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Widiana, A.F.F. 2015. Relation of Socioeconomic and Environmental Factor which

Emergence Tuberculocis in Public Health Center Rubaru Sumenep. Final
assignment, faculty of medicine, Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya University.
Supervisor : Dr. bobby heru yudhanto sp.u
One factor that the role of the emergence of tuberculosis is environmental
factors ( density occupancy , ventilation , lighting , floors , and type of houses ).
Detect factors that can cause pulmonary tuberculosis is so important because it can
inform how wipe out tuberculocis in sumenep especially in rubaru. This research to
find relation between socioeconomic factor and environmental factor that emergence
pulmonary tuberculosis in puskesmas rubaru.
In this research population used is all of the patients expressed pulmonary
tuberculosis recorded in a register tb upk puskesmas rubaru sumenep of the months
january 2014 until february 2015 as many as 54 patients as a sample of research. The
result referred connection between socioeconomic and houses lighting with
emergence of pulmonary tuberculosis in puskesmas rubaru sumenep proven with
point scoring sig = 0,001 ( & it; 0,05 ), and obtained also the connection between
density occupancy of a room in the tuberculosis the at community rubaru sumenep
worth sig = 0,012 ( & it; 0,05 ).
Keyword : Socioeconomic Factor and Environmental Factor, Tuberculocis,
Puskesmas Rubaru Sumenep