Total years of experience: 5.6 Years
Area of Expertise

 RF 2G/LTE Optimization Engineer. Having strong experience and
understanding in GSM / LTE Radio Network Optimization field.
 Having Multi- Vendor Experience – Ericsson , Huawei & Alcatel-Lucent.
Technical Competencies/skills
Drive Test &
Analysis Tool
Planning Tool

NEMO Outdoor 4 & 5,NEMO Analyzer , TEMS Discovery, Actix
Analyzer4 & 5, Gladiator, Rohde&Schwarz

Analysis Tool
RAN Equipment

M2000,WinFiol, ENIQ, BO.

Work Experience:
Skill Set 1:
worked for
End Customer /Domain

Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd.


SMART – Philippines / GSM Cluster KPI Monitoring &
SEP 2014 to Present

GSM - Analyze KPI statistic and provide optimization
solution to improve KPIs such as GSM Call setup
success rate, TCH call drop rate, SDCCH congestion ,
Handover success rate, etc,
Alarm’s Checking on daily basis & generating report .
Capacity Analysis.
Parameter Inconsistency checks.
Co BCCH & MAL frequency cleanups.
Post Optimization for 2G Cluster acceptance.
Neighbor planning for New Site’s.
Drive Test Analysis for 2G.
Physical optimization suggestions to DT team to
improve the KPI’s Rx Level,RX Qual,HOSR,Call Drops.

Drive log files post processing .50 and TEMS 10.TCH Blocking / SDCCH Blocking) by the help of Busy Hour/Daily Total Stats. Report preparation and providing recommendation for improvement of KPI. Testing the tools possibilities of generating the reports and sending e-Mails to the customer by Automation process in NEMO Analyzer 6. target BTS parameter changing. Analyzing the call drops reasons by Layer-3 messages. Interference. Airtel/Maxis/Vodafone –India (West Bengal) /GSM/WCDMA Nov 2013 to March 2014     Company worked for Vodafone –Australia /GSM March 2013 to July 2014  Company worked for Generating CR’s for parameter discrepancies & modifications. . Analyzing the drive data 2G. HOSR.  Aricent Groups – NSN . Aricent Groups – NSN . Skill Set 2: End Customer /Domain Duration Project Highlights  Skill Set 3: End Customer /Domain Duration Project Highlights       Skill Set 3: End Customer /Domain Duration Project Highlights Performing Audit for REC Violations. Report preparation with proper Justification where issues are beyond resolution. MAXIS). VODAFONE.3G.  (ALUMS) /Reliance GSM . 3G reports of the 3 major operators of WB India (BHARATI. MAIO. BSIC. HSN. Rectifying Worst Performing Cells having issues with high Call Drops.3 Data Consistency check between two tools(NEMO VS Gladiator).LTE in NEMO Analyzer 6. Blocking.CDMA Project    May 2010 to Nov 2013 Daily Monitoring of KPIs (DCR.0.50. Frequency Tuning of city including Frequency Hopping. Hardware & Sector Swapping issues on daily basis. Generate and analyze the 2G.

    Performing Neighbor & Parameter audit. Professional Qualifications/Education . capacity site survey.  Performing TEC drive with the Govt auditors for the Major Towns. propose estimated electrical and mechnical tilt to prevent overshooting.GPRS/EDGE testing. site relocation.     Company worked for Proposed Optimization which includes to propose the height and azimuth of sector to utilize the cell maximum.Radio Network Optimization – (Associate) ECP.  Responsible for Vizag Clusters which includes single site verification. heights and azimuths to reduce overshooting of cells and bad RxLevel and RxQual patches. corrective action and verification after performing activity.Radio Access Network – (Associate) LTE Air Interface training by Ericsson Academy. Responsile for RF Survey which includes new site survey.short call. Customer Complaint Handling which involve detail analysis of problem.Mapinfo. RFM portal sites data updating. customer complaints requires detail analysis of problem.  Performing TRAI drive with the Govt auditors for the Major Towns.long call.preparing presentations USING NEMO Analyzer. Site survey to offload highly utilized cell.  Adecco India Pvt Ltd. India Professional Training & Certification    ECP. Suggestion to resolve the indoor coverage issue by recommending IBS solutions. Hard Optimization which includes adjustment of antenna tilts. Actix . corrective action to resolve the issues.

Pratap Reddy : Plot No:59.Door No:-9/454.28%. 1st street. A. in 2006 with an aggregate of 61.P.Sivagami Nagar. Chennai-600100. Declaration: I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge. Personal Information: Date of Birth Passport Number Marital Status Father’s Name Contact Address : MAY 27th 1985. D VIVEK . TamilNadu. : G3221917 : Married : D. Qualification Awarded: B Tech (Computers Science and Engineering from Jawahar Lal Nehru Technical University. Medavakkam. India.