Day 1: (1

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Prayer before


Students check
their test.

The class have their discussion about “bulong.Day 2: (1 hour) August 03. . 2015 Tasks: To be able to identify the guiding principles on lesson objectives applied in instruction. determine whether or not lesson objectives served as guiding star in the lesson objectives and to judge if lesson objectives are SMART.” Students listen to their teacher while conducting a lesson. End of class.

reflect on what lesson is more meaningful and relevant based on the domains of knowledge and learning activities.Day 3: (1 hour) August 05. The teacher reviews their lesson about “bulong” and conducted a quiz. Teacher set her materials before she started the class. The students answer carefully their quiz. . Tasks: To classify the lesson under Bloom’s taxonomy of knowledge and Kendall’s and Manzano’s domain of learning activities.

Before the class started. Teacher introduce new lesson. .Day 4: (1 hour) August 13. Tasks: Teacher introduce new lesson and students listen attentively.

. Let the students compile their quizzes and their examination. outputs in a big notebook. She gave clear instructions to the students on how to do it by writing the format on the board and explain Let the students compile their quizzes and their examination outputs in a big notebook.Day 5: (1 hour) Tasks: The teacher just let students who didn’t pass the exam to have a removal test. Give a removal test to students who didn’t pass.

Students wait for their teacher.Day 6: (1 hour) August 24. Students answer a quiz. Tasks: To determine the teaching approach used by resource teachers and to identify instances where the pedagogical approaches of the k to 12 curriculums contained in the law through observing a class. .

Students answer the quiz given. Teacher conducted lesson about awiting bayan. 2015 Tasks: Teacher discuss about awiting bayan and group students to answer follow up questions.Day 7: (1 hour) August 25. .

Day 8: (1 hour) September Tasks: The teacher reviews her students about tayutay and have a group activity. Conducted a quiz. Reporting. Making sentences using “tayutay”. Group activity. . Review the lesson “tayutay”.

Day 9: (2 hours) September 30. Summative test. . Checking of the summative test. 2015 Tasks: To be able to identify the teaching method used and distinguish between deductive and inductive method of teaching.

. Review of Kasaysayan ng Alamat and quiz. Teacher reads Alamat ng Alamat.Day 10: (2 hours) Tasks: To be able to identify the application of some guiding principles in the selection and use of teaching strategy.

Reporting of their output. questioning and reacting techniques that promote/ discourage interaction. 2015 Tasks: To be able to identify my Resource Teacher’s questioning and reacting techniques and select types of questions.Day 11: (3 hours) September 14. Students bring out the things they brought. . Students make alamat out of the things they brought.