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RNA Extraction What Is RNA Extraction?  
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RNA extraction is an extremely important part of testing RNA, as it's not as simple as just testing the part of the RNA that comes from isolating the RNA from the cells.   Each part in testing RNA include isolation, extraction, purification and synthesis and are all as extremely important as one another, as each one plays an important role in giving an accurate answer from an RNA test.   RNA is a deeply complex part of a living organism, and comes hand in hand with DNA. The difference is that DNA simply maintains the genetics within the body that are passed onto children and siblings, whilst RNA defines what the genetics are going to be - which is why diseases such as hepatitis C and HIV can be picked up and tested with an RNA test. In simple terms, RNA will put the hepatitis C or HIV disease into an unborn child’s genetics and then the DNA within the child will maintain the hepatitis C and HIV virus, meaning that it continues forever and thus, cannot be treated.     Complexities Of RNA Extraction   RNA extraction is a very important part of testing - as after the RNA has been isolated from the cell through various means, the extraction of the nucleotide within the RNA cell has to begin. This is as complicated, or more so than isolation of the RNA cell - and so must be completed by a very highly trained and skilled professional. Plain scientists and doctors within hospital grounds cannot just extract RNA, isolate the cell and then come back with an accurate result. It needs to be sent to a lab that is run by highly qualified and highly skilled professionals for the result to come back of something accurate and of something worth taking information from. Although the extraction of RNA may sound complicated and time consuming, these are not the only issues when extracting RNA from cells in order to gain accurate results. The other issue is that RNA can degrade extremely quickly due to the enzymes in the cells throughout RNA. The time scale of which RNA is to be extracted, tested and completed is fast.   If in the wrong hands and an unskilled professional who is not very well trained in the art of RNA does the procedure - then, there is a large risk that degraded RNA will be tested. In turn, this will give back an inaccurate result. It can be heart breaking for someone who then finds out that the result was inaccurate especially if it is a hepatitis C or HIV test. There is nothing more life shaking than being told you are clear from these life threatening diseases to then be told that the test was inaccurate. How RNA Extraction Can Be Life-Changing   RNA extraction is really important in the testing. Accurate finding of answers and scientific breakthroughs are being made in RNA extraction everyday. This means that tests for life

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threatening diseases and viruses are getting better. Thus, many people can be diagnosed even before the illness has gotten too far - so people who do suffer from life threatening diseases have much more time with their loved ones to cherish rather than what they first thought. This can be an amazing thought to anyone as it may mean that if caught earlier, cures and treatments may be found for these currently deadly illnesses.   RNA is now becoming more widely known around the world with scientists everywhere. Today, it can even be used in tests for more diseases other than hepatitis C and HIV making it a universal and large help to thousands all over the world. RNA Extraction Headlines Tissue RNA Extraction Kits - Drug Discovery & Development Tissue RNA Extraction KitsDrug Discovery & DevelopmentZyGEM announced the launch of its new RNAGEM Tissue RNA extraction kits. This product represents a significant advance in sample preparation for RNA-based ... Optimization and analysis of a quantitative real-time PCR-based technique to ... 7thSpace Interactive (press release) Optimization and analysis of a quantitative real-time PCR-based technique to ...7thSpace Interactive (press release)... to those of fresh-frozen samples, with a correlation of up to 0.87 (p<0.001), when examining all miRs, regardless of RNA extraction method used. ... Spotlight on R&D - Malaysia Star Malaysia StarSpotlight on R&DMalaysia Star... Kah Hay of Universiti Sains Malaysia to come out with their own kit which allows the extraction of raw materials – DNA, RNA and proteins – from cells. ... CORRECTING and REPLACING EraGen® Biosciences Announces FDA Clearance of First ... - Earthtimes CORRECTING and REPLACING EraGen® Biosciences Announces FDA Clearance of First ...EarthtimesThe company's in-market and pipeline products, based on its novel, patented MultiCode ® platform chemistry, are the next generation of DNA- and RNAbased ...and more » 3 BioTech Companies To Watch: (ARWR), (AMRI) , & (PWRM) - TMCnet 3 BioTech Companies To Watch: (ARWR), (AMRI) , & (PWRM)TMCnetArrowhead Research also focuses on the design, development, and commercialization of novel RNA interference (RNAi) therapeutics to treat diseases and other ...

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