Prcrastination lecture

- explain what procrastination is and what it's not
- highlight the consequences of procrastination
- identify key pieces of self-regulation failure puzzle
- his book: procrastination digest (puzzle)
- it's me
- it's the task
- it's the way I think
- it's my lack of willpower
- summarize some strategies for change
- about my pace & your questions
- procrastination is one of the biggest problems with education, for life in gen
- "hard work often pays off after time but laziness always pays off now " - BS
- "By not doing what you should be doing, you could be having this much fun"
- *** we often procrastinate what we should be doing so we could have fun, but m
ore often we feel guilt ***
- *** to feel up this void, to heal this guilt we often do some prokulior tasks
: claning,cooking... *** so we could feel better knowing that we are doing somet
hing, but it's JUST NOT THIS
- how we are managing our emotions by managing our tasks
- procrastination is about feeling good now => the paradox
- *** tomorrow -> a mystical land where 98% of all human productivity, motivatio
n and achivement are stored
- but there is a difference between the delay and procrastination
- all procrastination is delay, but not all delay is procrastination
- *** it's importatnt to know the difference, not to be hard on yourself for mis
- *** the answer to this question is asking this question: "Is there any way I c
ould do this, now??"
- **** procrastination => intending to do something, but not doing it, it's a ga
p between intention and action
- *** procrastination is not a time managment issue ***
- ** the upward spiral of well being ***
- *** recognizing that it's the wakness of the will ***
- *** avoiding the negative emotionas, the sitations which have a potential of r
esulting in negative emotions
- ***** you have the negative emotions about the task, and if you avoid the task
, you feel better -> the negative reinforcment
- *** this can become a habit ***, a procrastination habit

but if someone offered to give you 1000$. I need not be a fear" . . dobro je. you think you ca n't do it."Cuti. meditation ====== . and socialy-oriented perf. could you do it? .*** perfectionism .self-oriented perfectionalism.inception -> planning -> action -> goal .parts of it: . I'll do behaviour y to achieve SUBGOAL z **** ====== .** doing the work.**** in the inception and planning phase make sure you find the meaning .perceiving emotions .understanding emotions .**** in the action phase of the project make sure you structure it better .where you try to keep up to your standards.people who don't have an identity are more prone to procrasting .*** working better under preasure => BS ."I can have fear.what we thisn and believen . and where you are trying to live up to other people standards . the lower the procrastination . from what do you plan to do -> to how are you going to do it.procrastination was reduced when participant were induced to consture the task mor e concretely .'So. how do we progress?' .the nature of our goal and intentions .**** in situation x. no matter how you feel .personality . .mindfullness. Like for the last rep.*** moving from goal intentions to implementation intentions.using emotions .*** finding way to motivate your self.self-contorl and willpower .book: the courage to teach .managing emotions ..the higher you emotional int." .