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DNA Test Importance Of A DNA Test
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Many people consider a DNA test at some point in their lives, and this can be for whatever reason. It could be for a newborn child, such as a paternity test or it could be on yourself, especially if you have just found out that either your mother or father are not actually your birth parents.   There are many reasons to consider a DNA test, but you may be apprehensive about them for many reasons, as well. Often, many people don’t understand what a DNA test is or how a DNA test is conducted - meaning that many people who require a DNA test often don’t actually go ahead and get one done. But there are many resources available to help you research and make a wise, informed decision about having a DNA test completed on either yourself or a loved one. » A DNA test is used to match DNA of two living individuals - which is why a DNA test is often used in paternity tests, as a newborn child and a father will have matching DNA. This is considered fantastic technology and a breakthrough in medical science when it was first introduced in the late 1970’s. The abilities to connect and prove a match between two living individuals were considered amazing news, as these allowed so much research to be conducted.   However, after research was conducted, it was then found that a DNA test is only able to match two living individuals and prove them to be related, but it is not able to detect any genetic defects or any disorders. It can not detect hereditary diseases either though, such as baldness. Therefore, a DNA test is suitable for only one purpose - which is the matching of two individuals, a proof that they are both related and in some way, connected to one another. How A DNA Test Works   A DNA test is painful and quick to do, more commonly than not a swab will be taken from the inside of the cheek obtaining saliva from the individual. Another swab will then be taken from the individual that the test is going to be conducted against, and then the two saliva samples will be tested to see if a match can be found.   If a match is found, this is considered to be a positive DNA test and often is correct in 100% of many instances, as DNA does not match by default. If a match is not found, then there is no relation between the two individuals who were tested. Meaning that if this was a DNA paternity test situation, the newborn child and the potential father would not be related. So, the mother would need to look elsewhere for a solution to her potential father problem. DNA tests are fast, efficient and reliable. Each DNA test, when conducted properly, comes back with an accurate result - as DNA is so accurate itself too. DNA cannot match as positive if it is not matched, unlike other tests such as pregnancy tests - which can provide a false positive or false negative depending on circumstances surrounding the woman. A DNA test

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cannot come back false, as there are no other factors that will affect a DNA tests result. Thus, this are making them extremely reliable in what can often be a desperate situation in which a clear answer is relied on.   Without DNA tests there may be a lot of conspiracy in the world, as often mothers can often rely on a DNA test to provide them with an answer they so desperately need for paternity. This is unfortunately the way of modern society and now DNA tests are much more commonly used than when they were first introduced as a scientific breakthrough. DNA Test Headlines DNA Test Proves Tiger Woods NOT Devon James' Baby Daddy!: Out of the Rough - Peace FM Online AceShowbiz (blog)DNA Test Proves Tiger Woods NOT Devon James' Baby Daddy!: Out of the RoughPeace FM OnlineShe stuck by this statement even after sources confirmed the existence of a DNA test that disproved Woods' paternity. Now, that test has actually been made ...Tiger Woods DNA Test -- He's Not Daddy MaterialTMZ.com (blog)DNA Test: Tiger's Not the Daddy of Devon James' SonHollywood Life (blog)Tiger Woods is not dad to porn star's sonOneindiaEntertainment and Showbiz! (blog) -NowPublic -Toronto Sunall 59 news articles » Prove your child's paternity with free DNA test - Mail Tribune Prove your child's paternity with free DNA testMail TribuneThose who want help establishing the paternity of their child can get free DNA tests and other assistance from the Medford Child Support Office from 9 am to ... Helicos BioSciences Announces Launch of Diagnostics Business - MarketWatch (press release) Helicos BioSciences Announces Launch of Diagnostics BusinessMarketWatch (press release)... tests based upon the detection and quantification of foreign DNA/RNA circulating in the bloodstream, such as a non-invasive prenatal diagnostic test. ...Helicos Targets 2011 Launch for Molecular Test for Hereditary Breast, Ovarian ...In SequenceHelicos BioSciences launches diagnostics businessMass DeviceHelicos launches diagnostics businessBoston Business Journalall 26 news articles » Tiger Woods is not my grandson's dad and I have DNA test as proof, porn star ... - New York Daily News New York Daily NewsTiger Woods is not my grandson's dad and I have DNA test as proof, porn star ...New York Daily NewsJames made the move after TMZ.com reported that a DNA test done eight years ago on her son proved another man was his daddy. The TMZ account is "false," a ...Tiger Woods update: Devon James orders golfer to DNA test; alleges he fathered ...Examiner.comDNA Test Report Confirming Tigers Woods Not Father Of Devon James' Son Is ...LANewsMonitor.comDevon James: Tiger Woods Knows He's the Dad!The Hollywood Gossip (blog)Mom's Word (blog) -Central Florida News 13 -Sarasota Herald-Tribune (blog)all 194 news articles » Texas judge orders DNA test decade after execution - The Associated Press MiamiHerald.comTexas judge orders DNA test decade after executionThe Associated PressDALLAS — A Texas judge has ordered DNA testing on a strand of hair that was the only physical evidence linking a death row inmate to the murder for which ...Executed man's case reviewedDallas Morning NewsBlog this on:TIME (blog)Texas judge orders DNA test 10 years after execution, raising questions in 2nd ...Los Angeles TimesKansas City Star (blog) -39online.com Houston Chronicleall 276 news articles »

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