NCCS - 2017 will include several special
themes and invited lectures from prominent
personalities associated with problems and
developments in the area of Structural
Engineering. There will also be technical paper
presentations. Papers are invited from all
prospective authors. The authors are requested
to submit full length paper within the dead line.

Chief Patron
Dr. Reju M P IAS, Director, LBS Centre
for Science and Technology,


Dr. Manamohan R Kalgal – President, ICI
Er. K Jayasankar – Vice President (South), ICI
Mr. K G K Moorthy

– G C Member, ICI

Dr. Devdas Menon, IIT Madras
Dr. Radhakrishna G Pillai, IIT Madras
Dr. M S Mathews, IIT Palakkad
Dr. N Ganesan, NIT Calicut
Dr. K S Babu Narayan, NIT Surathkal

(NCCS - 2017)

30 & 31st January 2017

Dr. Jayamohan J, Principal, LBSITW
Conference chair
Prof. Radhika Nair N J, LBSITW
Conference Co-chair
Er. R Radhakrishnan, Secretary General,
Organising Committee Members
Er. S Anwar Hussain, Secretary, ICI - TVM
Prof. Rakhi J H, LBSITW
Prof. Remya Sreekantan, LBSITW

LBS Institute of Technology for Women
Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram

Prof. Leya Asok, LBSITW
Prof. Aarya J Nath, LBSITW

Dr. Katta Venkatramana, NIT Surathkal
Dr. K Swaminathan, NIT Surathkal
Dr. M C Narasimhan, NIT Surathkal


Contact details
Ms. Radhika Nair N J

Er. Velapgy Madhumohan, ICI - TVM

Assistant Professor

Er. Jose Kurian – Past President, ICI

Dept. of Civil Engineering

Dr. Priyadarsini R S, CET


Dr. Bindhu K R, CET

Mob: 8547720396

Dr. S Sheela, MCET

Ms. Rakhi J H

Ms. Jayasree S, MBCET

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rajesh K N, GCE, Kannur

Dept. of Civil Engineering

Dr. Beena K P, CET


Dr. Girija K, CET

Mob: 9562467544

Dr. B Rajeevan, GCE, Kannur

Organized by
Department of Civil Engineering
LBS Institute of Technology for Women
In Association with

Indian Concrete Institute
Thiruvananthapuram Centre

Sponsored by TEQIP-II

At present. Applied ing to interact and share their experience and Dr.Tech) in Signal Processing and Computer Science and CONFERENCE THEME Advances in Concrete Structures Papers must be uploaded through conference website . working in the area of Structural Engineer- CET Electronics and Communication Engineering. special lectures by prominent academicians nccs2017@gmail. LBSITW is managed by in association with the Civil Engineering Department LBS of LBS Institute of Technology for Women. Priyadarsini R S. Professor. Vice President (South). During the Fifteen years of in the area of Structural Engineering. K Jayasankar. the College Research Dr. CET Electronics and Instrumentation. There Centre for Science and Technology. SUB-THEMES IMPORTANT DATES Submission of full paper 20th Dec 2016 Acceptance of full paper 1st Jan 2017 Submission of camera 8th Jan 2017 Registration 23rd Jan 2017 ♦ Special concrete and applications ♦ Rehabilitation and retrofitting ♦ Design Methodology ♦ Sustainability ♦ Concrete durability and performance ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT B. Associate Professor. Devdas Menon.ABOUT THE INSTITUTION ABOUT NCCS .2017 LBS Institute of Technology for Women. NITK. K S Babu Narayan. Surathkal Research and Consultancy organization under the will be Government of Kerala. N Ganesan. Professor. Professor. it has achieved excellence in imparting conference is to provide a platform for Academicians. established NCCS –2017 is a National Conference organized by in the year 2001 is the first Engineering College for the Indian Concrete Institute – Trivandrum Centre. Computer Science knowledge. Mini Soman. Practicing Engineers and and Engineering. technical education for women. IIT Madras Dr. Since inception. existence. offers five undergraduate programs (B.Tech Programme in Civil Engineering was ♦ Dynamic analysis of concrete structures ♦ New materials and products in concrete introduced in the Institution in 2012. Associate Professor. a premier KEY NOTE SPEAKERS Dr. The Department keeps pace ♦ Corrosion monitoring and control with the ♦ Composites advances in technology by engaging in research and consultancy works in the various emerging areas of Civil Engineering ♦ Quality control REGISTRATION FEES Students INR 500 Academicians and Practicing Engineers INR 1500 Delegates INR 1000 Conference website and email www. The aim of the Er. NIT Calicut Dr. ♦ Health monitoring and damage diagnosis the Department of Civil Engineering is actively ♦ Finite element modeling engaged in grooming a large pool of students into ♦ Professional Ethics well trained engineers. UltraTech Cement Ltd. ICI. Information Technology and Civil Engineering and two PG programs ( Women in the state of Kerala.Tech) in Students.