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Company name: BeBrand Advertising Agency
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"BeBrand" – Be Part Of The Show!
Cairo, Egypt, Jan 1, 2017 –

BeBrand is gladly announcing the start of it’s fully functioning social media
Based in the heart of Cairo with a team of young and eagerly motivated people. In
BeBrand we believe that the internet and especially the social media platforms are
the gate to the future in marketing. It costs less money, reaches more people, and it
definitely opens the doors for more flexible and reliable options in the field of
From Good To Great
As company and as individuals we value integrity, honesty, openness, personal
excellence and mutual respect. We take on big challenges & pride ourselves on
seeing them through. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers,
shareholders, partners & employees by honoring our commitments, providing
With our highly creative marketing practices and our team of experienced gurus, we
will provide you with top quality services on multiple social media platforms and a
guaranteed increase in the reach for your audience on the internet and in real-life,

according to the following:
- Management of monthly and weekly editorial calendars for all prepared social
media content.
- Creations of original content for social media posts based on community
sentiment, advertiser activities, special events, promotions and company
- Post management for all social media content. This includes proper tagging of all
content and distribution to discussion groups and content aggregators.
- Preparation of weekly and monthly reports on key social media analytics and
progress towards the social media KPIs.
- Identify - through research and social tools - the bloggers and influencers and send
them exclusive content to share with their readers.
- Support strategic initiatives, including the launch of new social media channels.
- Serve as a knowledge leader for social media trends and best practices, and
support social media campaigns from demand generations, recruiting, and other
company teams.
Our team who has experience working on every single social media platform for
multiple causes, we have worked on many advertising and marketing campaigns on
social media for companies like Bey2ollak, TahrirNews, Mashaweer, and
Gramafoon, any man more. Our sophisticated experts managed and dealt with more
than 3 million internet users from MENA region, their successful campaigns reached
around 10 million internet users, and they over-achieved in delivering their targets to
their employers in a highly professional and audience-appealing way.
If you choose BeBrand to manage and coordinate your presence on the internet, we
promise you will feel the fruitfulness of your choice and the impact your product will
have on the market as soon as possible, to differentiate you from your competitors.

PHONE: 2525 2230 - 2525 2240 - 2528 7179 - 2525 3186
ASSISTANCE: 012 0270 2701
SUPPORT: 012 2797 2010