Crimes Against National Security and the Law of Nations
a. Treason
b. Conspiracy and Proposal to Commit Treason
c. Misprision of Treason
d. Espionage
e. Inciting to War or Giving Motives for Reprisals
f. Violation of Neutrality
g. Correspondence with Hostile Country
h. Flight to Enemy’s Country
i. Piracy
j. Qualified Piracy


Crimes Against Persons
a. Parricide
b. Infanticide
c. Abortion
i. Intentional Abortion
ii. Unintentional Abortion
iii. Abortion Practiced by the Woman Herself or Her Parents *
iv. Abortion Practiced by a Physician or Midwife *
d. Murder
e. Death or Physicial Injury Inflicted Under Exceptional Circumstances
f. Homicide
g. Death in a Tumultuous Affray
h. Physical Injuries Inflicted in a Tumultuous Affray
i. Giving Assistance to Suicide
j. Duel
k. Challenging to a Duel
l. Discharge of Firearms *
m. Physical Injuries*
i. Mutilation
ii. Serious Physical Injuries
iii. Administering Injurious Substances/Beverages
iv. Less Serious Physical Injuries
v. Slight Physical Injuries and Maltreatment
n. Rape
i. Qualified Rape
ii. Effect of Pardon in Rape
iii. Presumptions in Rape


Crimes Against Property
a. Robbery with Violence Against or Intimidation of Persons
i. Robbery with Homicide
ii. Robbery with Rape

Qualified Theft f. Corruption of Minors h. Malicious Delay in the Administration of Justice f. Forcible Abduction j. White Slave Trade i. Crimes Committed by Public Officers a. Robbery with Serious Physical Injuries v. Indirect Bribery . Who are Public Officers b. Anti-Carnapping Act g. Crimes Against Chastity a. Robbery in an Inhabited House/Public Building/Edifice Devoted to Religious Worship ii. Theft e. Acts of Lascviousness d. Betrayal of Trust by an Attorney or Solicitor h. Persons Exempt from Criminal Liability IV. Arson m. Negligence and Tolerance g. Consented Abduction V. Knowingly Rendering an Unjust Judgment d. Anti-Fencing Law h. Robbery with Use of Force Upon Things i. Occupation of Real Property or Usurpation of Real Rights i. Concubinage c. Prosecution of Offenses. Malicious Mischief n. Robbery by a Band b. Rendering an Unjust Judgment Through Negligence e. Dereliction of Duty c. Adultery b. Possession of Picklocks iv. Other Deceits * l. Robbery in an Uninhabited Place/Private Building iii. BP 22 k.iii. Swindling/Estafa j. Robbery with Arson iv. Bribery i. Qualified Seduction e. False Keys c. Acts of Lasciviousness with Consent g. Robbery with Physical Injuries vi. Simple Seduction f. Direct Bribery ii. Brigandage d.

Kidnapping and Serious Illegal Detention i. Threats and Coercion i. Exploitation of Child Labor h. Trespass to Dwelling i. Perjury (Article 183) . Arbitrary Detention (Article 124) 2. Usurpation of Authority or Official Functions f. Using False Certificates e. False Certificates of Merit or Service and the Like d. Qualified Bribery i. False Medical Certificates. Crimes Involving Falsehood/ Crimes Against Public Interest a. Other Light Threats iv. Malversation of Public Funds l. Crimes Against Personal Liberty and Security a. Delay in the Delivery of Detained Persons (Article 125) b. Light Coercion vi. Unlawful Arrest d. Employee or Ecclesiastical Minister (Article 171) b. Slavery g. Grave Threats ii. Failure of Accountable Officer to Render Accounts m. Inducing a Minor to Abandon Home f. Slight Illegal Detention c. Grave Coercion v. Kidnapping and Failure to Return a Minor e. Granting Immunity from Prosecution (PD 749) k. Compare with Crimes Against the Fundamental Law of the State) 1. Falsification by Public Officer. Qualified Trespass to Dwelling ii. Illegal Use of Public Funds/Property (Technical Malversation) n. Services Rendered Under Compulsion in Payment of Debt i. Using Fictitious Name and Concealing True Name g. Other Similar Coercions VII.iii. Other Forms of Trespass j. Falsification by Private Individual and Use of Falsified Documents c. Light Threats iii. Corruption of Public Officials j. Liability of Private Individuals in Crimes Committed by Public Officers VI.

Direct Assault m. c. Coup D’Etat c. Crimes Against Public Order a. Disloyalty of Public Officers/Employees e. 347) b. Conspiracy and Propsal to Commit Rebellion. Imprudence and Negligence (Article 365) . Inciting to Rebellion/Insurrection f. Crimes a. e. d. Who are Persons in Authority and their Agents l. Sedition g. Simulation of Births (Art. Alarms and Scandals IX. Indirect Assault n. Libel i. Illegal Associations k. Against Honor Requirement for Publicity Libel By Means of Writing or Similar Means Threatening to Publish and Offer to Prevent Such Publication for a Compensation Slander/Oral Defamation Slander by Deed Persons Responsible for Libel Proof of Truth Libelous Remarks Incriminatory Machinations i. Inciting to Sedition i. Premature Marriages e. Insurrection or Coup D’Etat d. Crimes Against the Civil Status of Persons a. ii. b. f. Performance of Illegal Marriages XI. Bigamy c. g. Illegal Assemblies j. Tumults and Other Disturbances of Public Order o. Marriage Contracted Against Provisions of Law d. Conspiracy to Commit Sedition h. Intriguing Against Honor X. Incriminating Innocent Persons ii. Rebellion/Insurrection b. Quasi-Offenses a.VIII. iii.