1150 Forestville Road

Wake Forest, NC 27587
November 14, 2016
The President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Dear Mr. President:
Gun control is a controversial issue that needs to be addressed. Violence due to the easy
availability of guns and decaying social norms has brought this country to a place of fear and
destruction with unnecessary loss of human life. Not enough people are taking the steps that are
needed to put an end to the violence. If a process was developed and implemented for ensuring
that only qualified and mentally competent people were the only ones permitted to own a gun,
then the world today might be safer. We feel strongly that background checks on potential gun
buyers is the first and most logical step in this process.

The annual average of murders from gun violence is 11,184 people each year. The daily average
of people that die unnecessarily in our country as a result of gun violence is thirty one. Clearly,
that is too many lives to be lost over something that can be prevented.

According to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, 17,360 children are shot on average
each year from murders, assaults, suicides, and suicide attempts. These are children that were
able to access automatic weapons that cause devastating harm to themselves and others. Of the
17,360 preventable injuries and deaths, 1,591 are murdered. Gun Violence is a serious issue that
needs to be addressed and controlled. The numbers of tragic mishaps or murders can decrease if
we, as a nation, do something about unchecked access to guns.

Many people say that gun ownership is a constitutionally protected right under the second
amendment. But is staying true to a document that was written hundreds of years ago really
worth losing the lives of innocent people we love? When the second amendment was created, our
society looked much different. We did not have policing agencies that kept us safe. We did not
live in communities that were well protected. There were no grocery stores or restaurants. Guns
were necessary in that time for protection and for hunting. Hunting during this time was not just
a sport, but a means of survival. Families needed arms to hunt for food for their families.
Additionally, children in those times were taught at an early age how to handle guns properly and
respect the gun’s ability to do great harm. Guns weren’t glorified in video games, TV shows and
movies. They were simply an integral part of daily life. This is not the society that we live in
today and as such, the doctrines that we live by should change to better reflect the current norms.

A study found that the U.S has 20 times the murder rate than the 22 richest countries ahead of us
due to stricter gun control. Also if you add up all the deaths in the 22 wealthiest countries, 80%
of those are Americans and 87% American children. There are also several cases where parents
have bought guns in order to protect their kids but, the kids end up getting the guns and
accidentally shooting themselves. The lives of America's children are at stake. These lives
represent our future doctors, scientists, or soldiers.
Not only should there be background checks on buyers, but some guns should be banned from a
regular civilian ever having access to them.

Mass shootings recorded between January of 2009 and July of 2015 show that there were 133
mass shootings. That’s almost two per month that happen within 39 states in the nearly seven-

year period. At least 57% of the cases, the shooter killed a current or former spouse, intimate
partner or other family member, and in at least 21 incidents the shooter had a past domestic
violence charge.

We are here to address that we believe is an important issue facing Americans. Gun control is
something that Americans need for the safety and wellbeing of the American public. We feel that
steps need to be taken to put an end to gun violence. There are around 270,000,000 guns that
Americans own, 35% being men and 12% being women. This means that 88.8 guns are owned
for every 100 people in America. We strongly urge you to consider more systematic processes to
control access to guns. Mandatory background checks and closing loopholes that currently exist
for easy access to gun purchases should be addressed immediately.

Although we believe that the second amendment is an important element of our constitutional
rights as American citizens, we believe equally that the right to bear arms should be restricted to
those Americans that do not have a history of criminal activity or mental health issues. Finally,
we ask that you consider the ban of automatic weapons except in instances of war and for use by
highly trained military professionals. Automatic weapons have tremendous capacity to kill and
injure innocent people and have no legitimate place in our society today.
Tabitha Richardson, Ellie LaVallee, and Riley Spath


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