Business Challenge

Digital shift from
websites to mobile
apps raised a new
challenge for
Glamour, resulting
into decline in
website traffic, leads,
conversions and ROI,
and not to say, it was
deteriorating its
brand reputation as
well to an extent.

Glamour App Takes Mobile Commerce to
a New Level
Product Overview
Glamour is a mobile commerce app for a renowned online apparel merchant,
known by the same name (Glamour) based in Brazil. This is a native iOS mobile app
compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The app allows shoppers to browse
through its collection-- womenswear, menswear, and infant designer dresses and
accessories--- make choices, place orders and track delivery status. Taking
advantage of its secured and flexible payment gateway, shoppers can make
payment using any cards accepted by globally recognized banks.

Factors Necessitating the Mobile App
Growth in the mobile usage (Increased by 58%)
Growth in the mobile app usage (80% of the mobile time is spent in apps alone)
Growth in shopping apps adoption (Lifestyle and shopping apps recorded 81%


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Business Challenges
Improving the user-engagement across multiple devices
Improving digital engagement
Containing digital marketing budget
Pushing lead generation and conversion
Improving customer-experience

Leveraging the exclusive capabilities of iOS Swift SDK, our iOS app developer
designed and developed a fully-featured mobile commerce apps to help shoppers
make smart choices depending upon their needs and budgets from a wide range of

(m-Commerce App)
pushed its marketing
endeavor, favoring
and customer
acquisition, and
helped the brand in
monetizing the
paradigm shift in the
digital engagement.

Shoppers can:
Explore merchandises and narrow-down choices
Compare products
Get updates on the latest arrivals and events
Read news and explore media coverage about the brand
Upload images showcasing their experience with the brand

Improving the customer-experience, Glamour, has become the top choice of
consumers interested in contemporary designer dresses. Key benefits can be
summarized as:
Improved user-engagement
Improved customer-acquisition
Increased productivity and business efficiency
Improved brand reputation

Why it Interested Us?
In the mobile app development sector, working with the iOS Swift framework is
perceived as a challenging task, but here lies our expertise and passion. We are
always ready to tread the untrodden path. We take pride in our skilled Swift mobile
app developers, who know the ins and outs of its library, resources, plugins and APIs
to fully unleash its potential.

Understanding the likes and dislikes of mobile app users
Building simple and interactive UI
Enabling strong synchronization of data from different plug-ins
Incorporating effective privacy safety settings
Building a modular and scalable mobile app

We accepted the challenge, and as per the strategy, we succeeded in building a
user-friendly mobile app to help the business effectively market its products across
its target customers by delivering a superior digital experience.
To let the app cohesively work with the device, we have meticulously used the Swift
compiler, Swift front-end, SIL optimiser, LLVM IR optimiser and code generator.
Simplicity is the core aspect of the app. Consumers and the vendor can make use of
the front-end and back-end interface with absolute ease. The former can browse,
compare, shop, pay, and track orders and the latter can keep the store abuzz with
new arrivals. The vendor can also take advantage of the analytics to empower its
upsell and cross-sell technique.

Our software testing team is committed for delivering a superior digital experience
to end-users. We subjected Glamour through a comprehensive test. The brief
summary of it is given for your reference.
1. Interrupt conditions
We examined the product against Incoming/outgoing calls, notifications, messages,
gaming, browsing, and other range of activities that are usually performed using
handheld devices.
2. Installation/Uninstallation
To ensure that installation and uninstallation processes remain flawless and
uninterrupted, we verified the product across different devices.
3. Network conditions
We analyzed the app’s performance along with the installation and uinstallation
processes across different devices, and under different network conditions.
4. Performance conditions
We also made sure that other apps and services associated with the iOS device of
the users are not getting hindered by the presence or function of Glamour app.
5. Device integration conditions
We examined the communication of the app with different hardware components,
viz., GPS, video and camera, and more, to make sure that users are able to fully
utilize the app’s functionality.

Digital visibility is a must for any mobile app. We published the mobile app on
Google Play and iTunes by strictly observing their rules and regulations to make sure
prospects, customers and fans can easily access the app, and connect with the
brand. We closely watch the customer’s reviews that get surfaced on the stores or
other reputed online portals and try to come with the efficient fix at our earliest in
subsequent updates.

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