( NEET (MBBS/BDS) / IIT–JEE (Engg.) / IAS –Civil Service Entrance Coaching Centre )
Centre: Sivaganga, Tamilnadu

Class Test – XI & XII
Date: 13.11.2016

Total marks: 40

1. Which among the concentration term not affected by temperature?
A) molality
B) Molarity
C) Molefraction
D) ppm
2. Calculate the mass NaOH required to prepare 0.2 molar solution in 500 ML
A) 2g
B) 4g
C) 20g
D) 40g
3. Calculate the new concentration of H2SO4 solution which contain 2M in 250ML.
When added 150 ML water more?
A) 12.5
B) 1.75
C) 1.80
D) 1.25
4) When 20ml of 0.2 molar KOH solution is mixed with 30ml 0.1 molar KOH solution.
Calculate the concentration of new solution ?
A) 0.14
B) 0.2
C) 0.1
D) 0.18
5) Calculate the volume of NaOH required to neutralise 0.2M HCl of 18ml with 0.18m NaOH
A) 18ML
B) 20ML
C) 22ML
D) 16ML
6) Symbol of element with atomic no 110 is
A) Uuo
B) Uun

D) Uue

7) Which among the following is not a triad
A) F, Cl, Br
B) Li, Na, K
C) Ca, Sr, Ba

D) N, P, As

8) General electronic configuration of d – block element is
A) ns0-2(n-1)d1-10
B) ns2(n-1)d1-10C) (n-1)s1-2 (n-1)d1-10 D) (n-1)d0-10ns0-2
9) Mendeleev’s periodic law based on
A) at volume
B) atomic no

C) density

D) atomic mass

10) Lanthanides are
A) La – Hg

C) La - Lu

D) Th -Lr

B) Ce - Lu


5πR 6) The distance time graph of a particle at different time interval in given in figure. What is the distance and displacement after the 2 ½ rotation of the car.5km/hr. B) 15km/hr. C) 120km/hr.11. 5πR B) 5πR. 10 D) 60km/hr. Which among the following statement is correct. A) The particle is moving with a uniform speed B) The particle is moving with an increasing speed C) The particle is at rest D) The particle is moving with decreasing speed 5) A car moves along a circular path of radius “R”. 20 30 40 (min) . x x A) B) t x x C) D) t t t 4) The distance – time graph for the motion of a particle is a straight line parallel to the time axis. 2R D) R. is A) 1. to 40min. KERALA ( NEET (MBBS/BDS) / IIT –JEE (Engg) / IAS –Civil Service Entrance Coaching Centre) Centre: Sivaganga. A) 2R.2016 Total marks: 40 1) A boy rides his bicycle along a straight path for a distance of 60m and takes a semi circular turn along a circle of radius 40 m.KESIT Powered by INSPIRE LEARNING. R C) 5πR. Tamilnadu Class Test – Foundation course PHYSICS Date: 13. The total displacement of the cyclist is A) 100m B) 120m C) 140m D) 80m 2) A car moves uniformly with a speed of 25 m/s. The distance travelled by the car in 2 hours is A) 90 km B) 180 km C) 240 km D) 75 km 3) Identify the graph which represent the distance time graph of a particle moving with increasing speed. 20km 10km The speed of the particle during 30min.

A) speed B) velocity C) distance D) None of these 9) Which among the following distance time graph is not possible? x A) x t x x B) t C) t D) 10) The displacement of a particle will be equal to the distance travelled when A) The particle is in uniform motion along a straight line B) The particle is in a rectilinear motion C) The particle is in accelerated motion along a straight line D) All the above t . A) 132m B) 122m C) 44m D)126m 8) The slope of displacement – time graph represents.7) The wheel of radius 7m rotates 3 times completely. What is the linear distance covered by the wheel.