Nikola Tesla Father of Poly Phase Circuits and Radio

Part 1: Chronology
By Lionel Weightman
Navigating the Internet
August 12, 1994
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This report on Nikola Tesla is in two parts. The first covers Tesla's
life and some of his important accomplishments and milestones. The
second part covers various construction articles for his Tesla coils
and the Tesla turbine.
1856 He was born in Smiljan, Croatia
1857-60 As a boy Tesla played with wood disks turned by water in a
stream. This led him to later develop the Tesla turbine.

Started studying electrical engineering at Gratz Polytechnic.


Finished studies at the University of Prague.

1882-83 Made his first AC motor while working for a telephone company
in France. Tried to get various backers in Europe for his ideas
without any success.
1884 Nikola Tesla decided to come to America.
1885-87 Worked for Thomas Edison.
1887-88 Patented AC motor and distribution system. Then sold the
rights to George Westinghouse.
1889-90 Worked with Westinghouse to further develop many sizes of AC
motors and dynamotors. At this time he built his first
Tesla coil to transmit power.
1893 Lit up the Columbian Exposition and gave many demonstrations on
electricity ideas such as lighting tubes without any wire connections. The first radio diagram was done during this time.

Bartlett Radio Electronics April 1963 Nikola Tesla's 100th Birthday By Hugo Gernsback Radio Electronics June 1956 and July 1956 12 Million Volts By Fred Shunaman Radio Electronics June 1976 Covers Robert K. facsimile. thus anticipating modern use of radio. 1899-1900 Established a laboratory in Colorado Springs to develop transmission of power using his coil design. [2]. steering and turning on and off the lighting on the boat. thus creating the electrical distribution industry we use today. USN(ret) 73 Magazine November 1972 Covers Mr. In 1902 Tesla patented a four circuit tuner. Created lightning bolts 22 feet long. 1901-16 Built the Wydencliff Tower to transmit various radio programs around the world. 1898 In Madison Square Garden demonstrated the use of radio to control a boat remotely starting. [1] Who Was Tesla By Commander E. & television. & [4] Reference sources Magazines The Dream That Won't Die By Ken Gilmore Electronics Illustrated July 1965 First powered remote helicopter by transmitting power using radar. John Jacob Astor.1895-96 Fulfilled a dream with Westinghouse of harnessing Niagara Falls to provide electrical power and transmitted it 22 miles. This project was never completed because he went broke. Inventors of Radio Nikola Tesla By Dexter S. Golka's work on ball lightning using a Tesla Coil. [3]. 1921-28 Received patents on a VTOL aircraft which was never built.J. radar. References used [1]. Wrote some articles and anticipated many uses of radio. 1943 Died on January 7 at age 86 in a New York hotel room. Quimby. In Search of Fireball Lightning . 1930-40 During these years due to financial constraints became a recluse. Tesla's life accomplishments. This research was supported by Col.

Gopher #8 other gopher & information servers #2 Titles search gopher space using veronica #6 Search gopher titles via SCS Nevada key word Tesla Tesla.21 for an alternate O'Neill 2-Nikola Tesla und sein Werk /s.J.O.253.By Robert K. Boksan 3-Nikola Tesla Electrical Genius /A. Golka Radio Electronics March 1985 pages 46 & 47 Radio Electronics February 1981 no info Both articles cover his additional research. O'Neill First Printing 1944 *ISBN 0-685-52651-8 1992 (pbk) [3] Tesla Man Out of Time By Margaret Cheney First Printing 1981 Dell Pub.111.cornell. Box 5636 Security. Books [2] The Prodigal Genius By John J.84. Beckhard 4-Nikola Tesla /APM Fleming Index of pre 1978 borrow books In search of Nikola Tesla /David Peat Telnet ipgate. 80931 USA .ee.11 #18 Community-The International Tesla Society Companies where books can be obtained. Net references to books Hytelnet select library catalogue <sites1> select Europe/Scandinavia <site1b> select <UK000> United Kingdom select <UK009> Cambridge University #2 Main building University Library Post-1977 Imprints 1-Prodigal Genius /John J. 1983 *ISBN 0-440-39077-X. International Tesla Society 128.LE [4] Lightning In His Hand By Inez Hunt & Wanetta Draper First Printing 1977 ISBN no listing The asterisk before the ISBN indicates books in print. Co.

followed by some current books and sources on the internet. Some of these are listed below. CA 91912 800-398-2056 Conclusion There is very little information on the net on Nikola Tesla's life and the many areas to which he contributed. Box 121873 Chula Vista. The best sources are Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. He was a very talented individual who opened many doors and anticipated many uses of power. International Tesla Society Museum & Book Store 2220 East Bijou Colorado Springs.O.3 programs for designing Tesla coils using a PC (IBM compatibles). Sources can be found on microfish in most libraries. CO. This location is about two blocks north of where Tesla's lab was.2 books covering tube circuits. Nikola Tesla Father of Poly Phase Circuits & Radio Part 2: Construction articles Compiled by Lionel Weightman Navigating the Internet CMI210 August 12. radio and energy. . $200+. 16 books on the subject approx. Tesla Book Company P. 1994 ****************************************************************************** __________ __________ _______\ O /_______ __|__ |---| |---| |---| |---| |---| _____|___|_____ |-------------| |-------------| |-------------| |_____________| /////////////////////////////////////////// Construction Articles on Tesla Coils & Turbines Through the years many articles have been written on constructi ng Tesla coils. and a few on the Tesla turbine. 80909 Same company just a different address. Popular Electronics and Radio Eletronics will be more difficult to retrieve.

good illustrations & dimensions. **************************************************************** Experiments on Electric Oscillations & Waves By R. Induction Coils By L. Pike Model Engineer And Electrician Facsimile Volume Vol 7 Jan-June 1903 Same as above. fair instructions. Solid State Tesla Coil pages 262-267 Uses transistors & a horizontal flyback transformer.I.E. Jan 1917 Tesla Coil Outfit By G. good info on interrupters. Baxter Industrial Arts & Vocational Education Volume 23: pages 385 to 386 December 1934 Uses a spark gap. D. Pierce & H. very good illustrations & dimensions for all parts including the step up transformer. 66 & 115 December 1934 .E.P. K. Campbell Industrial Arts Magazine Volume 18: pages 100 to 105 March 1929 Uses a spark gap. M. Includes an induction coil similar to the Ford spark coil. [1] 250kV Tesla Coil/Lightning Generator pages 193-202 Uses spark gap & neon sign step-up transformer. Please take the time to understand the hazards BEFORE energizing the curcuits. fair instructions.Iannini Tab Books 1983 ISBN 0-8306-0604-1 (pbk) ISBN 0-8306-0204-6 Rotary Interrupter Scientific American Volume 83: pages 44 to 46 Sept 1917. Swezey Popular Science Volume 125: pages 65. H. Both are in the book: Build Your Own Laser. Howgrave-Graham A.Tesla Coil Articles *************************<CAUTION>***************************** The misuse of the following information can be very hazardous. [1] Further Remarks On Spark Coil Construction By J. Model Engineer & Electrician Facsimile Volumes Vol 8 Jan-June 1903 Vol 10 Jan-June 1904 Vol 11 July-Dec 1904 Also info on spark coils/medical coils.Phaser.Ion Ray Gun & other Working Space-Age Projects By Robert E. Simplified Tesla Coil By K.

Strand Science Experimenter #563 1959 pages 149 to 152 Craft Print #191 Handyman's Electrical Guide Volume 2 1954 pages 23 to 26 Science & Mechanics October 1953 pages 217 to 221 Uses 2-5514 tubes. New & Improved Tesla Coil By Harold schematic see above. Cigar-Box Tesla Coil By T. Tesla's Trickery By Kenneth Richardson Popular Electronics May 1960 pages 72-76 Electronic Experimenter's Handbook 1961 edition pages 15 to 16 Uses a Ford spark coil & a spark gap. good instructions/illustrations. Spectacular High Frequency Experiments By Kendall Ford Popular Science February 1935 pages 86 & 87 Uses a Ford spark coil some instructions. some illustrations & dimensions. Ford Popular Science volume 126: pages 82 to 83 & 105 May 1935 Uses a rotary spark gap some instructions. Build A Tesla Coil By Elbert Robberson Popular Science August 1954 pages 190-196 & 234 Uses 1-811A tube. Building A Miniature Tesla Coil By Harold P. good instructions/illustrations. well dimensioned. good instructions. good instructions and illustrations.Strand Craft Print #290 Science Experimenter #557 1958 pages 65-72 Science Experimenter #608 Fall 1962 pages 122-129 Science & Mechanics Sept. 1958 part 1.Uses a spark gap some illustrations. Juggling Thunderbolts with Huge Home-made Spark Coil By K. well dimensioned. instructions & dimensions. 1958 part 2 pages 139 to 143 uses 5514 tube. good instructions. Experimenting with a "Souped Up" Tesla Coil By Harold P. well dimensioned Tesla Coil for Electrical Experimenters By Harold P. Strand Science & Mechanics April 1952 pages 167 to 171 Uses 1-5514 tube. good instructions & illustrations. illustrations & dimensions. Oct. A Tesla Coil By Harvey Pollack . illustrations & dimensions. Diers Popular Science January 1946 Volume 148: pages 190 to 94 Uses 2-# 10 tubes. some dimensions. well dimensioned. Strand Science Experimenter magazine #651 Fall 1963 pages 16 to 21 & 141 to 144 Uses 2-811A tubes.good instructions/illustrations well dimensioned.

Kaufman Electronic Experimenter's Handbook fall 1965 pages 99-101 Uses 1-6L6 tube & J. Blanchard Science Experimenter #563 1959 pages 37-39 Uses a Ford spark coil & a spark gap. no dimensions. illustrations & well dimensioned. Be sure to read the correction for safety in October 1964. illustrations. some dimensions. Li'L TC By Edwin N.Electronics Illustrated October 1959 pages 54-57 & 102-106 Uses 1-811A tube.Miller #4526 High Voltage Coil good instructions/illustrations. Simple Tesla Coil By Eric Wold Radio Electronics September 1981 page 84 Uses a flyback transformer. Bylund Radio Electronics September 1991 pages 33 to 39 Uses hand wound transformers. See the address listed in Sources of books. Rakes Popular Electronics November 1992 pages 72 to 74 Three solid state circuits. good instructions. . Big TC By Charles Caringella W6NJV Popular Electronics July pages 29 to 32 & 76. Circuit Circus More High-voltage Circuits By Charles D. Parts are available form author. illustrations. Rakes Popular Electronics October 1992 pages 63 to 71 only 3 pages. 1 solid state circuit & three methods of tuning. no dimensions. has a good circuit board pattern. has a good circuit board pattern. good instructions.W. good instructions. October 1964 page 12 Electronic Experimenter's Handbook fall 1965 pages 93-98 Uses a neon-sign transformer & a spark gap. good instructions. Solid State Tesla Coil By Duane A. no dimensions. Caudill Radio Electronics January 1989 pages 62 to 64 Good instructions. good instructions & illustrations. The author also has a book available from the International Tesla Society. Electronic Tornado Plasma Display Power Supply By Robert Iannini Radio Electronics March 1988 pages 43 to 48 & 82 Uses a flyback transformer. some dimensions. Good example of Tesla's experiments. Midget Oudin-Tesla Coil Operates on Flashlight Cells By Thomas A. Circuit Circus Fun with Tesla Coils By Charles D. no dimensions. Build This Plasma Display Globe By Jeffery C.good instructions/illustrations but has only a few dimensions.

80 & 81 good list of Suppliers for Tesla Coil parts. and circuit board patterns. [2].This is a companion to the above article. Pyle Radio Electronics July 1981 pages 36 to 38 Uses a three terminal 12 volt automotive spark coil. Books Vacuum Tube Tesla Coils By J. Build This Negative Ion Generator By Robert E. illustrations. L. The following two articles are high voltage DC circuits which could be converted to operate as a Tesla coil. Kaiser ISBN 0-9628525-0-3 International Tesla Society cat #430005 [2] Tesla Coils! 100 Years of Electrical Magic By Brent Turner ISBN no listing International Tesla Society cat #430004 Covers tube. no illustrations and no dimensions. Caristi Radio Electronics January 1991 pages 41 to 44 part 1 Radio Electronics February 1991 pages 55 to 60 & 70 part 2 Uses a flyback transformer. These are very hazardous circuits so follow the instructions and cautions if built per the articles. Hardware Hacker By Don Lancaster Radio Electronics October 1991 pages 72 to 78. transistors & spark gap circuits. spark gaps and other circuitry. [5] Some possible transistors The transistors used to drive the horizontal flyback transformer have a high cbo and ceo rating.[5] The Capacitor Handbook By Cletus J. Corum & K. F. [2] The Very Best From The Electrical Experimenter 1916-1917 From Hugo Gernsback publications 105 pages Covers Tesla coils. I've included two replacement source catalogue numbers. Build A Negative Ion Generator By Anthony J. transistors. [2]. SK Series Vcbo Vceo Watts Ic Type Case SK3115 1500 600 50 7amp NPN/S . Has good instructions. fair instructions. Corum ISBN on listing International Tesla Society cat #370001 Covers tube circuits.

AB2 Push-pull AF amplifier Tesla Turbine Articles Cardboard Blower Works Like Tesla's Lost Turbine By Walter E. CTO class C amplifier. [5] Num.3 10 5 175 45 ---- Fil Class Volts CP ---- 7.5 Output 135W ---- ----70 -160 -8. Type Plate Plate Volts I ma 811A 5514 triode triode 1250 750 140 572B 833A 8877 triode triode triode 1650 3000 2500 165 335 1000 Grid Volts -120 Grid I ma 6. S. Hedin Live Steam Magazine November 1984 pages 32 to 35 .2 CT CTO AB2 205W 800W 1520 CP-class C plate modulation. The Tesla Turbine By R.oscillator. Make a Model Tesla Turbine By Walter E.I TO3 SK3111 1500 600 50 5 NPN/SI SK3710 1500 600 50 6 NPN/SI SK9486 SI TO220 type 1500 800ces TO3 TO3 NTE replacements 62 2500 165 1500 120 900 1500 50 5 3 NPN/ 50 NPN/SI TO-3 NPN/SI TO- 6 3 389 1500 1500 100 6 NPN/SI TO 120 5 NPN/SI TO3 NPN/SI TO 8 NPN/SI TO -3 89 2302 With damper diode 1500 1500 600 800 50 7 220 type 2318 1500 700 125 2331 1500 800 60 218 6 NPN/SI TO2 20 50 28 NPN/SI T03 NPN/SI T03 NPN/SI TO2 18 type 98 99 256 Darlington Transistors 700 500 600 400 600 400 175 250 150 18 Some useful tubes [4].3 32 70 - 6. Burton Popular Science September 1955 pages 230 to 232 No dimensions. Burton Popular Mechanics September 1965 pages 188 to 193 Fair on dimensions and good text. CT class C telegraph.

CA 91912 800-398-2056 [4] The ARRL 1986 Handbook for the Radio Amateur Published by American Radio Relay League Newington. WI 53913 (608) 356-3647 Combination Solid State Tesla Coil & Variable 100.O. CT USA 0611 Library of Congress #41-3345 ISBN 0-87259-063-1 All years of the ARRL handbook are good sources of tube. Box 474 Riverton. Box 121873 Chula Vista.O. NH 03031 Phone 603-673-4730 for inquiries FAX 603-672-5406 800-221-1705 for Phone orders only Catalogue is $1. Leics LE10 0bb England/United Kingdom [2] International Tesla Society P.O. 3 programs for designing Tesla coils using a PC (IBM compatibles). transistors & spark gap circuits.00 P&H Sources of Books [1] Tee Publishing Edwards Centre Ragent Street Hinckley.000Vdc Generator Table Top Tesla Coil 250. UT 84065 See Radio Electronics September 1991 for add. 16 books on and related to the subject. CO 80931 USA Books covering tube.000V Both are available from: Information Unlimited Dept ENS16 Box 716 Amherst. Resonance Research E11870 Shady Lane Road Baraboo. This is the best article in print I've seen. [3] Tesla Book Company P.Fully dimensioned parts and excellent text on construction. Box 5636 Security. tran- . Available Kits Corona Coil P.

85283 Source of tubes. Conclusion Very little information is on the net on constructing any of Tesla's cookbook/misc This is a good article on Tesla coil basics.mps. This covers rebuilding The Tesla coil at Arizona This is an update to an earlier Article 73479 of sci. [5] Antique Electronic Supply 6221 S.ohio-state.Z by Harri Suomalainen haba@snakemail. Herbold The 40's & 50's are the best years for tube specifications. 2om6a2$sk4@falcon. Very good information on sources of books.electronics.sistor and electronics information. Arizona U.A.ohio-state. Sources of articles on the Net ftp at bode.193830.4496@ohstpy.Z by John w. Maple Ave. This information is to help those who have asked "Where can I find information on building Tesla coils/Tesla turbines?" . 1994Apr16. The two references above are the courtesy of [5] Some questions and answers can also be found on the USENET News group sci.