Demonetization is nearly the greatest surprise unfolded in 2016. The most being triumph of Trump . It is
the genius of His Majesty Mr. Narendra Modi that the ideal way to stop flow of money is banning
money!! Amazing man he is.
Some people are apprehensive about his decision because they don’t realize how well thought of it is.
First of all, This policy strengthened the bond between India and Nepal. Yes shaking Nepal had a sigh of
relief when millions fled their only on the virtue of their driving license in their own cars even without
getting checking for their cash(Maybe they already knew it) & getting it exchanged for 2% at
This gave a mammoth boost to the ‘’Least trading Traders of India, The-Currency-Exchangers”. The
policy turned them into KINGS who had the power to decide the fate of other’s balls and bellies. Their
worth increased from Four percent to quarter share.
Those who were lazy to go for a walk out; They are lauding Modiji. Forget Morning walk, Everyone is
indulging Dawn walk, Noon walk, Afternoon Walk, Dusk walk, Evening walk, Midnight walk, Night walk
and what not.
Unknowingly, Modiji has succeeded in establishing equality within the masses of diverse Indian poor and
middle class alike. Nobody has any money left with them except one pink flavor of Gandhiji.
He has tried to transform the society into cashless, because of really drying up everyone. Thus everyone
is really cashless. See how farsighted our government is.
Demonetization was framed for snatching black money and was preceded by Income Declaration
Scheme which managed to gross 65,250 crores. Enraged by the achievement they launched this one. As
announced by our own Bruce lee, Mr. Arun Jaitley, there are 15,00,000 crores in 500-1000 notes but
recently Urjit Patel himself confirmed that almost every note has made it to the bank, So here I wonder,
When are we going to hear Mr. Jaitley boasting of illicit money he conquered. Moreover if the move
aimed at making society cashless , why introduce a 2000 note.
And the best part is, there is no money for people to even protest against it.
This moment will go as one of the most unique ones in the history of India. Where the ministerial
cabinet is staring us with malagrugorous eyes while the brain of public is highly jargogled.
Priyansh Aggarwal