mm). Remotely operated Color coded Brass Needle Valves(Imported make) for fine control over utilities (as per DIN 12920 norms) total 6 nos. Skirting of 15 mm from all sides for no chemical spillage. Worktop will have sink sealed with silicon sealant for drainage with water tap on left & right back side of worktop. Toughened Float Glass sash (4 mm thick). Smooth and light sash operation.Our Scope of supply for utility lines ends at 1/4 BSP male adopter. Aerodynamic Design.) with vapour-proof fitting for proper illumination. Fluorescent light (40 watt. withstands up to 5 kgf pressure (3 LHS + 3 RHS)  2 for Raw water  2 for Nitrogen  2 for Vacuum  Open-able top panel for easy maintenance of tube light and flow control valve  Triangular service panel for maintenance of utility valves and tubing. Breaking Stress value for fully toughened glass (Tempered Glass) = 24. .INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY-HYDERABAD (6 mm thick). 11 Active Kinetics exhaust system 12 Airfoil 13 Worktop 14 Sink.000 psi. th Note: . Airfoil should be Black Teflon coated. Sash rope should be of timing belt made-up of non metallic material. to provide greater flexibility to the user. Impact Resistance of the sash (Toughened Glass) is four times higher than other sash materials (like Safety Glass and Polycarbonate). normal & heavy fumes) with baffle to ensure rapid exhaust of fumes. ASTM flame spread index < 25. Water tap with drain arrangement 15 Sash (Shutter) 16 Wet & Dry Service valves 17 Maintenance ports 18 Internal nozzles 19 Lighting Interstitial 7-point active kinetics exhaust system (for light.

 Cabinets on castors.  Locking System for the Base Cabinet doors are “HAFELE”– Germany” Make. suitable to blower motor capacity.INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY-HYDERABAD 20 Electrical Utilities 21 Built-in Starter 22 Cable entering port / Cable manager 23 Chemical Storage Base Cabinet (Ventilated & on castors) Apparatus Holding Grid (Lattice Assembly) (Optional .  PP Trays for chemical storage. an audible alarm will also actuate requiring manual acknowledgement for silence. 12. A grid made up of Duralumin Powder coated rod (Dia. Cables & wires „Fire Retardant‟ grade.  Push button calibration and configuration  Plug-in connections for power supply and airflow sensor  3 programmable output relays  3 configurable inputs  Com port for local or PC network connection . Overall Dimensions: 1000mm (W) X 540mm (D) X 700mm (H) – 2nos. 6 nos. (3 LHS + 3 RHS) The electrical wiring will have built-in starter of “Telemechanique” make. „NorthWest/Norisys‟ make MCBs with blower NO/NC switch with built –in starter & light switch on front fascia. Cable manager in SS Teflon coated material should be on side wall to give support to wires. It will have following features:  Internal special chemical resistant material lining to the cabinet walls  Two exhaust ports connected to the fume hood exhaust system Internally.  Digital display of face velocity in m/sec or fpm  On screen display for Safe and Alarm conditions with  Audible alarm and LED indication. (external starter is not acceptable) For easy access of cables from fume hood to electrical sockets. 50 Hz).7 mm) to hold the apparatus. Installed at the distance of 150 mm from backside of fume hood.  Complete chemical resistant. When flow decreases from Normal to Low. 6/16 A. fire proof pre-lam/chipboard Cabinet construction. Red & green LEDs correspond to low & normal flow rates. Base cabinet will be ready to receive the fume hood at its top. Model AFA 1000‟.  One removable horizontal partition to store chemicals.To be ordered separately if required) Air Flow Monitor AFA 1000 (Optional . electrical sockets „NorthWest/Norisys‟ make (230 V. It will cover the entire length of the fume hood and will be built-in at fume hood backside.To be ordered separately if required) 6 nos. This device is an accessory for Fume hood to indicate the approximate face velocity of airflow with primary purpose of warning when a low flow condition occurs.

26 Flow control valve To regulate airflow. INVENTA-EX Size: 6 feet ( INVENTA-EX-1800-LCV) Chemical Storage Base Cabinet Alsident Spot Extractor Alsident System 75Exhaust Arm (75-65553-5) Ceiling Mounted 3White Joints. 27 ‘ ’ CENTRIFUGAL BLOWER: (For air suction in Cluster of 4 Nos. chemical & heat resistant PP + FRP blower with aerodynamically balanced PP impeller. Direct Drive General Chemistry Fume Hood Type: Low Constant Volume . with drain plug. 2500 CFM confirming to international face velocity norms and as per safe fume hood airflow pattern.00 16.00 4.00 4. No Specification 1 Construction 2 Air Suction Capacity 3 Motor 4 Drive BOQ for FUME HOODS Description SISW type. Reach1230 Mm Ceiling Column : 1000Mm.INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY-HYDERABAD 24 Level adjusting screws Made of SS Bolts to adjust the fume hood level by + 10 mm. Class F. As per IS 325. ‘Crompton / LHP/Other Reputed’ make. (Side Connection) Transparent Hood 1-7535-5 .00 . Of Spot Extractor) . 3 HP Motor 3 Phase TEFC.00 4. Also it ensures low noise level. IP 55. continuous rating.Dia 385 Mm 16. Noise Level < 70db at 1 meter from fume hood. Silent PP + FRP high efficiency remote blower. It satisfies international safe velocity norms Sr. of Fume Hood & 1 No.3Nos. 25 Exhaust Port Unique exhaust port design ensures that the fumes will be exhausted smoothly without any turbulence at the exhaust port. consisting of continuous rating motor and chemical resistant impeller.

fitting. of Spot Extractor 3.of Fume Hood and 1 Nos.of Fume Hood and 1 Nos. . of Spot Extractor 1. WARRANTY: 24 months warranty against all manufacturing defects from the date of installation.of Fume Hood PP + FRP Ducting Charges (Per Sqare Feet) 1.00 DUCTING: Chemical resistant PP + FRP (3mm + 2mm) rigid & flexible ductwork from Fume hood to exhaust stack point with weatherproof canopy. vertical members. commissioning & testing of the same.INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY-HYDERABAD Centrifugal Blower (3 HP) for Cluster of 4 Nos. “tracer gas containment testing‟ might be carried out at bidder‟s/parent company‟s factory at extra cost. bends. INSTALLATION: It must be carried out by skilled team with ductwork design.5 HP) for Cluster of 2 Nos. Also. Duct dia. 250 mm. TESTING: All fume hoods should be “factory tested” as per ASHRAE110:1995 face velocity norms. bracketed supports and gooseneck exhaust stack.5 HP) for Cluster of 2 Nos. fixing of blower. PACKING: Wooden packing for fume hood. AFTER SALES SERVICE: Annual Maintenance Contracts for 3 years after completion of Warranty period should be proposed.00 Centrifugal Blower (1. base cabinet and centrifugal blower. “Onsite Validation” might be carried out to ensure working of fume hood as per international norms.800.00 Centrifugal Blower (1. after completion of the installation. IQ/OQ/PQ: (Optional) It may asked to submit entire IQ/OQ/PQ protocols.00 2. flanges. Total ducting with horizontal.