Lesson plan

Lesson name/ number:05
Subject area/s: Language/Theme water/Water cycle

Grade: 2F

Learning Targets: Help the children to understand the process of water cycle with the help of a story. Make them aware with
the terms of - Vapour, evaporation, condensation.
Time /
30 mins.

Flow of Lesson
To begin with the lesson will show the children that cutout of Boondi and ask
them, do you remember this? What is this expected response – Boondi. Then
will ask them can anyone share the story we heard till now. After the recap of
story, will ask even after reaching to the cloud boondi is sad, let’s see what
happened next in the story, will boondi be happy in the end of the story or
remain the same…….
Then I will begin the story…

Strategies &
As children will
explain story I
will start
drawing the
same on the
board and stick
the boondi on
the cloud.

Cutout of
Green board
and chalk

Soon Boondi saw a drop of water near her, looking scared and ready to cry ,
this water drop was sobbing and saying, “ I want my leaf home back, I want
my leaf home back.”
Boondi did not know what a leaf home was. She knew sea home and ocean
home, but what was a leaf home? So she asked the water drop, “What is a
leaf home?”
The water drop replied.” I live in a leaf home. I was transpired by a leaf that
did not want to keep me.”
Now Boondi was even more confused. “What’s transpired?” she asked. The
sobbing water drop replied,” Well, I lived with my brothers and sisters in an

underground home, quite deep in the earth. One day a funny looking, stringy,
worm like thing sucked us up. We later learnt that it was the root of a tree.”
Boondi asked excited, “What happened next?” The water drop continued,”
We travelled through the root into the tree. Then some of my brothers and
sisters entered into a fruit. Others were used by the tree to make its food. I
reached a leaf that opened its little pores and gave me out as water vapour.”
Sounding very clever, the water drop added,” This giving out is called
All this was new to her, but boondi knew one thing this water drop and she
was related. They had both been vapour till some time back. She hugged the
water drop to make her feel less sad. As they hugged, they joined together
and made a bigger water drop. Her brother had been right, joining together
was already happening.
Then a strange thing happened. Boondi felt she was being bumped and
tossed. There were water droplets and they were sticking around to her and
she was becoming a cloud. Her wish had come true! At last she was a cloud!
Floating in the sky as a cloud was as wonderful as floating in the ocean.
Boondi could see dark, black clouds and fluffy white clouds all around her. Her
own cloud was a black one. Boondi had great fun looking down on Earth and
seeing it from a great height. Soon she started feeling crushed. She felt as if
Will draw the
all the water droplets in the sky had come to find a place in her cloud. The
rain on the
cloud was n suddenly it bumped into another fat, black cloud just like itself. A board.
bright flash of lightning lit up the sky. The cloud cried out,” Good heavens! I
can’t hold on any more, I give up.” Boondi was very frightened. She really
wished she could break away and be free once more. Her wish came true
again! The cloud had become too tight and heavy with water droplets and it
could not hold together. It burst and let the water fall as rain. Boondi was
falling downwards as a raindrop.” This is precipitation,” she told the others
falling down with her.
Boondi was falling to earth with no idea where she was going to land. All her
wishes had come true until now and she hoped that if she made a wish to

land in a particular place, her wish might come true. So she did some quick
thinking. If I fall on the ground, near a plant, I may get taken in by the root of
a plant and then transpired by its leaves.
If I fall on the road I might land in a puddle and evaporate when the sun
comes out.
If I fall on soil I may become part of the underground water table.
If I fall in a well I may be used for drinking or cooking.
If I fall into a river I could be used by the people for their use or I will have to
travel for a while before I reach the ocean.
If I fall into the ocean I will be back home. There are seven oceans but they
are all connected, so it is the easiest way to try and find my family( if they
are not vapour or cloud somewhere)
It was easy for Boondi to make her wish now. She wished that she would fall
into the ocean so that she could find her family.
Boondi’s wish came true. She fell down as rain on to a wave in the ocean.
The salty taste and smell reminded her of the home she had left. Quickly she
hid herself under the wave. She did not want to stay on the surface, as she
knew that it was where evaporation took place. She did not want the hot sun
evaporating her again. She had to find her family. She wanted to tell them of
all the adventures and all that she had learnt.
Boondi thought a lot about her adventures. She asked questions to other
water drops. When she found her mother she learnt many new things about
water on Earth and how important it is to living beings.

Then take the
boondi from
the cloud and
stick it to the
ocean, and
show them now
boondi has
gone deep
inside the
ocean to find
her family

Then I will ask them what do you think is Boondi’s mood now? Expected
response – Happy /sad. Then will ask the reasons for the same.
Now will provide them their drawing files to draw the story of boondi.

As I have taken the lesson as a story so there won’t be any assessment
task for the same.

n/ Recap

As the whole cycle is drawn in front of the children, so can visualize the