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Basic UART Tutorial


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Whenever we want to communicate between PC and MCU or between two MCUs , the simplest way to
achieve that is using UART. UART stands for Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter.
UART communication basically uses 2 pins for Data transfer and these are :
1. TxD (or Tx) – which is the Transmit Data Pin used to send data
2. RxD (or Rx) – which is the Receive Data Pin used to get data
UART sends & receives data in form of chunks or packets. These chunks or packets are also referred to
as ‘transmission characters’. The structure of a data packets is as shown below:

Uart data packet begins with a ‘0’. This bit is also called as “Start Bit” which signi瀀es incoming data. Next
comes the actual data which can be 5 to 8 bits in length. After the data an optional parity bit can be
used for error checking. Lastly comes the “Stop Bit(s)” which is a ‘1’ and this signi瀀es end of current data
packet. Note that either 1 or 2 stop bits can be used and the parity bit can be : Even , Odd , forced to 1
i.e. Mark parity , forced to 0 i.e. Space parity or None. (In UART/RS232 context a MARK means 1 and
SPACE means 0 , hence Marking state means a stream(series) of 1s and Spacing state means a
stream of 0s)
Here is an example of a packet having 8 data bits , odd parity bit and 2 stop bits :

Posted By Umang Gajera Posted date: November 26, 2013 in: Embedded 1 Comment
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work on 5V. PICs . On PC/Laptop side you need a software that can communicate with your microcontroller using via Serial the communication Interface provided by your operating system. etc.. using USB to Serial TTL module based on FTDI’s FT232R Chip.3v MCUs or 5v MCUs. Right Click “My Computer” > Click on “Manage” > and Click on “Device Manager” and you will see a window similar to what is given below :  .Uart connections between diတerent MCUs . and so on.. COM2 . lpc1768 . The 瀀rst thing to take care is the voltage levels for communication. Some microcontrollers like lpc2148 . etc. PICs . etc. In windows this interface is named as “COMx” for e.3 Volts and others like AVRs . lpc2148 . In order for terminal softwares to communicate you need to select the proper COM port. Modules and PC/Laptop  Interfacing PC or Laptop with a Microcontroller using UART Generally these days we interface Microcontrollers like lpc1768 . AVRs .g COM1 . These COM port mappings can be found in device manager. work on 3.. Hence . you need to make sure that your module has appropriate voltage levels for 3.

Share this:  Share Tags: tutorial  Like UART  Tweet  Share  Share  Share  Previous Rumor:GTX Titan about to get a refresh? Next  LPC2148 UART Programming Tutorial ABOUT THE AUTHOR Umang Gajera  1 Comment   Recommend    1  OCFreaks! ⤤ Share  Login Sort by Newest Join the discussion…  pandey. it might get delayed .g. 1 stop bit]” then other end also must use this con瀀guration. As i have to design a uart driver from scratch as my project so i need a feasible programming code with your explanations and suggestions as early as possible for which i will be highly obliged.ketan • 3 years ago Sir i started learning uart basics with your tutorials which have proved to be very useful. in PuttyTel this done as shown below : You can get PuttyTel from Here.In my case I am using a USB to Serial TTL module which is available as “COM3” in windows. Later on LPC1768 Uart Tutorial will be posted – depends on how much time I get . 8 data bits . Finally you need to con瀀gure your terminal software with baud rate and other information.. no parity . For example. Note : Both the communication ends must have same packet con瀀guration and baud rate else it won’t work properly! For e. LPC2148 Uart Tutorial is posted @ Here . if one end is using “[9600 bauds . Direct download link : Here. △   ▽ • Reply • Share › ✉ Subscribe d Add Disqus to your site Add Disqus Add ὑ Privacy .

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