Narrator Script – Second Draft for ‘The Daily Struggle’ NO 1A

The daily struggle is a concept for an informative film about the often-difficult
daily commute into London.
The main character is called Anon, an obvious joke on anonymous. They are
completely generic and genderless. Their face is never revealed. Their
profession is also utterly generic, it remains unclear what it is, it could be a job
in a restaurant or a high level banking job, perhaps even a transport
The film is structured around time, that arguably Human construct that hangs over
people on this commute, bringing the fear of being late and in particular its

Scene 1 07 00 – 2 hours until late
At this time Britain faces huge tensions over its railway systems. With the government
and operators facing off with the railway workers and unions. The traveling public
trapped between them. Anon is one such passenger traveling from Brighton to
London, it is 7 o clock and they must be at work at 9, they have 2 hours to commute.
Anon leaves their home, leaving behind their comfort zone, perhaps their family or
their partner, venturing out into the world with all its dangers. The dangers we don’t
give a thought, we expect things to go as we planned and Anon is no exception. On
their walk they are probably thinking about their commitments later that day. That
meeting, perhaps the hours they must work. The conclusion they can finally reach for
last months work.
Scene 2 07 10-1 50 hours until late
A train is expected to arrive at 7 15, the journey usually takes 1 hour and 30 minutes,
enough time to arrive comfortably. A Ticket is bought, £32. On average for every
pound invested operators receive £2.47 in profit. Ticket prices are set to rise 2.3%
next year; the number of people using railways is continually growing. The number of
trains won’t be.
Scene 3 07 15- 1 45 hours until late
Everything is going to plan, as expected, this where the tables turn, the point we least
suspect. The train has not arrived, and there is no sign of it arriving. Already Anon
begins to realize that things are not going to plan, they can only anticipate that
dreaded announcement, panic begins to set in.

07 20 Announcement ‘the 7 15 train to London Victoria will now arrive at 7 45, we are
sorry for any inconvenience.’
Are they? This doesn’t affect them, they are already at work, they don’t have any idea
of the effect this seemingly small issue has on passengers. That meeting may now
be missed, they may be late for their shift. A constant shadow hangs over Anon, and
there is nothing they can do about it, they are helpless.
07 45 – 1 15 hours until late
45 minutes since they left home, only now does the train pull into the station, it will
another 10 minutes before it leaves. There is nothing they can do about it. They can
only hope that they will still arrive on time, they know the answer, the shadow still
hangs over Anon
07 55- 1 05 hours until late
Finally the train departs. There is now another problem, the hoards of people that
practically fought to get on the train. Conditions are cramped to the point that it has
become hard to breathe, move or even think. For those lucky enough to find a seat
the conditions are at best ‘snug’, certainly not in a good way. At least they are
Scene 4 8 15 – 45 minutes until late
Hayward’s Heath, due to a shortage of staff, two trains must be combined here. They
could be separate if it wasn’t for this shortage, they could be 10 minutes earlier.
Scene 5 9 00 - due at work Gatwick airport
(Shots of the train getting more crowded)
Scene 6 9 20 – 20 minutes late East Croydon
(Shots of the train getting more crowded)
Scene 7 9 40 – 40 minutes late Clapham Junction
(Shots of the train getting more crowded)
Scene 8 9 50 – 50 minutes late London Victoria

For many they can now escape into the heart of London, For Anon a famous and
dreaded obstacle blocks them, one that is expected, the obstacle between him and
the final leg of his journey, the tube. The name would be amusing if it weren’t so
painfully ironic. Through the hoards of commuters; businessmen, bankers, waiters,
cooks, doctors, nurses, teachers, stockbrokers, everybody reduced to the same
desperate, aggressive herd. Pushing, shoulder barging, shouting even confronting
one another all trying to escape this torture.
Scene 9 10 o clock – 1 hour late London Victoria underground station
The platforms are so crowed. You would think people would be pushed onto the
tracks. They keep behind the yellow line. Order is maintained. These underground
systems make you wonder weather Orwell’s 1984 was a prediction, crowds of people
stuffed into tubes (in both senses) hurtling through tunnels meters below ground. Yet
people accept this, never stopping to realize how bizarre it really is.
Scene 10 past 10 – 1 hour 10 minutes late Tower Bridge
A journey that should’ve taken 1 and half hours took over 3 hours. Anon is over 1
hour late for work, something that seems quite moderate, however the time that’s
been lost was important, that meeting has been missed, they’re late for their shift.
What about that client? The question is whose fault is it? Was it the railway
company? Perhaps they should’ve taken an earlier train after all trains have a
reputation for being late…