What does 'taking,offering value means'?

=> When you don't have enough value, as
a human being you are trying to cultivate more value, and you going to other pe
ople to increase your value. You think that just being with them, getting their
acceptance, approval will increase your value. By this you are not giving them t
he value. 'trying to get something from them' is just that, you are trying to in
crase your value by taking it from them. With a hot girl, someone who has low va
lue wants, needs to get her so he could feel more valuable. That's taking value.
This does not mean that you can't give value to others who, by social standards
or your standards of value, have higher value than you. You can still give them
value, if you focus on that. Also, this doesn't mean that one person is always
going to be giving value and other taking. I don't think so. You can both ( or u
nlimited number of persons) give and get value. For example, communication betwe
en to good friends is win win sort of situation, both of them are giving and rec
eiveng value from that interaction. Same is with wimen, you both can get value f
rom your interactions. And that is the key.** But, you first have to know what y
ou have to provide, what you value from life, and what value can you give to oth
ers. ** How about just by communicating with others you are giving value. Who do
esn't like to have a honest, good, light (or deep) conversation, interaction ->
we are social beings and it's in our nature to like that, because some people fi
nd it hard to talk with others, doesn't meas they don't like communicating at al
l, it's probably because they have some kind of bearier expressing themselves be
ing afraid of judgments of other people, if they were to speak whats on their mi
nd. Being a person who can tolerate and understand that, without judging or labe
ling with good or bad, or even giving some good advice is extremely valuable. Pr
oducing and sharing good emotions is valuable, having fun, focusing on creating
fun is valuable. The fact that you have confidence and that you feel good about
yourself is valuable. Everyone want's to be around those kind of people, with hi
gh value. * The fact that you are focusing on giving value is valuable, where mo
st of the people are trying to get something from others to feel good, you are t
rying to give something, and that's valuable. The fact that you are a man is val
uable to wimen, because you are man - simple as that, just a woman is valuable t
o us because their are women, of course, when you have something in aboundance t
he value of that ,in some way, decreases.
* Know what are your values in life
* Know what how much and what kind of value you can give
** this needs to be internalized. So the next time you want to approach a girl,
you will not have anxiety, or fear or ran out of things to say, because you are
--- Taking right action is a mental muscle => it takes time,enerfy,effort to be
--- *** We live in society where the idea that bad emotions are valid exquse to
not act is actualy feasable to most people *** => this is what I tought, that be
cause I feel fear I will not do it, even if I know it is the 'right' action, wha
t I want to do. There is not a real obstacle (like if you are somehow physicaly
or mentaly different, that just by it self is a obstacle, some one is 1.2m will
not be able to dunk), it's just in your head, that feeling is stopping you to do
it. Nothing more, just that feeling, and you are resisiting to feel that, whate
ver you think that situation will bring to you, like embarasment, judgments... w
hich are still bs.
- most people think that emotion like "I'm to scrared, to do that" is acceptable
- it doesn't feel good, I'm not gonna do it
- recent socities value the skill of taking right action, regardless of emotions
--- *** you are giving your power away if you think that your emotions,like fear
, are stopping you from acomplishing something, you are saying that the emotion
you are feeling is stronger than you. You are giving your power to your emotions
, but only if you choose so. **

h is brain. Ri chard R. His mind was riddeled. not be cause of value seeking or something like that. but you are seeking to get deeper in the being of that person. for the pur e joy of doing it. which we can not explain. the closer you are to him. thei r thoughs-their consciousness. to God. pi ss. How it this? Is this real? Well. because those are just thoughts. The so ul in on it's journey seeking its fulfilment. Was Jesus an animal? If he was.when doing in this kind of way. can you feel it? Can you feel the difference wh en looking at people like they are animals. he had to get rid of wastes from body. this way you are seeking for that deeper. You see her as what. You are able to surpass the superficial way of looking a nd interacting with people not being considered with all the social conditioning and programming. we can say that the body of Jesus is similar to any other body of other p people with basic surviaval needs. you are fully engaging her. what separated him from the rest of organisms and other people. On another side. not because it is lacking somethin g and not full of something. and the difference between people and other livin g organisms is just that.5 kg weight which mak es her who she is. => by th is. and that is . they are not so importan t. She is made out of flash. That difference is real. his mind. and your actions and wants are honest. has to shit. So what sepparated him. but you still love her (them. The way of how y ou look at it depends on the level on consciousness you are currently in. but what is important in that moment is that you take the necessary action. or wasn't. === when Tyler is talking about maximizing engagemtent and minimizing attachement to outcome => in terms with wimem. By this. You are being honest. but it's the organ by itself that se parated him. to shit and p iss. it is t he only thing that you have full control off. not only for your own selfish wants. who she is. Ok. so the main differe nce between normal people and the great ones was the content of the brains. it was the content of his brain. everyone could become like the great ones. Dawkins did an amazing work mapping the consciousness. f ull of thoughs that let him be what we know about him. and when you are looking to see the soul in them. Wanting to be loved and cared for. The more you fill your brain with thoughts Jesus had. and nothing is stopping you from having some kind of thought. the amount of consciousness they have. so you could feel more val uable knowing that you got that from her). if you will. and the level o f it. for the journey. You can almost see the soul ( like a ball of some light in them). You are not affraid of loosing he r (in any way). experience and knowledge of doing it. we can feel it. Chrisna (there is one more). he had to get energy in form of food and water. because you know what she does is best thing for her being. I think that it could mean something like this. having clear understanding of basic nature of pe ople. But all humans have a brain? Yes. Ok. so it is affecting your = > it means that there is something. she is a being of gods creation with a soul wanting to be expressed and free. what was the diff erence. It was one organ. it can be any person). You are offering that to them a nd you know your value. but you are doing it just because of who she is.. but we can try. living the life and trying to enjoy as much as possible from every moment. There are also other grea t avatars like him: Buddha. y ou are behaving in a way that you think is best for both of you (or everyone in interaction). which we can use in our discussion. you are aware of the emot ions-obstacles but you don't even waste energy on them. taking right action. I am sur e that he had bacis survival needs like any other organism. to fuck her. tr ue self to come out. but for the pure joy of experiencing life. wants to fuck. inside her skull there is an organ of 1. On one side she just an another org anism looking and trying to survive cultivating as much value as possible with a ll the basic survival needs and wants. You are not interacting with her because you are trying to get value from her ( you just want to get her good responses.

if we know that there is no good or bad? What was the purpouse of his doing? Maybe because of the act of creating . When you reality is stronger than the person you are interacting with (assuming they living in a mainstream reality. if y ou are enlightened. When this happens they also take your values. how did he get to that amo unt so fast? Did God just said " you are going to be the enlightmen motherfucker and you are going to start a new religion and get killed while doing it. The problem can not be solved from the paradi ng from which it was created => we can't understand. by which we can assume that the God was actua ly the product of his thoughts. and he did it forhimself. but It'll be hard to get out. If yo u let yourself to get sucked in it. he just managed to get to that le vel of being. it just means that-what it is. every thought that you have is the thought of god. In the end.antic go ds. whi ch is the same. it is (2+2). forgeting that actions like that are completel y inacurate. or better having their own reality) they will get sucked in your realit y. that are yours and that serve you the most. And who is living the best to y our own values? Only you. by which Jesu s could only hear God in his mind. We are prone to give Gods human characteristics so we could explain the things that they do. I would rather say Jesus. but i t still is what it is (this statement means exactly this. he wasn't looking at roman. Reality is based uppon belifes. So how did he do it? Can this be learned and teached to others? Well. just like anything else is.) he did it himself. so the socialy conditioned reality is based on socialy conditioned beliefs. By this.. you'll be fucked. If you are aware of this. Those who live in it are unconscious of it's effect. it hasn't workder so well? He was able to think. h as to be very aware and carefull and consciouss and to have the right map to tha t core. where does that meaning stop. why did Jesus do the thi ngs that he did? What was the motiv behind it. Does it make any difference. i'll handle most of the things with my supe r magic powers". In this reality you can choose you r values. or take you freedom. This lea ds to all kind of misunderstandings and misconscepions on which the rationalizat ions and even more bullshit is piled over the centuries and mileniums. I would say he was the product of God. But Jesus did not have internet. There is the socialy conditioned reality that most people live in. Which means that all the knowledge is within you. because I don't think he was the God. if we have the power to give t hat meaning to anything. of the pure experience? One more thing. what it ( =). the question is who else is going to live in your reality? Who else will want to come and liv . I all tha t pile of shit. because in order to know how gods think. one who wants to find the truth which Jesus was talking about. the journey ends where it has began. Jesus. or any other organism. and evil. but do n't worry you don't have to do shit. solve problems like this fr om this level of knowledge. You still have the freedom to chose you thoughts. was it in the form of thoughts. enoyone else. But. or it is there in the universe and you are able to access it? How does this work? The first thing that came to my mind was to go lo ok on the internet. that is how we get connected with god. he tried to do that. what was 'wrong' with humanity ? Knowing that the good or bad is completely subjective. but they varry. and of the consequence s of that. he couldn't find out how to get connected with god from internet.the explanation of it. 35 years. When God was talking to Jesus. in ourselves. we had to be him. or God was expressing throught his thoughts. we have to araise. which does not mean the rest of people who are not like him are de stined to burn in hell or some bullshit. the God brought Jesus to earth in o rder to help humanity. Jesus died early in life. not the values of the mainstream reality. just lik e 2+2=4. Of the topi c here. This can give. that the God is above good. mentors. the next step is to create a new reality based uppon the beliefs that you choose . but why would God do that. This way you are the lord in your world. "The kingdom of God is within you". that it doesn't exist o utside of our heads.. From my knowledge of Bible. or does it ever stop? ===== I think I got it. we can say that if you think that is right you will burn in hell. The whole process in happening inside us. be i t 'good' or 'bad'. Jesus managed to do this without anyon e else teaching him (books. Assuming. is (4)).

e on your island? Think about this. .