PC Shortcut Keys

File Operations
Create a new map
Create a new map from template
Open a map
Close active map
Save As…
Map preferences

Ctrl + N
Ctrl + Shift + N
Ctrl + O
Ctrl + W
Ctrl + Shift + F4
Ctrl + S
Ctrl + P
Ctrl + ,

Decrease font size
Increase font size
Font colour
Branch colour
Pin branch
Unpin branch
Toggle pin
Branch order swapping

Ctrl + B
Ctrl + I
Ctrl + [
Ctrl + ]
Ctrl + Shift + F
Ctrl + Shift + C
Ctrl + Shift + P
Ctrl + Shift + U
Alt + Click
Alt + Arrow key

Basic Operations
Spell check

Delete branch and keep children
Paste branch and keep formatting

Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + Y
Ctrl + F
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + X
Ctrl + V
Ctrl + Space
Alt + Delete
Ctrl + Shift + V

up to . (period) Shift + Alt + Up Arrow Shift + Alt + Down Arrow Ctrl + Shift + Alt + A Interface Show notes panel Ctrl + T .. descendants and relationships Select multiple branches Select all branches Select and add to selection Select area Move to neighbouring branch Move to top sibling Move to bottom sibling Adding Elements Insert child branch Insert sibling branch Insert parent branch Insert branch after Insert box branch Insert sibling box branch Insert parent box branch Insert boundary Insert floating text Insert hyperlink Insert comments (review) Map Levels & Filtering Focus on Focus out Show levels 1 .Navigation Select a branch Select all siblings Select below only Select above only Select branch... 9 Mouse click Ctrl + Shift + A Shift + END Shift + HOME Shift + F3 Ctrl + Mouse click Ctrl + A Shift + Arrow keys Ctrl + Mouse drag Arrow keys HOME END Insert Ctrl + Enter Tab Enter Ctrl + Insert Ctrl + Shift + I Shift + Insert Shift + Ctrl + Enter Shift + Tab Shift + Enter Shift + Ctrl + Insert Ctrl + Shift + B Alt + F Ctrl + K Ctrl + F11 Show all levels Expand current selection Collapse current selection Remove filter F3 F4 Shift + Alt + 1 Shift + Alt + 2 . Shift + Alt + 9 Shift + Alt + .

Show tasks panel Show links panel Ctrl + E Ctrl + K View Zoom in Zoom out Zoom to fit map to screen Zoom to actual size Condense all Show next map Show previous map Collapse ribbon bar Ctrl + = Ctrl + Ctrl + F5 Ctrl + 0 Shift + Alt + C Ctrl + Tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab Ctrl + F1 Presentation Begin presentation Stop presentation Slide selection Slide add to selection Select all Next slide Previous slide Next map Previous map White screen Black screen Flip screen Presenter/Presentation view switch F5 Ctrl + W Arrow keys Shift + Arrow keys Ctrl + A N Right arrow Down arrow Space Enter P Left arrow Up arrow Backspace Ctrl + N Ctrl + P W B F V .