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computers need simple instructions called programs • Scratch is a great place to start programming • What the ingredients of a Scratch project are A program is a list of instructions for the computer What Does a Computer Understand? Instructions for computers have to be written following special rules and using only words the computer understands. Scratch has large collections (or “libraries”) of cool graphics and fun sounds you can play around with. In Scratch. and fun to experiment with. These words and rules make up a “programming language. C++. What You’ll Learn: • To do tasks. such as JavaScript. and Python. Let your imagination run wild—you’ll soon pick up the coding skills you need! A WORLD OF IDEAS: SEE ALL THERE IS TO KNOW The blocks fit together like jigsaw pieces We can make lots of sounds! Learn more at www. What is Scratch? Scratch is a computer programming language that’s easy for beginners to use. Scratch Projects With Scratch. games. you can make your own interactive animations. and Scratch is free. or coding.” There are lots of different programming languages. Many have funny names. music. safe. Giving instructions to the computer is known as programming.What is Scratch? A computer doesn’t have a smart brain like you. programs are made by joining together coloured blocks using the mouse. so everything you want it to do must be broken down into lists of simple instructions called and http://scratch. These groups of blocks (called scripts) tell characters on the screen (called sprites) what to .

change how it looks.................... A . Answers: 1..... 1. 2. talk in speech bubbles. script... Starting a program is called ............................... Objects that perform actions in a project are called .... The action takes place in an area called the stage... 3.................... stage and http://scratch... the action takes place on the ......... 3.. It makes the shark sprite bounce around the stage.................. A collection of sounds or graphics is called a . Click the green flag to run (start) a program Shark patrol by abcd (unshared) Backdrop (background picture) Click the red button to stop a program Add a script to make the shark sprite move Sprites are used for all the objects we want to move or control clicked Scripts for Sprites forever next costume wait 0. Show What You Know Fill in the spaces to practice the key language of Scratch......... 2...” which can be changed........ Think of it like a play....... In a Scratch program... A block might tell a sprite to move.What Makes Up a Scratch Project? Here’s a Scratch project... is a set of instructions (program) in Scratch. bounce This is an example of a script... library when This is the stage . A WORLD OF IDEAS: SEE ALL THERE IS TO KNOW Learn more at www.... Each block gives an instruction to the sprite............ Behind is the backdrop —the “scenery....... 5....... opening and closing its mouth... sprites. 5.25 secs move 10 steps if on edge. react to other sprites. it................... The “actors” (the sprites) are controlled by lists of instructions (the scripts).. or make a sound. steps . Enter the code: GO! A WORLD OF IDEAS: SEE ALL THERE IS TO KNOW when up arrow ▾ key pressed when down arrow ▾ key pressed point in direction 0▾ point in direction 180▾ move move 10 steps 10 steps when left arrow ▾ key pressed when right arrow ▾ key pressed point in direction -90▾ point in direction 90▾ move move 10 steps 10 Press the arrow keys to move Learn more at www.25 beats move -30 steps play drum 2 for and http://scratch. Choose your sprite: New sprite: Choose a sprite from the library Enter the code: when clicked forever move 30 steps play drum 1 for 0.Scratch Activities PROGRAM MOVE TO A BEAT Have your sprite dance to a drum beat.25 beats GO! Click the green flag to run (start) a program PROGRAM KEY MOVES Use the arrow keys to move the sprite. and http://scratch. Choose your sprite: New sprite: Choose a sprite from the library Enter the code: when space ▾ key pressed change color ▾ GO! effect by 25 Press space bar to change colours Tip: change color ▾ You can choose a different effect or effect by 25 Type a different number Then press the space bar again PROGRAM SAY SOMETHING What do you want your sprite to say? Choose your sprite: New sprite: Choose a sprite from the library Coding is a hoot! Enter the code: when this sprite clicked say Coding is a hoot! for 2 Type in any words GO! Click on the sprite to start A WORLD OF IDEAS: SEE ALL THERE IS TO KNOW Learn more at Activities PROGRAM COLOUR CHANGE Press a key and change the colour of a secs .

bug A mistake in a program. run To start a input Data that goes into a program. data Information—for example.Scratch Glossary animation Changing pictures quickly to make something appear to move on the screen. sprite A picture on the stage that a script can move and change. backpack A way to copy things between Scratch projects. event Something that happens on the computer. causing errors. loop An instruction that makes other instructions repeat. from the keyboard. like a mouse click. such as OS X or Windows. such as adding two numbers and http://scratch. stage The area containing the sprites. block An instruction in Scratch. A variable always has a name and a value. for example. library A collection of sprites. condition A “true or false?” question that is used to make a decision in a computer program. where a Scratch project runs. The Scratch programming language enables you to mix pictures. sounds. string The word used by programmers for data that contains words. and scripts to make new computer programs. numbers or words. sounds. LINGO Why is it called Scratch? “Scratching” is a way of mixing different sounds to make new music. program A list of instructions that tell a computer what to do. or costumes. variable A place to store data in a . to find and fix the errors in a program. It’s called a bug because insects got into the wiring of the first computers. Blocks can be joined together. debug To remove bugs. operator A block that works something out from data. script A stack of instructions that are run in A WORLD OF IDEAS: SEE ALL THERE IS TO KNOW Learn more at www. backdrop The picture behind the sprites on the stage. costume The picture a sprite shows on the stage. operating system (OS) The program that controls everything on your computer.