Courses of other
Universities in the
stream recognised by
Mahatma Gandhi


All the regular
courses/degrees of the universities
listed by the Association of Indian
Commission from time to time are
recognised by this university

B. KARAIKUDY. Sc. (Correspondence/D. Sociology B.Ed.A. UTTAR PRADESH UNIVERSITY OF ALLAHABAD. Arabic(Private) ANDHRA UNIVERSITY. UTTAR PRADESH M.TAMIL NADU M. ALLAHABAD. Triple Main Politics. I. L.I . Arabic (Private) B.3 NAME OF UNIVERSITY NAME OF COURSE IN DISTANCE EDUCATION STREAM ALAGAPPA UNIVERSITY.A.A. VISAKHAPATNAM.Phil ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY. TAMIL NADU Commerce DETAILS OF RECOGNITI ON BY MAHATMA GANDHI UNIVERSIT Y Recognised as eligible qualification for higher studies M. Sociology B.G.A.E.Sc.A.A.A. . B . degree course of M.A. Economics B.L . Public Administration & Sociology (Private) Recognised for higher studies. ANDHRA PRADESH ANNAMALAI UNIVERSITY. English Literature& Recognised as Philosophy eligible qualification for admission to B.) Economics B. University B.ALIGARH.

Mathematics M. Public Administration Recognised.Com. Mathematics M.A. History Recognised for the purpose of appointment as fourth grade librarian in affiliated colleges M.Sc. History B.A. M.A.4 Certificate Course in Library & Information Science M.A.A. M. English *Lateral entry rejected M.A.I. M.A.Sc. Political Science M.Com. Politics M.Sc.B.Sc. English M.A.Com Recognised for higher studies M. Recognised as equivalent .L. Computer Science (Distance EducationLateral Entry) B. Recognised for higher studies & employment M.Sc. Information Technology (Distance Education) B.

Mathematics Recognised as eligible qualification for higher studies& employment M. English M. Phil.A. Economics M. Economics *Lateral entry rejected M.G.Phil.A. University M.Com.5 AWADESH PRATAP SINGH UNIVERSITY.Phil.A. Commerce M.Phil Public Administration Recognised M.A.A. REWA. English (Private) M. Sociology Recognised. History . M.Phil.A. MADHYA PRADESH M. in Computer Application Recognised for higher studies in commerce & management discipline of M. Statistics Recognised as eligible qualification for higher studies & employment Recognised. History (Private) M. M.

)Economics. History & Optional English 4.6 BANGALORE UNIVERSITY.)Sociology. Philosophy & Sociology Recognised for higher studies . English & Sociology 3. Sociology &Political Science 2. KARNATAKA B.(Triple Main) 1.)English . )History.A.

Information Technology(Distance Education) Recognised for higher studies & employment M.Sc.7 BARKATULLA M. Software Systems Eligible qualification for admission to M. higher studies.A.A.A. M.(Private) Recognised for higher studies & employment M.Com.C.Sc. Computer Science Eligible qualification for UNIVERSITY. . Computer Science M.Com.Sc. THIRUCHIRAPPALLY.A. (Private) VISWAVIDYALAYA (FORMERLY BHOPAL UNIVERSITY).A.Sc. Computer Science M.C. M.A. Sociology BHARATHIDASAN UNIVERSITY. Sociology M.C. TAMIL NADU M.C. Computer Science M.Sc.Sc.A. Costume Designing & Fashion Technology M. History M. Economics (Private) B.A. BHARATHIAR B. COIMBATORE.Phil. Economics B.A. M.Com. TAMIL NADU B. Recognised M.A. History Recognised B. History (Private) MADHYA PRADESH M.A.

NEW DELHI B.A. Maths CHATRAPATISAHUJI MAHARAJ UNIVERSITY.KANPUR. (Private) MEERUT.A.8 CALICUT UNIVERSITY. UNIVERSITY OF DELHI.Com. Politics M. Recognised for higher studies .Economics. Political Science (Private) M.A.Sc. U.P. Economics Recognised as eligible qualification for higher Studies in all the three Subjects.Sc.B.A. . Maths (Private) with Astronomy and Statistics subsidiaries B. English Language& Sociology 2.A. Education & English B. Economics (Private) Recognised for higher studies & employment B.Com. Politics . B. (Triple Main) (Private) 1.History. English.A. CHAUDHARI CHARAN B. Economics Recognised as eligible qualification to seek Admission to M. MALAPPURAM B. course DAKSHINA BHARAT HINDI PRACHAR SABHA. UTTAR PRADESH (FORMERLY KANPUR UNIVERSITY) M.A.A. MADRAS B. (Triple Main) SINGH UNIVERSITY.

AMBEDKAR UNIVERSITY. Philosophy (Private) M.A. SAGAR.A.A.A.(Triple Main) History.MADHYA PRADESH M.A. English (Private) M. English for employment purpose .A.AMBEDKAR OPEN UNIVERSITY.A. B. MAHARASHTRA M.ANDHRA PRADESH B. BABA SAHEB AMBEDKAR MARATH WADE UNIVERSITY. English (Private) M.Collegiate) M.9 DEVI AHILYA VISWAVIDYALAYA. English Dr.A. English (Private) M. AURANGABAD.A. HARI SINGH GAUR VISWAVIDYALAYA. AGRA.A.A. Political Science & English Literature Recognised as eligible qualification for admission to higher studies in concerned subjects Dr.A. English Dr.UTTAR PRADESH(FORMERLY GORAKHPUR UTY) GURU NANAK DEV UNIVERSITY.MADHYA PRADESH M. INDORE. English (External) M. HYDERABAD.PUNJAB M. English Dr.A. AMRITSAR. Philosophy M. English (Private) M.UTTAR PRADESH M. B.R. Economics DEENDAYAL UPADHYAY GORAKHPUR UNIVERSITY. Economics (Non. History (Private) M.A.A.A. History M.R. English M.A.

Chemistry B.Com.I. Tourism Studies Recognised if the course is in the 10+2+3 pattern M. B. History B. B. M. M.Sc. Political Science B. Chemistry B.Com. English B.A.L. M. Bachelor of Information Technology B.A.A. courses .C.A. M.M.A.H.A. Sociology B.T. Politics B.A.A.A. sociology M.B.A.A. English B. Sc.I.L.10 INDIRA GANDHI NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY. Sc.L.A. B.B.A.A. Economics B. Economics B.Sc.A.A.I.C. Sociology B. M.Ed. Sc. B.A. History B.NEW DELHI B.C. Recognised for higher studies & employment B. Recognised for employment purpose.L.Sc. &M.B.A. Sc.Sc. B.C.A.A. I.I. Recognised Recognised as eligible qualification to seek Admission to M. Public Administration B. B. Hospitality & Hotel Administration B.

(External) B.A.A.A. Political Science .A.Com.Sc.A. History M.A.A. GWALIOR. Sociology (External) M.Com. WARANGAL.A.A. B.A. Mathematics M.A. Public Administration & Political Science Recognised as eligible qualification for admission to higher studies in concerned subjects of this university M. Mathematics (External) M. KARNATAKA M. M. ANDHRA PRADESH KARNATAKA UNIVERSITY.A. English (Private) B. MADHYA PRADESH KAKATIYA UNIVERSITY.Sc. Economics(External) B. Political Science (External) M.A.A. English B. Anthropology (External) Recognised B. English M.A. History (External) B.11 JIWAJI UNIVERSITY . Sociology B. English M.A.Com.A.A. Economics B.(External) B. English (External) M.Com.(Triple Main) Sociology. English Recognised B. History &Archaeology(External) M.A. History B. Hindi M.

(Non-Semester) Recognised B. History B. English B.Sc.A. Economics .A. M.B. English Language & Literature M.Com. History B. English B.A. B.A. Annual scheme) B. Sc Mathematics B. B. Political Science for higher studies. B.L.(Triple Main) Sociology . Sociology Recognised for employment.A.A. TAMIL NADU M.A. Economics M. Economics M. I.A. L. Recognised for higher studies M. (Distance Education) B.Com (Computer Applications) B. B.(Distance Education. Economics B. Hindi B.A. Hindi M.I.History& Political Science Equivalent to B.A.A. Public Administration Recognised as eligible qualification for higher studies B.C.Sc.A.B.Com.A. Mathematics B. Sc. MYSORE MADRAS UNIVERSITY.A.A.A.A.A.A. English M.12 KARNATAKA STATE OPEN UNIVERSITY.

B.C. Gandhian Thought & Peace Science M.A.A B.L.C.I.A. History Recognised B.I . (Correspondence) .Com. M.A.A.A.A.A. Christian Studies Recognised for Higher studies.I.A.TAMIL NADU M.C. Political Science M.B.(MTM) M. Recognised M. Journalism & Mass Communication (NonSemester) B)Master of Communication & Journalism Master of Tourism Management M. Sc. Sc.Sc. Economics Master of Journalism & Communication PG degree in Tourism& Management for employment & higher studies.C. M. Gandhian Studies A)M. B.A. MADURAI .A.B.A.A. Economics B. Gandhian Thought M. Politics M. M. M. English(Non Semester) M. Gandhian Thought & Development Studies M. Recognised B.A.A. M. B.L.A.Com.L.13 MADURAI KAMARAJ UNIVERSITY.A.A.

Mathematics M.Phil. Advertising & Public Relations Recognised Master of Labour Studies M. English M.Phil.14 M.Phil.Sc. M .Phil. Mathematics M. Commerce Recognised for employment.A M.Phil. Sociology Recognised M.Sc. Political Science Recognised M. Phil.C. Economics Recognised M.A.Phil Tourism Management Recognised for higher studies .A Recognised for Employment purpose M.Phil. English Recognised as equivalent to M. Labour Studies Recognised M.Phil. Hindi Recognised M .C.

15 MAHATMA JYOTIBA PHULE ROHILKHAND UNIVERSITY. Double Main (Private)with optionals English Literature and History Recognised .P.A. U. B. BAREILY.

16 .

C. sociology and B.A M. MAHARASHTRA RASHTRASANT TUKADOJI MAHARAJ NAGPUR UNIVERSITY.A. History M. TIRUNELVELI.TAMIL NADU B. * single sitting rejected M.( including lateral entry course) M.C.A.17 MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY. Sociology B.A. B. History Recognised only &Sociology(Private) for higher studies in history.Sociology & Philosophy (External) Recognised B)History. Sociology (Three Year Integrated Course) M.Ed.A.C. History for employment Recognised Recognised for higher studies & employment M. in social .Sc.A.A.A.A.A. Mathematics MOTHER TERESA M.A.Sc.(Triple Main) A) History . TAMIL NADU UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI. Biochemistry B.C. Women WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY. Philosophy & Political Science(External) Recognised C)English. B.C.A. B. Studies KODAIKANAL .Phil. MAHARASHTRA M. Applied Biochemistry (Off Campus Programme) B.C.

B.A. Economics SAURASHTRA B. ANDHRA PRADESH M. English M.A. Sociology UNIVERSITY. MUMBAI. Mathematics M.A.A.A. JAIPUR M.Com. Economics (private) M.A. History (Private/ Correspondence) M. RANCHI UNIVERSITY. Sociology B. History B.MAHARASHTRA B.(Non-collegiate) Recognised for higher studies Pt. (External) GUJARAT SHREEMATHI NATHIBAI B. History M.A.A.A. JHARKHAND M. Mathematics (Private/ Correspondence) M.Com. Economics B. M.Sociology SRI VENKATESWARA UNIVERSITY. RAVI SANKAR SHUKLA UNIVERSITY.A. RAJKOT .Sc.Com (private) M. CHHATTISGARH M. RAIPUR .18 RAJASTHAN UNIVERSITY. English(Private/ Correspondence) M.Com.A. (Private/ Correspondence) M. Sociology .Com. History DAMODAR THACKERSEY WOMEN’S UNIVER SITY.TIRUPATI.Sc.A.A. Economics (Private ) M. M.Com.Com.A.

A.Philosophy& Hindi B.A.NASIK Recognised .A.19 TAMIL NADU OPEN UNIVERSITY. MADHYA PRADESH YASWANTRAO CHAVAN MAHARASHTRA OPEN UNIVERSITY.C. Hotel Management and Catering Operation Recognised VIKRAM UNIVERSITY. English M. ORISSA M.A.C. (Distance Education) UTKAL UNIVERSITY. History (Private) M.A.A.(Private) Triple Main English . UJJAIN.GUINDY B.Sc. English (NonCollegiate) M.A. (Lateral Entry) B. English B. BHUBANESWAR.A. English M. History M.A.

20 .