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Pivotal Academy
Training designed to fit your time, need and style
Pivotal Academy offers an extensive portfolio of role-based training courses and certification
exams that are designed to build and enhance your product expertise. Courses are designed
by industry experts and aligned with a wide array of Pivotal products. Our lab-based
curriculum helps maximize skills retention and flexible delivery options make it easy to receive
the training you need - no matter your location or schedule.
The perfect way to demonstrate your proficiency with the Pivotal product portfolio is to
obtain an industry-recognized Pivotal Certification. Our role-based certification exams are
designed to test and validate your product knowledge and help you advance your career
By investing in Pivotal Academy, you will:
• Increase proficiency and technical knowledge of Pivotal products
• Solves routine and challenging problems, easier and faster
• Gain insight into new products and emerging technologies
• Reduce support inquiries
Pivotal Academy offers training courses in a many different formats - providing you and your
team with flexible options that best suit unique learning styles, locations and schedules.
Live Online
Live Online training provides live, instructor-led training hosted in a virtual environment. You
and your staff will receive the same hands-on labs found in traditional instructor-led classroom
training delivered from the convenience of your home or office.
Instructor-led classroom training provides hands-on skills designed specifically for IT
professionals and developers. With classroom training, you have an opportunity to interact
with instructors who are experienced professional with extensive product knowledge, engage
in task-focused activities and facilitative discussions and receive comprehensive course
materials that reinforce lab exercises.

“Pivotal Academy, it’s a hugely impressive
piece of work and I know it’s going to
massively help us at Capgemini get more
people engaged with the Pivotal technologies
and able to start selling and delivering more
projects. I’d also like to thank everyone else
who made this possible, I think this is one of
the best pieces of online self-training that I’ve
seen. Great stuff.”
Steve G. Jones, Global VP Big Data-Capgemini
“Pivotal Academy enables your success by
providing role-based training content that
is deeply technical, highly engaging and
easily consumable. We collaborate with
product and field experts throughout the
development process to ensure our courses
are instructionally sound and focused on the
concepts most important to you. In addition,
we offer role-based certification exams so
you can demonstrate your mastery of key
Natasa Koledin, Sr. Director, Global Education
and Enablement-Pivotal

Pivotal Academy
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On-site training provides your organization with a flexible, cost-effective way to train your
team of five or more. Many Pivotal Education courses can be delivered on-site - eliminating
the need to travel and spend valuable time away from the office. Furthermore, on-site classes
allow your staff to engage in discussions, examples, and suggestions that are most relevant to
your organization.

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Self Paced
Pivotal Academy is our comprehensive library of self-paced training modules hosted in
an online environment. Courses are designed to teach you functional skills and serve as a
foundation for more advanced topics taught in subsequent courses. Many eLearning courses
include online quizzes to help validate your understanding of key, technical concepts.

Published in the USA. and Cloud Foundry are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Pivotal Software. and decreases costs. All other trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners. big data and agile . in the United States and/or other Countries. Inc.PIVOTAL DATASHEET CERTIFIED ON PIVOTAL PRODUCTS When you become Certified on Pivotal Products you have the credential to prove your product expertise. All rights reserved. To become eligible to take a Pivotal certification exam. Vouchers are redeemable at Pearson Vue Testing Centers. while providing enterprises the speed and scale they need to compete. CA 94304 Pivotal. Inc. Below are the recommended training paths associated with each certification. TRAINING PATHS FOR CERTIFICATIONS Pivotal Academy courses are designed to help you gain the product knowledge and expertise needed to earn your certification. Our solutions intersect cloud. attend the necessary Pivotal Education class and receive a certification voucher. © Copyright 2015 Pivotal Software. Our role-based certification exams are designed to test and validate your product knowledge and help you advance your career. pivotal. accelerates application delivery. Pivotal 3495 Deer Creek Road Palo Alto. Developer Certifications PIVOTAL CLOUD FOUNDRY Pivotal Cloud Foundry Developer Introduction to Pivotal Cloud Foundry (12 hours) Developing Applications with Cloud Foundry (3 days) PIVOTAL GEMFIRE GREENPLUM GemFire Developer Pivotal Greenplum Developer Introduction to GemFire (1 day) GemFire Developer (4 days) Introduction to Greemplum (1 day) SPRING Spring Professional Core Spring (4 days) Enterprise Integration Specialist Spring Web Application Developer Enterprise Spring (4 days) Spring Web (4 days) Greenplum Developer (3 days) Administrator Certifications PIVOTAL GEMFIRE GemFire Administrator Introduction to GemFire (1 day) GemFire Administration (3 days) Pivotal offers a modern approach to technology that organizations need to thrive in a new era of business innovation. creating a framework that increases data leverage. Pivotal CF.