Qurve Recordings Contract

effective this day of 25 – 09 in the year 2015

Qurve Recordings (for next time “Record Label”)

(..........................) (the Artist)
For the release Released in the Next Release
ABCD – Dreams (Original Mix)

Under this section the Artist retains the right to be identified as author of compilations embodied upon the Recording. it is further stipulated that any dispute relating to the content of the musical will be addressed and resolved by . the Artist will assign to the Record Label all of its rights. studio technicians. in any venue. •Artists guarantee right now to take full responsibility.etc. distribute. license or otherwise use within the Territory the Recording made under this Agreement including the rights to combine and sell with recordings of performances of other artists. •The rights to perform the Recordings publicly for example in our ShowCase. 3. title and interest in and to the following property. the parties to this Agreement agrees as follows: 1. •Title The title of the Album consisting of the Recordings will be chosen in the joint discretion of the Record Label and the Artist can suggest it (in the limits of the standard normative of the web stores). 2.) is not specifically mentioned in the writing.BACKGROUND: •The Artist is a professional musician and recording artist known as _________________ •The Record Label produce. in the event that third parties should claim the right to partecipate in the creation of the master (we refer to artistic figures like:vocalist. IN CONSIDERATION OF and as a condition of the Record Label producing and distributing certain recordings for the Artist and other valuable considerations. the receipt and sufficiency of which consideration is hereby acknowledged. for distribution and commercial exploitation: •the Tracks with all related mix •the Artist’s performance of the tracks contained in the Recording •the title of the Recording •The Artist waives as against the Record Label the benefits of any and all moral rights and agrees not to assert any moral rights against the Record Label relating to the Recording delivered under this Agreement. The Artist may submit material at all times to the Record Label. License of Name and Image The Artist grants to the Record Label and to parties authorized by the Record Label the following perpetual rights: •The rights to use and publish the Artist’s name. distribute and sell records directly or through third parties. DJ. likeness and biographical material for the advertising purposes in connection with the Recording made under this Agreement •The rights to manufacture. Assignment of Exclusive Rights by the Artist •Upon the Record Label performing all of its obligations under this Agreement as required. Selection Control •Selections to be included in the Recording under this Agreement will be chosen in the joint discretion of the Artist and the Record Label. etc. •The Record Label wishes to produce and sell the Recordings subject to the following terms and conditions.

.etc. The Record Label can not have the certain that a release will be published through all the Stores selected but will communicate to the Artist all the Stores that will accept the track(s). The Record Label only can give the rights of publishing of the Recordings to other Labels.) which are only and soley responsible for the content of the phonographic industry. JunoDownload. etc. This Agreement and all the terms.and many more). Warrants and Representatives of the Artist The Artist warrants and represents that: •the Artist is under no obligation or prohibition that would prevent entering this Agreement •the Artist is not affected or hindered in any way by any disability that would prevent full performance of this Agreement •use of the tracks. promotion and use of the Recordings and the Artist. 4. music lyrics or compositions used in the Recordings •the Artist will not enter into any other agreement of any kind that would interfere with the Artist’s ability to perform its obligations under this Agreement. Group The word “Artist” in this Agreement refers individually and collectively to the members of the group professionally known as ____________ (the “group”). 6. Amazon. In every case the Artist will have the totally responsibility of his Copyright. Use of Group Name The Artist warrants and represents that: •the Artist is and will be the sole owner of the name _________ (the “Group Name”) as well as any other future name of the Group . The Record Label and parties authorized will use the Copyright of the track(s) for publishing. 5. The Artist will provide the Record Label with timely written notice if any present or future individual member of the Group fails to perform to its obligations under this Agreement or leaves the Group. but not limited to. Copyright The Artist must have his track(s) with Copyright and logically his own copyright. is intended that he already have his copyright. music. So if the Artist does not ask for a Copyright to us. 8.. •terminating this Agreement with respect to that individual •terminating this Agreement in its entirety 7. make remixes by other parties (with the authorization of the Artist) and promoting the track(s) or the Artist. The Record Label will have exclusive control over all matters regarding the media and press release. Distribution The Record Label will have the exclusive rights to and control over distribution. conditions. The Record Label will distribute the track(s) in third parties Stores(like iTunes. sample vox. All individual members of the Group will remain bound by this Agreement and in the event of a breach of this Agreement by one or more of the Group. Beatport. lyrics or compositions used in the Recordings will not violate any law or infringe on the copyright or rights of any other person not a party to this Agreement •no person other than the Record Label has any right to use any tracks.the producers only (use of samples. warranties and other obligations contained in this Agreement are binding jointly and severally on all current and future individual members of the Group. the Record Label will be entitled to take action including.

..... b) ARTIST promises to complete the work in accordance with Record Label wishes.......December period and December – August period. the individual so terminated will not be entitled to use the Group Name nor to record..... The Record Label will collect royalties and licensing fees (collectively the “Royalties”) with respect to the distribution of the Recordings...... THIS AGREEMENT is for the services described below between the undersigned Artist(s) (including accompanying musicians and/or entertainers as described below) •This agreement concerns the following track(s) and all associated mixes (. with the following proportion: •Fifty Percent (80%) to the Record Label... Royalties The Record Label will endeavour to enter into a distribution agreement with a record distribution Record Label in order to commercially exploit the Recordings made under this Agreement.. The Record Label will provide any payment due to the Artist with such reports.. re-record... •Fifty Percent (20%) to the Artist 10. perform...... and Record Label promises to immediately notify ARTIST in writing in the event Record Label believes that ARTIST is not complying with this promise. 9. The Record Label will not unreasonably withhold approval of any individual engaged to replace a terminated Group member or any individual that is otherwise added to the Group. detailed semi-annual reports to the Artist showing all revenue received and all expenses incurred.. •Record Label shall both render statements showing in detail the rate(s) at which RECORD calendar half no later than 60 days after the end of each August .....) •a) ARTIST has already completed the work desired by Record Label. . Royalty Accounting The Record Label will have the right to collect all gross income under this Agreement and will provide timely........ manufacture or distribute any Recording made under this Agreement. The Artist will have four years from the time of receipt to provide notice of objection to any issue relating to any report. This Agreement and options shall be considered renewed at the end of the period unless Artist receives a written notice with the intent to terminate this contract.•the Artist has and will have and retain the right to grant use of the Group Name for the duration of this Agreement Where the Agreement is terminated with respect to an individual.... Any questions relating to this Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Indonesia.............. Royalties from sales will be allocated and distributed between the Record Label and the Artist.

Signature below will constitute as a binding Agreement Jakarta.•GOVERNING LAW: This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Indonesia. AGREED TO AND ACCEPTED BY: ALCHEHAB Qurve Records Artist Sign: .