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Show Commands



show clock

To display the system date and time and verify the

time zone configuration, use the show
clock command.

show environment

To display all environment-related switch

information (status of chassis clock,fan modules,
power supply modules etc.

show fcalias

To display the member name information in a

Fibre Channel alias (fcalias),

show interface brief

shows the status of the ports on the switch

show interface

port errors and details of transmission

show interface
counters brief

port transmission details in brief

show interface

shows details of the sfps used on the ports of the


show running-config

show the details of the switch, ports , firmware ,


show interface

To display the details of the management console

show vsanxX

To display details of a VSAN

show module

To display details of the switching module

show interface fcx/x


To details of the matrix support for that port

show port-resources
module x

To check port resources like bb credits , rate mode

, bandwidth for ports on a 24/48 bit module

show interface trunk

vsan x-x
To checkpervsan information on trunk ports
show vsan
interface fcx/x x

To check the vsan membership on port level for an


show vsan x

To check the ports that are part of a vsan

show version

To display the version of system software that is

currently running on the switch, use the show

version command.
show vsan

To display information about configured VSAN

show vsan usage

To check the vsans created and available vsan ids

to be created

show wwn

To display the status of the WWN configuration

show zone

To display zone information

show zoneset

To display the configured zone sets

show zoneset active

vsan xx

To display the active zoneset for a particular vsan

show flogi

To list all the FLOGI sessions through all interfaces

across all VSANs

show hardware

To display switch hardware inventory details,

show port-channel

Use the show port-channel command to view

information about existing PortChannel

show running-config

To display the running configuration file

show startup-config

To display the startup configuration file

show switchname

To display the switch network name, use the show

switchname command.

show tech-support

To display information useful to technical support

when reporting a problem

show user-account

To display configured information about user


show fc-tunnel

To display configured Fibre Channel tunnel


Configuration Commands


configtinterfacefcx/xshutdown / no
shutdowncopy running-configstartupconfig

This CLI sequence will

disable/enable a port on the
switch and saves the


This command sequence put

description emcsaninfocopy runningconfigstartup-config

a decription for a switch

port(here putting description
as emcsaninfo) and saves
the configuration

it xx/defaultcopy running-configstartupconfig

This will Assign a bbcredits

to a switch port and saves
the configuration

Configt interface mgmt0

ipaddress xx.xx.xx.xx
no shutdown
ip default-gateway
copy running-configstartup-config

This will Set ip address for

the management
interface,set default gateway
and save the configuration

configtvsandatabasenovsan XX

to delete a Vsan , cannot

delete default vsan

configtinterfacevsanxxshutdown / no

This step will isable or

enable a vsan XX

configtinterfacefcx/xswitchport speed
1000/2000/4000/auto/auto max xxxx

This will used to set port


configtinterface fc x/xswitchport ratemode dedicated/shared

This will used for configuring

rate mode of a switch port

configtinterface fc x/xchannel-group

Steps to add a port to a port


configtinterface fc x/xswitchport mode


Steps to manually set the

port type on a switch

configttrunk protocol enable

Steps to enable trunk

protocol on a swith (default)

configtinterface fc x/xswitchport trunk

mode on/off/auto

Steps to enable/disable trunk

on a port level

configtinterface fc x/xswitchport trunk

allowed vsan x-x/xswitchport trunk
allowed vsan add x

Steps to configure an
allowed list of vsans to
communicate through that
port (TE PORT) and allows to
add a specific vsan to the
allowed list of vsans

configtfcdomain restart vsanxfcdomain

restart disruptive vsan x

Steps to forcefully
reconfigure without affecting
traffic and force vsan to
configure with data traffic

configtvsandatabasevsan x

Steps to create a new vsan


configtvsandatabasenovsan x

Steps to delete a vsan

configtvsandatabasevsanxvsan x name
abcvsan x suspend
no vsan x suspend

Steps to create a vsan ,then

assign a name. Steps to
suspend a vsan and
unsuspend it

configtvsandatabasevsanxvsan x
interface fcx/x

Steps to create a vsan and

add a port on interface into a

configtvsandatabasevsanxnovsan x
interface fcx/x

Steps to remove a port on an

interface from a vsan

configtvsandatabasevsanxnovsan x
interface fcx/x

Steps to remove a port on an

interface from a vsan

How to do zoning using Cisco CLI commands

Now we will discuss about the steps to configure zone using CLI
commands.Cisco zoning parts include below main steps.

Below are the steps involved in doing zoning using Cisco CLI commands

Config t

Enter into Configuration Mode

sanswitch1(config)# fcalias
name emcsaninfo_fcaliasvsan 2

Create a new fcalias called

emcsaninfo_fcalias under vsan 2


Configures alias members based

on the specified port WWN type

sanswitch1(config-fcalias)# exit

Existing from fc alias

configuration(Repeat 1 to 4 for
creating additional fc alias)

sanswitch1(config)# zone name

emcsaninfo_zonevsan 2

creating zone called

emcsaninfo_zone under vsan 2

member fcalias
nfig-zone)# member fcalias

as a member of zone
emcsaninfo_zone(add your host fc
alias as well as storage alias into
the same zone. Here I assume
fcalias is the hostalias and
fcalias1 as storage alias)

sanswitch1(config-zone)# exit

exit from zone config mode

sanswitch1(config)# exit

exit from config mode

sanswitch1# show zone name


To display the created zone


sanswitch1#show zoneset active

10 vsan xx

This will display the current active


11 sanswitch1# config t

Enter into Configuration Mode

sanswitch1(config)# zoneset
12 name SAN_EMCSANINFO_Active

Enter into active zoneset

configuration Mode

13 member emcsaninfo_zone

adding zone emcsaninfo_zone

into the active

14 sanswitch1(config-zoneset)# exit

Exit from zoneset configuration

sanswitch1(config)# zoneset
Activate the
15 SAN_EMCSANINFO_Activevsan 10 zonsetSAN_EMCSANINFO_Active
17 sanswitch1(config)# exit

exit from config mode

sanswitch1# copy running

18 startup

Copying running configuration to

startup configuration