Devoting instructional hours to the care of school gardens is waste

of precious school time. Parents hope that their children will have more life
opportunities by attending the educational system that their parents had.
Students find themselves hunched over a plot of dirt during the hours
when they are supposed to be receiving the education that will open these
new doors of opportunity to them. No proofs that gardens help students
succeed academically.
But for us Gulayan sa Paaralan Program is a beneficiary program
that will help us a lot. It aims to teach the students the proper way of
planting and caring the plants. To help the students have a healthier
lifestyle, to involve and let the parents participate along with the
stakeholders of the community and be an instrument to know how to be a
responsible member of community. At the same time, it allows the people
in the community to have a sense of belonging with nature.
Traditional Gardening method was used in the said program. The
first step that was made is the land preparation it includes cleaning,
cultivation and conditioning of the soil and also the preparation of the
gardening tools to be used. Then the students were assigned to bring
varieties of seeds, herbs, trees, medicinal plants and vegetable plants.
With the cooperation of the students, faculties, parents, LGU’s including
the barangay officials and policemen of the municipality of San Pascual,
the beneficiary of 4 P’s and alumni of the said school. All together they
planted the seedlings with the hope that it will grow and eventually bloom
until it bear fruits and for the students to used to. After planting, the
students took care of the plants. At the same time, they also made
organic fertilizers and pesticides to combat insects. The financial expenses
came from the canteen fund.
The GPP will help a lot the students and the community because we
get there nutritious foods and herbal medicines. Instead of buying in the
drugstore we can also earn money by selling the excess harvest from it.
It is not just a project; it is also a contest of different public schools.
In fact “Gulayan sa Paaralan” of MPNHS took the first spot in the District
level. Now, the school is in the process of preparing for competing in the
Area Level wherein it will face all the public school in the Area II. We hope
that it will be fruitful to pay all the patience and the hard work behind the
success of the GPP, to reach the higher level of the competition. All
together let us witness the grown up of the seedlings planted with
courage that it will be fruitful. We believe that vegetables really prolong