Diploma in Pre & Primary Teacher Training Mid

Term Assignment Answer any 2 questions from the
1. With reference to the various approaches to ECE select any two which you
think are most appropriate for young learners. Support your answer with
relevant explanation. (Answer in approx. 350 – 400 words)
Friedrich Froebel
Froebel kindergarten approach learning through activity is the most effective way
of teaching young learners because young children cannot concentrate on a
particular object or thing for a long time but can engage in particular activity of
their interest hence teaching and making them learn through activity will best
suit young children. Learning from activity independently will allow the child to
explore idea and concept freely. The constructive activity helps the child to
develop sensory awareness and physical development.
Learning from games, singing songs help to encourage child to interact with
others confidently and gives the pleasure of singing and the concept of gifts is
very fun and natural way to teach shapes colors and various other concept to
children without giving them lecture and at the same time these learning styles
never demotivates the children from learning.
Maria Montessori
Montessori program are allowed to explore activities and concepts at their own
pace. This naturally encourages children to try more challenging areas, which
accelerates their learning experience. Learning occurs at a comfortable pace for
each student, rather than inflicting the same rate on every student in a
Since children are allowed to choose their activities and work at them on their
own terms, creativity in the classroom is encouraged. Children work at tasks for
the joy of the work, rather than the end result, which allows them to focus more
on process than result
Montessori preschool students enjoy a classroom and curriculum designed
around their specific needs and abilities that allows them to explore and learn at
their own pace and on their own terms. Everything in the classroom is within
reach of the child, and furniture is sized for children to sit comfortably.

2. Plan an activity based lesson on any one of the following subjects:
a) Science
b) Language
c) Art and craft
Your lesson can incorporate PPT, music, rhymes; story etc and the lesson should
cater to the young learners’ class.

• Use variation of activities appropriate for the selected age group • The lesson flow needs to have clear-cut steps • Please end with a recapitulation activity in the form of a worksheet/song/game. Level refers to language level of the students like beginner. You may attach the worksheet/ or the material used with your answer sheet/ answer. Yellow. Blue) Newspapers 5'x5' White construction paper 12'x 18' Colored construction paper Paint Shirt Scissors Glue Black Markers Crayons How is it going to benefit the child: Students will learn about color mixing as they create "blotter bugs”. Name of teacher : Rizwana Abdul Rehman Date : 1/09/2016 Age group : 3 to 6 years Number of students : 45 Name of activity : Blotter Bugs Handout Material(s) :          Tempera Paint (Red. And identifications of colors . • The time frame for the lesson needs to be within 35-40 minutes. elementary. intermediate and advanced.• Mention age.

Talk about how by mixing colors you can get other colors 3. Repeat with other colors and allow to dry 9. 8. Review the Primary Colors 2.Presentation : 1. 10. Hand out white paper. have students choose two colors that they want 5. Then have the students fill in the "Blotter Bug" handout with crayons 12. Have students cut out the shapes that were created by the paint mixing. Have students put two drops of each color they chose on the white square paper 6. . Students then fold the white paper in half and rub the paint around 7. Then have them glue all three bugs on a large sheet of colored construction paper 11. Open the paper to discover what colors they made. Have students get their supplies 4. Once the "blotter bug" handout has been done the students may then begin to decorate their bugs with black markers to look like bugs.

.Recapitulation: repeat it with easy and quick steps. And ask the child to prepare it on their own .