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“जान1 का अ+धकार, जी1 का अ+धकार”

“प0रा1 को छोड न' 5 तरफ”

“The Right to Information, The Right to Live”

“Step Out From the Old to the New”

Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan

Jawaharlal Nehru

IS 5388 (1983): Hexagon Handles for Plain and Threaded Plug
Gauges [PGD 25: Engineering Metrology]

“!ान $ एक न' भारत का +नम-ण”
Satyanarayan Gangaram Pitroda

“Invent a New India Using Knowledge”

“!ान एक ऐसा खजाना > जो कभी च0राया नहB जा सकता ह”


“Knowledge is such a treasure which cannot be stolen”



1993 IS Indian Standard ( Reaffirmed 1998 ) SPECIFICATION FOR HEXAG. 0 August 1991. WY1 BDGES 3ROKEN I-_=r : c TAPER 1:50 r TAPER 1:50 r-- I”.and Including -- 3 5’5 6 9 6 12 7 16 5’1 - 6 10 10 14 14 18 6 - II. Scope .1 For size range of gauging zonforming to the dimensions handles.First Reprint AUGUST 1991 U DC 621-229’212 : 621’753’3 : 531’718’2 : 621’882*5’Oi)2 (incorporating Amendment No.ON HANDLES FOR PLAIN AND THREADED PLUG GAUGES ( Second Revision ) I. Dimensions 2. taper lock type given in Table 1 are recommended.5 9 - 80 26 19’5 17 18 j0 15. handles for plain and threaded plug gauges for diameters !. DIMENSIONS FOR TAPER LOCK HANDLES All dimensions in millimetres. TABLE 1 double ended. Recommended Size Range of Plain and Throaded Gauges Up to.3 11 - 90. 1) : 5388 .Covers requirements for Hexagon !p to 250 mm and 200 mm respectively. BIS Adopted 2 November 1983 BUREAU MANAK OF BHAVAN. L * I- HANDLE NUMBERS 1 TO L HANDLE NUMBERS 5 To 7 .- *. members up to 40 mm or M 40. 28 25 22 30 40 8’5 ‘Including. INDIAN Gr2 STANDARDS 9 BAHADUR SHAH NEW DELHI 110002 ZAFAR MARG .

1983 2.2 6.Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloys conforming of IS : 733-1975 ’ Specification for wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy ( for general engineering purposes 1 ( second revision ) ‘. as Ml 2 x 1’25. 6. 8 IS: 5388 as: type single ended handle No.1 The hexagon socket cheese head screw shall conform to Grade A of IS : 1367 ( Part ’ Technical supply conditions for threaded steel. c) Any other marking /SI Cert-Scation 8.1 WI IL with specified Marking - Shall be suitably (if any).2 For size range of gauging members above 40 up to and including 65 mm for plain and above M40 up to and including M65 for threaded. Non-metallic General handles with metallic inserts on fastening position for the trilock fastening to Designation bars.1 The external 2 )-I979 (second threaded with full Finish surfaces of the handles shall be assembled smooth and unit and shall shall have provide complete a bright or anodized finish.6 of IS : 1367 ( Part 3 )-1979 ’ Technical supply conditions for steel fasteners: Part 3 Mechanical properties and test methods for bolts. b) Manufacturer’s 7. and in the relevent Details packed available to prevent Indian Standards with the Indian damage 2 during on plug gauges. Designation The handles Examples shall be designated 2) A trilock 3) by the handle number and the number of this standard.. 5.4 The dimensions of the hexagon socket cheese head screw required type handles both single and double ended. : 1) A taper lock handle fastening A trilock.2 63400 sections type single ended handle No. Backing - sliall be marked **ml? I L3 n \. Workmanship and 5. ntr3 d. 3. Marking - a) Handle The following name or trade-mark. 10 IS : 5388 The hexagon socket cheese head screw required for the trilock by the size d.1 Workmanship interchangeability. length and the number of this standard.3 For size range of gauging members above 65 up to and including 250 mm for plain and above M65 up to and including M200 for threaded. I_ I3 tength rclnn : 3JUU on the handles: number.1 4. shall give good degree of rigidity to the All sharp edges shatl be rounded.. fasteners : Part 2 Product grades and tolerance revision ) ’ and property class 4. 45 mm shall be .. single ended trilock fastening type handles conforming to the ~dimensions given in Table 2 are recommended. Institution.. rods and may also be used. as: GO gauge shall be designated as: fastening be type handles shall designated Example : A hexagon designated socket as: cheese head screw P___. 7 shall be designated as: Handle No. 10 forNO Handle No. Material . 3. screws and studs loadability ( second revision ) ‘. 2. 3c. Standards transit. 9 for GO gauge shall be designated Handle No. shall be as given in Table 3. double ended trilock fastening type handles conforming to the dimensions given in Table 2 are recommended. * 2. nn*r.rew 7. 7 IS : 5388 type double ended handle No. 5. Requirements 4. 8 shall be designated Handle No.fastening No.IS : 5388 . 9 IS : 5388 4) A trilock fastening 6.

10 XX s Recommended A Plain Gauges r “:II MlZx1.IS : 5388 .8 SPACED L SINGLE ENDED HANDLE NO.- ENLARGED Handle d. SPACED EDGE eROK r------L DOUBLE 3 PRONGS EQUALLY c -_-LA NOGOSIDE ENDED HANDLE NO.1983 TABLE 2 DlNlENSlONS FOR TRILOCK FASTENING ( Clauses 2.25 125 ti22 150 x 1’5 Size Threaded Gauges . .2 and 2.3 ) All dimensions 3 PRONGS \EOUALLY TYPE HANDLES in millimetres.9 FOR GO 3 PRONGS T- EQUALLY SPACED EDG BRO I ! _I q. SEC’IION L SINGLE ENDED HANDLE FOR NO GO NO.

llr~ .nC.. In addition.n IIIUI(1. First revision was brought out in 1980 on the of IS0 3670-l 979 ’ Blanks for plug gauges and handles ( taper lock and trilock ) and ring gaugesDesign and general dimensions ‘..Llln\n.. 3 DIMENSIONS for.1983 TABLE Ml2 x 1’25 M22 x 1’5 *Recommended use L as 45 mm.u 1”II”“Y~U III marking.GO FOR HEXAGON SOCKET gauging member of size range above 120 EXPLANATORY CHEESE HEAD SCREWS mm up to and including 250 mm. New Delhi. NOTE This standard was originally published in 1969. Unit..f.. lndia ....x I”I”uIII~aI.e... “PSl~..~:~~“*:~~ ---I ...r\A ...” ilLC. basis This standard has now been revised again to bring it in line with the latest manufacturing prachAnA.-%nn --An :.l:rr.. BIS.“I “.-J.-..~nr h.....-:--?. I. the scope of th? standard has been extended to cover handles for threaded plug l gauges of sizes up to and including M200.k. 4 ReprograDhv -.I:.-nl+. A. issued by the International Organization for Standardization. for NO GO.“IIJ IILaYcz “CiVll Illau= III Ir..IS : 5388 .. ..q”l~~irllu.r~+..ldl.ll~1131”115. . 1n.“ll a.