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Street Address, City, Canada +1 (999) 999-1111


Excellent CS University, City, Province, Canada

BSc in Computer Science

Pretty Good University, City, Province, Canada

MA in Irrelevant Humanities Subject

Sep 2011 Dec 2012

GPA: 4.0 / 4.0

Awarded Departmental Fellowship

Another Pretty Good University, City, Province, Canada

BAH with Distinction in Irrelevant Humanities Subject

Sep 2016 Dec 2018

GPA: 4.1 / 4.3

Relevant courses: Algorithms and Design, Assembly, Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming*, Formal
Models of Computation, Calculus I-III, Elementary Applications of Statistics, Cognitive Systems, Design of
Technology-Supported Learning Environments (graduate course) * transfer credit from slightly less good uni in
January 2016
Specialization: Educational technology

Sep 2006 Jun 2010

GPA: 3.74 / 4.3


Languages: Python, Java, JavaScript, LATEX, HTML, CSS

Tools, Frameworks and Libraries: GitHub, Django, Highcharts, Microsoft Visual Studio, NetBeans,
IDLE, Windows, Linux


Type of Journal-y Thing, Personal project at Local Hackathon

Web app using Django framework and Highcharts.js library

Multiplication Facts, Object-Oriented Programming class assignment

Java app with Swing GUI



Jan 2016

Displays a new image of an unspecified type of thing each time user clicks a button
GitHub source:

Post-Secondary Institution, City, Province, Canada

Coordinator, An Academic Type of Service

Jan 2016

Tests users on their knowledge of multiplication facts, recording their overall score and handling input error exceptions
A+ on assignment
GitHub source:

Small Personal Project Title, Personal project

JavaScript web app

Dec 2016

Daily entry logging app allows users to: log in; create, save, edit and delete daily logs of the thing they are journalling;
display previous entries in Bootstrap grid; and generate a Highcharts line graph of all previous entry trends
GitHub source:

Aug 2013 Jun 2016

Designed and delivered 80+ interactive workshops and presentations per year to university students and faculty
Coordinated a particular outreach program, which entailed recruiting, hiring, training and supervising 50+
undergraduate volunteers per year, cumulatively volunteering 2000+ hours per year, on public speaking and other
Liaised with IT Services and Marketing to design and update website, social media accounts
Presented at several conferences, including Title of Presentation at Conference Type 2015 and Title of Another
Presentation at Conference Type II 2014

Dog training, reading and writing, playing piano, rock climbing.

[Resume compiled on 2017-01-02]

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