A Model-Driven Methodology for Developing Secure


Data-Management Applications
A Study of Variability Models and Languages in the


Systems Software Domain
An Observe-Model-Exercise Paradigm to Test Event-


Driven Systems with Undetermined Input Spaces
Analyzing Critical Decision-Based Processes
Automated Fixing Of Programs with Contracts
Automatic Summarization of Bug Reports
Conservation of Information Software's Hidden


Dealing with Traceability in the MDD of Model


Effects of Developer Experience on Learning and


Applying Unit Test-Driven Development
Formulating Cost-Effective Monitoring Strategies for


Service-Based Systems
Governing Software Process Improvements in Globally


Distributed Product Development
Identifying Code of Individual Features in Client-Side


Web Applications
ITREE- Efficiently


Configurations Using Interaction Trees
Method book- Recommending Move


Refactoring via Relational Topic Models
Modular Software Model Checking For Distributed



CZ-SE-216 Systems On the Asymptotic Behavior of Adaptive Testing CZ-SE-217 CZ-SE-218 Strategy for Software Reliability Assessment Repent Analyzing the Nature of Identifier Renaming Specification and Verification of Normative Texts Using CZ-SE-219 C-O Diagrams Supporting Domain Analysis through Mining and CZ-SE-220 Recommending Features from Online Product Listings Supporting the Combined Selection of Model-Based CZ-SE-221 Testing Techniques Symbolic Crosschecking Of Data-Parallel Floating-Point CZ-SE-222 Code Synthesizing Multithreaded Code from Real-Time Object-Oriented Models via Schedulability . Process Capabilities. and Coordination In Software Development IMAGE PROCESSING CZ-IP-201 A Compressive Sensing Based Secure Watermark CZ-IP-202 CZ-IP-203 Detection and Privacy Preserving Storage Framework Partial Face Recognition: Alignment-Free Approach Digital Image Watermarking Scheme in Wavelet Domain CZ-IP-204 Using Chaotic Encryption Tolerance Evaluation for Defocused Images to Optical CZ-IP-205 Watermarking Technique Segmentation of Skin Lesions from Digital Images using .Aware CZ-SE-223 Thread Derivation Task Environment Complexity. Global Team Dispersion.

Fingerprint. and Face CZ-IP-216 Recognition A Frame-Level Rate Control Scheme Based on Texture and CZ-IP-217 Non texture Rate Models for High Efficiency Video Coding Inverse Halftoning With Context Driven Prediction .CZ-IP-206 Texture Distinctiveness with Neural Network A Bank Cheque Signature Verification System FFBP Neural Network Architecture and CZ-IP-207 CZ-IP-208 using Feature Extraction based on GLCM Improved 8-Point Approximate DCT for Image Despeckling of medical ultrasound kidney images in the curvelet domain using diffusion filtering and MAP CZ-IP-209 estimation Interpolated Average CT for Attenuation Correction in CZ-IP-210 PET—A Simulation Study Automatic Tuberculosis CZ-IP-211 Radiographs Lung Segmentation in Chest Radiographs Using CZ-IP-212 Anatomical Atlases With Nonrigid Registration Advanced Statistical Matrices for Texture CZ-IP-213 Characterization: Application to Cell Classification Hybrid Artifact Removal for Confocal Microwave CZ-IP-214 Breast Imaging Multihuman Tracking Based on a Spatial–Temporal CZ-IP-215 Appearance Match Image Quality Assessment Screening for Using Fake Chest Biometric Detection: Application to Iris.

CZ-IP-218 Novel Example-Based Method for Super-Resolution and CZ-IP-219 Denoising of Medical Images Regularized Tree Partitioning and Its Application to CZ-IP-220 Unsupervised Image Segmentation Visual Tracking via Discriminative Sparse Similarity CZ-IP-221 Map Image Interpolation Via Graph-Based Bayesian Label CZ-IP-222 Propagation An unsupervised feature selection dynamic mixture model for motion segmentation NS2 CZ-NS-201 An Energy-Efficient Mobile-Sink CZ-NS-202 Strategy for Wireless Sensor Networks An Intelligent Hybrid MAC With Traffic- Differentiation-Based Sensor QoS for Path Selection Wireless CZ-NS-203 Networks GrapIPh-Based Metrics for Insider Attack Detection in CZ-NS-204 VANET Multihop Data Dissemination Protocols Mobile-Projected Trajectory Algorithm with VelocityChange Detection for Predicting Residual Link Lifetime CZ-NS-205 in MANET Real-Time Implementation of a Harmony Search Algorithm-Based Clustering Protocol for Energy- .

CZ-NS-206 Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks A Probabilistic Misbehavior Detection Scheme toward Efficient Trust Establishment in Delay-Tolerant CZ-NS-207 CZ-NS-208 Networks Risk-Aware Mitigation for MANET Routing Attacks Survey on underwater delay/disruption tolerant wireless CZ-NS-209 sensor network routing Transmission-Efficient Clustering Method for Wireless CZ-NS-210 Sensor Networks Using Compressive Sensing Sensor Node Failure Detection Based on Round Trip CZ-NS-211 Delay and Paths in WSNs Delay and Capacity Analysis in MANETs with CZ-NS-212 Correlated Mobility and f-Cast Relay Hop-by-Hop Message Authentication and Source CZ-NS-213 Privacy in Wireless sensor nodes An Energy-Balanced Routing Method Based on CZ-NS-214 Forward-Aware Factor for Wireless Sensor Networks Neighbor Table Based Shortcut Tree Routing in ZigBee CZ-NS-215 Wireless Networks Secure and Efficient Data Transmission for ClusterBased Wireless Sensor Networks .