The Foundations of Grant Writing

Foreign languages and various other projects intended to stimulate professional skills development. Accounting. The Academy prioritizes the following training directions: Finances. Management. Tax Administration. . Budgeting.The Academy of the Ministry of Finance A state-educational institution that aims professional development and career growth of the staff of the Ministry of Finance. The Academy conducts training-programs for the representatives of the Ministry of Finance and public or private organizations as well as all other interested individuals. providing the Ministry with the new qualified employees by organizing high level training-programs provided by Georgian and foreign trainers.

The Academy provides exclusive training programs in ten directions.Training Needs Analysis In order to provide and develop effective training programs. Assessment Center The Academy provides all interested organizations with professional tests such as the “Personal Psychological Portrait Test” that will assist organizations in recruiting appropriate human capital and hence allocation of these resources. the Academy firstly provides training needs analysis – to become familiar with public needs and demands. .

The Academy has already launched and successfully completed four internship programs and the number of registered totaled more than 8000.Organizing and Implementing Internship Programs The internship program is provided for the new personal. The database enables public and private sector representatives to find appropriate personnel for them. preparing them for their future employment. . Career Planning and Development Center of the Academy The database program launched on the Academy website intends to support employment and career development of the Academy trainees.

. however had an employer ask if you have experience in grant writing or have you taken any classes.About the Program – “The Foundations of Grantwriting” The interest in grant writing certification is increasing daily and rightly so. Have you ever been asked by an employer. Executive Directors. although a very technical form of writing and an extremely important position within any non-profit. private organizations and companies or governmental agencies. fundraising specialists. and understand the proposal development. Grant writing. and submission process. private organizations and companies and governmental agencies. international relations specialists. is NOT a profession. enabling proposals and applications to be more competitive oriented on the success of the organization. But the problem is the particular area of interest. This high level 42-hour training course teaches trainees the key points of grant writing. Participants will learn how to develop ideas for winning grant proposals. it is a position. “Do you have a degree in grant writing?” No. identify the right funding source for them. Most grant writers are not just grant writers. I bet you have. Here is the deal! We offer certification for grant writing where you will be formally instructed in this area of interest! The course on “The Foundations of Grant Writing” is geared toward those who work for non-profit organizations. etc. They are Board Members.

role and the mechanics. RFP. Writing a background and sector description.Practical Exercises Practice & review of pre-writing skills. Introduce “Prospect Research” phrase of grant writing. “WHY section” or “Problem Statement” for a donor: purpose. Introduce the Mission/Vision statement of an agency and grant proposal. Discussions Reviews/ Examples . international donor audience. Executive summery. “Goals and objectives” section of a grant.

the International Republican Institute (IRI) and USAID subcontractors. January 17-February 18.Course Details THE FOUNDATIONS OF GRANTWRITING PRICE 533 GEL DURATION 42 HOURS/14 DAYS TRAINER-EXPERT Ariela Shapiro STARTING – ENDING TIME Strategic fundraising and communications strategies developer at International Crisis Group (ICG). 2013 . Consultant with Deloitte’s Economic Prosperity Initiative Project (EPI).