Test 3 Short Answers

What are the steps of strategic planning process, what did
Lululemon do during the process to improve their strategy?
Revisit purpose -> undertake I/E analysis -> access our view of our world ->
choose directions -> implement
Lululemon’s main purpose is profitability and growth. After they carried out
I/E analysis, finding out that they were no longer competitive in the current market
since some other companies entered into the ‘athleisure’ industry. They
determined their choices from the current view of the world, they chose the
direction of entering man’s fashion market and took action.



Trump Discussion:
What are their strongest attributes that will make them an effective
Care about employee’s welfare -> people-oriented behavior -> behavior
Ability to control extreme feelings and emotion -> emotional intelligence ->
trait perspective
Position power -> the power-influence perspective
What are the biggest challenges they will face as the leader?
1. Email Scandal
2. Distrust among public
3. Broken International relationships (Philippine, Korea and etc)
1. Thought as an racist and sexist
2. Stranger to politics
3. Too many false/unreal promises while running
What impact, if any, will the selection of this leader have on Canadian
1. Trump will terminate TPP(Trans-Pacific Partnership). Termination of TPP will
help Canadian dairy farms and automobile-makers stay competitive in the
global market.
2. Many American may want to immigrate to Canada.
Describe the two primary decisions that need to be made when
considering vertical differentiation options. Identify and discuss the
other two primary dimensions of organizational structure design.
The location of decision making responsibility and the number of layers in the
hierarchy are the two primary decisions that need to be made for vertical
differentiation. The other two dimensions are horizontal differentiation, which is
about the formal division of organization into subunits, and integrating
mechanisms, the ways to coordinate subunits.
As you graduate and start applying for jobs, what are the five steps that
will typically happen in the job selection process? Be specific (how to

reward system and objectives for employee. By behaviour perspective. Participative leadership: leaders ask for advice from his/her employee. Trump is an effective leader because he had shown certain degree of people-oriented behaviour as well as task-oriented behaviour. What is the difference between Transformational Leadership vs. Participative and finally Achievement-oriented leadership. through Supportive. changing the organizations' context. Transformational leadership: A leader who reenergize troubled organization. .prevent hiring the kind of employee in the Blue Jays news’) 1. Job tests (make some tests that examine the applicant’s emotional intelligence) 4. is Trump an effective leader? Present two facts to support your position. 2. Trump himself is a business man. pushing them in a new strategic direction. the business experience he had have gave him can assist him carrying out task-oriented behaviour such as establishing stretch goals. focuses on leader behaviours that improve employee performance and satisfaction within a given context. Transactional Leadership?  Transactional leadership: A leader who helps an organization achieves its current objective. pushing employee to work hard and etc. Supportive leadership: leaders are approachable and friendly. from Directive. Based on our in-class discussion and the article on the Donald Trump. Strong leadership is important to an organization’s success. Interview (determine whether he is capable of controlling his emotions) 3. What is the role of leader in each stage? 1. Completing the application (look over his application to make sure the completeness) 2. Meanwhile. show concerns for the welfare of subordinates. Background check (make sure of criminal records if exist) 5. Achievement-oriented leadership: leaders set clear performances standard. 4. Directive leadership: direct employee and guide them when the objectives of the company are ambiguous. Probationary period (observe their behavior on trial period) Leadership styles should change over time as subordinates acquire skills and capabilities. Transformational leaders are change agents of strategic and organizational change. he cares about the middle class’s welfare as much as his employees. because it can get high performance from his or her subordinates in pursuit of organizational goals. Discuss why strong leadership is important to an organization’s success. 3.

he envisions a new future of America with less drug dealers. communication. Transformational leadership suggests that effective leaders “transform” organizations through their vision. . less exploitation from Wall Street and he intends to bring these visions to life as he became the president. and ability to build commitment to that vision among employee. Donald Trump is a transformational leader. Explain how this perspective helps us understand effective leadership. Transformational leadership is less effective when the organization is based in a stable environment and performs well. In what situations would transformational leadership be less effective? Is Donald Trump a transformational leader? Explain your reasoning.One perspective of effective leadership that has emerged is the Transformational Leadership perspective.