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Front cover: illustratione from Carol Twombly: Her brief but brilliant career in type design (page 2), with cover type in Twombly’s Trajan and Nueva.
Rear cover: 18th century water-powered stampingAVAILABLE
machine, from
of Medieval and Renaissance Papermaking (opposite page).




City of Medieval and
Renaissance Papermaking
by Sylvia Rodgers Albro

Fabriano was at the center of Medieval and Renaissance Europe’s
paper industry, favored by merchants and Michelangelo, princes
and popes (including one who secretly ordered it while in exile),
and a growing, international clientele. Today, Fabriano paper is
still in demand among artists and printers for high-quality work...
and this book is printed on Fabriano Onyx.
In Fabriano: City of Medieval and Renaissance Papermaking Sylvia
Rodgers Albro explores how the Arab art of handmade paper
came to the Italian peninsula in the thirteenth century and why
Fabriano was well-positioned to develop as the heart of this artisan craft, first in Italy and subsequently for a larger Mediterranean
territory. The story of Fabriano’s success involves colorful figures
from monks, mercenaries, and merchants to engineers, entrepreneurs, and assassins. As Fabriano perfected the papermaking
craft, fine white Italian hand-made paper—admired for its exceptional quality and durability—was unrivaled in Europe from
the fourteenth to the eighteenth centuries. Rare books, prints, and manuscripts made with Italian paper from this period have
survived in remarkably pristine condition.
Through illuminating text, Albro analyzes the conditions that have kept the city’s papermaking industry in business for
eight centuries even as many other areas have ceased production. More than 200 illustrations document this remarkable history. Many illustrations pair images of original artifacts from Italian archives and Library of Congress collections made with
Fabriano paper and their identifying watermarks, the latter revealed through beta-radiography and digital photography. A
glossary of Italian terminology and technical appendices complete the volume.
Sylvia Rodgers Albro is a senior conservator of rare materials on paper at the Library of Congress.
2016, hardcover, dust jacket, 9 x 9 inches, 240 pages
ISBN 9781584563518, Order No. 123419, $95.00
Available in November

AT 800-996-2556



Carol Twombly

Her brief but brilliant career in type design
by Nancy Stock-Allen

This study is a fascinating inside look at digital type design, the rather mysterious career of one of its most important practitioners, and the history and culture
of Adobe Type, with additional insight into other type designers of the digital
era. It is difficult to imagine a graphic designer in the last quarter century who is
not familiar with at least some of Carol Twombly’s typefaces. Yet many of those
who use her fonts today would be hard pressed to name their designer.
Twombly studied at the Rhode Island School of Design under professor Charles
Bigelow, and she also studied at the Bigelow & Holmes studio. She joined
Adobe Systems in 1988, when the company was hiring young designers for the
newly launched type department. During her ten years at Adobe, she designed
some of the most recognizable and popular typefaces on the market today,
including Trajan (1989), Charlemagne (1989), Lithos (1989), Adobe Caslon
(1990), Myriad (1991, with Robert Slimbach), Viva (1993), Nueva (1994), and
Chaparral (1997). In 1994, Twombly
won the Prix Charles Peignot, given
by the Association Typographique
Internationale (ATypI)—the first
woman, and second American, to
receive the award.

“An informative chronicle of the genesis of
digital type and the surprising parallel story
of some of its greatest innovators and their
groundbreaking work.”

Having achieved international recog— E.M. Ginger, from the Foreword
nition, Twombly was uncomfortable
being in the public eye at conferences and in Adobe marketing materials. She also
grew dissatisfied with changes at Adobe and with her evolving role at the company.
In 1999 she left both Adobe and her career to pursue other artistic interests.
Nancy Stock-Allen is a graphic designer and a blogger on subjects related to design,
type, and women in design history. She was formerly Professor of Graphic Design
and department chair at the Moore College
of Art and Design. She interviewed and corresponded extensively with Carol Twombly
and many of her associates and colleagues
in writing this profile of a woman who rose
to the top of a field historically dominated
by men, at a time of barrier-breaking and
technological revolution.
Illustrated throughout with halftones,
examples of Twombly’s design process, and
type specimens, this book will be of interest
to anyone involved in type design, typography, and computer-aided graphic design.
2016, hardcover, dust jacket
6.625 x 9.875 inches, 176 pages
ISBN 9781584563464
Order No. 125344, $49.95
Available in December

a provincial clergyman who attained great fame in the capital of the monde philosophe. Federico Barbierato University of Verona 2016. $55. where he is a casual visiting lecturer in the civil law department. Order No. was written by the Abbé de Vertot and printed in Paris in four quarto volumes in 1726. John. Histoire des Chevaliers Hospitaliers de S. enlightenment printing trends. His field of research is 18th-century prohibited literature and anonymous publications “A major contribution to the history of the book and the cultural history of early modern European networks. 6. John to be its chronicler and compose a history of the Order from its humble origins in Jerusalem until the year of publication. the publication was buried in the Vatican’s literary cemetery. Robert Thake holds a Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Malta. Jean de Jerusalem.5 inches.” Prof. hardcover. printing in the eighteenth century.COM . dust jacket. The author. shortly after it saw the light. What was meant to be a chronicle of the Catholic Order ended up attracting the ire of the inquisition due to the numerous anti-papist statements which the author included and. This study is based on hitherto unpublished sources from nineteen archives and libraries around the world. and the history of censorship. affectionately referred to as Histoire de Malte. 128977. The story of the Abbé de Vertot and his Histoire de Malte will fascinate scholars of the history of the book.5 x 9. He is the owner of a unique collection of historical books and manuscripts on Malta and the Order of St John. the history of Malta and the Order of St. was commissioned by the Order of St. the Index Librorum Prohibitorum. 408 pages ISBN 99781584563570. He is a member of The Bibliographical Society of London and the Oxford Bibliographical Society. Vertot spent thirteen years composing the work but the product was far from what his patrons expected.FALL 2016 CATALOGUE 3 A Publishing History of a Prohibited Bestseller The Abbé de Vertot and His Histoire de Malte by Robert Thake This remarkable and entertaining study examines perhaps the most notorious example of a book whose enormous popular success was due almost entirely to its being banned by the Vatican.00 Available in December ORDER BY PHONE AT 800-996-2556 OR BY EMAIL AT OAKKNOLL@OAKKNOLL.

References and an index follow.L. An entry typically consists of: name of the flower. 1542–1586 by Hendrik D. or rather. type-specimens and artifacts that have been preserved. 2015). 248 pages ISBN 99781584563556. the American Printing Historical Association presented him with its annual award for distinguished contribution to the study of printing history.25 x 9. have attracted only cursory attention in such broader works as Morison’s on the ‘Fell’ types (1967). The other half seems attributable to ornamentists. hardcover.00 Available in December AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW. Vervliet Robert Granjon (1513–1590) was a younger contemporary of Claude Garamont (c. materials (cast or woodcut). occurrences of punches.75 inches. as is surmised here. and flowers and ornaments used by de Tournes in Lyons (1544–1577).L.4 OAK KNOLL PRESS Granjon’s Flowers An enquiry into Granjon’s. the author describes one hundred and three ornaments with first appearances during Granjon’s active life. Giolito’s. de Tournes in Lyons. by typographic scholar Hendrik Vervliet. first occurrence. In 2011. stylistic criteria. width. however. working for de Tournes in Lyons or Giolito in Venice. either in his own publications and at presses of his associates and regular customers—such as Fezandat in Paris. but except for a dozen combinable type-ornaments surveyed by the author previously. 7. a source for some or all of his designs.COM . such as Giolito’s publications in Venice. however elegant and innovative. it became clear that only about half of them could be attributed to Granjon on more or less sure grounds. facsimile at actual size. his printers’ flowers. Appendices include illustrated lists of ornaments by size. The chapter on Giolito’s ornaments aims to clear up the problem of whether Gabriele Giolito was Granjon’s first customer. 2016. as yet nameless. or type. punchcutter.OAKKNOLL. and date. At the end of the author’s research. dust jacket. and De Tournes’ ornaments. His typefaces have been studied in some depth. examines which ‘printer’s flowers’—alternative terms are fleurons or type-ornaments—may be attributed to Granjon.1510–1561) and with him one of the great names in the history of type-design. motif. 127576. Silvius in Antwerp. The contents include a chronology of Granjon’s ornaments (1544– 1586). Building on earlier researches into sixteenth-century vine leaves and Granjon’s combinable ornaments (2012. instances of nonproprietary use. height and width. Henrik D. Granjon’s known whereabouts at a first appearance. matrices. Vervliet was Librarian at the University of Antwerp and a professor at the University of Amsterdam. occurrences in publications. ornaments used by Gabriele Giolito in Venice (1542–1550). Arguments used for attributing flowers to Granjon were: archival references. and Basa in Rome—or in potential sources. This book. $65. recent literature and notes. Order No. The main user of Granjon’s founts in Lyons was Jean de Tournes. Previous studies of de Tournes either evaded the problem or were sketchy and unillustrated.

and the Dalziel Archive in the British Museum. Maroussia Oakley has been enthused by the illustrative work of Arthur Hughes for many years. 1869-71.00 Available in November ORDER BY PHONE AT 800-996-2556 OR BY EMAIL AT OAKKNOLL@OAKKNOLL. print technology. $75. 127219. first published by Alexander Strahan in Good Words for the Young. 328 pages ISBN 9781584563488. matching the curiosity of texts created to amuse (or terrify) Victorian and Edwardian children. Appendices include a checklist of the books and periodicals. 2016.FALL 2016 CATALOGUE The Book and Periodical Illustrations of Arthur Hughes by Maroussia Oakley The Book and Periodical Illustrations of Arthur Hughes is the first detailed account of the work of this somewhat neglected Pre-Raphaelite artist between 1855 and 1913.75 inches. Oak Knoll Press and the Private Libraries Association hardcover. She has published transcriptions of letters by his publisher Alexander Strahan. and also written on John Everett Millais.COM 5 . with a supporting bibliography and extensive notes. Designs by Arthur Hughes for Christina Rossettis Sing-Song and Speaking Likenesses were notable for their witty accompaniment to her poetry and prose. 7. The book is fully illustrated in black and white and includes an eightpage color section. Order No.17 x 10. and has already written a number of articles about his work. Dr. Many of his books were intended for children. In all an invaluable account of the illustrative work of a Pre-Raphaelite artist so long undervalued by collectors. including such classics as At the Back of the North Wind and The Princess and the Goblin. dust jacket.

Mason graduated from the University of Chicago (A. and book collecting.6 OAK KNOLL PRESS American Bee Books An Annotated Bibliography of Books on Bees and Beekeeping 1492 to 2010 by Philip A. the workaday.). printed. The goal of the bibliography is to provide the holder of a bee book a way to know which book he or she has in his or her hands. Approximately 3. and to further identify the seminal works.OAKKNOLL. Stoddard Former Curator of Rare Books. $175. Illustrated in color throughout. 129171.5 x 9.5 inches.800 entries are recorded. This bibliography reflects the confluence of his interest in bees.” — Roger E.” This bibliography will be of great use to librarians. Harvard “A thoughtful distillation of a great deal of gathering and collecting that combines and carefully arranges the monumental.” and “Honey Production. in Entomology. book collectors and booksellers. The Appendices provide a valuable research tool: each book is identified as falling into one or more of forty-five categories. Order No. 2016. and read on apiculture in America. but also the history of beekeeping in America. beekeeping. Categories include. 600 pages ISBN 9781878112019. Mason As interest in bees and beekeeping continues to grow in the world. through which can be traced not only the growth of bee science and beekeeping methods. 9.D. recording these bibliographic entries. When he was fifty-two.D. this annotated bibliography of American books on bees and beekeeping is the first of its kind.COM . and preparing annotations has taken the author twenty years.” — Dr. Sheridan Libraries. and the ultra-rare from nearly everything that has been written. Houghton Library. Earle Havens Curator of Rare Books & Manuscripts. dust jacket. Johns Hopkins AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW. for example. The task of locating and examining these books.” “Women in Beekeeping.) and the University of Chicago Law School ( J. as well as beekeepers and those interested in agricultural history and innovation. Philip A. with the encouragement of Professor Roger Morse.B. casebound with Japanese cloth. he enrolled in Cornell University and received his Ph.00 Distributed for The Club of Odde Volumes “This careful account of the life’s work of a dedicated scholar-collector accomplishes what no practicing entomologist can ever do… Never mind that the books are totally fascinating to the outsider. “Are Honey Bees Native to America?.

COM 7 . Order No. June Li is curator emerita and founding curator of the Chinese garden at the Huntington Library. and Botanical Gardens ORDER BY PHONE AT 800-996-2556 OR BY EMAIL AT OAKKNOLL@OAKKNOLL. Art. Suzanne E. craft. and Botanical Gardens. 176 pages ISBN 9780873282673.and 19th-century Japanese collectors. with particular emphasis on its appeal to 18th. The fully illustrated catalogue features contributions by co-curators T. 8 x 11. a landmark of multi-block color printing. The exhibition and catalogue explore the art. and cultural significance of Chinese woodblock prints made during their golden age. Art Collections. With 154 color illustrations and two maps. Wright is an associate professor of art history at the University of Tennessee. 2017.FALL 2016 CATALOGUE Gardens. and Commerce in Chinese Woodblock Prints by T. Knoxville. 2016.95 Distributed for Huntington Library. and Commerce in Chinese Woodblock Prints” at the Huntington Library. 129157. Li details the origins and provenance of the Huntington’s Ten Bamboo Studio Manual of Calligraphy and Painting. September 17. June Li and Suzanne E. June Li and Suzanne E. Wright traces the development of three distinct regional styles of woodblock-printed illustrations during the late Ming dynasty. T. Art. with striking examples of each style drawn from the exhibition. Art Collections.875 inches. Hardcover. Art Collections. and Botanical Gardens. Wright A catalogue issued in conjunction with “Gardens. from the late 16th century through the 19th century. Wright. three-piece case binding with debossed and tipped-on title. $49. 2016-January 9.

with color and black and white illustrations throughout. The book includes a brief history of the press and descriptive information about the printing process. we hear directly from the students about the process of developing a collaborative vision for the edition.COM .75 inches. This volume is an important systematic scholarly treatment of Judaic broadsides as a genre in their own right. Two books are highlighted: Ruminations and Good Data/Bad Data. With table of contents. Ruth Langer. Professors Dvora Bregman. as well as bibliographical and descriptive information about each of the the sixty works published by the press from 1986-2015. This new bibliography includes all the books produced by the students in the Typography and the Book Arts class. devoting four pages to each book and showing several photos of each. paper-covered boards. introduction. and is included.5. Shaul Seidler-Feller.OAKKNOLL. works cited.00 Distributed for Valmadonna Trust Library Sixty Over Thirty Bibiliography of Books Printed Since 1986 at the Scripps College Press by Kitty Maryatt The Scripps College Press has been making collaborative student books for thirty years. A full catalogue of the broadsides held by the Library Includes discussion of the collection’s highlights.x 11 inches.” In this 49-minute video. A special addition to this second printing of 100 copies is a DVD with the documentary “Thinking Out Loud: Making Books at the Scripps College Press. Nahum Rakover. Order No. and David Wachtel The Valmadonna Trust Library is the world’s single most important and extensive private collection of Hebrew books. 2016. Color illustrations throughout. The accompanying text by Kitty Maryatt tells fascinating stories about the making of the books. Selections of the students’ intelligent and varied writings are included in each section. $75. stiff wrappers. publishing one edition each semester for a total of sixty editions. An 8-minute version was produced for the 75th Anniversary of the Founding of the Scripps College Press. Within the collection there are more than 550 broadsides which have long served as important documentary sources of information for those who study the history of the Jews in the early modern era. Order No. 128937. index. 9 x 11.8 OAK KNOLL PRESS The Writing on the Wall A Catalogue of Judaica Broadsides from the Valmadonna Trust Library by Sharon Liberman Mintz. 320 pages ISBN 99780692453032.00 Distributed for Scripps College Press AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW. appendices. providing the reader with a richer contextualization and a fuller understanding of the materials. 276 pages with documentary “Thinking Out Loud” on DVD ISBN 99781584563563. and Adam Shear contribute the opening scholarly essays. 2016. Elisheva Carlebach. preface. $75.. and lists of Goudy lecturers and institutions with standing orders. 128934. 8.

and European jackets and documents a part of publishing history that was nearly lost to the nineteenth-century custom of discarding dust-jackets so that the more decorative bindings could be seen.75. but also the individuals. including the earliest jackets now known. American. Mark Godburn is a bookseller and collector who has written widely about the evolution of the dust-jacket in the nineteenth century.00 “Godburn’s book is a key contribution to our understanding of not only the the dust jackets themselves. the author surveys the entire field of British. 7. dust jacket. Oak Knoll Press and the Private Libraries Association cloth. A chapter on Lewis Carroll’s jackets includes letters he wrote to his publisher on the subject. Included are the rare all-enclosing jackets that were issued on some annuals and trade books. and economic currents that created them. The book examines when and why publishers began to issue dust-jackets. ISBN: 9781584563471. From the earliest known jacket issued in 1819. 2016. The appendices list all known jackets to 1870 and examine the John Murray and Smith. notes and index. and the role they played in marketing. There is a supporting bibliography. ornate Victorian jackets. the subsequent growth of their use. 216 pages. $75. Elder archive which contains over 200 nineteenth-century jackets. and is deserving of a place in any bookseller’s reference library.COM 9 . and over 100 photographs in color. institutions. His research has brought to light many previously unrecorded examples.17 x 10. which are published here for the first time. ABA Newsletter ORDER BY PHONE AT 800-996-2556 OR BY EMAIL AT OAKKNOLL@OAKKNOLL.FALL 2016 CATALOGUE Nineteenth-Century Dust-Jackets by Mark R. many never before seen.” — Laura Massey. Order No. and many others. 127223. Godburn Nineteenth-Century Dust-Jackets is a comprehensive general history of publishers’ dust jackets during the first century of their use. binders’ and stationers’ jackets.

108706. Anatomy & Form—letter stroke parts and the variations of impression and space.95 Hardcover: ISBN 9781584563129. 2nd Edition by Theo Rosendorf The Typographic Desk Reference (aka TDR) is an encyclopedic reference guide of typographic terms and classification with definitions of form and usage for Latin based writing systems. approx. Order No. Glyphs —the list of standard ISO and extended Latin characters. $24. • Improved topical placement: for instence. tools. and various forms of typographic furniture. GA.5 x 8. and worth (re)purchasing for its expanded content. symbols. and Classification & Specimens—a historical line with examples of form from blackletter to contemporary sans serif types. • Expanded entries on paper and book sizes. the business of composition. • A much improved scheme for classifying specimens. 5. Order No. typographical rules exist as form but also physical objects when associated with handset type. diacritics.00 Available now! AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW. has more than doubled in size to include: • New historical information on letterpress printing. The second edition.COM . Theodore Rosendorf ’s career has taken him to clients in the US and abroad for some of the world’s most well known brands.com The four main sections are: Terms—definitions of format. He lives and works in Decatur. measurements. in the works since 2010. but this second one is almost 3x the size. which have grown to include more than 80 typefaces. hardcover. 350 pages Paperback: ISBN 9781584563112.OAKKNOLL. entries are concise and factual.10 OAK KNOLL PRESS TDR: The Typographic Desk Reference. including contemporary and historical standards for sheets and fold counts. making it an invaluable tool for even the most cluttered desktop. and typographic technologies of the past. marks. $45. practice. standards.5 inches. and lingo.… Its entries are concise and simple to locate. making it handy for the desk. “It is rare that I write about or endorse books in this column… I have the first edition. • Current technologies such as OpenType and web fonts.” — Ilene Strizver CreativePro. 108705. Designed for quick consultation. 2015.

facsimiles and fakes. rarity. completely revised and re-set. we may review the definition of dentelle­—‘Abinder’s term (from the French = lace) meaning a border with a lacy pattern on the inner edge. . E-book. Here. Illustrated by John Carter. Nicolas Barker. condition. for the first time. 120362. 2016. Nicolas Barker worked with John Carter revising the ABC up to the latter’s death in 1975 and has faithfully preserved the spirit of the original. additions and amendments and. Executive Director of Letterform Archive.FALL 2016 CATALOGUE 11 ABC for Book Collectors Ninth Edition. with additional information and. Dentelle. illustrations in black & white and color.COM — Rebecca Rego Barry Fine Books & Collections . Unsophisticated. retains its humorous character and importance as the one indispensable guide to book collecting.. Fingerprint. former Editor of The Book Collector. in over 700 alphabetical entries. for the first time. while keeping us upto-date with modern terminology. etc. and Simran Thadani The ninth edition. This ninth edition has been thoroughly re-edited by Nicolas Barker. $29. 264 pages ISBN 9781584563525 mOrder No. may be found definition and analysis of the technical terms of book collecting and bibliography. hardcover. With a new Introduction. Shaken.” ORDER BY PHONE AT 800-996-2556 OR BY EMAIL AT OAKKNOLL@OAKKNOLL. illustrated with line drawings and color photographs. interspersed with salutary comment on such subjects as auctions.In short. Can you define these terms? If not. and an utter necessity for newbies.. ABC for Book Collectors. “points”. Harleian Style. this is the book for you! John Carter’s ABC for Book Collectors has long been established as the most enjoyable as well as the most informative reference book on the subject. it incorporates new terms. this new edition is an essential upgrade for those already familiar with their ABC. After all. ranging in length from a single line to several pages. dust jacket. 5 x 8 inches.95 “The line drawings and color photographs are a terrific complement to the text. usually gilt’—but seeing a fine example up-close is clearly beneficial. and Simran Thadani.

and all the works of Plato and the members of the Academy.335) and the time when he taught at the Lyceum of Athens (c. 367-347). The second part of the book consists of a catalogue and commentary of all his Greek editions in chronological order.00 Available in Europe from Brill Greek Editions of Aldus Manutius and His Greek Collaborators by Konstantinos Sp. Aristotle started to collect books in order to form his personal library even before he became a member of the Academy and a pupil of Plato (367 BCE). A succinct introduction on the pioneers of Renaissance humanism in Crete is followed by a thorough presentation of the graphic aspect of Aldus’s Greek editions. Order No. Lesbos and Macedonia (c.5 inches. With an Introduction by Stepanos Kaklamanis. and on the Prefaces written by Aldus. cosmogony. Illustrated in color. Staikos The Greek Editions of Aldus Manutius and his Greek Collaborators was first published in Greek in 2015. 335-322). 2016. 127158. comprised of all these books. which correspond to the three stages in his life in which he made major additions to his library: the period of the Academy (c. in order to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the death of the Venetian printer. Order No. The comments focus on the main subject of each work. $29. the exoteric together with the didactic.12 OAK KNOLL PRESS Aristotle’s Library The Most Important Collection of Books Ever Formed by Konstantinos Sp. philosophy. 6.OAKKNOLL.COM . 312 pages ISBN 9781584563126. In order to comment on the whole of the cultural tradition. 6.95 Available in Europe from Brill AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW. $65. which covered nearly all branches of knowledge.7 x 9. Staikos Aristotle’s Library follows the adventures of Aristotle’s book collection down to the edition of the corpus aristotelicum by Andronicus of Rhodes in the first century CE. Aristotle’s own writings. dust jacket.5 inches. dust jacket. who was physician to Amyntas III of Macedonia. came to form part of the Lyceum library. cover 106 cylinders. theory of government and politics. hardcover. initials and headpieces as well as different families of typeface and other features.7 x 9. 2016. His library.No one before or after Aristotle was able to master such a complex and varied range of material. probably had in his possession. if any. 336 pages ISBN 9781584563419. he also collected all written texts accessible to him at the time: treatises on physics. the diatribes of the sophists. the period of his self-imposed exile to Assus. The kernel of his collection consisted in the texts of his father Nicomachus and medical treatises which the latter. poetry. 127162. rhetoric. There are three discernible periods in Aristotle’s writing. and remained intact until Theophrastus’s death. 347 . His knowledge of the written tradition is evident from the numerous citations he uses in his texts and his critical comments on the works of other authors. hardcover. its previous editions in Greek or in Latin translation. that is.

Semina VI (1960). PRINT/The Daily Heller Wolf. With Frances Butler. a book arts quarterly. from Yone Noguchi. 10. Encounter Conscientious publishing… His recent book. artists. From 1986 until 2004. Anarchists. postcard (1912). Johnston California is the Golden State.COM . hardcover. Where else would you find a magazine devoted to “gourmet bathing” or a back-room Prohibition-era bar (“the Sob Den”) for printers? Where else a print shop on a Los Angeles hillside where composer John Cage popped in to practice piano and Disney artists dropped by to drink beer and sketch from a live model? Come along on a fantastic trip through 150 years of the book arts in California.00 ORDER BY PHONE AT 800-996-2556 OR BY EMAIL AT OAKKNOLL@OAKKNOLL. Dreaming on the Edge. from its roots in the late 19th century to the 21st. Johnston also edited The Ampersand. Witness the explosion of art in the 1950s. Hippies. he founded Poltroon Press. Meet a cast of hundreds. Wallace Berman. The Eight Omens of Misfortune (2005). well-known for attracting writers. $65. Fairy Tales up to Now (1904). Pacifists. Daniel Gonzalez. and dreamers from all over the world. Hipsters. Shown here. Johnston is one of the experts of artist book printing and muralist and painter.FALL 2016 CATALOGUE 13 Dreaming on the Edge Poets and Book Artists in California by Alastair M. the first Japanese poet to be published in English to Florence Lundborg.5 x 8 inches. dust jacket. “Alastair M. Order No. 128359. Designed by the author and lavishly illustrated in color. at least for me. 232 pages ISBN 9781584563549. Alastair Johnston immigrated to California in 1970 and was party to the exploding field of book arts. in the history of the artist book. Mitchell. and Buddhists. Wallace Irwin. fills in some wide Objectors like Bill Everson and Clifford Burke and gaps. and the birth of the artist’s book at the end of the twentieth century as Californians found self-expression in every printed medium. from Gelett Burgess and The Lark to Mark Head and the Mixlexic Press. clockwise from cover art at top: Edward H. the small presses of the 1960s and ’70s. 2016. Beatniks.” conscripted soldiers like Jack Stauffacher and Arne — Steven Heller. Diggers.

and Margaret Woods. grandfather. Lewis Carroll. The more than 4. 127575. Because only thirty-six copies were issued. from the Preface 2016. a don at Worcester College. Andrew Lang. The Preface is by James J.OAKKNOLL. John Addington Symonds. approx. bookplates. Seymour uncovers what happened to Boswell’s books after his death. 8. born a year earlier. and a previously unpublished family portrait. 5. The introduction narrates the history of the Boswell library from the 14th century to the present day. with some help from his wife and two daughters.75 inches. and two centuries of auction records and dealer catalogues to provide a remarkably complete reconstruction. 400 pages ISBN 9781584563440 Order No. in a local setting. no one has attempted to document the books in his personal library. the Garland is today one of the most sought-after of English rare books. $95. the history of the Daniel Press provides a fascinating glimpse of late Victorian Oxford and at the same time displays. Henley. by far the bestknown publication of the Daniel Press. hardcover. Edmund Gosse. “This study of Boswell’s libraries now offers us the previously impossible potential to see the books that supplied the Great Biographer’s mind. The Garland consists of a series of poetic tributes to the Daniels’ daughter Rachel. and two sons. 123417.95 AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW. The printing was done entirely by Daniel himself. the Boswell papers. and their subsequent publication by Yale. Terry Seymour combed family inventories. by various writers of the day. the Daniel Press was a small family operation.14 OAK KNOLL PRESS Boswell’s Books Four Generations of Collecting and Collectors by Terry I. Order No. hardcover. Boswell’s Books is illustrated with ownership inscriptions. including Robert Bridges. during the final decades of the nineteenth century. Using forensic methods. the four Boswell auction sales. Oxford University. W.5 x 8. but also that of his father. $49. 264 pages ISBN 9781584563532. 2016. E. Associate Editor of the Boswell Editions at Yale. dust jacket. This account focuses especially on The Garland of Rachel (1881). James Boswell has ranked among our greatest authors. The entries describe all known provenance of each book. and the texts were usually provided by friends and acquaintances in their literary circle. Seymour Since the day in 1791 when The Life of Johnson was published. as well as a complete transcription of Boswell’s own handlist and other family inventories. scholars have dissected his life and methods. the renewal of the art of printing during that period. dust jacket. Yet until now.500 entries document not only James Boswell’s library. This account includes eight pages of color illustrations. Despite its modest aspirations.COM . The authors have previously collaborated on The Kelmscott Chaucer: A Census (2011) and were co-compilers of a digital catalogue of the library of William Morris. Caudle. bookstamps used by the Boswells.5 x 11 inches. Unlike some of its more imposing English contemporaries.” — James Caudle. With the discovery of Boswell’s journals and other papers.00 The Daniel Press and The Garland of Rachel by William Peterson and Sylvia Holton Peterson The Daniel Press was a celebrated private press operated by Henry Daniel.

the author takes nothing for granted. but what is the difference between a paperknife and a paper folder? Letter openers and paper-knives have different histories and different functions. They were paperknives (paper cutters) and were used to slit open the uncut pages of books. and an essay by John MacKrell. (see page 23). 128 pages. May-September 2016. Inc. 8. the catalogue also shows bindings not in the exhibition. rigorously seeking out primary evidence as part of his research into the history and design of these library and desk tools. ISBN: 9781584563501. paperback.5 x 11 inches. Never before has there been a detailed account of what was probably the most common item to be found in Victorian libraries and on Victorian writing desks. He has held positions at the Biblioteca Nazionale in Florence.” — Ben Marks.FALL 2016 CATALOGUE 15 Don Etherington: A Retrospective by Don Etherington A catalogue and appreciation of Etherington’s achievements over a long and distinguished career. edition and the first appearance of the index. Jonathan Tremblay (President of ARA Canada). “Spellerberg has become an important new authority on implements designed to do controlled damage to paper. 8. and Mythical Page Turners by Ian Spellerberg First U. “Genesis of a Master Bookbinder” Reading and Writing Accessories A Study of Paper-Knives. Paper Folders. 96 pages ISBN 9781584563495. The book includes introductory words by Don Etherington.27 x 11. newspapers and magazines. In addition to color illustrations and descriptions of the bindings in the exhibition. He has received awards from the American Institute for Conservation and the Guild of Book Workers. Order No. and Information Conservation. the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin. $29. This lavishly illustrated book is informative and entertaining.00 ORDER BY PHONE AT 800-996-2556 OR BY EMAIL AT OAKKNOLL@OAKKNOLL.” — John MacKrell. Order No. brimming with both discovered and new information. 127224. Collector’s Weekly Ian Spellerberg has written many articles on Victoriana for magazines and journals around the world and is a member of several antique and collectable clubs and societies. HEC Montreal). 2016. paperback. Don continues to contribute greatly to the bookbinding art and craft. Miriam & J. Letter Openers.S. printed for the occasion of a retrospective exhibition at HEC Montreal. as well as custom bindings by friends. Robert Ouimet Library. he’s turned what most people thought they knew about these objects on its head. In the process. 2016. students.COM .95 “Enjoy exploring these bindings for their richness and variations. so it has come as a surprise that page turners are a myth. 127152. The term page turner is embedded in the vocabulary of the world of antiques. Don Etherington began bookbinding at the age of thirteen and went on to study at the London School of Printing.69 inches. and Maureen Clapperton (Director. The Library of Congress. and his work can be found in collections worldwide. With a professional science background. and colleagues for his earlier book Book Binding and Conservation: A Sixty Year Odyssey of Art and Craft. $60. Paper folders are still used today.

C. The Introduction traces the enormous popularity of fictional shipboard settings as microcosms of society and as temporary venues where social norms could be bent. 2016. dust jacket. John Philip Sousa. Order No. Steamer Stories is an annotated bibliography of fiction in English in which steamships figure prominently: novels. novellas. Daniel C. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Last Tycoon (1941). 123420. $75. and 360 bibliographical descriptions.00 AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW. page layouts. while the second appendix provides a Who’s Who of Continuing Characters. Entries examine the relevance of a particular film book. approx. Film Books is divided into two parts: the first contains 15 chapters on 62 essential film books published before World War II. Among the important titles covered are: Auguste and Louis Lumière’s Notice sur le Cinématograph (1897). shaped as a catalogue with bibliographical details and brief essays. It comprises a 20-page introduction. hardcover. photographs. $95. 264 pages ISBN 9781584563433. where he was honored with the Distinguished Librarian Award. Berkeley. 8.” — J. identify works by illustrators. Breixo Viejo is Senior Research Associate at the School of European Languages. book covers. TLS Steamer Stories An Annotated Bibliography of Steamship Fiction 1845-2012 by Daniel Krummes and Douglas Scott Brookes (editor) Q: What do Winston Churchill. emphasizing the importance of film books in the history of motion pictures. explores the prejudices of the society that produced these works.. and discusses major themes that emerge. Culture and Society of University College London. Order No. Steamer Stories greatly expands our understanding of the powerful role that ships have played in the culture of the English-speaking world. Krummes (1949-2012) was Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies Library at the University of California. Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon (1959). dust jacket. and Jack Kerouac have in common? A: They are all authors of works of fiction in which steamships play a substantial role in the storyline. Steamer Stories is the first-ever comprehensive bibliography of ship fiction.COM . The bibliographical annotations (listed alphabetically by author) provide pithy synopses. The color section of cover art and illustrations from the works cited and the humorous and engaging writing style makes the book a delightful read in and of itself. Readers can use the book to: locate works on a wide array of topics or specific genres (notably whodunits). and film stills. The first appendix lists Top-Rated Works. Steve Allen. Siegfried Kracauer’s From Caligari to Hitler (1947). 9 x 12 inches.OAKKNOLL. unearth little-known stories by famed authors. 19 chapters covering 78 titles from 1946 to 2009. 126364. Marlon Brando. with illustrations of dust jackets.00 “Richly illustrated history. and François Truffaut’s Le Cinéma selon Hitchcock (1966). Each chapter focuses on four or five different books in the same bibliographical category. Hans Richter’s Filmgegner von Heute (1929). F.5 x 11 inches. 560 pages ISBN 9781584563457.16 OAK KNOLL PRESS Film Books: A Visual History by Breixo Viejo This work covers cinema literature from 1895 until the present day. 140 brief essays on major film books of the 20th-century. the second. and short stories. hardcover. The introduction presents a historical analysis of cinema literature. Langston Hughes. 2016. discover the stories that inspired famed Hollywood films.

The text is accompanied by numerous illustrations in color and black and white. it is surprising that a comprehensive study of his life and career has not appeared. From the Collection of Robert Dance. but the financial crash in 1929 and the depression that followed had serious consequences for a business dependent on a luxury market. Order No. Cover: 300gsm Silk. $85. a binding that was to become known as the Great Omar.00 Distributed for the Grolier Club ORDER BY PHONE AT 800-996-2556 OR BY EMAIL AT OAKKNOLL@OAKKNOLL. Rather it is an introduction to his position as one of America’s foremost book illustrators and the first attempt to compile a checklist of his published work. 2016. 126825. Shepherds (UK) and Oak Knoll Press (USA) Size: 275 x 210mm. Order No. a trade which Sangorski & Sutcliffe continues to this day. the story of its creation and subsequent loss on the Titanic has all the mystery and intrigue of a romantic melodrama. Text: 150gsm Silk. and within a few years the workshop had grown into the most important hand bindery of the Edwardian era. $55.00 Unstitched signatures with printed endpapers (a few sets remaining). $47.FALL 2016 CATALOGUE 17 The Cinderella of the Arts A Short History of Sangorski & Sutcliffe by Rob Shepherd This book charts the history of one of the most important craft bookbinding workshops of the twentieth century.” on view at the Grolier Club from November 2015 to January 2016.” –from the Preface.4 inches. This book does not promise to be either.COM . Sangorski & Sutcliffe was founded in 1901 by Francis Sangorski and George Sutcliffe. There were notable successes. The first fifty years of the company’s history was a period which saw many changes in both the bookbinding industry and in the firm’s fortunes. 200pp + 8pp ISBN 9781584563402. They established a business specialising in the finest quality work. 123418. pictorial wrappers. The preface and introductory essay by Robert Dance are followed by a complete “Bibliography of the Book Illustrations of Lynd Ward” and an index. 160. 7x 9. was decorated with over a thousand jewels.00 Illustrated by Lynd Ward by Robert Dance This catalogue was published by the Impermanent Press and The Grolier Club for the exhbition “Illustrated by Lynd Ward. The chapter “Gentlemen and Players” looks at the influence the Arts and Crafts movement had on the trade and examines the conditions which led eventually to the closure of many of the larger firms. [2] pages ISBN 9781605830629. The story of one hand bindery highlights the significant role the professional trade has played in preserving this noble and significant craft. Order No. 2015. “Considering the fame Lynd Ward achieved during the 1930s and his role as a book illustrator for five decades. particularly in the years before and after the First World War. 127345. The firm’s greatest achievement from the early years.

$50. Wieck Collection of Private Presses. The Wall Street Journal Illustrations in color and grayscale. Order No. followed by a catalogue of 71 games exhibited at the Club. It is the simplest of games: throw the dice to race to the end of the spiral track.00 Distributed for the Grolier Club AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW. 128335. One group of Goose Games shows how America was viewed from across the pond. and Jean-Francois Vilain as well as exhibition checklist and listing of fine and private presses in the Vilain-Wieck Collection at the Penn Library. has influenced early American board games. 8. 2016. Includes bibliography and index. The final section invites you to try your luck in progressing from Errand Boy to “respected Banker and a good citizen.COM . Table of contents.” at the University of Pennsylvania Library. 151 [1] pages ISBN 9781605830575. Yet this game has spawned thousands of variants. They are not primarily aimed at children.” “I had no idea what the Royal Game of the Goose even was. Designed by Jerry Kelly.OAKKNOLL. including a 17th century game that depicts unique images of Native Americans. though some are educational.” — Edward Rothstein. 2016. and is still going strong in Europe. Others are definitely for adults. February 15–May 18. 127980. Color illustrations throughout. $25. “The Royal Game of the Goose” dates from medieval times. Order No.18 OAK KNOLL PRESS Color in American Fine and Private Press Books. including the finely-printed games for the aristocratic cadets of 17th and 18th century France.5 x 12 inches. based on Seville’s collection in London. including a polemical game on a religious heresy that still has power to shock by its imagery. (2) pages ISBN 9780990448785. from the end of the nineteenth century to the present day. February-May 2016. brings together 70 of these remarkable games. essays by Lynne Farrington. Designed and typeset by Rob Banham.00 Distributed for Penn Libraries/Kislak Center The Royal Game of the Goose Four Hundred Years of Printed Board Games by Adrian Seville Preface by former Grolier Club president William H. let alone that it is one of the most venerable and varied board games in the world. acknowledgments. Russell Maret. 132. The exhibition. 1890-2015 The Jean-François Vilain and Roger S. 4to. The exhibition and catalogue explore the use of color in the fine and private press movement in America. stiff paper wrappers. cloth backed pictorial boards. 2016. Ephemera. & Related References by Jean-François Vilain and Lynne Farrington A catalogue issued in conjunction with “Across the Spectrum: Color in American Fine & Private Press Books 1890-2015. Helfand and introductory essays by Adrian Seville.

Order No. Detailed descriptions of the tickets are given and the texts on these tickets are discussed. ranging chronologically from letterpress typeset in the 1790s to contemporary methods such as hot-foil stamping and ink jet printing. and over 400 images appear in grayscale in the book and in color on the accompanying CD. $75. hardcover. editor of Jeffers’ Collected Poetry.” — Ralph Stanton. method of printing. In recent decades. and academics and critics again recognize the depth and complexity of his work.FALL 2016 CATALOGUE 19 Canadian Binders’ Tickets and Booksellers’ Labels by Gayle Garlock This book and accompanying CD explore the use of binders’ tickets and booksellers’ labels in the Canadian book trade based on the author’s collection. and identifiable dates and addresses of the business. Gayle Garlock was a librarian at Dalhousie University (1973-1985) and then at the University of Toronto until retiring in 2002. CD ISBN 9781584563389.S. Booksellers’ labels demonstrate geographic trends and advertising methods. 108702. an afterword. Jeffers has been “rediscovered” as an early critic of the 20th century’s offenses against the natural world. Extensive appendices supply additional information on appearances of Jeffers’s poetry and prose. dust jacket. The first known ticket from the 1790s receives considerable attention. 2015. In light of this resurgence. Alberts’s 1933 A Bibliography of the Works of Robinson Jeffers. provides a preface and Tim Hunt. it has long frustrated scholars and collectors that no one had carried forward S.5 x 11 inches. 8. By the end of the 1930’s. are described with examples. Amphora His Place for Story Robinson Jeffers: A Descriptive Bibliography by Michael Broomfield Robinson Jeffers was once ranked by many critics as one of America’s most important living poets. former Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts. “A marvelously comprehensive bibliography of Jeffers that reads like a detective novel and makes me want to peek into every item mentioned and immerse myself in his poetry. he was widely thought to have little new to say. The types of stores where books were sold and examples of advertising are given. The methods of printing the tickets and labels. 160 pages. hardcover. 7 x 10 inches. 119716. measurements. $95. 2015.00 ORDER BY PHONE AT 800-996-2556 OR BY EMAIL AT OAKKNOLL@OAKKNOLL. 360 pages. The enclosed CD contains descriptive lists with color images of all binders’ tickets (Catalogue A) and booksellers’ labels (Catalogue B). Dana Gioia. His Place for Story both revisits the years covered by Alberts (correcting errors) and adds full descriptive entries for all known separate Jeffers publications and for selected other publications with Jeffers contributions. CD ISBN 9781584563372. however.00 “It is hard to imagine that anyone will ever eclipse Garlock as the authority on this subject in Canada. dust jacket. Order No. Binders’ tickets document one aspect of the book trade in Canada. approx.” — Charles Simic Michael Broomfield has what is likely the most extensive private collection of Jeffers books and broadsides. Each entry in these lists contains a record of the text on the ticket or label.COM .

Order No. technique. the kind of bindings to which we are accustomed nowadays. new technology. cloth. machinery. designs. ranging from poets like Gabriel Dante Rossetti and Stephane Mallarme. Great Britain. 1840–1914 A book is the room in which we enjoy the company of literature. Scott Clemons and H. we take it for granted that the book comes in a binding provided by the Aesthetic Tracts takes its title from a phrase used in a lecture by Sarah Wyman Whitman. more than any other. and the influence of international expositions. George Fletcher. In 1894 Whitman asserted that designers ought to accept the challenge posed by mass-produced books and transform them into physical manifestos.OAKKNOLL. 2015. $95. Behind every great collection lies a great story. a room with doors leading to time and the world. Bound to be Modern by Kristina Lundblad translated from Swedish by Alan Crozier Aesthetic Tracts Innovation in LateNineteenth-Century Book Design by Ellen Mazur Thomson KRISTINA LUNDBLAD ate professor of rsity in Sweden. $75. economy. Order No. 126651. Yet this has not always been the case. It brings together issues of aesthetics. the prolific book cover designer. 183. and Preface—a “Proem”—by Terry Belanger. Includes the publication of a long-unlocated and exceedingly rare Aldine Virgil. and ideas crossing borders. their historical Bound to be Modern Publishers’ Cloth Bindings and the Material Culture of the Book. Dec. 1889. Scott Clemons. 1840–1914 Bound to Be Modern is the most comprehensive study to date on the emergence and function of publishers’ cloth bindings.00 Aldus Manutius: A Legacy More Lasting Than Bronze The Grolier Club Collects II Books. the type of binding that.00 2016. Kristina Lundblad This study traces the history of publishers’ bindings in a Swedish context. the transformation in the publishing industry. Contents include essays. Cobden. Order No. 2015.Sanderson and Marius Michel. and social change in order to explain why publishers in the 19th century began to have their books bound. hardcover. but also publishers’ catalogues. printed on blue paper that belonged to Jean Grolier. 119715. the exhibition catalogue considers the enduring influence of Aldus Manutius on the way in which we capture.5 x 11 inches. bibliography. Each object comes with a tale. cloth. Foreword by G. followed by detailed descriptions of the 141 items on show at the Grolier Club in 2015. as a book specially designed for the text in question. George Fletcher Edition of 500 copies. Nearly 150 illustrations in full color. conveyed the new pictorial world that came with modernity and helped to make the binding become an essential part of a book. 7. the emergence of a consumer society. 127344. The focus is on decorated cloth bindings. but also makes clear that edition binding was an international affair. $95. 9 x 12 inches. drawing on examples from France. [1] pages ISBN 9781605830636. Aesthetic Tracts shows how new theories of design. 2016. Cover picture: Mlle Jacquinet with Mathias Sandorf by Jules Verne. Introduction by Eric Holzenberg and Arthur Schwartz. two essays on Aldus by H. and why decorated clothbindings were so successful as the Western world transitioned into modernity.OAK KNOLL PRESS Winner of the SHARP 2016 Delong Book History Prize Bound to Be Modern Publishers’ Cloth Bindings and the Material Culture of the Book. approx. book stores. 7 x 10 inches. Old Master drawings to cartoons and ephemera. hardcover. publisher. designed by Jerry Kelly. from artists like James McNeil Whistler and Eugene Grasset. The study examines the emergence of publishers’ bindings.5 x 9.” reflecting the breadth and quality of the members’ varied collecting interests: medieval manuscripts to contemporary literature. In commemoration of the quincentennial of his death. Reproduced with the permission of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.J. 351+(1) pages ISBN 9781605830612. a revised and expanded catalogue. Jacket design: Kristina Lundblad This volume. 2015 through Feb. preserve. and the United States. with machines.00 Distributed for the Grolier Club Distributed for the Grolier Club AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW. and commercial graphics. and from binders like T. $55.7 inches. how it interacts 20 When we buy a book. dust jacket. Aldus Manutius (1455-1515) was the greatest printer of the Italian Renaissance. and indices.00 context and cultural significance. 336 pages ISBN 9781584563136. including the introduction of Japanese artistic principles. worked to change the idea of the book at the fin de siecle. 208 pages ISBN 9781584563365. edited by George Ong Catalogue of an exhibition at the Grolier Club.COM . describing how and when it was acquired and why it is precious to the collector. 108701. Manuscripts and Works on Paper from the Collections of Grolier Club Members by G. sought to craft book designs that were beautiful but also eloquent expressions of individual artistry. We likewise assume that all the copies in the same edition will look identical. livres d’artiste to children’s books. Order No. shows how designers. interiors of binderies. With 16 color plates and 50 black-and-white illustrations. 8. material culture. written by the collector. 2015. Bound to be Modern analyses books from a wide range of perspectives. That is the central idea of “The Grolier Club Collects II. Preface. The illustrations show not only a wide range of bindings. and transmit knowledge to this day. Photographer: Hippolyte Blancard. Kristina Lundblad paints a detailed picture of the design and technology of books. and with the coming of digital technology it is no longer necessary for the content to have its own materiality.

Coach House Press/Sheridan College (Canada) and Oak Knoll Press (US) Hardcover with paper label. and others. manuscript drafts. Order No. On October 4. 130 pages. including literacy and education. Order No.” with footnotes explaining how the translators dealt with Lewis Carroll’s nonsense. 2015. $95. and the development. rendering. “A Mad Tea Party. 126526. dolls. media and techniques used in drafting. $295. just a few years after the first English edition in 1865. limited to 500 copies. Volume Two contains “back-translations” into English of eight pages from Chapter VII. Illustrated in color. and tracing papers and cloths. a sixteen-page color section of book covers. of blueprints and other photo-reproduction processes. 21 Translations of Lewis Carroll’s Masterpiece With essays by 251 volunteer writers. $65. Carl Dair (19121967) received a grant from the Royal Society of Canada to apprentice at the Enschede type foundry under Paul Radisch. drawing instruments and correction and copying methods. toys. hardcover. listed chronologically. Paul Radisch.600 editions of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in 174 languages and over 1.COM .” Reproduced in manuscript form. Winner of the 2011 Historic Preservation Book Prize. 2015. The fourth and final chapter includes an introduction to preservation. Hermann Zapf. 9 x 11 inches. It contains brief but informative descriptions and color photographs as provenance for each copy shown. Cartier. 120410.” Wonderland.500 editions of Through the Looking-Glass. the first in German and French in 1869. 9 x 11. 126777. Four scholarly essays address various aspects of children and their books during different historical eras. and games. Order No. appendices. DVD ISBN 9781584563396. the letters reveal his comments on Jan Tschichold.5 x 11 inches. essays about each language and translation issues. as this book shows with translations in 174 languages. Order No. Alice in a World of Wonderlands is the most extensive analysis ever done of the translations of a single English language novel. Volume One includes general essays.00 (2015). showcases one hundred enduring classics of children’s literature printed between 1600 and 2000. the impact of technological developments. 1866 Lewis Carroll wrote his — The Wall Street Journal publisher Macmillan. collection management. The first three chapters discuss: the development of draftingspecific drawing. With an introduction by William Ross and notes by Rod McDonald. edited by Jill Shefrin This milestone catalogue. That novel is Alice’s Adventures in “Grand project. He wrote back to his friends in Canada.5 x 11 inches. The letters are followed by articles Dair wrote on the subject of type and his development of the first truly Canadian typeface. and an index. autograph letters.00 Distributed for the Grolier Club Co-published with the Winterthur Museum ORDER BY PHONE AT 800-996-2556 OR BY EMAIL AT OAKKNOLL@OAKKNOLL. and exhibition specifically for architectural drawings and photo-reproductions. Maximilian Vox. including original illustrations. Of special interest is the DVD in the back which is a re-mastering of a film that Dair took in 1956 titled Carl Dair at Enschede: The Last Days of Metal Type. 2656 pages ISBN 9781584563310. 3 volumes. and mounting. and the letters became known as his “Epistles to the Torontonians.00 One Hundred Books Famous in Children’s Literature curated by Chris Loker. while illustrating their evolution from the eighteenth through the twentieth century. 384 pages ISBN 9781584562375. now available in paperback.” But his friends were wrong. introduced by Rod McDonald and narrated by Matthew Carter.25 inches. An appendix lists historic artifacts. “Friends here seem to think that the book is untranslatable. This book explores the materials and techniques used in the fabrication of architectural drawings. hardcover. 96676. and the evolution of the picture book genre. ivory alphabet discs.00 Line. as well as a two-century history of children’s book collectors. detail. Paperback. 320 pages ISBN 9781605830605. storage. $75. Volume Three consists of a checklist of over 7. 8. 8. In 1956. Lindseth and Alan Tannenbaum With Articles from Canadian Printer & Publisher First edition. Shade and Shadow The Fabrication and Preservation of Architectural Drawings by Lois Olcott Price Second printing.FALL 2016 CATALOGUE Epistles to the Torontonians Alice in a World of Wonderlands by Carl Dair editied by Jon A. 2015. antique hornbooks.

Order No. 25 pages ISBN 9781584560999.25 x 10 inches. Order No. and the process of book production. 6 x 9 inches. Gaskell updates and improves upon Ronald McKerrow’s Introduction to Bibliography for Literary Students. 2012. 462 pages Hardcover: ISBN 9781584560364. apprentice printer and binder. 2001. 576 pages ISBN 9781884718144. should not be tolerated. $29. Order No.95 Principles of Bibliographical Description by Fredson Bowers One of the indisputable classics of twentiethcentury scholarship. It raises awareness of an important aspect of the life of books in the context of the ongoing debate about their future. bound. The breadth of this work is remarkable. Professor Belanger treats the reader to some of the idiotic methods of categorizing and shelving books. $39. printing historians. making this book essential to students of literature.COM .00 Paperback: ISBN 9781884718137. customs of the trade and other related information. Encyclopedia is equipped with five appendices. (2012). 7.OAKKNOLL. 2003. He describes the hand-printed book. but it concentrated almost exclusively on “Elizabethan” printing—the period from 1560 to 1660. press-work. 40520. authors. plates.95 Lunacy and the Arrangement of Books by Terry Belanger A humorous and poignant essay on the idiosyncrasies of book arrangements by collectors over the centuries. This third edition of David Pearson’s Books as History includes a new foreword. 7 x 10 inches. papermaker or librarian. Books have been hugely important in human civilization as instruments for communicating information and ideas. 42510. and more. reference bibliography. and he breaks new ground by providing a general description of the printing practices of the machine-press period. Order No. Reprint of the 2nd edition of 1979. patterns of production. $49. 6 x 9 inches. he examines bibliographical applications. 109790. 60423. $10.22 OAK KNOLL PRESS Best Selling Titles from Oak Knoll Press Books as History A New Introduction to Bibliography The Importance of Books Beyond Their Text by Philip Gaskell by David Pearson In this book.000 terms and definitions used in bookbinding. 6 x 9 inches. 42436.95 Available in the UK from The British Library Gaskell incorporates work done since McKerrow’s day on the history of the printing technology of the hand-press period. Order No. scholars. it is not only approachable but also thought-provoking. People usually think of books in terms of their contexts or texts. bookbinders and bibliophiles are included as well as precise notes on machinery and equipment. paperback. publisher. 208 pages ISBN 9781584563150. and defaced. providing a comprehensive manual for the description of printed books as physical objects. all those involved in the profession or study of books and publishing will find this book indispensable. paperback. librarians. unless they happen to be married. surveys of contemporary private presses. beautified. illustrations of proof correction symbols and a list of the works consulted in the preparation of this book. Biographical details of printers. This book will bring a smile to the face of any bibliophile. and booklovers. In addition. Latin place names used in the imprints of early-printed books. That book was long the classic manual on bibliography. showing type specimens. Extensively illustrated with a wide range of images. and various other additions and updates.95 Available outside North and South America from The British Library The Encyclopedia of the Book by Geoffrey Ashall Glaister Paperback edition. This work aims at providing “a reference companion to be constantly available during the study or processes of bookmaking” and is particularly essential for the “bibliophile. printing. Order No. an updated list of further reading. David Pearson uses many examples of books from the Middle Ages to the present day to show why books are interesting beyond their texts. Encyclopedia contains almost 4. $65. papermaking and the book trade. $39. (2012). bookseller. deriving from the ways in which they were printed.00 AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW.” However. famous books. paperback. 14014. Bowers’ work is one of the standard guides on the subject. Little has been previously published about the techniques and routines of nineteenth. One gem from an etiquette book of 1863 decreed that a perfect hostess will see to it that the works of male and female authors be properly segregated on her book shelves. but books possess many interesting qualities beyond the words within the pages. paperback. 521 pages ISBN 9781884718007. Their proximity. Reprint of the 1995 Oak Knoll edition.and twentieth-century book production. printing societies. In this book. book-related organizations.

7. Order No. The techniques described follow the conventions of the German school of bookbinding. 2003.95 The Guilded Page The History and Technique of Manuscript Gilding by Kathleen P. Middleton Fourth edition. Lhotka This work is an illustrated manual that shows step-by-step the art and science of fine leather bookbinding. A welcome new addition in this book is a full-color section for the identification of leather and marbled papers. paperback. 115658. designed to be a comprehensive handbook for practitioner and student alike when formal training in restorative techniques are unavailable. along with recipes and helpful hints. $49. 8. 42513.95 Book Typography A Designer’s manual by Michael Mitchell and SusanWightman A comprehensive guide to typography and typesetting for books in all their different forms. practices which appear here for the first time in English. $69. 142 pages ISBN 9781584561637.25 x 9. and how to use lead and solvents safely.95 ABC of Leather Bookbinding by Edward R. and into the modern day studio. In this important work. Order No. A list of materials precedes the step-by-step instructions for each section. 6 x 9 inches. (2013). Two experienced hand bookbinders have produced an easy to use. dust jacket. dust jacket: ISBN 9781584561675. 43018. this manual describes presses. Also included is an updated listing of binders’ suppliers. 220 pages Hardcover. Over 1.00 23 Bookbinding & Conservation by Hand A Working Guide by Laura S. Order No. Includes glossaries of terms relating to paper and printing. Whitley Second edition.95 Repair of Cloth Bindings by Arthur W. paperback. Order No. paperback. 7 x 10 inches. 238 pages ISBN 9781584562399. $19.5 x 11 inches. Order No.00 Co-published with the British Library ORDER BY PHONE AT 800-996-2556 OR BY EMAIL AT OAKKNOLL@OAKKNOLL. type and photopolymer plates. explaining in detail the historical and modern techniques of manuscript gilding. Included in this work is a brief but comprehensive history of cloth as a binding material from its early use in handwork to complete automation. 79690. paper. press operation. and librarians. step-by-step guide on how to create fourteen different styles of headbands. Each process is explained in precise detail with clear text and accompanying illustrations. 6 x 9 inches. Johnson Designer bookbinder Arthur Johnson provides a reference manual for the repair and reconstruction of cloth bindings. With numerous photographs and line drawings. the Near East. this book has become one of the classic manuals for the hand bookbinder. he takes the reader through the intricacies of traditional leather binding. $24. Medi�val and Renaissance Europe. and leading. 7 x 10 inches. 8. (2014). 434 pages ISBN 0948021667. its size. revised and expanded from the 1998 edition. 92771.25 inches. 75328. $14.00 Paperback: ISBN 9781584561743. hardcover.000 examples and illustrations show typographic principles put into practice – from the smallest detail of punctuation to flat plans of entire books. $25. how to plan and design projects. 2005.COM . 88733. 88731. $24. It also provides instruction on how to equip a new letterpress shop.FALL 2016 CATALOGUE Book Production Manuals Letterpress Printing A Manual for Modern Fine Press Printers by Paul Maravelas Using clear explanations and more than 80 illustrations. how to move presses and equipment. This classic in the field of bookbinding is a practical guide to the restoration of leather bindings. The author learned the ancient craft from one of England’s foremost binders. Traces the history of gilding from ancient Egypt and Babylon through Rome.5 x 11 inches. ink.95 Available in Europe and the UK from Libanus Press Headbands How to Work Them by Jane Greenfield and Jenny Hille A topic that is often overlooked is how to create headbands—those decorative bands of silk or cotton which can be found fastened inside the top of the spine of a book. 94207. 2005. 96 pages ISBN 9780938768517. The samples come from published works and each is labelled with the font used. Order No. $45. $65. 6 x 9 inches. paperback. Young This book is designed as a practical manual for beginning bookbinders as well as a ready reference for experienced binders. with the addition of color plates. Order No. (2013). 140 pages ISBN 9781584560784. Written for both beginners and experienced binders alike. This is a musthave book for book artists and illuminators. Order No. 288 pages ISBN 9781884718113. Order No. hardcover. 2010. book collectors. paperback. 334 pages ISBN 9781584561194. revised.95 The Restoration of Leather Bindings by Bernard C. (2012). Alfred de Sauty.

Each chapter covers the history of a particular aspect of bookbinding. Written for competent binders and knowledgeable collectors. 2002. and names related to conservation and bookbinding illustrated with over 700 line drawings. In addition to providing practical help in placing particular bindings within their time and place. Order No.5 x 11 inches. 5.95 Unbound sheets: Order No. Numerous personal photographs richly illustrate his story. 144 pages Paperback: ISBN 9781584563341. dust jacket. (2008).24 OAK KNOLL PRESS Books about Bookbinding English Bookbinding Styles 1450–1800 Tricks of the Trade Confessions of a Bookbinder by Jamie Kamph Tricks of the Trade considers what is not taught—but probably should be—about binding and rebinding books.000 years. Marks Jane Greenfield provides a unique glossary of terms.OAKKNOLL. librarians. 8. An extensive discussion of gold tooling presents the authors techniques. $65. Order No. structures. the growth of binderies. Order No. $24. hardcover. 122161. 2010. Detailed instructions and drawings describe binding practices such as corner shaping. a summary of bookbinding innovations through the ages. 102815.J. This book makes it easy to locate accurate descriptions of bookbindings from various periods.95 A History of English Craft Bookbinding Technique by Bernard C. endpapers or headbands.95 Hardcover: ISBN 9781584563327.5 x 11 inches. 44862. 386 pages ISBN 9781884718281.M. the book encourages a new approach to historic binding. 105519. headbanding. 8. Order No. especially conservators. 49915. styles. The book also includes appendices on the bookbinding trade. This book focuses on the craft of handbookbinding that existed until the Victorian era when mass-produced trade bindings took over. 8. and recasing books. sources for design ideas. dust jacket: ISBN 9781584562771. a guide to short-cuts. from the middle of the fifteenth century to the beginning of the nineteenth.95 2011. Fully illustrated in color. Order No.95 AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW. 8. rebacking. $49. dust jacket. 2014. $24. $49.5 x 11 inches. book-edge gilding. $39. 2015. 6 x 9 inches. hardcover. $49. concentrating on what a binding can tell us about previous owners and their approach to books. Illustrated with over 250 photographs. hardcover. and ways to both correct and avoid common mistakes. 104070. and a chart listing the many variables involved.COM . Order No. dust jacket. The introduction provides an engaging overview of the history and techniques of the craft and of its most important practitioners. it brings quirky but effective binding techniques into the professional repertory. Kamph discusses decorative techniques.95 ABC of Bookbinding A Unique Glossary with over 700 Illustrations for Collectors and Librarians by Jane Greenfield by David Pearson This well-regarded work provides guidance on recognizing and dating English bindings of the handpress period. Illustrated in black and white. Beautiful Bookbindings celebrates over 100 of the most beautiful bookbindings of the last 1. 180 pages ISBN 9781884718410. 240 pages ISBN 9781584561408.5 x 11 inches. engineering concerns. 180 pages Hardcover. $65. A great reference for those who work with rare and antiquarian books. i. 190 pages ISBN 9781584562931. 120363. 122913. This is a classic reference work on decorative and commercial English bookbinding techniques.e. and book collectors. The autobiography is followed by a pictorial catalogue of many of Etherington’s fine bindings. and the Arts & Crafts movement.75 x 9 inches. Middleton Fourth edition. hardcover.00 Beautiful Bookbindings A Thousand Years of the Bookbinder’s Art by P.00 Co-published with the British Library Available outside North and South America from the British Library Bookbinding & Conservation A Sixty-Year Odyssey of Art and Craft by Don Etherington This autobiography by renowned bookbinder Don Etherington takes the reader through his lifelong journey of bookbinding and conservation. and supplementary material. Order No. this second printing includes a new introduction and additional references.

and publisher.95 2015. Empire & Republic: Treasure of the Imprimerie Nationale. and authors. twenty-four from institutional collections and twenty-eight from private hands. It wanders freely through themes which have absorbed him—a lost world of publishing. bookseller. de Conihout explains how she was able to add “ten new Groliers” to the list of books owned by one of the greatest book collectors of all time.95 Available in Australia from Books of Kells Available in the UK from Bernard Quaritch. Richly illustrated. and the irreplaceable scholarly eccentrics who dominated that world a generation ago. $55. Rosenbach and Mr. Order No. Illustrated in color. 105527. and Gordon Ray.5 inches. 118561. The anecdotal and narrative style throughout makes this an entirely enjoyable work. Order No. 105704. this lively historical account describes how fiftytwo presentation copies. Thomas Tanselle has written since 1959. 6 x 9 inches.95 ORDER BY PHONE AT 800-996-2556 OR BY EMAIL AT OAKKNOLL@OAKKNOLL.” The first section is autobiographical. Colin Franklin’s newest book is perhaps his most entertaining. bibliographical scholars. Ruth Mortimer. paperback. 440 pages ISBN 9781584563303. hardcover. W. Vera Lawrence. scholars. Distributed for the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia On Ten New Groliers Jean Grolier’s First Library and His Ownership Marks Before 1540 by Isabelle de Conihout In this transcript of a talk given in connection with the 2012 Grolier Club exhibition Printing for Kingdom. Order No. booksellers. This volume brings together a selection of writings chosen and edited by Marie Elena Korey.. dust jacket.00 Co-published with The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library Other People’s Books Association Copies and the Stories They Tell Containing 112 illustrations. hardcover. Richard’s wife and partner in his “Life in Rare Books. $75. The sections “Bibliography and Book History” and “Collecting and the Antiquarian Book Trade” include essays on a wide range of subjects by this most erudite of librarians and collectors. Rosenbach is told through the many letters they exchanged. Nancy Hale. Order No. 2012. 2011. 62 pages ISBN 9781605830469.FALL 2016 CATALOGUE 25 Books about Book Collecting and Book Selling A Long Way From The Armstrong Beer Parlour Portraits and Reviews by G.00 Distributed for The Caxton Club Obsessions and Confessions of a Book Life by Colin Franklin The reminiscences of an author. adventures in bookselling. 8 x 11 inches.COM . Harrison Horblit. Ltd. Thomas Tanselle A Life In Rare Books: Essays By Richard Landon This volume brings together a selection of the biographical sketches and reviews that G. 214 pages ISBN 9780940550100. $49. librarians. The 28 portraits comprise accounts of collectors. hardcover. 2011. written at the age of eighty-eight. Floyd Dell. 2014. $49. $49. edited by Marie Elena Korey Richard Landon (1942–2011) was Director of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library at the University of Toronto. and the books and manuscripts he bought from Dr. publishers. The author has known many of the people he discusses. 123674.25 inches. hardcover. Order No. A. 6 x 9 inches. dust jacket. Jr. $25. 108511. 176 pages ISBN 9781584562955. dust jacket. and highlights the current owners of these volumes.5 x 8. John Carter. 500 pages ISBN 9781883631161. It is a microcosm of a great age of book collecting. 6 x 9 inches. from 1470 to 1986 came to be inscribed. This book focuses on the two men and their business relationship from the 1920s through the 1940s. 6 x 9. dust jacket. 296 pages ISBN 9781584563044. Order No. S. scholarly editors. hardcover. 5. including Fredson Bowers. The “Reviews” section consists of forty-two book reviews and other writings. Lilly Book Collecting in a Golden Age by Joel Silver This story of Josiah Kirby Lilly. 122162. 2013.00 Distributed for the Grolier Club Dr. Dr. in which choices made by booksellers and collectors alike shaped the contents of some of the greatest research libraries of our own day.

giving special attention to company histories. his earnings from commissions. hardcover. 7.OAKKNOLL. Called the father of wood engraving in America. illustrated with over 1. Order No. this book presents a fascinating view of the remarkable. only a few of the over 9.5 x 11 inches. 2 volumes. and as yet unheralded. 114714. the often colorful careers of prominent designers. The work is divided into four sections. as well as how the political situation in Latvia dominated and influenced much of what was published. it provides information on newspaper mastheads.000 reproductions of Anderson’s engravings. Whether appealing to the Bewick aficionado. $125. which both allowed a resilient commercially practical woodblock and one with a wide artistic range. 8. 2013. creativity which characterized publishing and book design in Latvia between the World Wars. 8. one of authors and titles. There are three indices provided. Russian. over 450 of which are unrecorded in earlier bibliographies.322 bibliographical entries. book historian. Beginning with a biography of Anderson.26 OAK KNOLL PRESS Books about Book Illustration and Design Publishing and Book Design in Latvia 1919–1940 Alexander Anderson’s New York City Diary 1793–1799 A Re-discovery by James H. 9 x 11 inches. book cover designs. 3 volumes. publishers and booksellers. maps. Anderson is often named as the first American illustrator who cut on the end grain of boxwood. $350. and explaining why he found the subject so compelling and important that he devoted the last years of his life to this work. Fraser Using over 700 color images of illustrated book covers and wrappers. The engravings mentioned in his Diary are from the beginning of his work. Alexander Anderson (1775-1870).00 Distributed for Neputns by Jane R. this is an indispensable work. Pomeroy explore themes apparent in the Diary: the places and persons he mentioned and the social climate and urban history that he experienced. paperback. It starts at the beginning of his career and covers almost six years of daily entries. initially inspired by the great English wood engraver. 102274. slipcase. 2616 pages ISBN 9781584561620. Comprehensive footnotes identify the books he illustrated during those years (included in a checklist). copy-book covers. In addition. 688 pages ISBN 9781584563259. and publishers. literature he sought to help him in engraving techniques. 3 volumes. art historian. This visual exploration of a rapidly vanishing chapter in 20th century publishing history is given context by an overview of the historic book culture of interwar Latvia. German and Yiddish. 1775–1870. He mostly devised his skills for himself. hardcover. this three-volume work details some 750 titles.75 inches.00 Co-published with The American Antiquarian Society Alexander Anderson. his prodigious work filled publications of every kind. 1580 pages ISBN 9781584562733. each covering one of the major language groups in Latvia: Latvian. Thomas Bewick. An appendix lists some 300 books that he mentioned reading.00 Available outside North and South America from The British Library by Jane R.5 x 11 inches. Ten chapters from author Jane R. provincial printing enthusiast. 120366. Order No. or admirer of engraving. $265. Pomeroy By the early nineteenth century. and more. The book also features the personal reminiscences of the author. 336 pages ISBN 9789934512186. $65. 88121. artists.000 images he produced in his ninetyfive-years.COM . hardcover. and a third of artists and engravers. Pomeroy This work presents the complete transcription of the diary of the father of wood engraving in America. Order No. 2014. Alexander Anderson was recognized as the United States’s preeminent illustrator.00 Co-published with The American Antiquarian Society AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW. 2005. and large single prints. showing how he gained his longtime appreciation for the creativity and richness of Latvian publishing and book design. Order No. this major study contains over 2.5 x 10. Wood Engraver and Illustrator Thomas Bewick The Complete Illustrative Work An Annotated Bibliography by Nigel Tattersfield Generously illustrated and arranged alphabetically. 2011. a second of printers.

4to.300 thumbnail images. Peterson.00 Howard Pyle His Life—His Work by Paul Preston Davis This book represents the complete record of works by America’s foremost illustrator. concerns. limited to 60 numbered and signed sets . $39. Museum Edition. 110254. 2007.00 Frank Schoonover Catalogue Raisonné by John Schoonover and Louise Schoonover-Smith with LeeAnn Dean This two-volume set provides a comprehensive record of Schoonover’s (1877–1972) entire oeuvre. Order No. The comprehensive text. Order No. hardcover. 2009. hidden life. colorful feasts for the eyes. paperback. a detailed biography.00 The Trevelyon Miscellany of 1608 An Introduction to Folger Shakespeare Library MS V. information about his models and students.95 27 Chicago Under Wraps Dust Jackets from 1920 to 1950 A catalogue published to coincide with an exhibition on the same topic at the Ryerson and Burnham Libraries at The Art Institute of Chicago. The two volumes are well indexed and illustrated with over 3. contributed to the two final issues of The Yellow Book.232 edited by Heather Wolfe This massive volume provides a snapshot of the passions. which continue to delight modern audiences. has at last been able to reconstruct the story of her life in England. Peterson Ethel Reed (1874–1912) is one of the most elusive figures in the history of American graphic design and a striking example of an early media celebrity. 2007. $295. 75317. $15. 12 pages Order No. engravings. Thomas Trevelyon was a skilled scribe who had access to a stunning variety of woodcuts.FALL 2016 CATALOGUE The Beautiful Poster Lady A Life of Ethel Reed by William S. 2 volumes. 87133. 9 x 12 inches. $425. 2 volumes. hardcover with slipcase. 906 pages ISBN 9781584561330. 160 pages ISBN 9781584563174. 2004.000 images. Distributed for the Caxton Club [1999].00 Distributed for The Folger Shakespeare Library ORDER BY PHONE AT 800-996-2556 OR BY EMAIL AT OAKKNOLL@OAKKNOLL. It includes 16 color plates of her posters and 47 black-and-white illustrations. 10. $35. This is the only book-length treatment of her work as a designer—and the first successful attempt to recover Ethel Reed’s enigmatic. hardcover. two additional bibliographies. 594 pages ISBN 029598659X. The Trevelyon Miscellany of 1608 A Facsimile of Folger Shakespeare Library MS V. which also includes thumbnails of every page of Trevelyon’s miscellany. 10. 108907. Newspapers of the day described her as “the beautiful poster lady. and then vanished. But in 1896 she sailed to Europe. from his earliest sketches to his last easel paintings. specially bound and with an extra eight-page signature. most in full color.95 Co-published with The Delaware Art Museum A paperback binding of the first 60 pages of the facsimile. 126797. lists of exhibitions and magazine illustrations. through meticulous archival research. and everyday interests of a highly talented London commoner.00 2004. $149. Order No. hardcover. and three indices. dust jacket.75 x 17 inches.B. 846 pages ISBN 9781584562382. Order No. Now William S. 108908. 60 pages Order No. is illustrated with color images of the dust jackets themselves. hundreds of which had not been reproduced since their original publication over 100 years ago. 9 x 12 inches.COM . which he transformed from small monochrome images into large.b. almanacs. $195. Included are over 3. quarter morocco with Japanese cloth Order No. and more. broadsides.” claiming that she was the most famous woman artist in America.75 x 17 inches. dust jacket. 96681. written by Victor Margolin. 2013. Contains a list for further reading and a checklist that reflects the exhibition. 6 x 9 inches.232. paperback.

Object Book. and Richard Ovenden. present and future. $25.5 x 12 inches.5 inches. The event showcased contemporary artist books and fine press and fine art editions produced by some of the world’s most esteemed printers. 126794.00 2015. hardcover.00 This is not a Cathedral The Timeless Art of Allowing Books to Thrive by Monica Oppen by Robert Bringhurst in conversation with Ulises Carrióna Number 10 in the CODE(X)+1 monograph series published by The Codex Foundation Monica Oppen is owner and curator of an unusual private library dedicated to the contemporary artist’s book. Peter Rutledge Koch. pamphlet. scholars and artists who wish to use the library. 28 pages ISBN 9780996218412. Order No. Object 2 A record of the first biennial Codex Book Fair and Symposium: “The Fate of the Art. Order No. 448 pages ISBN 9780981791401. and her evolving curatorial practice with Number 11 in the CODE(X)+1 monograph series published by The Codex Foundation. Ulises Carrión’s ground-breaking 1975 manifesto “The new art of making books” is here presented with interleaved remarks composed 40 years later by enowned scholar. Ron King. past. The volume is illustrated in full color throughout. and Felipe Ehrenberg. Also contains a selection of papers from the symposiums in 2009 and 2011 by Paul van Capelleveen. 5. 2007. 5. 121240.00 AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW. 126795. Order No. Art. pamphlet. Approximately 735 color illustrationsThe book includes transcripts of thelectures by Sarah Bodman. Order No. Robert Bringhurst.5 x 7. poet and typographer Robert Bringhurst. 129163. Proceedings of the Codex Foundation’s biennial exhibition and symposium. Foreword by Jury. Upon reading it for the first time I knew I wanted to spend deep time working on it. The collection. She writes about the origins. dust jacket. and fine art editions. Juan Pascoe. Antoine Coron.5 x 7. is situated in her home in Sydney. Over 1. passion and candor. Edited by David Jury Wth a Foreword by Peter Koch 2008. in his wonderful book on gardens. of going for and coming back changed. dust jacket. however great their hunger. and artisans. But the libraries of our material world. those wonderful forms which depend on readers to come.S. book artists. 24 pages ISBN 97809962184054. purpose. can only hoard existing volumes. 100395. 16 pages ISBN 9780996218436.COM . The Real World of Manuel Córdova is an iconic example of the contemporary book as a work of art. $25. 128754. “Karel Capek.” 2011. $25. $75.100 color illustrations of 300 books by 140 artists/printers.5 inches.5 inches.” Berkeley. Order No. Australia where she welcomes students. 5. 9 x 12 inches. 20 pages ISBN 9780996218429. In the essay “Chasing the Ideal Book” Carolee Campbell reveals her methodical and brilliant approach to investigative book making. The same can be said of the art of libraries. Merwin consisting of forty-three fourteen-line stanzas. Peter Koch 2013. 9. introduction by Koch. Bibliotheca Librorum apud Artificem. designers. says that the art of gardening can be reduced to one rule: you put into it more than you take out. single poem by W. but its Pythagorean reincarnations. 5. pamphlet. hardcover. California.5 inches. We know that every book holds within all its possible readings.00 David Jury.5 x 7.28 OAK KNOLL PRESS Books about Fine Press and Artists’ Books Books Distributed for the CODEX Foundation The Universal Dream Library Chasing the Ideal Book by Carolee Campbell by Alberto Manguel Number 13 in the CODE(X)+1 monograph series. $25. will not be found on our shelves.” Number 12 in the CODE(X)+1 monograph series.” 2016. pamphlet.OAKKNOLL. fine press. The poem evokes the very essence of the mythological journey. 521 pages ISBN 9780911221503.00 Book. David Jury. The Timeless Art of Allowing Books to Thrive is a dialogue between two theoretically and existentially divergent proponents of reading—executed in the manner of a conversation. She writes. “The Fate of the Art. Art. “The Real World of Manuel Córdova is a long.00 2015.5 x 7. Order No. 2015. $75. list of supporters. which showcased contemporary artist books.

and Lutetia.5 x 5. 2016. Stardream. observations.FALL 2016 CATALOGUE 29 Books Distributed for the Center for Book Arts Five Poems Queering the BibliObject by Mary Ruelle Five Poems was designed as a 5-sided book on the occasion of The Center for Book Arts 2016 chapbook.25 x 13.00 by John Chaich (curator) Queering the BibliObject presents works by contemporary lesbian. paperback. surveying.00 Center Broadsides 2014 Reading Series Twelve broadsides. 2016. 8. 2014. printed matter as material or medium. data mining. 90 pages Order No. the zine has retained its popularity even as the internet has largely become the preferred method of selfpublishing.25 x 7 inches. 2016.25 inches.COM . 8 pages Order No. drawing. 76. 129167. John. $20. plotting. 12 broadsides of various sizes Order No. contains the poems “The One Who Should Write My Elegy Is Dead.25 inches. paperback. 8. photography. 28 pages. $75. As part of the Broadside Reading Series. unpaginated Order No. extrapolations. the book object. each representing the work of an individual poet who gave a reading at The Center for Book Arts in New York. statistics. 129166. 7 x 10 inches. paperback. Images are from collographs. $20.” It was designed by Amber McMillan of Post Editions and produced in an edition of 100. 2014. top opening portfolio 15. $500. 122528.25 x 13. mixing artists’ original creations with items from the ABC No Rio zine library archives. $500. and video. 123946.25 inches. 129164. The text was hand-set in Grotesque No. 18 and printed on Zerkall Book Vellum. the works are organized around four formal and conceptual approaches: restricting access to the book object.” and “The Way It Is. judged by Sharon Dolin and David St. limited to 100 copies Order No. and/or relationship with. sculpture. performance. Illustrated by Barbara Henry. 2015. in an artistic portfolio. binding is sewn-boards. to which Mary Ruefle was a judge. paper is Colorplan. 123947. 8. in an artistic portfolio. paperback pamphlet. and transgender artists who explore the book as an object. a letterpress printer (sometimes the poet who gave the reading) creates a broadside of one of the author’s poems that captures the essence of the verse. 2016. covering subjects from arts-community history to political commentary. Concept. cloth. removed from both the narrative function and cover-to-cover form of the traditional artist’s book. all cast in-house. 2014. top opening portfolio 15. and recontextualizations of researched source materials such as data analysis. judge of the 2014 Center for Book Arts Chapbook Competition.00 Center Broadsides 2015 Reading Series Twelve broadsides. and representing the self through. A mix of assemblage. Order No. Zines+ and The World of ABC No Rio presents and explains a range of these self-same printed materials. 129168.25 inches. The illustration was printed from hand processed polymer plates onto Gampi paper. repurposing bound. $20. As part of the Broadside Reading Series. New York City.00 Zines+ and the World of ABC No Rio by Jason Lujan By straddling the line between functional brochure and works of art realized in book form. $200. $75. book-related artworks. reclaiming the book’s context and content in order to reimagine narrative. paperback.5 x 5. John.75 x 10. bisexual. analytics. each representing the work of an individual poet who gave a reading at The Center for Book Arts in New York.00 Untitled by David St. and Canaletto at the Swamp Press using Joanna. unpaginated Order No. 7. Printed on Touche.” Where He Came Down. press work and binding by Ana Paula Cordeiro at The Center for Book Arts. The hand-set type families are Consort and Bernhard.5 x 5. mapping.00 Metadata: Source Material Visualized by Alexander Campos and Heidi Neilson Metadata: Source Materials Visualized presents artists’ books.00 ORDER BY PHONE AT 800-996-2556 OR BY EMAIL AT OAKKNOLL@OAKKNOLL. gay.00 Edge by Sara Wallace The manuscript for this book won the 2014 Poetry Chapbook Competition at The Center for Book Arts. 12 broadsides of various sizes Order No. John This untitled collection of poetry by David St. 129169. Deepdene. Presswork on a Windmill and Vandercook. unpaginated. a letterpress printer (sometimes the poet who gave the reading) creates a broadside of one of the author’s poems that captures the essence of the verse. and textbased new media that are visual interpretations.5 inches.25 inches. and schemes.

this learned society has become widely recognized as a national treasure. 176 pages ISBN 9781584563280. he learned on the job from these men how to manage a not-for-profit special collections library. Peterson. leatherbound with slipcase. scholars of American writing and publishing. IV – The Medeival World in the West: From Cassiodorus to Furnival Vol. Readers will meet founder Isaiah Thomas and his successors at the Society’s helm. 2.COM . Over the past two centuries. $55. from the early archive libraries of Crete to the creation of public libraries during the Renaissance. McNeil. attracting substantial funding. $1. and chapter outlines to guide the reader. Robert L. VI – Epilogue and General Index Trade Hardcover Edition 2004-2013. George Vaux. Each set includes the following volumes: Vol. Smith. Order No. Robert C. hardcover. 125904. Oak Knoll’s The History of the Library in Western Civilization series is complete.375.30 OAK KNOLL PRESS Books about Libraries The History of the Library in Western Civilization (The Complete Set) by Konstantinos Sp. Each has moved the Society forward by deftly matching the institution’s needs with local and national developments. Published on the occasion of the Society’s bicentennial. Athenæum Profiles consists of biographical essays covering twelve significant individuals who influenced the future of one of America’s oldest cultural institutions. Henry J. Magaziner.75 x 10 inches. dust jacket. dust jacket.00 The American Antiquarian Society.718 pages in 6 volumes Limited to 100 copies. $60.OAKKNOLL. 2014. and brimming with narrative detail. Each volume includes beautiful color illustrations to accompany the text. with careful attention given to the people who have shaped and nurtured it into the twenty-first century. With their guidance.00 Deluxe Leatherbound Edition 2004-2013. Tatum.00 Distributed for the American Antiquarian Society by Roger W. hardcover. 6. Gura Revised edition. I – From Minos to Cleopatra Vol. athaniel Burt. and stewards of the nation’s history. 2. small 4to. this unique. Dornsife. V – The Renaissance: From Petrarch to Michelangelo Vol. This volume traces the development of the American Antiquarian Society library and the role its librarians have played as collectors. hardcover. small 4to. illustrated history is scholarly in purpose. 454 pages ISBN 9781929545650. The author’s guiding approach is finely focused on the Society’s intellectual development as a cultural repository of extraordinary consequence. During the author’s forty-year tenure as executive director of the Athenæum (1968–2008). rich in probing insight. III – The Byzantine World: From Constantine the Great to Cardinal Bessarion Vol. II – The Roman World: From Cicero to Hadrian Vol. Walter Muir Whitehill. Robert B. embracing modern technology. 117114. he resuscitated this previously moribund institution by acquiring nationally significant collections. Moss Prepared for the bicentennial celebration of The Athenæum of Philadelphia. Order No. and Ian Grant. Ennis.. Order No. Clay Lancaster.718 pages in 6 volumes Order No. and creating a research website Profiled here are George B. This remarkable work addresses the unique role libraries have played in building and preserving Western culture. 2012.. 1812–2012 Athenæum Profiles A Not-for-Profit Education A Bicentennial History by Philip F. very limited supply. 120345. Staikos With the publication of Volume VI: Epilogue and General Index. Charles E. dust jacket. All volumes from this series are available to purchase individually or as a set at a reduced price. Jr. $375.00 AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW. 125905. 6 x 9 inches. Samuel J..

illustrated stationary. Throughout the book are over 100 color illustrations of Magnus’ work. tracing the evolution of this hand-drawn color-printing process. very useful for all Practitioners of the Noble Art of Printing”). hardcover. Garden. 2012. $59. architecture. This book also reproduces 81 full-page specimens submitted to the Exchange. Its history involves the development of new machinery and techniques. 110132. showcasing a wide range of styles from many countries. 8. posters. For technical and political reasons. and their printing types. Order No. until 1771 all Armenian books were printed outside Armenia. hardcover. 728 pages ISBN 9781584563204. facsimiles of manuscripts. cooperation and conflict among outsize personalities. It gives particular attention to the movement of artists. 1850–1900 by E. complemented and enhanced by Frans Janssen’s detailed introduction and notes. The manuscript illustrates. Janssen Although instructions on the proper layout of typeset pages for the press have always been useful tools of the printing trade. $130. it was compiled in the years 1794-1795 by printer Joannes Josephus Balthazar Vanderstraelen. The Exchange is a record of a remarkable period in letterpress and lithographic printing. These diagrams are reproduced here in their entirety. “Artistic” printing.95 Co-published with Winterthur Museum. 8. An appendix lists the items mentioned by title in the book and records where at least one copy of each can be located. Order No.COM . 121734. $59. Order No. an index. 2014. art. through a series of diagrams in ink and watercolor. and the extraordinary efforts of a few talented and dedicated people. The book describes the diaspora of Armenian printing.95 Distributed for the Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam ORDER BY PHONE AT 800-996-2556 OR BY EMAIL AT OAKKNOLL@OAKKNOLL. a native of Antwerp. it takes the reader on a typographic odyssey through time and space. A comprehensive index completes the volume. reproductions of famous and popular paintings. “Old Style” vs. materials. At one end of the market chromolithography met a voracious demand for color printing in everyday life. dust jacket. and Library The Rise and Fall of the Printers’ International Specimen Exchange by Matthew McLennan Young The first in-depth study of a venture whose goal was a new standard of excellence in job printing. printers. paperback. 200 pages ISBN 9781584563198. and design). hardcover. 2013. The book also includes a foreword by Eugene S. $49. and in full color.FALL 2016 CATALOGUE Books about Printing A History of Chromolithography Printed Colour for All by Michael Twyman The first book since the process was in its heyday to offer a detailed account of how chromolithographs were made. Order No.5 x 11 inches. Order No. highlighting the role of Amsterdam. With its plentiful color illustrations. The present volume has been reproduced from a unique manuscript in the collection of the Grolier Club Library. puzzles and greeting cards. The book first examines Magnus as a person. board games. 2012. dust jacket. 9 x 12 inches. zeer nuttig voor alle Liefhebbers der Edele Boekdruk-konste (“Imposition Manual.5 x 11 inches. 2013. their books. 224 pages ISBN 9789081926409. Entitled Overslag-Boek. and ideas across national boundaries. Lane This first international publication in English and Armenian on the history of Armenian printing commemorates five centuries of printers. 6. equipment. and high-end product catalogues. the histories of the two printing houses that managed the Exchange. All are discussed in the context of other color processes and illustrated with 850 color images drawn from a dozen or so countries. the correct position of composed pages. it was applied to work of real quality: illustrations (for science. Richard McKinstry Charles Magnus was one of the most prolific American printers of ephemera during the late nineteenth century. 160 pages ISBN 9781584563099. 118671. surviving examples are rare.75 x 9. This is also the first book to consider chromolithography from a global standpoint. book covers.5 inches. Flamm and a description of the original manuscript held at the Grolier Club. Founded in 1880.00 Available outside North and South America from The British Library The Earliest Dutch Imposition Manual A Facsimile of the Manuscript OverslagBoek by Joannes Josephus Balthazar Vanderstraelen » « edited by Frans A. maps and atlases. many never seen before outside the Exchange’s original 16 volumes.00 Distributed for the Grolier Club 31 Charles Magnus. 109505. 7 x 10 inches. products. at the other. Lithographer Illustrating America’s Past. $75.95 The Diaspora of Armenian Printing 1512–2012 by John A. then details the various kind of items he published such as songsheets. dust jacket. arranged so that they would appear in the correct order after having been printed and folded. 210 pages ISBN 9781605830537. bird’s eye view maps. hardcover. and contextualizes all this with respect to the development of the lithographic trade and its organization. 108704.

5 x 10.00 Distributed for the Caxton Club To Put Asunder The Laws of Matrimonial Strife by Lawrence H. promote and encourage these arts. Part Two. specific to era and location.00 Available outside North and South America from The British Library 1995. the Club remains dedicated to this objective. Hardcover. producers and collectors. Stotter clarifies the philosophy and goals behind the development of divorce laws in biblical times. hardcover. 2011. $85. 2014. The Caxton Club was founded in Chicago in 1895 by fifteen bibliophiles. and seven relate to book collecting. this book tells. scholarly literature. hardcover.5 inches. dust jacket. the Club has published 60 books distinguished by their content and design. Piehl offers a taste of the artistic. Part One. $95. the influences of early Greeks and Romans. they explore the practices and perceptions of print production. 106293. this book examines court proceedings. It brings together a community of individuals who share the love of books and provides them a forum to educate one another on their content and design.25 x 10 inches. $55. $75. Stotter Richly illustrated in full color. from its origins in the second half of the 18th century to its decline after the Second World War. sixteen describe the history of printing and bookbindings. the impact of the Reformation.” One century later. ‘Practices and Perceptions’ offers chapters that examine the practices of authors. Order No. Kirkpatrick Winner of the Children’s Book History Society’s 2012-2013 Harvey Darton Award. translators. 7. Nineteen are important historical works. Perceptions. and including more than one hundred pages of bibliographic sources. and about the joys of reading. and the circulation of texts and connections between book-trade personnel in Britain and Europe between the late fifteenth and early eighteenth centuries. 108513. which thrived around 1830 to 1870. hardcover. The volume is divided into two sections.75 x 9. Each essay offers insights. Order No. and the perceptions of book-trade personnel. Connections Celebrating a Century of the Book in Chicago Caxton Club historian Frank J. dust jacket. dust jacket. 118821. beautifully designed.COM .000 numbered and signed copies of which 900 are offered for sale. and the modifications brought about by the founders of Colonial America to make clear the reasons for our current divorce provisions. In its 100 years. to early attempts to entertain as well as educate boys through monthly magazines and the ground-breaking weekly story papers and ‘penny dreadfuls’ of Edwin J. 416 pages ISBN 9781587902109. Order No.00 AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW. Includes a comprehensive checklist. 6. Beginning with educational and religious magazines. 256 pages ISBN 9781584563273. intellectual and literary atmosphere of Chicago from which the Caxton Club merged. 8.00 Available in the UK from The British Library From the Penny Dreadful to the Ha’penny Dreadfuller A Bibliographic History of the British Boys’ Periodical 1762–1950 by Robert J.5 inches. 6 x 9 inches. Brett. Order No. policies of church and state. Limited to 1. Its objective was the “literary study and promotion of the arts pertaining to the production of books” and “the occasional publishing of books designed to illustrate. 2013. 224 pages ISBN 0940550091. Collectively.OAKKNOLL. and the anger of unhappy spouses to reveal the path of domestic relations laws adopted in Western civilization. the full history of the British boys’ periodical. Practices.’ explores the shifting geographical networks across the trade over the early modern period and their implications for readers. into the ways in which book-trade actors ultimately shaped the meaning of the texts that they produced.32 OAK KNOLL PRESS Books about Publishing The Book Trade in Early Modern England The Caxton Club 1895-1985 edited by John Hinks and Victoria Gardener by Frank Piehl This volume comprises a range of papers from ‘Print Networks’ conferences on the early modern book trade. 41478. for the first time. giving publication details of over 600 periodicals. 586 pages ISBN 9781584563181. it follows the trail through the violent and sensational ‘penny blood’. ‘Connections.

Order No. hardcover.00 Printing Types Their History. foundry. and notes. an actual-size sample to show scale. This book’s eleven chapters provide a comprehensive account of every Irish font from over four centuries—each in its cultural. and a detailed enlargement to show a closer view of the type. hand-set type. Every entry in this survey is the result of hand-engraved punches. and political context­—including 150 illustrations. the book details punchcutter. these typefaces and their variant forms are shown in full alphabets—upper and lower case with numerals and punctuation. Order No.5 inches. 104562. dust jacket. Roman.00 Vine Leaf Ornaments in Renaissance Typography A Survey by Hendrik D.L. Structured by alphabetically-listed type families. The specimens themselves are cleanly reproduced from metal types for maximum clarity. Order No. 2012. The text identifies the designer.L. Irish typography came after the demise of the late Graeco-Roman uncials and semi-uncials. American Metal Typefaces by Mac McGrew Discover 1. Italic. More recently.00 Available outside North and South America from the National Print Museum. 9 x 12 inches. $35. Order No. Vervliet This new study provides a useful tool for identifying and dating books without an imprint. 7. 105522. 5 x 7 inches. (2009).FALL 2016 CATALOGUE 33 Books about Typography Historical Types From Gutenberg to Ashendene by Stan Knight Historical Types begins in 1454 with Gutenberg’s experiments with moveable type and reaches as far as the Fine Press movement at the beginning of the twentieth century. 2001. Order No. Victor Hammer. $55. 6. 104563. 9 x 12 inches. paperback. and Use by Daniel Berkeley Updike This extraordinary work explores the historical and artistic significance of the best work of printers and type founders throughout the history of printing. 63429. and Eric Gill have made significant contributions to Irish type design.95 Irish Type Design A History of Printing Types in the Irish Character by Dermot McGuinne The designing of special type for printing Irish language texts began in the late sixteenth century and lasted into our own day.00 Paperback: ISBN 9780954379964. and Greek types. 34980. Each entry consists of a detailed but concise written commentary and three-fold photographic reproductions of the relevant types—a whole page of the book to show context. punchcutters. first and early appearances. 416 pages ISBN 9781584563051. Order No. $65. internationally renowned designers Stanley Morison. $85. This work captures the disappearing traditions and legacy that metal-type printing has left behind. date of issue as well as the range of sizes and similar designs by other founders. attracting the attention of many leading political and religious figures and scholars. The book explores every major development in the design of type and includes some previously lesser-known designers whose type designs made significant contributions to the craft. The original two-volume set has been combined into one book containing the original 367 typographical illustrations selected from rare and beautiful books. size. 2010.COM . Indices provide easy access to typeface names as well as names of designers. Vervliet and a new chapter on Louvain Irish type. hardcover.5 x 9. 104 pages ISBN 9781584562986. 398 pages ISBN 9780938768395. It provides a descriptive notice of each fleuron. A list of leaves in order of ascending width and a list by punchcutter or eponym are also included. 2012. 236 pages Hardcover: ISBN 9780954379957. Forms. religious. and other tradesman.95 Available in Europe from Brill ORDER BY PHONE AT 800-996-2556 OR BY EMAIL AT OAKKNOLL@OAKKNOLL. matrix engravers. preceded by late Gothic. dust jacket. hardcover. $39.5 x 9 inches. This expanded second edition includes a new foreword by Hendrik D. 108912. 1088 pages ISBN 9781584560562. $49.600 classical as well as bizarre typefaces in one of the most massive tributes to the history of printing and metal types. Illustrated with leaves throughout. The main part of this book is a comprehensive catalogue of all sixteenth-century type-cast vine leaf designs. Dublin. and hand-printed pages. Historical Types stands a step above other books on the history of type because of the size and quality of its reproductions and its straightforward and clear exposition.

The example scripts show a coherent and consistent relationship between methods of tool use and letter formation. 238 pages ISBN 9781584560920. hardcover. including Rogers Spencer and his gifted student George A. Over one hundred illustrations. forges through the Second Temple period. (2009). his philosophy.5 x 11 inches. type designer. Henning edited by Paul Melzer Guides the reader through the careers of some of the most important American penmen. 320 pages ISBN 9781584560678. This work is essential for all calligraphers. literary historians and document examiners.95 Co-published with John Neal. Script Styles. The shapes of the letters and their development are documented. and flow are revealed. $59. Gaskell.COM .OAKKNOLL.5 x 11 inches. 8. An excellent study of writing and writing materials for the penman.34 OAK KNOLL PRESS Books about Writing and Calligraphy An Elegant Hand Edward Johnston Master Calligrapher The Golden Age of American Penmanship & Calligraphy by Peter Holliday This book looks afresh at the work and legacy of calligrapher. The survey also includes various scripts. Calligraphy & Design by Ada Yardeni This work is one of the most definitive books written on the origin and development of the Hebrew Script. making the construction of a script much easier to grasp in practice. the people he worked with. $69. 2002. 92516. Paul Melzer added more than 400 examples taken from original specimens to illustrate Henning’s manuscript. hardcover.95 Historical Scripts From Classical Times to the Renaissance by Stan Knight With its full-page. hardcover.95 AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW. dust jacket. Order No. whose books and periodicals reached thousands of students in the second half of the 1800s. Ink & Evidence A Study of Writing and Writing Materials for Penman. archivists. It considers his friendships. 71692.95 The Book of Hebrew Script History. Breaking through almost all fences within which Hebrew paleography has been confined. Order No. 2003.95 Pen. 365 pages ISBN 9781584560876. enlarged photographs and solidly researched sources Historical Scripts is a useful text for studying the history of manuscripts as well as the details of letter construction. by William E. 112 pages ISBN 9781884718564. $49.5 x 11 inches. ink tone. 71215. Order No. Well-illustrated with the evolutionary calligraphy of the Ancient Hebrews. 68991. It also helps one make judgments about the technical condition of letter writing and its qualities of rhythm and movement. It also details the birth and growth of the craft community at Ditchling in Sussex. 52752. Collector and Document Detective by Joe Nickell Second printing with corrections. paperback. dust jacket. Order No. hardcover. Palaeography. 9 x 12 inches. Bookseller 2007. 8 x 12 inches. and teacher Edward Johnston (1872–1944). Order No. 8. $39. dust jacket. and document detective. and the influence he had on them. dust jacket. and deals with all the periods following it. (2012). collector. described and analyzed. 412 pages ISBN 9781584561989. The photographs are lit so that the tactile qualities of surfaces. 8. $29. The author traces the development of writing and writing materials from the ancient cuneiform tablet to today’s historical documents. this work starts at the beginning.

consists of photographs and text for 100 tickets organized alphabetically by institution.00 Distributed for The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine edited by Earle Havens Distributed for the Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University ORDER BY PHONE AT 800-996-2556 OR BY EMAIL AT OAKKNOLL@OAKKNOLL. The second section.00 Distributed for the John Carter Brown Library The Dr. 616 pages ISBN 9780615717401. Tickets to the Healing Arts. duotone. This catalogue provides a short biography for each author and a bibliographical description of each book. chemistry. $45. 2011. paperback. 184 pages ISBN 978160583047X. 8. but also includes works on mathematics. The color illustrations demonstrate the highly visual. hardcover. 108257. 2013. and medicine contributed to the advancement of science. Throughout are eproductions of illustrations and title pages from the collection of the John Carter Brown Library. forty-four 16th century books. founder and first director of the Wilmer Eye Institute in Baltimore. controlling admissions. 8 x 11 inches. Elliott & Eileen Hinkes Collection of Rare Books in the History of Scientific Discovery A Perfect Vision presents over four hundred rare books on the eye. Order No. They collected fees from students and. hardcover. and medicine collected by William Holland Wilmer. 122 pages ISBN 9780983808602.25 x 10 inches. $35. a list of the books on navigation that are cited in the text. $130. Robert J. and often aesthetic. Order No.D. as well as indexes of titles. mathematics. in return. dissertations. illustrations. periodicals. names. biology. Order No. Medical faculty ran the schools. issued tickets for admission to their course of lectures. optics. hardcover. also contains a reprint of Some American Contributions to the Art of Navigation. manuscripts. More than 150 original items are pictured and described. Semba and Kristine Smets Extraordinary Women in Science & Medicine Four Centuries of Achievement by Ronald K. begins with a narrative exploring the provenance of the University Archives’ medical lecture ticket collection. 6. With black-and-white illustrations throughout and 16 color plates. meteorology. Wroth This new edition of The Way of a Ship. among others. Hattendorf has pieced together Wroth’s manuscript notes and corrections to the original text. Albert For more than the first century of formal medical education in America. 108376.COM . Order No. Smeltzer. Maryland. 9. The third section functions as a comprehensive index of the 1. and black and white. Order No.5 x 12 inches. 118157. Professors and students were individuals of diverse backgrounds and accomplishments. Illustrated in color. and graduation standards. dust jacket. Rueben. This catalogue unfolds nearly 200 of their stories from 100 tickets dating from the 1760s. In addition to providing a complete bibliography. individuals involved in the production of books.00 Distributed for the Grolier Club The Way of a Ship An Essay on the Literature of Navigation Science by Lawrence C. Oak Knoll Press and University of Pennsylvania Archives 2015. Wilmer’s collection includes thirteen incunabula. 2013.00 A Perfect Vision Catalogue of the William Holland Wilmer Rare Book Collection by Richard D.5 x 11 inches. and laboratory apparatus. The collection focuses on the history of astronomy and physics. qualities of the many objects in the collection. $65. including books. offprints. M. Professor John B. locations. and provenances. 1519–1802. this volume includes narrative essays that put the books into their proper historical context. curriculum. chemistry. the foundational bibliographic essay on the literature of navigation science. 364 pages ISBN 9781584563297. the Hinkes Collection encompasses over 500 years of printing history in the West. 204 pages ISBN 9780916617707. the core of the catalogue. computing. With over 250 individual items. and seventy-three 17th century books. medical schools were proprietary in nature. paperback. and Paulette Rose This catalogue explores the legacy of thirty-two remarkable women whose accomplishments in physics.FALL 2016 CATALOGUE 35 Books about Science and Medicine Tickets to the Healing Arts Medical Lecture Tickets of the 18th and 19th Centuries by Caroline Benenson Perloff and Daniel M. adding an index.00 2011. selected from the collection of the University of Pennsylvania Archives and Records Center.. and optics. 118562. $35. astronomy. 6 x 9 inches. 118577.150 tickets in the University Archives collection. vision. providing a remarkable overview of the scientific contributions of this eminent group. and a new foreword.

Felcone A bibliography of all known books. 96 pages ISBN 9781584563235. hardcover. Among his many awards. paperback. DE 19720 Lewis & Clark College 0615 SW Palatine Hill Road Portland. any translators. $79. Hagstrom and Joshua S.00 Charles Dickens A Bibliography of His First American Editions by Walter E. $45.” to this bibliography. 118104. Order No. “My Life Up To Now. Order No. dust jacket.COM . 544 pages ISBN 9781929545667. 2013. Following James Pirie’s death in 2002. and the first complete record of the diffusion of Virgil’s three major poems.5 inches. 6 x 9 inches. Order No. hardcover. critical material. Order No. but now that my world is gone I crave expression pure as all the space around me: I want to tell what is. $75. the Lewis & Clark College Special Collections staff expanded and updated Pirie’s bibliography for this volume.75 inches.. place of publication. hardcover.00 Distributed for David Brass Rare Books was the author of Books for Junior College Libraries: A Selected List of Approximately 19. identifies paper and type. 8. An Annotated Bibliography AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY William Stafford from “Tuned In Late One Night” William Stafford (1914-1993) WILLIAM STAFFORD A List of His Publications to Mark His 80th Birthday in 2012 by A. dust jacket. as well as lists additional translations.700 Titles (1969) and Typology of Institutions of Higher Education (1974). Order No. and an indication of where a copy of the book may be found. and describes bindings. 2012. Edwards William Stafford JAMES W.” 2013. from 1966 to 1982. the only comprehensive bibliography of William Stafford’s writings. 108913. 256 pages ISBN 9781584563228. forgery.C. Each section includes “emendations” and “additions. He deserves to be remembered for many generations to come. $125. bibliophily. Pirie worked closely with his friend and colleague William Stafford to maintain an accurate bibliographic record of Stafford’s numerous publications.5 x 8. G. Stafford wrote over sixty books of poetry that still resonate with a wide range of readers. 2012. 544 pages book trade. 2012. and others in the book trade. PIRIE Listen—this is a faint station left alive in the vast universe. 5. 200 pages ISBN 9781584563266. hardcover. 1940-1978 that was originally published in the Bulletin of Bibliography. 8 x 10. Stafford’s perspectives on peace. the 2013. Odell This book includes a preliminary update of Thom Gunn: A Bibliography. supplemented by reproductions of title pages and bindings. Poet Laureate and winner of the Pulitzer Prize Oak Knoll Press 310 Delaware Street New Castle. Published in celebration of Nicolas Barker’s eightieth birthday.00 Co-published with the Library of the Supreme Council AVAILABLE ONLINE AT WWW. Profile image of William Stafford by Barbara Stafford-Wilson. hardcover. hardcover. Stafford’s perspectives are WILLIAM STAFFORD R some of the most articulate dialogues by a modern American writer. for the Roxburghe Club. and this marvelous bibliography will be immensely helpful in ensuring that. $95. Pirie (1913-2002) Stafford (1914–1993) was one of the most important American poets of the last half of the 20th century. $95. Louis Mercantile Library Prize. Watkins This bibliography is based on the Masonic holdings in the library of the Supreme Council. Each entry contains information on the printer.5 x 8. and received the National Book Award in 1963 for his poetry collection Traveling through the Dark. OR 97219 Available outside North and South America from Bernard Quaritch Ltd. Gunn contributed an autobiographical essay. He wrote over sixty books that still resonate with readers. I was left here to tell you a message designed for your instruction or comfort. 118824. Order No. newspapers.. 456 pages ISBN 9780615649030. and it completes the listing of Gunn’s published work. this bibliography serves both as a collection of his writings and as a tribute to one who has inspired deep affection in so many. 105523.95 Co-published with Lewis & Clark College 2013. reviews of his work.OAKKNOLL. pamphlets. by James W. The range of topics that has engaged him is astonishingly wide: medieval manuscripts. Pirie James W. 110013. Hagstrom and George Bixby First Edition. 110070. periodicals. typography. and more. editors. S. 2013. As the wellrespected Director of Aubrey R. 1979–2012 by Jack W. by James W.C. calligraphy. Appendices list printers. Southern Jurisdiction of the USA. 580 pages ISBN 9781584562924. 118364.5 x 11 inches. the environment. Winner of the Bibliographical Society of America’s 2014 St. Smith This significant work identifies the first and early American editions of Charles Dickens’s novels and Sketches by Boz and traces their publishing history from 1836 to 1870.00 I know of no other 20th century American writer as much admired and respected as William Stafford.00 International Masonic Collection 1723–2011 by Larissa P.5 x 8. A short-title catalogue of all early printed editions of the Roman poet Virgil. Each entry provides detailed textual data and binding descriptions. Watzek Library at Lewis & Clark College in Portland. Ted Kooser Former U. Each entry provides collations. dust jacket.00 Distributed for the American Antiquarian Society A Bibliography of the Early Printed Editions of Virgil.5 x 11 inches.36 OAK KNOLL PRESS Bibliography Nicolas Barker at Eighty was one of the most prolific and important American poets of the last half of the twentieth century. 5. and broadsides produced by every 18th-century New Jersey press. many recorded for the first time. $75. Order No.5 x 11 inches. interviews. $95. Illustrated with more than 500 images. and commentators.5 inches. and more. 1940–1978 by Joseph J. booksellers. with full collations of first editions and details of reprints and new editions. 1469– 1850 by Craig Kallendorf by Jack W. During his lifetime.75 inches. Stafford served as Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress. 8. 106177. Second Impression. publishers. dust jacket.. Miller. Portrait of William Stafford in front of his dark room by Robert B. 5. Oregon. This bibliography is built Barker has written extensively for more than on the foundations of Stafford’s own cataloguing and James Pirie’s prefifty years for the Times Literary Supplement and liminary bibliography in an unpublished 1980 typescript. Pirie Printing in New Jersey 1754–1800 A Descriptive Bibliography Thom Gunn A Bibliography Volume II. ISBN 9781584563167. 8. This is a descriptive bibliography of Thom Gunn’s writings. It represents a cross section of Masonic literature obtained by the Supreme Council from 89 countries worldwide.00 Thom Gunn A Bibliography. and education serve as some of the most articulate dialogues by a modern American writer. S. 384 pages ISBN 9781584563105. OAK KNOLL PRESS LEWIS & CLARK COLLEGE AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Excerpt from “Tuned In Late One Night” used by permission of the Estate of William Stafford. hardcover. Order No.

2014. hardcover. Latin. 118704. 121874.5 inches. 345 pages ISBN 9781584563358. Order No. 122024.” to mark the Nobel Laureate’s 75th birthday in 2014.5 inches. 123424.00 2015. hardcover. instrument construction. 8. $55. assembling a list of 122 significant works in music history. The collection also contains a number of items that show Poe’s influence on American and world culture after his death. a habit which began when he was still “studying” under Socrates and continued throughout his years of teaching in the Academy. 27 pages ISBN 9781883631154. Vander Meulen’s Where Angels Fear to Tread has come to be regarded as a classic statement of the purposes and methods of descriptive bibliography. and obtain an overview of the works of commentary and annotation of Plato’s works by Greek. 6 x 9 inches. through original manuscripts and letters by Poe. and Arab authors. president of the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia.25 x 11 inches. paperback. Byzantine. 122511. and pedagogy. and unique material related to Poe’s family and friends. Among the highlights of the catalogue are a number of livres d’artistes and broadsides that Heaney created in collaboration with various artists. his world. 304 pages ISBN 9781584563242.5 x 11 inches. Where Angels Fear to Tread is now published in a new edition with an introduction by G. 122570. 6 x 9 inches. dust jacket. 2013. Staikos Testimonies of Platonic Tradition From the 4th BCE to the 16th Century by Konstantinos Sp. 7. dust jacket. It deals extensively with the works of the Ionian and Eleatic Natural Philosophers. A sixteen-page color section shows title pages and illustrations from several of the books discussed. Initially presented as the 1987 Engelhard Lecture and subsequently published by the Library of Congress. The collection— encompassing over 400 rare original items. first edition books. hardcover.COM . performance practice. Cowden Dr. theory. 208 pages ISBN 9781605830544. Matthew’s The Literature of Music (1896). With the unexpected passing of Seamus Heaney in August 2013. He employs a combination of scholarly awareness and collector’s passion to provide insightful commentary on these original sources of Western music literature. Finally. 112 pages ISBN 9780990560708. Order No.00 Where Angels Fear to Tread Descriptive Bibliography and Alexander Pope Available in Europe from Brill Evermore The Persistence of Poe by Susan Jaffe Tane and Gabriel McKee A complete catalogue of Susan Jaffe Tane’s Edgar Allan Poe collection.FALL 2016 CATALOGUE 37 More Books about Books Books and Ideas The Library of Plato and the Academy by Konstantinos Sp.00 Available in Europe from Brill A Collector’s Journey Notable Music Books Written Prior to 1800 by Robert H. A foreword by Ward & Carolyn Smith and an introduction by Rand Brandes are followed by detailed descriptions of the more than fifty items on show. Order No. the curators determined to recast the show as an appreciation of the poet’s life in print. considered to be the finest in private hands. dust jacket. Robert H. $40. Testimonies of Platonic Tradition deals with questions of transmission and classification of Plato’s Dialogues from the philosopher’s own age down to the 16th century.75 x 9. $10. plus important secondary material—offers an in-depth look at Poe’s life. hardcover. Through this process the fabric of Sophistic literature composed at Athens is unfolded and the pioneers who introduced the study of Mathematics in the Academy are discussed in brief. Roman. 2015. aesthetics. Cowden is an Emeritus Professor of Music at San José State University and the author of eight previous books. artifacts. Staikos This publication examines the papyrus books collected by Plato himself.00 Distributed for the Grolier Club Seamus Heaney A Life Well Written by Rand Brandes David L. as well as of the Pythagoreans. 6. and his influence into the present day.00 2014. $65. $75. daguerreotypes.75 x 9. Readers follow the foundation of philosophical schools whose teachings were based on Platonic theories and concepts. Order No. This exhibition of highlights from the work of one of Ireland’s greatest contemporary poets was originally planned as a survey of “A Life Well Lived.00 by David Vander Meulen Distributed for the Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia Distributed for the Grolier Club ORDER BY PHONE AT 800-996-2556 OR BY EMAIL AT OAKKNOLL@OAKKNOLL. $35. dust jacket. 176 pages ISBN 9781584563334. 2014. Order No. some of which are recent discoveries. The text also deals with the historical period when the debate over the primacy of Plato or Aristotle broke out. 6. Order No. Thomas Tanselle. a large chapter in the book deals with the architecture of the Academy. Cowden follows in the tradition of James E. hardcover.

com .oakknoll.Oak Knoll Press 310 Delaware Street New Castle. DE 19720 www.