Statement of Claims against the Key Selection Criteria

Name: Meghna Amin
Job title: Research Assistant
Position Number: 0041560
1. Masters level degree in a social science discipline
I received my Master’s Degree in Sociology from Manipal Centre for Philosophy and
Humanities, Manipal University. I have been academically trained in inter disciplinary
Humanities as I also took courses in Philosophy and English Literature at the Master’s level.
2. Established knowledge of contemporary India's politics, society and economy
As part of my Master’s dissertation, I conducted a period study on the head loading
women of the Mogaveera fishing community of Coastal Karnataka, India. As an insider to the
community, my thesis is a native ethnographic and anthropological account that sheds light
on matrilineal family setup, caste and gender politics as well as the barter system that
reinforced authority of the matriarch in the community. It documents the transition of the
fishing trade from a caste based occupation to a highly mechanized industry, which
increasingly has been drawing migrant population from across the country.
The fieldwork experience had contributed immensely to my deeper engagement with
contemporary politics of gender and caste. The subaltern perspectives emerging from the
ground informed and guided my thinking and research. A critical rethinking of micro-political
and social units from the vantage point of these subaltern fisher women deepened my grasp
of contemporary Indian politics and society.
3. Demonstrated experience in contributing / undertaking research reports preferably
on India related subjects
As part of my ethnography, I have documented around 50 interviews of Mogaveera
community members spanning over three generations, whose ages varied from 90 to 25. This
period study demonstrates how the Mogaveera women were the chief bread earners of the
family for the longest period of time. After extensive fieldwork in the harbour region of
Malpe, I wrote a 30,000 word dissertation titled ‘Putting Food on the Table: A Period Study
on the Head Loading Mogaveera Women’ for my Master’s Degree.


I painstakingly went through government records. I had the opportunity to be a part of the organizing committee to host several National and International conferences and workshops on campus. The former is largely due to my academic training whereas the latter stems from my experience working as a manager in a restaurant for a year. Moreover. 2 . To support my research. including the production of media reports and policy reports I do possess strong written and oral communication skills. writers. I compiled several academic reports and contributed articles recording the proceedings of various conferences held on campus as a member of the editorial committee. it was synthesized in a manner befitting the standards of research without compromising on academic integrity. These mythologies have been gathered from the elderly while participating in communal rituals and festivities. land and property listings to reconstruct the socio-economic conditions of the time. Demonstrated ability to work to deadlines and to set priorities with excellent organisational skills. I am an able presenter as I manage to unpack complex concepts and ideas to eager students on an everyday basis. 6. folk artists and social scientists. I managed to record some folk and oral retellings of myths that resonate closely with the Mogaveera community. I obtained some valuable information from interviews with a slew of personalities such as some regional historians. I am currently employed as an English teacher in a higher secondary school. During the course of my higher education. I managed to track down sources that were out of circulation and extract anecdotes from the memoirs shared with me by the interviewees. I was a core committee member in organizing the III International Deleuze Studies in Asia Conference held at Manipal.4. Proven ability to source data and documents to support research program of the Institute. Due to my University training. 5. I transcribed Tulu manuscripts and unpublished material to English. Strong written and oral communication skills. My academic report is a testimony to my ability to deliver under pressure. while always meeting stipulated deadlines.

I served as the intermediary. we were keen on understanding the several reasons that continued to push the youth of the fishing community towards their caste based occupation i.7. Demonstrated capacity for collaborative research and capacity to work effectively with Academic and Administrative staff and policy makers with the ability to work Independently and as part of a team Apart from working collectively with several members of the Mogaveera community for my dissertation. 3 . As budding sociologists. fishing. translator between my classmates and community members. I have also organised several interviews with them as part of the Research Methods Module.e.